Never Thought You'd Be This Kind of Hero!


Never Thought You'd Be This Kind of Hero! Chapter 7

Some players have gotten rid of all four of the Lords, but this resulted in the worst possible outcome in the game world. If you ignored the remaining three Lords, the result would be the Demon King crawling out from the Dark Abyss. The Demon King's birth brought disaster to the world, but at the same time, his birth let the racial powers put aside their grudges to deal with the Demon King. After the Demon King's death, the various races would still need to tussle with the Lords for a while. However, it is only a matter of time to defeat the demons lacking a trump card. The following decades, the major races and powers constantly invade the Dark Abyss. Thus, after they finally get rid of the Lords, the power between the races will have reached a balance.

The population of Shen Juan Continent will have been whittled down, and so it would not be able to withstand a great storm.

However, if the player's sense of personal heroism is slightly stronger, and they single-handedly extinguish the other three Demon Lords as well… the world would be thrown into chaos. The races no longer have the chance to unify. Pre-existing conflicts would ferociously erupt, endless ambition, and contracts that were barely followed before would be torn apart. Humans would be trafficking Elven children and the Elves massacring human cities. Beastmen would move out of human society and gather, but would still experience internal strife. Small wars would happen frequently, the powers would no longer be united by a common interest…in short, the world of this time is not something any person or group could grasp, and not a problem of how many people would die, but rather and issue of how many races would disappear. The relationship between the races that managed to survive will have dropped to the freezing point.

The world is like a living creature, it has a set of operating methods. The world is not something that human beings can force to change.

Players do not think that good is necessarily good, and they do not think something disgusting is necessarily bad.

Maybe some players just think of it as a game to play– good or bad, for them anything is fine, as long as they are happy–but Xu Jun cannot.

Saying he was role-playing is fine, saying he was sensitive was also fine. He could not see or treat this "real" world as a game.

He burned the clothes he changed out of with psychedelic incense, so that no smell or traces remained, and then applied the psychedelic incense onto his body. Then…"Go south."

"Let's go south. Then from the town of Firewood in the far south, head towards the Wilderness City's route, then turn to Snow Blade Kingdom's Rum County."

His journey began at Rum County in Snow Blade Kingdom to Mans City and then White Horse Manor. The entire way, he was heading straight for the Dark Abyss that dwelled within the Burning Hell…this was the quickest and most direct route from the Snow Blade Kingdom to the Dark Abyss, and the route he now choose to go back on is relatively more troublesome. Xu Jun described to the soul dwelling in his body: "There are many traders in Firewood town. Wilderness City does not only contain humans, there are also beastmen ah, elves ah. Many races are gathered together, so it is easier for outsiders to mix in."

Firewood town produces a lot of Firewood, a type of wood that is very easy to burn. A small piece of it can burn for a long time.  Both large and small caravans recklessly, but this was not the only town that produces Firewood on Shen Juan Continent. Before coming here, Xu Jun had already done enough homework and knew which route was the fastest when coming here, which route was the easiest to be ambushed on, and which areas would be the safest to retreat from. He has everything thought out while walking, silently pondering.

Demon King Rozenke found that even he could not pick out any flaws. He had seen many braves with indomitable heroism, and has "heroes" who seemed strong and brave, but were actually weak and incompetent. Nevertheless, this was his first time seeing a hero like Xu Jun who has bravery and foresight, cautious to the point of even being "timid."

If such a genius was under his command, they could absolutely become a Lord - Demon King Rozenke suddenly came up with this thought.

Oh, the precondition is that this hero needs to change some bad habits first…

Xu Jun headed south for about a whole day. He had let his beloved partner—a moonlight colt by the name of Man Tou who has followed him for many years—run here ahead of time and wait, so that when the time comes to retreat, it would be easy to leave.

However, where are you Man Tou?

Looking closer, there were indeed hoof marks on the ground, and they were relatively new, but the shadow of Man Tou could not be found anywhere…unless, is there some kind of powerful monster around here? Xu Jun was worried about Man Tou's safety, but the words that came out of his mouth were not pleasant: "Tch, which child[1] stole away my family's Man Tou?"

…He hoped Man Tou was just abducted and not eaten, since Man Tou was a mount that had accompanied him for two whole years…

Having been called "child" by the hero before, the Dark Demon King's mood was very complicated.

So this hero insults everyone as a child ah? Can't you be a bit more creative? Hero, acting like this would easily make you lose this Demon King –>_–>

In order to pull him under my command as the Fifth Lord, it is necessary to get rid of his bad swearing habit ah.

While thinking so, the Demon King's soul living in Xu Jun's body keenly felt that the atmosphere of the outside world had some changes—the dark elements here are too scarce. Although the dark elements became similar to headless flies after the Demon King's body died, and were crowded out by the other elements, but many returned back into the ground.

However, the dark elements here hadn't been pushed out, but rather absorbed.

What thing is able to absorb such a large area of dark elements in the land?

Demon King Rozenke sorted things out for a while: "Head towards the east about two hundred meters…I think your Man Tou is in that section of the woods."

Xu Jun…perhaps because of having been bewitched for a long time already and becoming a bit too trusting of the spirit in his soul, he obeyed the command and silently touched the edge of the forest, poking his head out and looking inside…

Man Tou, poor Man Tou, poor moonlight colt Man Tou, he was tangled up in a black, tentacle-shaped vine, pinned to the ground and almost completely unable to move. By his side was a unicorn with a deep black body color that was shining, but a clean, flawless white horn. This unicorn held in its mouth a bouquet of white crescent flowers, pushing it over to Man Tou's mouth. Man Tou did not want to acknowledge him and snorted.

This weird looking, yet not ugly unicorn did not get angry, but gently placed the crescent flowers on the nearby rock. Then the unicorn followed along Man Tou's neck, sniffing and licking, all the way past the waist. It seems…the goal is the buttocks?

Spring has arrived, and it is mating season for animals.

This was the first thought that appeared Xu Jun's mind.

Unicorns are highly intelligent, an advanced beast that might be able to take on a human form. Male unicorns express themselves through offering crescent flowers. They court by licking the other's body, and the goal is obviously…the certain body part where they can…connect with their partner.

This was the second thought that appeared in Xu Jun's mind.

Soon, he was awakened: although he was a pure, single dog who had no dating experience! But never eat pig meat also never see pig run! All he needed to do was look closely at Man Tou's expression and he knew—Man Tou was not willing! Man Tou was about to suffer [beep–]!

"Damn bastard!" If you can't even same your own small partner, Man Tou, then can you even be considered a hero ah! Xu Jun immediately drew out his forty meter sword—not his heavy sword, and wielded it straight towards the strange looking unicorn!

IF this sword could land a cut, it would not matter what kind of unicorn he is, he will pay the price of his head to compensate for the mental damage done to Man Tou. However, its response was also very rapid. He lightly bounded back and seemed to have no intention of making a counterattack, but all of a sudden his body underwent a change. Not even half a second had passed and the unicorn quickly became a human?!

This is a young man donning white armor! No-not a man, he is a beastman! A unicorn beastman!!!

Unicorns, their basic fighting abilities are very strong, but at the same time they are also magic beasts, and are able to use magic. In beast form, their power and speed will be faster, but they will be able to attack and defend with ultrahigh-grade magic. Furthermore, their fighting ability will not drop by much in human form. This type of magic beast is simply a bugged existence.

The unicorn man looked unprepared, a white light exploding from his body. If Xu Jun followed through with another cut, the enemy's internal organs would be invaded by the bright elements, and become seriously injured.

But Xu Jun's goal had never been him, after pushing him back again, Xu Jun rapidly pried apart the black tentacles on Man Tou's body, and then flew onto his body: "Man Tou, quickly, run ah!!!

The author has something to say: Man Tou is called Man Tou because he is as white and cute as a mantou.

Xu Jun actually likes to eat baozi, but because his little friend, crescent foal is a purebred, and not a hybrid, so there is no other stuffing and he cannot be called Bao Zi_(:зゝ∠)_

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[1] Forgot to clarify this before, but the literal is “grandchild,” but I thought that it felt a bit…clunky… so I just made it “child”. Return