Never Thought You'd Be This Kind of Hero!


Never Thought You'd Be This Kind of Hero! Chapter 3

Hero Xu Jun, based on his achievements alone could be regarded as the bravest man on Shen Juan Continent, but this kind of person……actually fears ghosts.

Who would believe this ah?!!!

However, dwelling in the depths of his soul, the Demon King Rozenke expressed deeply: he believes.

It could not be helped ah, right now, he could directly feel the hero's emotions; there was no way he could ignore fluctuations in the hero's heart that were this big.

In the hero's current state, if he were an old man with heart problems, he most likely would have already died abruptly –>_–>

As for the hero's soul, it was madly shivering while shouting loudly within his heart: "GM! GM! Game master! Master! Your game has ghosts ah ah ah!!!" <–he could only ignore it, who knows what this hero was wailing about; in short, he did not understand what he was hearing; maybe this hero went crazy =-=

Therefore, Demon King Rozenke had no choice but to use his weak spiritual power to pacify the hero's heart, which was as frantic as that of a Husky; he had been the Demon King for so many years, always relying on his strength and wisdom to overcome his enemies, relying on his skill and resolve to win over his subordinates, but today, he actually needed to constantly use spiritual power to deceive a hero……other people definitely cannot be allowed to learn of this.

He felt his heart was really tired ah.

"I am a spirit that was bound here until just now, having finally gained my freedom," after finally calming down the hero, Demon King Rozenke started to think of a self-introduction: "Hero, you allowed my soul to obtain freedom, I wish, from the bottom of my heart, for the Light God to bless you."

Xu Jun felt that the other spoke naturally and was also very sincere, but he did not know why the phrase, "I wish for the Light God to bless you," felt like the other was saying, "I wish you a premature death and rebirth," but that must just be an illusion; he decided to keep asking: "but why were you bound to this place?"

This spirit immediately seemed to drop down an octave: "This is because of His Majesty Demon King Rozenke."

While saying his own title, he also had to call himself "His Majesty," and needed to make sure his tone seemed humble enough; the Demon King felt his tooth itching[1], but he still needed to continue speaking nonsense: "I am Snow Blade Empire……no, Snow Blade Kingdom's former First Prince, Ryan."

Xu Jun listened intently. In the game, it is indeed said that the Snow Blade Kingdom was once an empire; it was thirty years ago, and because of a few things happening, it downgraded into a kingdom; a lot of the country's land was swallowed up by the Golden Flag Empire, and a vast part of the east was occupied by the "Dark Abyss." Snow Blade Kingdom's current king is forty years old; he was the Second Prince that year, as it was said by the game's officially released <<Shen Juan Continent Chronicles>>, in the year 1334 of the Sacred Light Calendar, Snow Blade Kingdom's First Prince led an army on an expedition to beat back the devils that had appeared in the midst of the Dark Abyss; the Dark Abyss of that time was still only a tiny sliver of land. The name of Snow Blade Kingdom's First Prince was Ryan, who had become a golden knight at the age of fifteen, he possessed a strong talent, and it is also said that he had a very mild temperament, and an extremely good reputation within the empire.

But afterwards, where did the First Prince go? From then on, no one has said that he was killed in battle or murdered, and so just like that, he disappeared into thin air. All the way until the year 1336 of the Sacred Light Calendar, when Prince Ryan should have been 17 years old, and when Snow Blade Empire's Second Prince Eissenmil succeeded the throne, First Prince Ryan had gradually disappeared from the people's memories.

Xu Jun, being a fanboy of Gale Dad, in regards to <<Shen Juan Continent Chronicles>> had read it intently, even more seriously than the years when he had taken history classes, unfortunately, history was always uninteresting, all those names of people and places ah, how can anyone remember them _(:зゝ∠)_

He still remembers things about the First Prince of the Snow Blade Kingdom from back when it was an empire, because he had received a task from an elderly lady; that lady always had nightmares and dreamed the First Prince had appeared; at that time she was so scared that her whole body was trembling, and she requested Xu Jun to investigate if there was any mischief in the palace.

At the time, Xu Jun felt it was strange, what exactly happened to the First Prince?

And now dwelling within his spirit, the mysterious voice that can communicate directly with his soul continued: "Dark Abyss, a part of land belonging to the Snow Blade Empire. Legends state that the ancestors of the Snow Blade Empire swore with their souls to protect Snow Blade's land; therefore, if the Dark Abyss pushed forth devils on a large scale, the souls of the ancestors will suppress these wicked beings, so the Demon King needed the soul of the Snow Blade's royal family to confuse the ancestors."

"He chose me."

His voice was forbearing, but filled with pain, he did not know if it was because their souls were stuck together, but Xu Jun felt his sincerity: the words this spirit spoke were all true.

His Majesty the Demon King who was currently bewitching the Hero Xu Jun like there was no tomorrow: bullsh*t.

Although, he did speak half of the truth, because he was originally……the Snow Blade Empire's First Prince.

The infamous Dark Demon King Rozenke, the incarnation in this world was actually the shining golden knight, Prince Ryan, isn’t this the most absurd joke?

As for what he said about the Demon King capturing him to confuse the eyes of Snow Blade's ancestors, this is also not wrong ah, because he is the Demon King.
Amidst truths are lies, amidst lies are truths, then add on the fact that this Hero Xu Jun isn't the real "Hero," and that this thing is just a gamer ah……let him beat monsters and grind experience, he can do it; let him play mind games with others, he will completely fail at it, so the Demon King's deception was executed flawlessly.

The hero will accept him; this hero does not seem to be unprincipled and hypocritical as the Lord of Flames had described him, but is instead a very naïve and childish young man; the hero will sympathize with him and will slowly lower his guard……the Demon King calmly thought, this hero's body is still very good, one day he will occupy this body; his time still has ways to go before it will end.

Then he heard Hero Xu Jun distractedly ask in his heart: "But, I remember there seemed to be a type of dark arts that could single out and strip away a person's soul, producing a 'guardian spirit' without an individual conscious ah? Why did the Demon King not treat you this way?"

The Dark Demon King that had just been feeling a bit smug: "……"

It's over—how could he forgotten this small detail!!!

He held on for a while, but could only spit out a few intermittent syllables: "……uh……"

However, it was fine! Because he was thoroughly bewitched and brainwashed, Xu Jun now completely believed the soul that lived within his body! And when he heard the other's "uh" which was filled with pain(?) what could he still not understand?! So Xu Jun sighed and said: "You don't need to say any more, I understand all of it."

The Prince, the Demon King, standing on opposing sides, one side clearly able to kill and furthermore, make use of the other's soul but did not actually do so, and the victim's side always has bitter(?) words when talking about this matter—all of this all points to that terrifying truth!

Especially! When Gale Dad's CEO is said to be gay ah!

Xu Jun said with a profound righteousness: "No need to say more, if reminiscing causes you to feel pain, forget about it all. Your Highness Prince Ryan, perhaps your past experience is extremely unbearable, but it’s alright, everything is in the past. The Demon King…… the Demon King is already dead, he will not harm you anymore."

The spirit of Demon King Rozenke living in Xu Jun's soul at this moment was indeed comforted, he could feel this silly hero really did not want to force him……this world actually has someone this foolish ah, and it is actually the hero the various races were looking for; it is really too laughable.

Nevertheless, his soul was indeed comforted.

Solace was sent from the hero to his heart.

Xu Jun continued to speak: " I don't know exactly what kind of relationship you had with Demon King Rozenke, but Prince Ryan, trust me, you will meet someone better……"

His Majesty Demon King Rozenke who had just felt moved:”……???”

Wait a second, aren't you misunderstanding something?!

The author has something to say:
Xu Jun: My name is Wang, I live next door, emotional problems I can cure[2] (deep voice[3])
Demon King: ……wait a second, aren't you misunderstanding something?!

Translator’s Niche:

[1]Basically the Demon King feels the urge to gnash his teeth, meaning he is really angry. Maybe it’s because he is not used to humility? Return

[2]Literal is that he can ‘help,’ but it rhymed in Chinese so I tried to make it rhyme in English too. Also, I believe Xu Jun calling himself Wang is a reference to a Chinese character named Old Wang. He’s someone who represents the lover in an illicit affair. Kind of a gag character.
[3]Was a bit confused, but I think this is what it was supposed to mean? Whatever, not really that important so leaving it at that!

Additional Notes:
Doesn’t it feel like Xu Jun is really good at ruining moods? Or is that just me?