My Youth Begins With Loving You


My Youth Begins With Loving You prologue

*Slowly floats over*

Anyeong, konnichiwa, lei ho, salut, hello! Cloudy at your service! o7

You may not have noticed me but like all clouds, I've been existing in the background all along (totally not creepy, right?).

Ahem… We're super pleased to present you with this sugary, diabetes-inducing novel!





Since October, our team has been meticulously prepping, baking, and decorating this project to finally be able to plate and serve it you guys.

You will fall in love with the author's simple, yet reflective writing style!

Miao Yuan is like a bubbly cute hamster that you want to pinch (either because she’s being absolutely meng or because she’s up to no good! D:)

On the outside, Chen Mo might seem like an ice cube but he’s really a dense man with low EQ, trying to navigate his way through the messy world of socialization.

So please enjoy this appetizer~ Give it a taste, ne?  

No, give it a massive bite with a sip of hot chocolate to rid yourselves of the winter chills~

Let us know what you think in the comments 🙂

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The name I suggested when my family's puppy was adopted.

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