Munou To Yobareta Ore, Yottsu No Chikara Wo Eru


Munou To Yobareta Ore, Yottsu No Chikara Wo Eru Chapter 1

Episode 01: Incompetent


Translated by: GM_Rusaku

「Your magic is “Manipulation Magic” as I can see. It’s a wonderful magic that you can use to manipulate something and move it as you please. Cherish it」

「OK! Thank you very much!」

In the 15th birthday.
At that day, everyone receives one magic from God in the temple.
There’s no retry, you’ll be using that magic for the rest of your life.
There are various types of magic, from magic that’s suitable for work to a battle-oriented one, it has reached to that magic is indispensible in life.
Those who received amazing magic are naturally given preferential treatment , it goes without saying what will happen to those who are not.


My dream was to become a brave hero.
I wanted to defeat lots of monsters using awesome magic and to be also helpful to others.
But reality didn’t even permit that.

「Until how long will you be done! This trash!」


「Good grief…… Because you’re someone who can’t even use magic…… You “Incompetent” start moving those hands!」


I strike the hoe onto the ground.
I haven’t slept for three days already.
I don’t have the luxury to afford rice, so I just kept on my clearing work.

All workers except me are taking a break.
Because I worked without sleeping for 3 days because it is only about one hour for them.
Even hiring me for “incompetence” is a miracle, I can not survive being fired.

Anyone who cannot use magic in this world was labeled “Incompetent”
The probability is one of several million of people.
That’s why an “Incompetent” is not regarded as a person, it was viewed as something only human-like.
Looks like for them, there’s no value for defective goods who can’t do anything.

By the way, it’s not that magic was unusable. It was imply that the magic power was weak.
Any magic can be used for something, but in my case no matter how much I trained, my magic didn’t became any stronger.
Even if I desperately try to manipulate something, it will only slightly move.
That was the result of my everyday training for the past three years.
That’s why I can only desperately swing the hoe.

「Oh! The incompetent is doing his bestー」

「Ah, yes sir!」

No one remembers my name and the word “Incompetent” was labeled at me.
It was sad and frustrating but I can’t say anything in return.

「Hnn then do itー. Heave-ho」

The person I’m talking to now is a perfect talent for this job, using soil magic.
People who hire me undertake a wide range of work with reclamation work, roads and house making.

Earth magic is a very useful magic.
Of course it also usable in battle, when a monster appears this person can get rid of it.

「Yes’ it’s finishedー. Well then, keep at it…… you incompetent」

「Ah……Yes sir」

He had finished the work in minutes that will took me several hours. The other people seem to be almost similar to him.
The blister in my hands was crashed and blood then drips out.
To the desperate me, reality would each and every time hits me.

「Hey incompetent. When you’re done, go back home」

The person in charge suddenly said that to me which surprised me.

「Eh? Is that fine?」

「Yeah, because you’ll just get in the way. You can take the rest off tomorrow」

「Tha- thank you very much……」

As I talked about today, honestly I do not seem to be hired as a labor force.
The point is that it looks just like a show.
By placing the human beings far below ourselves, other people working can work comfortably. It was used for that purpose.
Actual results seems to have increased.
Of course, it is not reflected in my salary, I will only be given enough money to survive.
However, I have no choice but to work here to live my uninhabited “incompetence” me.


Although I was walking unsteadily from my work place to get home while I was about to collapse.
Since I came back while it was still daytime, I should go to bed for today and the go shopping tomorrow.

Because I wasn’t able to get back home in the past three days, I bet the food I bought then are already spoiled.
Seems like I’ll be spending time with water alone.

At that time, a childhood friend Asna came out from the next house.
She has excellent magic, she is cute and popular among the towns.
As soon as my eyes met with her suddenly I ran over. She was the only one to worry about me.

「Roudo…… Are you alright?」

「Ah, yup. I’m fine……」

「Do you have something to eat?」

「There is…… it’s alright」

「You’re lying. Please wait a moment」

She returned home and then came out again in a matter of minutes.
She has some bread, ham, and cheese on hand.

「Here. It’s no good unless you properly eat right?」

「Thanks Asuna…… But you better shouldn’t talk to me. Although I already said it before, it will cause Asuna inconvenience if some strange humors spread」

「That’s nothing to me. Childhood friends should be helping each other right?」

「Haha…… thanks. Well then, see you later」

「ok…… See you later」

She was looking with such sad eyes but I shook her off and went inside the house.
Every time I return into this dark house where there is no one, my chest tightens each time.

To be honest I was at my limit. There’s no day that I wasn’t thinking how many more years will this continue.
Tears spontaneously falls down, only the sound of someone sobbing echoes within the empty house.
When I calmed down a little, I washed my face and wiped my body and then fell to the bed.

About three years have passed since I worked over there.
Immediately after my age became 15 and my magic was given, my parents were attacked by demons and died.
Suddenly my parents ceased to exist, and this house and some money I was left behind.
Naturally soon the money ran out and I managed to find a job and managed to do it for now.

I don’t know how many times I thought I was going to die.
I owe it all to Asuna to why I am still alive now.
If she weren’t there, then maybe I already gave up living.

「Being with Asuna…… so stupid…… It’s impossible」

She’s the only one who is gentle to this incompetent.
The people in town that had been in contact with us for so long changed attitudes as soon as they realized that I was incompetent.
Perhaps my parents death to have encouraged it.

Because I have no guardians, I was the outlet of stress even in town.
As for people of the town, They’re thinking 「Ah, I’m glad I’m not like that」 using be as a base.
Asuna as expected openly protected me at that case, same as today like always, she always have supported me.

「Someday…… I’ll use my magic…… Surely」

I did not give up yet.
Someday a day when power can be used may come.
Towards the end, reaching to the clothes that went off, the clothes moved slightly.
But someday sure.
So my consciousness ceased.


The next day, I came to the store gallery in town to shop.
To be honest I don’t want to go here that often.
My face is quite famous and with my tattered clothes it’s like a criminal being obviously exposed to the public.
But still, I’ll die if I don’t eat.

We purchase vegetables, meat, rice and so on at minimum.
I was ridiculed from the surroundings just by having me, and my eyes seemed to see dirty things if my eyes met.
As usual, I do not know why I have to get there.
Is it such a thing that magic can not be used so much?

「This please……」

「Tsk…… 1500gold. Quickly get out of here . You’re making my costumers go away」

「Excuse me……」

I was abused even while shopping.
Just why me, each and every time.
What did I do to you……

「Hey, if it isn’t Roudo the incompetent」


When I finished shopping and was walking down the street, I met some detestable guys.
We where in the same age and I used to play with them, but our relationship completely turned sour when we turned 15yrs old.
Ever since then we had not played together, sometimes when we met they were pleased make a fool out of me, they’re the lowest kind of people.
Well, almost everyone here is like that.

「What’s up after not seeing for such a long time. So what have you been doing?」

「……Working. I’m doing reclamation works」

「Ah, is that so. We’re gonna be leaving soon. We’ve became an adventurer. So for various reasons…… Lend me your money」

Turn hands to the shoulder with grinning and being surrounded by the surroundings so that they can not escape.
There is no point in this place of resistance. I could not count how many times I had been magically damaged.
I have no choice but to offer the money I had now.

「What the hell, only this much? Alright then」

After he said that, the gold scattered on to the ground.
Bu the time I noticed what his intentions are, it was already too late. When I tried to keep silent and just bit my lips, I was blown away by the wind.
This is bad……!

「Get blown you incompetent!」


With a *bang* I was blown off a few meters while my face was still in shock.
I slammed into the ground and kept rolling until I finally stopped.

Crap…… Suddenly being shoot by magic.
Somehow I was able to get up, when I saw those guys they were already walking away at their backs while laughing.
There were always guys and girls with him.

Tears came out in anger and regret that caught up while picking up gold scattered on the ground.
The guys passing by will also see giggles with a laugh.
As I thought that I wanted to die, my heart broke, but at that time Asuna came to my mind.

I wonder if she’ll be sad when I die.
Even if I die, there is only a few who will mourn for me.
I still clings to the hope that I’ll be able to use magic someday.