Ming Ming world


Ming Ming world Chapter 13

Desolate night, the Gyongbokkung hall, two candles illuminate the front desk just Zhu Changluo, juvenile frowned, will be in the hands of the book turned over, romance of the three characters, see the side of the Wang Anmei angle straight pulling......

Thought, if Gong Fei goddess know to read this book to the boy, he will not be killed out Ming!

In fact, Wang's mind also very strange, he is twelve years old this year, but never read the book, Xi Wang word, this point is clear, but today, when suddenly asked him to look for some ink scroll, he is really was surprised!

But fortunately this palace for small Chamberlain enlightenment inside the book Hall, the ink is not the top grade, but also can can support a lot available, Wang, is get ready for it...... Are not allowed in The Four Books and the Five Classics seodang, so he really is not the way to the Chamberlain ladies privately hiding these vernacular story come up!

The boy never thought enlightenment, know more words this is enough, who thought a book back, he was watching with pleasure......

But these are not the focus, look at the steps of the temple under the thin clothes, knees girl's, Wang An repeatedly tried to speak, but are Changluo Zhu cold turned back.

"Hey kid, it's too late, we go down, your illness care body!"

The main hall of the door is not closed, as the late autumn, a cold wind blows, let Li Cuier can not help but hold up, big eyes filled with grievances, add a bit of beauty, see this scene, but Wang An couldn't resist, stepped forward and said softly.

"I don't have any trouble with my body. If you want to make a plea, just say it, you don't have to beat around the bush!"

Zhu Changluo's face was calm on the hands of the book, it hit the mouth hit it, like a bit more, looked up to Li Cuier like pathetic, is unmoved, but a voice was dissatisfied with Wang let his eyebrows pick, the voice Ming's said dryly.

"Hey kid, I said that Wang!"

Wang An was a tough man, and though he heard Zhu Changluo's displeasure, he could not help opening his mouth.

"Cui with brothers and the empress, also have a few years, even if what's wrong, my punishment is also hard, and even to be punished, will not have a pretext......"

Now is the moment when the beginning, Wang these days is concerned, it is tired, the body is not too much to endure, so early to rest, but in the rest of Wang, Li Cuier brothers suddenly penalty kneeling here, until now, Wang An got confused.

He followed the man for several years, Cui Gyongbokkung days earlier than he, this house can only serve Wang Cui one, Wang An was so close to her a bit, the moment she did not name the punishment, nature is somewhat indignant.

"Oh, excuse?"

Zhu Changluo's mouth pulled a sneer, squinted on Wei injustice bent Li Cuier, cold voice said.

"You might as well ask Cui son, why kneel in here several hours, even a grievance all don't shout!"


Wang An was speechless.

Yes, if Cui really did not make mistakes, why kneel so long are not open right? He is not unreasonable, even if there is a misunderstanding of that, as long as the explanation on the right.

But until now, Cui did not speak a word!

An unbelievable idea appeared in the heart, so that Wang was shocked, difficult to succeed...... Is Cui guilty?

Wang An felt uncertain eyes, Li Cuier's face suddenly became pale, lip, seems to be aware of their wrong, straightened up and forced a stubborn look said that for Ming.

"I don't know where I wrong? Let Geer so punish! This is because the slaves on his knees, he let the maidservant kneel, he does not dare to speak the word, slaves up?"

"It is such a girl......"

Zhu Changluo smiles slightly closed, radiates with Yidali, if he had just a bit suspicious, so now he is almost certain, Li Cuier malevolent!

"So, let me ask you, in your house of jinzan come from, every day you apply cosmetics on the face and come from?

You are in the kitchen really saw Qin Xiaoyu? Why in front of Zheng Royal concubine, she personally said that you pass the letter to her?"

The sound gradually rose, tone is also more and more cold, with a cold wind blowing, let Li Cuier shaking up, looked slightly excited.

"No, I have not seen the jade elder sister, this thing I can tell is......"

In the middle of a word, Li Cuier suddenly shut up, face no trace of blood, looked at the eyes of the Changluo Zhu saw a monster.

"Tracy, is that really you?"

Wang An looks like the swallow flies, face the moment between the ugly and matchless, with eyes in shock, anger, bear, all sorts of complex emotions intertwined, eventually turned into deep disappointment.

At the age of twelve he was transferred to Zhu Changluo living, now has more than three years, Gyongbokkung is what was, nobody know more than him, to he and Christine Niangniang life is not easy, but for the two of them is excellent, never lose his temper.

Although not in a separate house as it appeared, but Wang An always feel very satisfied, he always thought that Cui like him, undivided attention serve Niangniang Gong, who thought it was betraying her son?

For a moment, Wang only felt cold, like a cold water poured through the whole body, Ming Ming's!

"It is said that the report on, you don't have to hide anymore! I guess if you are not good, Zheng Fei's henchmen, then you so many years in my mother side, what is the purpose?"

Look at Wang An's reaction, Zhu Changluo nonsearchable sigh, although Wang An faithful, but it is lack of the heart of the people, so uncover the truth when, so will be taken by surprise......

Convergence of mind, look back on Li Cuier, Zhu Changluo said with a sneer.

Today he once asked Wang, knew this Li Cuier is not innocent, Zheng Fei's henchmen, this is Wang dare to put her in the side of reason, and she served them and also have a few years earlier, if betrayal, I'm afraid their mother to be suffering more!

But after just a slip of the tongue, Li Cuier Iearned, small mouth closed not to utter a single word.

She is not a fool, but is just under the catch words words, just a moment away, now awake, is naturally understand the immediate situation, even now he was different, but look at what happened today that is, the weakness of gong empress!

She served his affection for so many years, there is always no evidence, even he could not casually slander her, not to mention this thing if really let Wang know, she will be more sad than Wang An, so Li Cuier is assured, even if it is to consider at gong an empress, he is not really on how she.

At this point, her back straight a few minutes, the heart also settled a little.

"Cui son, do you know that every year there will be a large number of palace maids unaccounted for, because they have sinned against the Lord, do you think you can?"

Zhu Changluo deeply looked at Li Cuier, the tone is cold, very bright.

"No, the empress won't let you do that!"

I don't know where the courage comes from, Li Cuier said, shaking his head.

She knew that Wang was her talisman!

But this idea, Zhu Changluo could not clear, mocking smile.

"Green, you see yourself too high."! You must deal with a little maid, there are many ways! Zheng Fei eat such a big loss today,the hearts displeased with you. This way, enough? The reformed students not see people dead, I guess you will find your mother in order to verify Zheng fei!"

In the eyes of a little pity, Zhu Changluo look down at Li Cuier.

After all, just a teenage girl, even if some of the scheming, but still too tender!

"Hey kid, boy, you let me go! I didn't really mean it! This is all they forced me, for Qin Xiaoyu, she said that if I don't help her, just throw me to the laundry department, I was forced to!"

See more Changluo's Zhu Sen cold eyes, Li Cuier finally panic, knees forward, constantly said, water Lingling's eyes in full of tears, with a charming girl's face, but appear delicate and touching.

"Is it? That is not coercion, inducement? Let me see, seemingly Changchun palace maids in Gyongbokkung than we reward to a lot more!"

Zhu Changluo smiled, but Li Cuier seemed to be seen through everything, heart burst of panic, she forgot to open.

What she said is half-genuine and half-sham, although the imperial concubine Zheng Wang mother to want to be difficult, but also not demeaning to find her a little person, but she's not by Gyongbokkung in life, to find their own home, and Qin Xiaoyu also promised, as long as she can pass on valuable information. She will be removed from the Gyongbokkung......

"Gee, such a beautiful face, this is the goddess of life, if so destroyed, it is a pity that for the world!"

Zhu Changluo stretched out his hand and stroked Li Cuier's face, it is said some can not bear, but Li Cuier seems to have been hurt, all of a sudden shuddering.

"How should he say it, please! Slaves as you wish!"

In the heart slightly move, Li Cuier's Mou son is actually revealing a greedy ray of light, raise head to say.

It has now, if she can not see Zhu Changluo to let her go, she would have to stay in the house for so many years, not to mention if Zhu Changluo really want to kill her, would not talk to her so much.

"Smart girl! In this case, drink it!"

The change of Li Cuier's looks naturally fell into Zhu Changluo's eyes, nodded with satisfaction, and whispered softly.

Then, Zhu Changluo hand off the side of the tea cup cover, blue medicine soup which is already cold, but at the moment it opened, still there is a hint of bitterness in the air.

"What is this?"

Look at the ordinary blue medicine soup, Li Cuier's heart was suddenly rises a burst of foreboding, Zhu Changluo's smiling face has become like devils terrible, Li Cuier root could not help trembling, but still strong self keep calm.

"Wan Zi decoction!"