Meshitaki Onna ni Yakuza no Ai wa Omosugiru


Meshitaki Onna ni Yakuza no Ai wa Omosugiru Chapter 31


31. It's not a problem of space

I was wrung out after that……

When I told him that of course I would have to pick up calls from the president of my company, he turned a deaf ear to me.

"House arrest, confinement, training! 1 " he yelled. "Tyranny, pervert, yakuza!" I yelled back. In the end, I was made to agree to have someone shadow me.

I hate being a pushover……

However, I'm curious about the whereabouts of the tonjiru and the other things in my apartment at Kochi.

If you leave it for too long, the stench will start hanging in the air……

A smashed door, the tenant who disappeared while leaving behind a lived-in feeling in her room, and spoiled tonjiru and white rice……

It's quite horrific.

God of Rice, God of Tonjiru, I'm sorry.

As I pressed my hands in prayer in the direction of Kochi, Kazama-san poked me.

「We're here.」

Anyways, I've been brought to a large mansion in Tokyo that has a close resemblance to a samurai residence. 2

It has a befitting feeling of a house connected to the Yakuza.

With a house like this, you'd be found by the cops in a flash, but according to Kazama-san, they can't arrest them just for the house as the reason.

That's true.


After being called, he poked me again.

It hurts, though…… But I, who has no courage to grumble at a yakuza, can only be an earnestly tolerant girl. For now, I'll forget that I complained thoroughly just moments ago.

The surrounding people buzzed as I was lost in thought, looking at us as if they saw something terrifying.

「To think Young Master brought home a woman…… And he's using such a mushy voice!?」

「Normally it'd turn into a scene of him sending them flying, but he's being so gentle!?」

「But she's pretty different from the women Young Master usually goes out with…… If the regular girls are considered caviar…… then she'd be a natto-type?」

Eh, this poking is being gentle? It fairly hurts though……

In the first place, how can they determine he's using a "mushy voice" just by saying the three syllables of my name?

And hypothetically, if I do agree with the words they said last about they type of women.

There's no reason for the the word "natto" to appear at all. Are you a secret buddy of Sengawa-san's?

At that moment, Kazama-san sent his gaze towards the surroundings.

「――Shut up. You're frightening Nanao.」

Along with a chilling voice, the man who had spoken last and alluded to women was sent flying, crashing through the paper sliding screen.

K-Kazama-san! That person is quite advanced in age!!! He'll die!!

The guy who commented Kazama-san's voice was 「mushy」, you were definitely right! Somehow, his voice right now is like a cold tundra!!

The people who were doing as they pleased just moments ago instantaneously stood at attention.

Maybe because they were told to shut up, no one said a peep.

It feels out of place on the contrary though……

Compared to the members who came to Kochi and Kawata-san's quartet, the members here are fairly old.

They might be people who've known him quite some time since they call Kazama-san 「Young Master」.

But, Young Master, huh……

Kazama-san, the leader of the Kazama group's 2nd branch, the Kuromizuchi Association.

This, no matter how I think of it, this is a "blood relative of the main branch" flag isn't it?

While I was mulling over that, I was led to a Japanese-styled room.

Kazama-san told me to use this room, then left in a hurry.

It was an excessively spacious Japanese room, probably around 20 tatami mats.

It was neat, and very roomy.

Or better said, it was too clean. If there wasn't a table, then there wouldn't be any floor cushions either.

Rather, there was nothing.

「……How am I supposed to use this? 」

  1.  調教: training (animals); breaking (animals) 
  2.   If you’ve seen any historic Edo period anime/dramas, chances are you’ve seen some.