Apocalypse Meltdown


Apocalypse Meltdown Chapter 16

Shang Jiuti was just putting on airs, acting being arrogant, possibly as a deterrent to others.

But as for Eighteen, she was practically a bandit.

These two should be the members of a gang in the south.

The position of Eighteen was higher than Shang Jiuti, which could be seen from the shooting to insulting Ye Tianlong with that foul mouth. She should be a girl who was spoiled rotten. They were definitely under cover seeing that they’re deliberately hiding their names.

The gang? Chu Han smiled cruelly. Maybe it would be very troublesome when people were involved with gangs during the civilized time, but now only people who were ruthless enough could live long with the coming of eschatology.

During such a special time, the military could not protect the people much and everyone would fight for themselves with guns and bullets.


Chu Han had scanned Shang Jiuti’s sallow face which was disguised and the white skin exposed from the clothes when squatting down. Although her dressing made her look fat, the hot body underneath could not be easily covered.

It was a pity that she would have so many troubles no matter how low-key she remained with such hot body and a domineering character. Ye Tianlong did not expect that Eighteen would be angry. He was in an extremely unbalanced mood and he could not wait to tear the girl down, but a gun was currently pointed right at his face so he dared not show any dissatisfaction. He faked a smile and said with the most peaceful tone, "We are surrounded by zombies and we should not have any internal conflicts since we are all survivors. We should first fight against the zombies, securing our safety."

When he finished his words, Ye Tianlong stared at the guns of the women. There was unhidden greed in his eyes. No one would dare fight against him if he had a gun and the things today wouldn’t have happened!

Shang Jiuti and Eighteen looked at each other and they looked at Chu Han as always.

Shang Jiuti’s thought was simple. In her mind, he should be their peer and was thus qualified to be the temporary head judging from his calm expression. She did have some skills but she was lacking in matters regarding leadership; otherwise, she would not be trapped here because of Eighteen’s rotten ideas.

As for Eighteen, she had a simpler thought, thinking that Chu Han was pleasing to her eyes.

The eyes of the two women looked at the silent Chu Han beside the door, which made Ye Tianlong dazed. Was this Adonis their head?

He! These two women had no idea what to do when facing critical situations!

Ye Tianlong’s self-confident rose again and he was planning on how to kill these three people to get the guns, "We should fight against zombies for now," Chu Han just said one sentence. He passed by Ye Tianlong and went out, ignoring the attendants.

Ye Tianlong did want to hit the head of Chu Han with his ax when Chu Han was walking carelessly. He could break through the head just like killing zombies and then have a merry time with these two women, but he had no guts since he was under the pressure of two guns.


Bang! A foot fell from the sky and Chen Shaoye was kicked directly!

"What happened? What happened? Earthquake?" Chen Shaoye woke up in an instant and his fat body would not affect his will of escaping. But when he saw Chu Han standing in front of him with his foot on his soft tummy, he wanted to do nothing but immediately flee.

"Boss, boss?" Chen Shaoye was confused, "What is happening? Shit. Am I asleep?"

"Your gastrointestinal system must be good seeing that you didn’t die," Chu Han smiled hypocritically and taunted. He threw the ax toward the fat body of Chen Shaoye and said, "Let’s go."

"Go? Now? Where?" Chen Shaoye did not know what was happening.

Chu Han looked at him with a murderous look, "Kill zombies."


The spacious resting station had been filled with zombies and there were terrible roaring in the place that had been dead silent just now.

It was unknown what attracted them and where they came from. They just appeared so suddenly and gathered outside of the glass door on the ground floor. They scrawled and patted the window with their sharp fingernails ceaselessly.

They wore all kinds of clothes but all were in shreds and rips with dried dark blood staining them.

The second floor of the resting station.

Ye Tianlong gathered all the people to find the solution for their predicament and even the locked rebels were also released. Incidentally, there were also Zhang Ziyu and Gu Xiaotong.

It was unknown of what happened to them. These two people had been decadent in three days, especially Gu Xiaotong who was in a disheveled state and her face dirtied. She only wore rags on her.

"Chu Han? Chu Han?----" Gu Xiaotong was so excited and rushed towards Chu Han and she could not help hugging his pants, crying.

"Chu Han! It is me! Me!" Zhang Ziyu was also extremely excited like a kidnapped child seeing his parents. They were so excited when they saw Chu Han. However, Chu Han just nodded at them and stared outside the windows. The situation was pressing and he had no time to care for others.

There were lots of zombies and at a glance, there were far more than two hundred. And the number would only increase.

It was a zombie tide!

The size of this tide would be a piece of cake if he was still in his past life, but right now, the tide could annihilate the survivors in the resting station without even leaving a trace of them.

Rumble! Ye Tianlong swallowed his saliva fiercely.

He looked at the Shang Jiuti who stood beside Chu Han, "You guys have guns and you should not skimp on bullets. I suggest you go to the ground floor to kill some of them."

Shang Jiuti held the rifle tightly and carried the cartridge. She peeked at Ye Tianlong coldly, "Do you want to make me serve as cannon fodder?"

"That’s not what I meant!" Ye Tianlong looked through the body of Shang Jiuti gloomily.

Shit. He was cheated. He thought she was a woman in an average body but her skin was so white and tender when she took off the coat. It was unknown what her face looked like if it was cleaned.

If he had found out about it earlier, he would have been sleeping with such a powerful woman.

"How about it?" suddenly, Ye Tianlong glanced at Eighteen and said again. "The little girl would not know how to use a gun and the act of shooting itself is bad. So how about giving me your gun?"

Eighteen laughed malignantly, "Do you want to be shot?"

"No. I am just kidding. Don’t waste the bullets," Ye Tianlong just shook his hands and became even more determined to kill these two women.

"Shit! There are so many zombies! Where are they coming from?" He murmured fiercely and then something came to his mind. He pulled the hair of the boy beside him, "Didn’t I send someone to the ground floor? Why didn’t he report to me? Were you planning on tricking me?"

"Head! Head!" The boy was in pain, "There are only two walkie-talkies and the other one is kept by you."

"Walkie-talkie?" Ye Tianlong dug his pocket and suddenly became angry, "Where is the walkie-talkie? Where is my walkie-talkie?"

"Did you leave in the room?" Lu Wan was shivering. She and Ye Tianlong were in the room before the zombies appeared, but Ye Tianlong suddenly rushed out with his untied trousers. The walkie-talkie seemed to be left on the bed.

"It’s you?!" Ye Tianlong obviously just realized it. His face turned as fierce as a demon and his eyes emitted incomprehensible coldness. He grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled it up.