Master's Smile


Master's Smile Chapter 5

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“Why do i need to do something like…… It’s the end of the world -desu wa”

Again, in another place of Dark Guild 『Army of Salvation Lerkuchir』and the man from the Subjugation Corps are confronting with one woman.
In the deep part of the forest, there was one beautiful woman excessively wearing unnatural bright red dress.
Surely, if noble was gathered in one place of high society, there will be many invitation to dance incessantly.

“To think that, such as myself『Garbage Cleaner』is tasked with this” (Unknown Girl)
“What the!?”

Haaa, the woman left a bothersome sigh, facial expressions of every person in Subjugation Corps looks angry.
To say the like of us as trash. If a person becomes angry there’s no way he/she will be able to hold it isn’t.

“Fuhh. It’s not really polite to stare at lady to much. Don’t you know courtesy?”(Unknown Girl)
“We are not like those noisy noble that care about etiquette after all. Even if it’s rough, please endure it”

The man remember because of the woman behavior their were angry, but that beautiful figure attracting one’s eyes is also the truth.
Especially, from the viewpoint of the dress and that voluptuous bust everyone understood, it never ceases to impress one’s eyes.

“There is no need to ask the life and death of someone belonging to Dark Guild after all. We’ll do anything that we pleases”

The man from the Gray Guild was grinning and smiling.
Aside from the knight who received training it should be fine more or less, however the man from Gray Guild with high offense absolutely did not even one bit hide their lust while looking at woman.
Taking advantage after she have been caught, their will trample down on that dignity for sure.

“Oh. Then, may i also do anything as i like the same with you guys?” (Unknown Girl)
“Oioi, over there also seem interested”
“But it’s a little different from what you all imagined……” (Unknown Girl)

Eyes glistening and shining, both hand of the woman made “pon” like sound when match with each other. (TN: I don’t know what to translate this word so i use the orginal word from the raw “ぽん” [someone know what it mean?], it never sound good to me whenever i use other word or this)
Though the man eyes for a moment put great care at what have been said, but still smirking and laughing.

Of course, the woman intention was not this.
In the first place, if the woman had such feelings, the only one that she will embrace is Master.

“What i want to say is, something like this” (Unknown Girl)

After she said so, the woman finish preparing and her hand was pointing to the man.
And then, that hand was being closed tightly. (TN: It’s like when you want to hide something in the palm of you hand but with much more force)


With that nonchalant action, one head in the Subjugation Corps exploded.
A large quantity of blood splashing and probably one parts of brain is blown off, and it was sticking on face and body of the surrounding man.

“U, uwaaaaaaaaa!?”

The man who finally understood what happened then, screams.
What the woman had done, the man really don’t know at all.
However, simply just by closing the hand the man was dead in instant.

“Well then, come here would you” (Unknown Girl)

While saying that, the woman from somewhere takes out a beautiful shiny glass. (TN: Of course she got magic item storage “maybe” hahaa)
When the man thought on approaching, blood of the man that was killed then by itself began to move and rise on the air.


The blood in the air had become hard and make form on itself, it began to settled inside glass the woman hold.
Red liquid began to drip and fill-in the glass.
The woman brought her nose close to it, then smell it.

“Mmm……It really, doesn’t feel delicious at all isn’t” (Unknown Girl)

Her nose twitching, the woman eyebrows frowning. (TN: The Rock style, you know right??)
That appearance no matter how you look at, it was opening full of chances.

“Don’t make a joke!!”

One person from the Subjugation Corps fired an arrow using bow.
Because of its size the bow range scop is really small, but with this distance it will definitely reach for sure.

“Jeez. Right now i’m trying to taste this, therefore would you please don’t disturb” (Unknown Girl)

The woman was having complicated expression on her face, and the arrow that come flying toward her with ease was caught.
And then, the man who shot that arrow was overcome with surprise look at the woman and the arrow, the arrow was then thrown back.

When the arrow was release from the woman hand, with amazing speed make a move towards the man.
It was, much more faster then pulling the arrow and string to fired the arrow.


Without being able to avoid that counter, the man receive an arrow on the center of his forehead.
The arrow force was tremendous, it penetrates through the man skull.

Seeing someone dies with such gruesome method, guild member from Gray Guild and the Kingdom Knight was silenced.
If you say something rude, maybe something like this would happen to yourselves next.

When the woman look satisfied because it’s surrounding had become quiet, she put her glossy lips on top of the glass and started pouring the collected blood inside her mouth.
After that, immediately 眉をくしゃりと曲げる.(TN: I translated it on hiragana >まゆをくしゃりとまげる)< Someone know what this mean? especially くしゃり?)

“It’s, it’s so bad -desu wa” (Unknown Girl)

Still, there was plenty blood left in the glass, but the woman threw it to the ground.

“Maybe it’s because i’ve accustomed to Master supreme blood” (Unknown Girl) But to compare it with such blood it’s too absurd…….Ughh, there is still that unpleasant taste left in the mouth.

Kill a man and on her own drank it, and yet still says such cruel words.
However, the one with power and dominate this place is that woman. Nobody can even give an objections.

“Vanfir-san, is it necessary to get rid of the bad taste from the mouth?” (Shuvart)
“Oh, Shuvart” (Vanfir)

Irritated while glaring at her surrounding one woman come to Vanfir side, one maid suddenly appeared.
Since when did she come here, everyone on the Subjugation Corps didn’t notice at all and can only blankly wonder.

Maid with silver hair and tanned color skin it was ――― Shuvart, filling up the glass with full of water she give it to Vanfir.
When Vanfir receive it, so that it was not a shameful attitude she quickly drank it.

“Fuhhー, you saved me there, Shuvart. This blood is really unpleasant so unpleasant…. If its like this, it’s better to hurried slaughter all these people so that i can go back and perhaps pester Master for his blood” (Vanfir)
“You’ll get drunk if you drink Master blood, so please don’t do it. The way of Vanfir-san when drunk is really bad desu-yo” (Shuvart)
“It’s not like it will cause trouble for you so it should be fine isn’t?” (Vanfir)
“It depends on Master” (Shuvart)

In front of the two beautiful woman was, the brawny man holding weapon however despite that, still having a relaxing conversation.
Because of the two having too much cheerful conversation, fear of what Vanfir have done is gradually beginning to fade.
After the fear have left from their heart, what come next was anger.

“Oi! you there, why are you chattering and having a conversation!!”
“What the…. Shuvart, to say to stop servicing and sneak in Master bed on the morning, i need to be more careful -desu wa” (Vanfir)
“Pretty much so….. When you become drunk because of Master blood, i just hope that you don’t do something shameless” (Shurvat)

Being surround by so many of man, their don’t even look really agitated.
If this story is heard of, it just look likes a cat fight over one man is being unfold.
Incidentally, it’s unfortunate but when the two『cat』clash the area surrounding them is also being damaged.

“Having fun is it! Oi, lets go!”

However, being completely ignorant of it, surfacing on each of the man face in Subjugation Corps has become colored with anger furthermore it’s deep.
The Gray Guild and Kingdom Knight, each one of them having a high pride.

Its not bad to have high pride but, having it in this place is extremely bad thing.
Thinking that the man have been strongly underestimated by Vanfir … They began to move and run towards Shuvart as target.

Regarding Vanfir, even if their remember about they anger, fear because of the two that have been killed is much more stronger.
Then if it’s like that, it is better to attacked the maid that have just appeared just now.

“Humm. If it was me did you perhaps thought that you can defeat me?” (Shuvart)
“Oh so intelligence”

As Shuvart cheek puffs up as its began to expand, her eyes completely look down on Vanfir.
To be believed in surpassing with the other『Army of Salvation Lerkuchir』 member, it is something really nice.

Evenmore, if it’s someone like Vanfir who has so much high pride.
Though the self-assertion is weak but, Shuvart’s also hold pride of her own and look disastified.


The first two man that approaching Shuvart, raise their sword.
As expected of someone who’s accustomed to fighting, it is fairly a good sword.

“Well, not like it will reach me” (Shuvart)

As a sword is being pulled from somewhere, Shuvart stop the attack.
Furthermore, another sword is also being pulled out, and cut one of the man hand.


To finish it the body was cut diaganolly, blood gushes out from the man and falls down..
Shuvart quickly shake the sword, and blood attached to it soar in the air.
Using such ghastly method of killing, a large quantity of blood gushed out, however the maid white apron was not stained with it at all.

“As usual, the way you killed people is really clean” (Vanfir)
“I’ll take it as compliment” (Shuvart)

Being praise and admired by Vanfir, not even one emotion shows up and Shuvart was coolly ward it.
With this, the Subjugation Corps companion lost as what should their do.
If they rush to attack Vanfir their’ll be finished and killed with unknown magic, and if they move to attack Shuvart too their’ll also be cut splendidly.

“Come, let’s quickly clean all this and go back to where Master is. Jeez, i’m tired already”
“What you said is irritating me however, i also agree”

Vanfir with crimson red eyes and Shuvart with cold eyes, looks at the man.
Soon after that, all in the Subjugation Corps was annihilated.