Martial World


Martial World Chapter 1149-1150

Chapter 1149 - Horrifying Power

"Lin Ming, hurry up and retreat!" Mo Eversnow's voice rapidly sounded out in Lin Ming's mind. At this time, the disparity between Lin Ming's strength and the strength of that terrifying soul couldn't even be described as a firefly against the full moon!

In this moment of life or death, Lin Ming waved the Phoenix Blood Spear. Suddenly, a brilliant gold light blazed from between his eyes as he burned the blood of the Ancient Phoenix!

The power of thunder and fire within the Heretical God Seedling flooded out and wrapped around the Phoenix Blood Spear. With a thrust forwards, the power of thunderfire twisted around a blue lotus that hurtled straight towards the ancient soul!

The power of thunder was the nemesis of soul forms. Lin Ming pouring the power of thunder into the Blue Lotus Flame Dance was already using his complete strength!

He wanted to use the momentum from this attack to run away.

After all, this ancient soul might be the existence suppressed underneath the Divine Seal Array. If this were true, then even if it were incomparably powerful, it still had to be restricted by the sealing array formation. There was a chance that he could escape from here!


As the ancient soul saw the deep red Prime Emperor Lotus Flower bloom from behind Lin Ming and emit a soft trill, it was faintly surprised. But, this was only a little bit. At this time, the thunderfire-twisted blue lotus spear light was already shooting towards it at incredible speeds. The ancient soul didn't seem to care at all. With a mere thought, a rustling sound filled the air as its battle spirit surged outwards, overwhelming the world!

Like an undefeatable enemy, the battle spirit filled the entire space. The thunderfire blue lotus that Lin Ming shot out was swallowed up by this world of will projection, as if a black hole had formed, swallowed everything!

"It vanished!?"

Lin Ming's hands and feet instantly turned ice cold. It wasn't just his thunderfire blue lotus, but even the grandmist space around it seemed as if it was swallowed up by that world of will projection!

This was a power of Laws that he was completely unable to understand. His opponent was only a soul form, but it was actually able to rely on just its battle spirit to achieve such a terrifying combat strength!

"Your martial skill is quite good. Is this a force field? The rank is very high!" The old voice echoed out. The ancient soul was obviously referring to the Primordius martial intent's grandmist space.

Although this ancient soul's experience was amazing, it actually wasn't able to recognize just where this grandmist space came from. This wasn't because Lin Ming used a martial skill to conceal the energy fluctuations of the grandmist space, but because Empyrean Primordius was at most born a few dozen million years ago. In other words, this ancient soul had been quietly slumbering here far before Empyrean Primordius had even been born. The ancient soul didn't know of Empyrean Primordius, thus it also didn't recognize this grandmist space.

"Such a powerful martial skill and yet you can't use its full strength. What a waste of heaven's gifts, heh, you might as well give it to me!"

The ancient soul sneered. Its world of will projection blocked out all of the surrounding space. Lin Ming could see countless battle spirit tentacles stretching out endlessly like an infinitely large spider web, sealing off all the space for several hundred miles. And Lin Ming was a bug caught in that spider web; it was impossible for him to escape!

Lin Ming's thoughts sank. Was this truly the existence suppressed by this seal? If so, how could it casually display such horrifying supernatural powers?

Or, perhaps the seal had already weakened and it was able to use a greater portion of its strength.

In this sort of situation, Lin Ming tightly gripped onto the Phoenix Blood Spear, his mind tighter than a steel wire. Facing such a life or death crisis, he had to remain calm at all costs, otherwise he would never find a chance to escape.

Lin Ming's palms were already slick with sweat, but his eyes still remained as calm and placid as before.

In all these years growing up and walking down the road of martial arts, he had experienced countless life or death situations. Although this wasn't the most dangerous one, this opponent was the most powerful he had ever faced!

"If you kill me then you'll never obtain my cultivation methods or martial skills. My body does not have any cultivation method jade slips!"

Lin Ming gloomily said. One of the unique aspects of a transcendent divine might was that it was nearly impossible to duplicate. The only way was to obtain a transcendent divine might jade slip, or be like Lin Ming and have the ability to transform another's soul into pure memories. If one tried this using another method, they would inevitably be influenced by the other's spirit mark.

"Then that's a pity. But… you will still die here!"

The ancient soul's voice contained a light killing intent. Its world of will protection still enveloped all of the surrounding space, removing any chance of Lin Ming being able to escape.

"Senior, may I ask you for a reason why you wish to kill me? I did not mean to offend you, but because I only disturbed your rest you wish to kill me?" Lin Ming was clear that these ancient monsters had extremely eccentric and paranoid personalities. They were reckless and did whatever they desired, and wanting to use reason to persuade them was simply an impossible hope. Moreover, the existence sealed here might be a bloodthirsty and vicious demon to begin with. Still, Lin Ming hoped that he could avoid this battle where his chances of winning approached zero.

"That's right! And what if I do? In order to allow my soul to withstand the endless tides of time, I used the Destruction Sundering Art, meaning that every time I had to awaken, it would cause great harm to my life! In order to not be bothered by pests, I purposefully established this hidden land so that I could rest here. I never imagined that someone like you would be able to find this place. If I let you leave and you spread the news of my slumber here, and also reveal the giant violet sun crystal mountain that exists here, then who knows how many self-serving powerhouses will come here, thinking themselves indestructible because of their greed, or how many so-called geniuses would come thinking their luck and destiny would protect them. Although I don't fear any of them, my peaceful days would be numbered!"

As that ancient soul spoke, there was only a faint humming noise like ghosts and spirits crying and screaming. The space all around began to violently vibrate, and underneath Lin Ming, the ground began to collapse. The massive violet sun crystal mountain trembled as a hazy shadow appeared on it, gradually forming the face of a person.

This face was hundreds of feet high and a gray-green color. Its face was expressionless but its eyes were cold and sharp, like a divine god overlooking the world.

This was clearly the main form of the ancient soul!

Lin Ming sucked in a deep breath. Facing this ancient soul, the pressure he felt was like facing the endless heavens themselves. Was this the soul of an Empyrean?

With things having devolved to this point, Lin Ming knew that any promise he made to keep what he learnt a secret would be just a joke. Fighting was inevitable!

At this time, a voice suddenly resounded in his mind. It was Mo Eversnow's true essence sound transmission. "Lin Ming, it's clear that the only path we have left is to fight. If… if I fall into a deep sleep once more, you'll have to rely on yourself from now on."

"Miss Mo!" Lin Ming anxious said, startled.

"There is no need for needless words! If I fall into a deep sleep again then there will always remain the chance that you can awaken me once more, and perhaps one day when you are stronger you can even reform my mortal body. But if you were to die here, everything we've done so far would come to nothing!"

As Mo Eversnow spoke, her soul force began to penetrate into Lin Ming's spiritual sea. She wasn't attempting to seize his body, but was trying to fuse with his soul for a short duration and wield dual control of Lin Ming's body. Like this, the two of them could display their strongest combat strength. After Lin Ming crossed heavenly tribulation, his combat strength could not be underestimated.

At this time, there was a whistling sound as a brilliant light flashed and an incomparably keen sword shot out from between the ancient soul's eyebrows.

This sword was forged by both soul force and battle spirit. As it appeared, it sliced apart the Divine Realm space!

Lin Ming's pupils shrank. In this face of this peerless power, he and Mo Eversnow both poured their complete soul and will into the Magic Cube!

"Awaken, Magic Cube, lend me your strength!"

Mo Eversnow's cold and clear voice echoed out as she began to burn her soul force.

Of everything Lin Ming had, the only thing with the strength to resist this ancient soul was the Magic Cube!

The Magic Cube was a divine instrument of the soul, and this ancient existence was also a soul form. This was the only reason why Mo Eversnow had a faint hope that they could defeat this great enemy.

With Lin Ming's current strength, it was still far from enough for being able to galvanize the Magic Cube. To Lin Ming, the Magic Cube was only a soul treasure that passively defended him.

It could only remain defensive and not attack.

The exception was if a situation occurred like before, when he had fought Yang Yun at the Temple of Marvels. At that time, the Ancient Devil's soul had rushed into Lin Ming's spiritual sea and wanted to seize his body. But, because of the passive defensive powers of the Magic Cube, the Ancient Devil had suffered serious damage to its soul. This was the only way that this ancient soul could be defeated. Otherwise, this ancient soul would branch off a tiny portion of its soul and will to attack Lin Ming. Lin Ming could rely on the Magic Cube to defend, but it was impossible for him to harm his opponent; at most he would swallow up the tiny portion of soul that attacked him.

In order to defeat this ancient soul, the only method was to drive the Magic Cube to attack on its own initiative. But with Mo Eversnow's current condition, the price for this would be tremendous! There would only be a single chance!

Hum- Hum- Hum-

The Magic Cube slumbering within Lin Ming's spiritual sea began to rapidly spin, forming an ash gray soul storm. After this soul storm was formed, it grew increasingly intense, like a black hole that would swallow all of existence.


With a harsh cracking sound, the sword of soul and will that the ancient soul sent out chopped down onto that black hole formed by the Magic Cube. Then, it suddenly disappeared without the slightest hint that it ever existed!

As the ancient soul saw this, its expression suddenly changed. "This aura, could it be… just how…"

The tiny soul force that was swallowed up by the Magic Cube had completely disappeared, but the ancient soul was clearly unharmed. It was clear that this wisp of soul was a less than insignificant loss.

It narrowed its eyes, carefully sensing just where its soul wisp had gone to. Finally, it discovered that after its soul wisp had been parted from its body, even the spirit mark contained within it was completely erased. This sort of feeling was like its soul wisp had fallen into a true black hole and was isolated in a completely different space-time.

"It's really that object! You have that thing on your body!?" The ancient soul said, suddenly excited. Its originally emotionless face began to experience all sorts of changes.

Lin Ming's mind shook as he heard this. Without a doubt, the object that this ancient soul referred to was the Magic Cube!

Magic Cube!

This was Lin Ming's first time hearing that anyone knew of the Magic Cube beyond the Verdant Feather Holy Lands!

He went on full alert. If this ancient soul knew of the Magic Cube, then it naturally knew of the Magic Cube's value too. There was a chance that it would compete for it with everything it had!

Lin Ming gathered his strength, preparing for an all-out strike. Then, at this time, the ancient voice suddenly said, "Alright, alright, consider this over. If you stop now then the damage won't be too great on you. Otherwise, if you use this treasure with your strength then even you might end up as a sacrifice!"

Chapter 1150 - World Calamity

Lin Ming continued to revolve all the energy in his body. It was impossible for him to stop just because of some words, but if he really did continue to attack then he would need to burn Mo Eversnow's soul force. Thus, Lin Ming wasn't willing to recklessly send out such a strike. He didn't dare to confirm whether or not Mo Eversnow would experience permanent damage to her soul after falling into a deep slumber twice. At that time, perhaps even using dragon marrow blood wouldn't be enough to awaken her.

Lin Ming's nerves were taut, fully alert of his surroundings to prevent any surprise attack from the ancient soul.

"Hehe, it's like you don't believe me. If I said you can stop then I naturally won't attack you again, otherwise, do you think that in a situation where I am prepared, you could rely on yourself and that other soul force within you to use that tool and kill me?" The ancient soul sneered.

The ancient soul had seen through Mo Eversnow's existence. This was also reasonable. Mo Eversnow had originally been hiding in the Magic Cube space, so the ancient soul hadn't been able to sense her. But afterwards, Mo Eversnow had released her soul force and began to gather up energy for an attack. The ancient soul's soul force was much more powerful than Mo Eversnow's so it was naturally able to discover her!

Lin Ming hesitated for a moment and then temporarily cut off the connection between his spiritual sea and the Magic Cube. Otherwise, if the Magic Cube continued to spin, it would consume more and more of Mo Eversnow's soul force.

Although the Magic Cube had stopped spinning, Mo Eversnow's soul was still momentarily joined with Lin Ming's. The two of them could activate the Magic Cube to counterattack at any moment.

"Where did you get that?" The ancient soul suddenly asked.

Lin Ming remained silent, not replying. The ancient soul chuckled, as if it didn't care if Lin Ming answered or not, "In truth, this question doesn't matter! No matter what you say, you obtaining this object is your good fortune! I never thought that after 3.6 billion years, that object would appear in this world once more. It seems that the great calamity of this world is approaching once more."

The ancient soul whispered. But, these words dumbfounded Lin Ming.

3.6 billion years!?

This soul had lived for 3.6 billion years!?

Just what sort of concept was 3.6 billion years? The evolution of life on a planet often only happened for several hundred million years. 3.6 billion years was enough for a star to be born and then perish!

This was an unimaginable amount of time. Even an Empyrean could not live this long!

Let alone 3.6 billion years, there was no one that was capable of living for 100 million years. 100 million years seemed to be one of the limits that the Laws of the world placed on a martial artist's life. 100 million years could be called its own era within the Divine Realm, and no one was able to live past an era. Although an Empyrean could control the world Laws to a certain degree, it wasn't absolute control, nor could they couldn't control every Law. There were certain Laws that even they had to submit to, just like everyone else.

For instance, the ebb and flow of time!

"Hehe, you seem to be very surprised? Then I might as well tell you that the reason I am able to live this long is because I am not a human, but… an artifact spirit!"

Lin Ming was surprised yet again.

Artifact spirit!?

Heavens! If an artifact spirit was powerful to this degree, just what rank of spirit artifact did it occupy?

An artifact spirit was a type of life, however it was not one with a flesh and blood body, but an energy life form. In the past, when Lin Ming had met the temple spirit from Divine Phoenix Island's mystic realm, that had been a similar existence. Their lives were much longer than humans' and even vicious beasts'. It wasn't strange for them to sleep for 100,000 years at a time. According to that temple spirit, their lives lasted as long as rocks!

So, surviving for several hundred million years wasn't strange. Moreover, Lin Ming had heard this ancient spirit say that it had used some special technique called the Destruction Sundering Art. Although he didn't know what it was, he could guess that it was some special technique that could extend one's life through placing oneself into a deep sleep.

Seeing that this ancient existence before him was an old monster that had lived for 3.6 billion years, Lin Ming felt as if all of this were unreal.

"Great calamity… what do you mean by great calamity?" Lin Ming asked, his voice low.

"That is the great calamity of the world! In this world, there is nothing that could exist in perpetuity, forever and eternal. Nothing can resist the withering of time. Empyreans cannot, God Beasts cannot, artifacts spirits cannot, this independent world cannot, and even the boundless universe cannot! This world will always encounter a great calamity. And if this calamity is too great, then even this universe may collapse and be forever destroyed! As for what this eventual disaster is, not even I can foretell!"

Hearing the ancient soul's words, Lin Ming was stricken, "Destruction of the universe?"

Did that mean that not only the billion worlds of the lower realms, but also the 3000 great worlds of the Divine Realm, including all life that dwelled within them would be completed exterminated!?

In front of such a world-shattering storm, even an Empyrean would be as weak as an ant!

"Yes! However, that is something that may occur every several hundred million years or dozens of billions of years. As for this great calamity, the universe may not necessarily be destroyed."

"So are you saying that 3.6 billion years ago, there was such a great calamity?" Lin Ming could feel that what this ancient soul said was true. Could it mean that this Magic Cube which appeared during these great calamities was actually an ominous object?

"Yes, that disaster caused the world Laws to change. Because of that, body transformation Laws were no longer suitable for humans, and that is when the essence gathering system began to flourish throughout all civilizations."

"This…" Lin Ming was suddenly enlightened. He had heard that the rules of the world had changed, and thus dual body and energy cultivation had become something that defied the heavens' will. But as for why or when that happened, even Mo Eversnow wasn't able to answer him. Only today did he learn the reason why!

A calamity that could change the very Laws of this world; what kind of terrifying storm had the universe passed through?

"Hehe, I feel that you also dual cultivate body and energy. Really, you've got guts and talent, and you're not too weak either. You have found many lucky chances and you even practice transcendent divine mights. If you can truly walk further down the road of dual body and energy cultivation and break through the shackles that bind you, there is a faint chance that you will become an Empyrean in the future!"

The ancient soul evaluated. This was already an extremely high estimate of Lin Ming. Since ancient times, no matter how talented a genius was, they would never have 100% confidence of becoming an Empyrean. For someone to have even a faint ray of hope already meant that they were an extraordinary genius of their generation!

As the ancient soul spoke to here, it suddenly grinned. It playfully said, "Hehe, that little girl in your body is still standing guard against me. Aren't you afraid that her soul will suffer tremendous damage once again?"

A cyan light suddenly shot out from between the ancient soul's eyebrows, straight into Lin Ming!

Lin Ming was startled, nearly subconsciously counterattacking. However, he immediately realized that this cyan light didn't have any hostility to it at all. Rather, it was a soft, gentle strength.

He didn't stop it. As this cyan light covered his body, a cool feeling spread throughout him as if all the pores in his body were opening.

Lin Ming's mind stirred. He knew that the light this ancient soul released was helping to soothe and heal Mo Eversnow's soul injuries.

Mo Eversnow had briefly combusted her soul just now to activate the Magic Cube. Although she hadn't sent out a true attack, she still had to consume a tremendous amount of soul force all this time. This caused more wounds to stack up on top of her previous injuries.

The soul energy that this ancient soul sent out was able to supplement Mo Eversnow's damaged soul force. At least, it would help her so that her hidden wounds wouldn't suddenly erupt.


Mo Eversnow and Lin Ming's souls separated. She didn't form a soul projection but remained in Lin Ming's spiritual sea. Clothed in pure white, her face was pale and wan. Briefly activating the Magic Cube just now had greatly consumed her energy.

"Lin Ming, that artifact spirit…" Mo Eversnow never imagined that this ancient artifact spirit would actually help heal her wounds.

The ancient soul had undergone a complete change in personality from before discovering the Magic Cube to after discovering the Magic Cube. Mo Eversnow thought this was somewhat strange. She didn't think that this ancient soul was some kind-hearted savior. Everything must have been because of the Magic Cube.

Lin Ming thought for a moment and then said, "I deeply thank Senior for helping my friend. Could Senior have some sort of fate with the Magic Cube? Could it be that…" As Lin Ming spoke, an inexplicable idea suddenly popped up in his mind. "Could Senior be an artifact spirit of a treasure similar to the Magic Cube?"

There were two treasures similar to the Magic Cube. Could this ancient soul be an artifact spirit of one of those treasures?

"Magic Cube… hehe, that name is quite suitable." The ancient soul casually said, "Not only do you possess the Magic Cube but you also know that there are two other similar objects. Quite interesting, you two are. However, I am not an artifact spirit of those treasures."

The ancient soul shook its head, "Those three objects do not seem to have ever had an artifact spirit. If they did, then if an artifact spirit was able to activate the power of those three tools themselves, the power of that would be unimaginable!

"I am the life transcendent spirit treasure forged by Empyrean Divine Sea himself - the Ancient Elysium Seal. In fact, you have already seen my true form. That is the violet sun crystal mountain in front of you!"

As the ancient soul spoke, Lin Ming was shocked. It turned out that this giant violet sun crystal mountain was actually a transcendent spirit treasure, the Ancient Elysium Seal!

"This is…" Lin Ming was at a loss for words. When Fishy had bitten into the crystal, what she had been biting into was a transcendent spirit treasure. And, strangest of all was that she had actually managed to bite off a piece. That was simply too ridiculous!

A transcendent spirit treasure was an existence on the same level as a transcendent divine might. This sort of thing surpassed the reach of the Heavenly Dao and could control the world Laws to a certain degree. It was an existence that the Heavenly Dao would not abide. Once one was born, it would have to undergo heavenly tribulation!

Fishy had actually bitten off a piece of a transcendent spirit treasure?

The ancient soul seemed to know what Lin Ming was thinking. It laughed and said, "The violet sun crystal mountain that that little girl bit into is only a manifestation of my body. The core of my being, the true Ancient Elysium Seal, is still stabilizing the eye of this Divine Seal Array. Although that little girl is special, she hasn't yet grown. Causing some insignificant damage to an Empyrean's array formation is already her limit. If she wanted to destroy it, or even me, the transcendent spirit treasure guarding it, that would simply be impossible."

As the ancient soul spoke, an idea popped up in Lin Ming's mind. In the past, Empyrean Divine Sea had gone to every extreme, sparing no expense to lay down this array formation and had even used his own life transcendent spirit to do it. So, just what was sealed underneath this Divine Seal Array Formation? It had actually been sealed away for 3.6 billion years!