Martial God Asura


Martial God Asura Chapter 2470-2472

Chapter 2470 – Returning To The Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm

“Fuck! What is this old man trying to do? He couldn’t possibly be thinking of having you renounce the Ancient Era’s War Axe, right?”

“I had originally thought that he was different from the others. Turns out, he’s the most shameless of them all,” Her Lady Queen spoke in a very disgusted manner.

“Eggy, don’t think of such a thing. I don’t think this senior is such an individual,” Chu Feng started to calm Eggy. Then, with a very polite tone, he said to Zhan Yuanmo, “Senior, please speak.”

“In that case, Young Hero Chu Feng, I will speak frankly. Both the Ancient Era’s War Sword and the Ancient Era’s War Axe are our Ancient Era’s War Clan’s secret skills that have been passed on for many generations.”

“Although they have chosen you, it remains that they belong to our Ancient Era’s War Clan.”

“If in the future, when you no longer need the Ancient Era’s War Sword and the Ancient Era’s War Axe anymore, I hope that… you will not pass them on to others, and instead pass them on to the descendants of our Ancient Era’s War Clan,” Zhan Yuanmo said.

It turned out that Zhan Yuanmo was not planning to demand the secret skills right away. Instead, he approved of Chu Feng obtaining the two great secret skills.

He merely wanted Chu Feng to return them to the Ancient Era’s War Clan if he no longer needed them in the future.

“Of course. This Chu Feng will definitely do that,” Chu Feng nodded.

“Thank you for your trouble,” Seeing that Chu Feng had agreed to it, Zhan Yuanmo revealed a smile of ease.

Then, Chu Feng began to chat with Zhan Yuanmo and the others about many things. Once they began, they chatted for an entire night.

When the second day arrived, Chu Feng began to bid his farewells to the crowd.

As Chu Feng did not belong there, he would naturally not stay there forever. He would have to return to the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm soon.

As for the people of the War Clan’s Ancient Domain, they could not find any reason to stop Chu Feng from leaving either. Merely….

When their ancestor created the War Clan’s Ancient Domain, he had sealed it off. That was also the reason why the people of the Ancient Era’s War Clan and the Ancient Era’s Monstrous Clan had been trapped there the entire time.

Although Chu Feng had already revealed his extraordinary talent and made the people of the Ancient Era’s War Clan feel full admiration and adoration for him, they were still unable to determine whether or not Chu Feng would be able to leave the War Clan’s Ancient Domain.
Only Chu Feng was filled with confidence in himself. Since he was able to come in, he felt that he would definitely be able to leave.

At that moment, Chu Feng and the people from the Ancient Era’s War Clan all arrived at the place where Chu Feng had fallen when he had arrived in the War Clan’s Ancient Domain, the place where Chu Feng had first encountered Zhan Lingtong.

“Lingtong, I will be leaving. In the future… if you ever decide to try leaving this place, you must choose this location,” Chu Feng said to Zhan Lingtong.

“Big brother Chu Feng, you mean to say that this place is the weakest location in the War Clan’s Ancient Domain?” Zhan Lingtong asked.

“No, this is not the weakest place. If the space above the War Clan’s Ancient Domain is a fort, then the space above here is a gate.”

“Unless one possesses overwhelming power capable of cutting through the barrier sealing this place… this would be the only place where one can go out from,” Chu Feng said to Zhan Lingtong.

As Chu Feng’s world spirit techniques grew stronger, his Heaven’s Eyes had also grown stronger. In the beginning, he was unable to see the spirit formation above that place. However at that moment, he was able to faintly see it. Furthermore, he had managed to find the exit to that spirit formation.

“No wonder. No wonder our clan’s clansmen were simply unable to leave,” Hearing those words, the Ancient Era’s War Clansmen all came to a sudden realization.

“That said, even with that being the case, one will not be able to leave without sufficient cultivation,” Chu Feng said.

“Then, big brother Chu Feng, what level of cultivation must one need in order to exit?” Zhan Lingtong hurriedly asked.

“Their cultivation must be at least that of a Martial Ancestor. However, one’s talent is also related to this. Thus, it is very hard to judge.”

“That said, Lingtong, I will advise you of this: the world outside is much more dangerous than here. Unless you feel that the War Clan’s Ancient Domain is truly unable to contain you any longer, it would be best for you to continue to stay here with your clansmen,” Chu Feng said to Zhan Lingtong.

Chu Feng felt that Zhan Lingtong was a very good child. However, both his temperament and his current strength were unsuited for the world outside.

“I got it, big brother Chu Feng. After hearing about the outside world from you, I actually also feel that staying in the War Clan’s Ancient Domain with my family is pretty good.”

“That said, big brother Chu Feng, you must take care of yourself. If possible, please come back to visit us frequently,” Zhan Lingtong said to Chu Feng. Reluctance filled his eyes as he looked at Chu Feng.

The reason for that was because Chu Feng was not merely a friend to him, he was also his idol.

“If possible, I will definitely return to visit everyone.”

“Everyone, take care,” Chu Feng clasped his fist at the crowd.

Then, Chu Feng stepped forth and soared into the air. Like a water dragon leaving the sea, he shot straight toward the sky.

At that moment, the Ancient Era’s War Clansmen were all closely watching Chu Feng with fixed gazes.

Contained in their eyes were worry, doubt and reluctance to part.

Although Chu Feng possessed outstanding talent, they were still unable to be certain as to whether or not Chu Feng would be able to leave the War Clan’s Ancient Domain.

After all, this was a grand formation set up by their ancestor.

However, Chu Feng soon disappeared. It was not that Chu Feng had flown beyond the crowd’s line of sight, but rather that he had truly disappeared. It was as if he had entered another world.

“Young Hero Chu Feng seems to have succeeded,” Zhan Yuanmo said.

At that moment, the majority of the people were all thinking of the same thing as Zhan Yuanmo; they all felt that Chu Feng had succeeded.

However, upon ascertaining that Chu Feng had successfully left, they started to feel a sense of loss.

As for the reason why, they each had their respective reasons.

Some people felt that Chu Feng’s existence would bring about change to the War Clan’s Ancient Domain, that Chu Feng leaving would cause the War Clan’s Ancient Domain to have a lot less joy.

There were also people that were purely reluctant to part with Chu Feng. Examples of such would be the siblings Zhan Lingtong and Zhan Lingling.

Of course, there were also a lot of people who were reluctant to part with their Ancient Era’s War Clan’s secret skills.
However, Chu Feng had really left…

Chu Feng was currently in another world.

He was floating in midair. Below him was a vast plain. That vast plain was very desolate and uninhabited. There was not even a single plant to be seen.

Chu Feng descended from the sky and stood on the plain. He was unable to discover anything extraordinary regarding that place.

Even when he activated his Heaven’s Eyes, Chu Feng was unable to find anything extraordinary.

However, Chu Feng knew that he had truly left the War Clan’s Ancient Domain, and returned to the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm.

“That Ancient Era’s War Clan’s senior was truly extraordinarily powerful. If I hadn’t experienced it myself, I truly would never have believed a War Clan’s Ancient Domain was hidden above this vast plain,” Chu Feng gasped with admiration.

“Stop being so moved about the War Clan’s Ancient Domain. What you need to make sure of right now is the current situation in the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm,” Her Lady Queen said.

“That’s true. Although two years is not long, it is not short either.”
“To some people, they will not be able to make any progress in cultivation in two years’ time. Thus, a period of two years is simply of no significance.”

“However, to other people, they are able to accomplish a lot in two years’ time.”

“Among the latter are Wang Qiang and Zhao Hong. I wonder what their cultivations are now,” Chu Feng exclaimed.

“That’s not like you. Shouldn’t you worry about your two friends’ safety? Why are you instead worried about their cultivation?” Her Lady Queen said in a very astonished manner.

“Although I have completely offended the Kong Heavenly Clan, and Wang Qiang and Zhao Hong will definitely be implicated by it, I trust them.”

“The two of them are not fools. They will definitely be able to protect themselves,” Chu Feng said.

“That’s true. However, shouldn’t you be worrying about the situation of the Kong Heavenly Clan then?”

“Back then, those bastards of the Kong Heavenly Clan treated you very badly. They are simply too excessive. Although you nearly exterminated them all by borrowing the strength of the Evil God Sword, it remains something that the Evil God Sword did, and not you.”

“I feel that you should go and personally teach them a lesson. You should let them know that you, Chu Feng, are not that easily bullied,” Her Lady Queen said.

“Indeed, I must settle the debt with the Kong Heavenly Clan. However, we can place this matter to the side for now. I must first find Wang Qiang and Zhao Hong,” Chu Feng said.

However, right at that moment, Chu Feng’s gaze suddenly shifted. He immediately turned around and looked behind him.

At that moment, there was no motion in the direction that Chu Feng looked. However, Chu Feng was able to see something completely different.

There was a large group of people majestically rushing toward his location.


Chapter 2471 – Encountering An Old Friend

“This group of people should be from the same power. This is a perfect opportunity, I can ask them about the situation in the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm,” Chu Feng said with a smile.

As Chu Feng wanted to ask them about the situation in the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm, he decided to stop and wait for them to arrive.

Then, as he was bored, he began to read their lips to see what they were talking about.

It was as Chu Feng had guessed: those people were from the same power. They were from a place called the Jade Mountain Sect.

The Sect Master of the Jade Mountain Sect was an old man with a cultivation of rank four Martial Ancestor.

At that moment, the Jade Mountain Sect’s Sect Master had gathered practically all of their elites. With him personally leading them, they were moving to suppress a hostile power.

When they mentioned that hostile power, they mentioned a person’s name.

Chu Feng was surprised to see that name.

“Liu Xiaoli?”

Chu Feng was extremely familiar with that name. The reason for that was because the Society Master of the Red Butterfly Society was named Liu Xiaoli.

Furthermore, from the conversations of the Jade Mountain Sect members, Chu Feng found out that the Liu Xiaoli they were talking about was also a woman.

Furthermore, she possessed the cultivation of a rank two Martial Ancestor, a cultivation very close to that of the Liu Xiaoli Chu Feng knew.

When Chu Feng had left Liu Xiaoli back then, she had only been a rank one Martial Ancestor. However, she possessed outstanding talent. Thus, it was very possible for her to be a rank two Martial Ancestor at the moment.

“Perhaps it might just be a coincidence. There are countless people in the world with the same name and surname.”

“Furthermore, no matter where the Red Butterfly Society’s bunch move to, they couldn’t possibly have moved to here, no?” Her Lady Queen said.

“Perhaps it is a coincidence, but might also not be a coincidence. After all, their descriptions of Liu Xiaoli resemble the Liu Xiaoli that we know too much. Since I’ve encountered this matter, I will go and have a look,” After Chu Feng finished saying these words, he entered the void and concealed himself.

With Chu Feng’s current level of cultivation, if he wanted to conceal himself, it would be very difficult for anyone below the True Immortal level of cultivation to discover him.

Soon, the group of people from the Jade Mountain Sect moved past Chu Feng and continued onward.

They had not discovered in the slightest that someone had been hiding in the void and then snuck into their ranks, following them.
Following that group of people, Chu Feng soon passed through the vast plain and arrived at a great mountain.

Through observing with his Heaven’s Eyes, Chu Feng discovered that there was a sect inside the mountain.

That sect did not possess many people, and also contained very few palaces. Furthermore, everything was very new. Likely, it had all been recently constructed.

At that moment, the sect was surrounded by five different powers.

Thus, Chu Feng was able to tell that the Jade Mountain Sect that he had followed should have come to besiege and attack that sect.
Adding them all up, there were a total of six powers besieging and attacking that sect.
Fortunately, the two sides were only standing in confrontation at that moment. and had yet to actually start battling.
However, as that sect was currently facing enemies on all sides by itself, it did appear that it was facing imminent danger.

That said, that sect master’s expression actually remained unchanged even though they were besieged by five powers and five rank three Martial Ancestors.
Most importantly, that sect’s master only possessed the cultivation of a rank two Martial Ancestor.

Compared to the masters of the five powers, that sect’s master was a level of cultivation weaker.

Most importantly, that sect master was a female.

While her appearance was different from Liu Xiaoli, Chu Feng was able to recognize with a single glance that she was Liu Xiaoli. She had merely altered her appearance.

Not only had Liu Xiaoli altered her appearance, but the elders standing beside her were actually also the Red Butterfly Society’s elders. Merely, they too altered their appearances like Liu Xiaoli.

“It really is them,” After ascertaining that it was Liu Xiaoli, Chu Feng was overjoyed.

After all, it could be said that he had experienced life and death with Liu Xiaoli and the others. How could Chu Feng not be overjoyed to run into them again?

“What a coincidence, it really is them.” At that moment, Her Lady Queen was also very surprised. As she spoke, one could actually feel excitement in her tone.

After all, back then, Chu Feng had only just arrived in the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm. His cultivation was still very weak back then. Furthermore, things were made difficult for him by Luyang’s Pavilion. Yet, at such a time, the Red Butterfly Society had offered him a helping hand.

That said, while she was happy, Her Lady Queen also started to ponder. She looked to the banner floating above Liu Xiaoli’s sect, the banner with the name of ‘De-cocoon Sect’ and said, “Why would they change their name from Red Butterfly Society to De-cocoon Sect? Could it be that their strength has suffered greatly after what happened last time, and they are thus planning to break free from their cocoons for a rebirth?”

“Wouldn’t we know when we ask them about it?” As Chu Feng spoke, he suddenly accelerated. In a blink of an eye, he entered the mountain and arrived before Liu Xiaoli and the others.

However, Chu Feng did not immediately reveal himself. Rather, he stood beside his old friend.

He wanted to see exactly what the group of powers that surrounded Liu Xiaoli and the others wanted to do. He also wanted to make sure of what was going on first.

“Liu Xiaoli, bring your De-cocoon Sect and leave Mount Modang immediately. Do that, and we will consider nothing to have happened.”

“Otherwise, do not blame us for being impolite,” The masters of the five powers said to Liu Xiaoli.
“Impolite? I wish to see how you all plan to be impolite toward me.”

As Liu Xiaoli spoke, a majestic aura swept forth from her body. The next moment, the sky changed color.

It was Divine Power. After Liu Xiaoli unleashed her Divine Power, her cultivation increased from rank two Martial Ancestor to rank three Martial Ancestor.

She had reached the same level of cultivation as the masters of those five powers.

However, most importantly, Liu Xiaoli’s aura was not only limited to that of a rank three Martial Ancestor.

Apart from her cultivation of rank three Martial Ancestor, Liu Xiaoli was also emitting heaven-defying battle power. Although her heaven-defying battle power was only capable of surmounting one level of cultivation, when added to her current cultivation of rank three Martial Ancestor, her actual battle power was on par with ordinary rank four Martial Ancestors.

“Sure enough, that girl was concealing her strength.”

Upon sensing Liu Xiaoli’s cultivation, not to mention the others that were besieging her sect, even the masters of the five powers involuntarily moved backwards and revealed fear on their faces.

“Are you all still planning to drive me out now?” Liu Xiaoli asked coldly.
However, her question was not met with a single answer from the five powers.

“Everyone, our De-cocoon Sect has decided to establish ourselves here because we discovered that Mount Modang was uninhabited.”

“Furthermore, the world of martial cultivation is a world where the weak are prey to the strong. Our De-cocoon Sect has merely expanded our territory slightly, and did not attempt to devour you all, our neighboring powers. As such, we were already being extremely benevolent and attentive.”

“Thus, it is best that you all not continue to be so aggressive. Else… it will not be you who will be impolite toward our De-cocoon Sect, but rather us who will be impolite towards you,” Liu Xiaoli said to the crowd.

After hearing those words, Chu Feng finally realized why those powers had joined hands to besiege Liu Xiaoli and the others.

As it turned out, it was due to a territorial conflict.

Evidently, Liu Xiaoli had only arrived recently, whereas those powers that were besieging her were most likely old and well-known powers in the vicinity.

They felt that the appearance of Liu Xiaoli and her sect served as a threat to their status. Thus, they had decided to besiege Liu Xiaoli and the others.

However, after Liu Xiaoli revealed her strength, those five powers all revealed fear.

Although they possessed very great numbers, they knew very well that the world of martial cultivation was one where not just numbers could determine the outcome of a battle.

Merely Liu Xiaoli by herself would be able to exterminate all of the elites of their five powers.

However, even with that being the case, they did not leave immediately. Rather, they seemed to be waiting for something.


Chapter 2472 – Acting On Behalf Of Justice

“You’re still not leaving? Do you all insist on having me teach you a lesson?”

Seeing that their opponents were still thinking about continuing to tangle with them, Liu Xiaoli revealed an impatient expression.

“What arrogance! Our Jade Mountain Sect shall see exactly how you’re going to teach us a lesson.”

Right at that moment, a stern shout was heard from outside the mountain.

Immediately afterward, a group of people majestically charged toward the mountain.

Upon seeing that group of people, the five powers that’d grown fearful immediately revealed joyous expressions. Evidently, their reinforcements had arrived.

As for that group of people, they were precisely the group that Chu Feng had followed over, the Jade Mountain Sect’s troops.

Chu Feng had already known that those people from the Jade Mountain Sect were there to take care of Liu Xiaoli.

Merely, he did not expect that the Jade Mountain Sect was actually the main force in the expedition against Liu Xiaoli.

However, upon thinking about it, Chu Feng found it reasonable. After all, that Jade Mountain Sect’s Sect Master was a rank four Martial Ancestor.

Although a rank four Martial Ancestor was simply unworthy of being mentioned before the current Chu Feng, a rank four Martial Ancestor was someone that Liu Xiaoli and the others from the Butterfly Society could not look down upon.
Thus, upon seeing that group of people, even Liu Xiaoli was unable to remain calm and collected.
“Big brother, you’ve finally arrived.”
“This De-cocoon Sect is simply too stubborn. I’m afraid that I will have to inconvenience you, big brother.”
Upon seeing the Jade Mountain Sect’s Sect Master, the masters of the five powers reacted as if they were seeing their own father.

They immediately discovered backing and grew confident. One by one, they started to voice their grievances to that Jade Mountain Sect’s Sect Master.

“Don’t mention it anymore, I’ve already seen everything,” The Jade Mountain Sect’s Sect Master waved his hand. Then, like an emperor moving out to personally investigate, he arrogantly arrived before Liu Xiaoli and looked at her with a gaze filled with contempt.

As for what left Chu Feng the most speechless, it was that when the Jade Mountain Sect’s Sect Master stopped, the elders behind him actually took out a jade seat and placed it behind him.

That Jade Mountain Sect’s Sect Master was actually not even planning to stand in this confrontation against Liu Xiaoli. Instead, he was planning to confront her while sitting. He was acting as if he was truly an emperor holding a trial against an ordinary commoner.

Rarely had Chu Feng ever encountered such an arrogant individual in his entire cultivation history.

Liu Xiaoli spoke to ask, “Jade Mountain Sect, I seem to recall that this matter is unrelated to you all, no?” Merely, she no longer possessed the confidence she did earlier. It could be seen that Liu Xiaoli was afraid of that Jade Mountain Sect.

“Unrelated? How could it be unrelated? The five of them are my sworn brothers,” As the Jade Mountain Sect’s Sect Master spoke, he took out a long tobacco pipe.

He began to casually light his tobacco while speaking indifferently, “Liu Xiaoli, since you’re a woman, I do not wish to make things difficult for you. Immediately take your bunch of shrimp soldiers and crab generals and scram from here. Do that, and I’ll consider nothing to have happened.”

“You!!!” Hearing those words, Liu Xiaoli and the crowd beside her all revealed angry scowls. However, they did not break out in anger. Instead, they forced themselves to contain their anger.

“What is this? Seeing from your unreconciled expressions, could it be that you want to fight against me?”

“Don’t say that I am looking down on you, but even if you possess heaven-defying battle power that allows you to contend against rank four Martial Ancestors, so what? In the end, you are still not a rank four Martial Ancestor. Thus, you are destined to not be a match for me.”

“Even if you are to be enormously fortunate to fight me to a draw and make me retreat today, have you considered tomorrow?”

“This old man has a vast amount of friends here. If you are to truly offend me, the next time I come, I will definitely not be coming alone.”

“At that time, I will not be simply driving you all out of here. Instead, I will be exterminating your entire De-cocoon Sect,” The Jade Mountain Sect’s Sect Master spoke those words filled with threatening intent.

Hearing those words, Liu Xiaoli and the people beside her all had a change of expression. Their faces started to twist, and fear emerged in their eyes.

They were actually really scared by that old man’s threats.

“Clap, clap, clap~~~”

Right at that moment, clapping sounds were suddenly heard.

“Great. Your ability to boast is truly great.”

Following the clapping, a voice filled with mockery was heard.
At that moment, the Jade Mountain Sect’s Sect Master grew furious, whereas Liu Xiaoli and the others were greatly surprised.

The reason for that was because that voice came from their side. All of them subconsciously thought that someone from Liu Xiaoli’s side was mocking the Jade Mountain Sect’s Sect Master.

“You all are truly ones to refuse the face given to you!”

The Jade Mountain Sect’s Sect Master was extremely furious. He stood up abruptly and unleashed his rank four Martial Ancestor’s oppressive might to cover the entire sky. At the same time, his overwhelming killing intent caused the sky to darken, and black clouds to surge about.

Witnessing that scene, the crowd from the Red Butterfly Society all started to panic.

They had heard about the Jade Mountain Sect’s Sect Master before. That was the reason why they did not wish to fight against him. Yet now, with what had just happened, it would appear that they must fight against him. As for that, it was not what they desired.

“I am the one who spoke earlier. If you have the ability, come and settle it with me.”
Right at that moment, a figure suddenly appeared out of thin air. That figure appeared beside Liu Xiaoli.

Seeing that person, the crowd present all revealed an astonished expression.
That person was naturally Chu Feng. Merely, Chu Feng did not wish to unleash a massacre. Thus… he did not reveal his true appearance.

Not to mention the people from the Jade Mountain Sect and the other five powers, even Liu Xiaoli and the others from the Red Butterfly Society had no idea who Chu Feng was.

“Who are you?” The Jade Mountain Sect’s Sect Master asked with a cold voice.

“Who I am is not important. You all merely need to know that you are to immediately scram from this place and never cause trouble for the De-cocoon Sect again. If you are to do that, you all can still live. Else… you shall shoulder the consequences yourself,” Chu Feng said.

“What arrogance. Who do you think you are? What makes you think…” The Jade Mountain Sect’s Sect Master spoke mockingly.

However, before he could finish his words, Chu Feng unleashed his aura.

Although Chu Feng’s rank seven Martial Ancestor level aura was formless, it was an impressive display of power. Chu Feng’s aura lingered in the mountain and covered all of heaven and earth.
“This aura… you… you… you’re a rank seven Martial Ancestor?”

Upon sensing Chu Feng’s aura, not to mention the others, even the Jade Mountain Sect’s Sect Master turned pale with fright.


Suddenly, that previously extremely arrogant Jade Mountain Sect’s Sect Master actually knelt before Chu Feng.

“Milord, I was blind, I have eyes but failed to recognize Mount Tai. Earlier, I spoke rudely, and actually spoke against Milord.”

“Milord, please be magnanimous and take into consideration that this lowly one has managed to recognize his mistake and spare me this once,” The Jade Mountain Sect’s Sect Master actually began to beg for forgiveness.
“Milord, please spare us. We will no longer dare to create trouble for the De-cocoon Sect again.”

The others of the Jade Mountain Sect, as well as everyone from the other five powers, all knelt on the ground and began to kowtow to Chu Feng. With extremely apologetic expressions, they began to beg Chu Feng for forgiveness.

They were already covered with tears and shivering nonstop. They were truly frightened by Chu Feng.

However, that could also not be blamed on them. Although they acted so tyrannically, they were still only a bunch of third rate powers.

To them, a rank seven Martial Ancestor was someone that they absolutely could not afford to provoke.
As Chu Feng did not plan to bicker with them, he did not make things difficult for them and merely said one word, “Scram.”

Hearing that word, those people reacted as if they had been saved. They did not dare to stay any longer. They began to express their thanks toward Chu Feng for sparing their lives and then hurriedly soared into the sky to escape far away.

In the blink of an eye, the vast group of people had all disappeared from the mountain. They had all escaped far away.

That said, the people from the Red Butterfly Society all had dumbfounded expressions on their faces.

They truly could not understand why that expert would help them. After all, they did not believe that they knew someone so powerful.

Thus, they felt that it must be that an expert had coincidentally passed by and was unable to tolerate what was happening. That was why he had decided to act righteously to help them.

Thus, Liu Xiaoli arrived before Chu Feng and said to him with an extremely grateful expression on her face, “Junior Liu Xiaoli, the De-cocoon Sect’s Sect Master, thanks senior for saving us.”
“De-cocoon Sect?” At that moment, Chu Feng chuckled. Then, he said, “Aren’t you all the Red Butterfly Society?”