Martial God Asura


Martial God Asura Chapter 1958-1961

Chapter 1958 – Demonic Genius Immortal 1

"I only just reached a breakthrough," The Weaponry Refinement Immortal said to Chu Feng with a smile, "Let me treat them with you."
"Okay," Chu Feng nodded. At that moment, Zhang Tianyi and his father were both seriously injured. Thus, Chu Feng did not have the time to care about the current situation, and decided to join hands with the Weaponry Refinement Immortal to heal Zhang Tianyi and his father's injuries on the spot.

After healing Zhang Tianyi and his father's injuries, Chu Feng said shamefully, "Senior brother Zhang, senior Zhang, I have implicated the two of you again."

"My, what are you talking about? It is us who caused you to kill that Xian Yuyin… It seems that we have caused you enormous trouble," At that moment, Zhang Ming was extremely ashamed and guilty.

"Junior brother Chu Feng, I am useless. I only know how to implicate you, and do not know how to help you with anything else," Zhang Tianyi was also very ashamed.

The two of them both knew how powerful the Ancient Era's Elves were. The Ancient Era's Elves were the most frightening power in the Holy Land of Martialism.

Thus, the way they saw it, Chu Feng's killing of Xian Yuyin would definitely create enormous trouble for him. Furthermore, Chu Feng had done all of that because of them.

"It might not necessarily be a misfortune," The Weaponry Refinement Immortal smiled lightly. He had said those words through voice transmission. As such, only Chu Feng, Zhang Tianyi and Zhang Ming heard it.

"Mn?" Hearing those words, Chu Feng, Zhang Tianyi and Zhang Ming were all startled.

Zhang Tianyi and his father were confused by what the Weaponry Refinement Immortal meant. As for Chu Feng, he seemed to have realized something.

"Follow me," As the Weaponry Refinement Immortal Spoke, he planned to bring Chu Feng and the others away.

"Demonic Genius Immortal!"

"Demonic Genius Immortal!"

"Demonic Genius Immortal!"



Right at that moment, thunderous shouting was heard from down below. Those shouting voices pierced through the skies and resonated through the heavenly dome.

It turned out that those bystanders had all caught up to them when Chu Feng and the Weaponry Refinement Immortal were treating Zhang Tianyi and Zhang Ming's injuries. At that moment, they were all shouting in celebration for Chu Feng.

They were celebrating Chu Feng's victory over Zhang Tianyi, and how he had obtained the title of the strongest member of the Holy Land of Martialism's younger generation.

Even though they had personally witnessed Chu Feng's killing of Xian Yuyin, no one blamed him. At the very least, the overwhelming majority supported Chu Feng's decision.

After all, the crowd all witnessed what had happened. How Xian Yuyin had treated Chu Feng's brother with torment. He was the one in the wrong first. For the sake of his brother, Chu Feng had killed Xian Yuyin. As such, he was not too excessive in his actions.
In fact, Chu Feng's decisiveness in killing Xian Yuyin caused a lot of people to feel respect for Chu Feng.

Only someone as loyal and affectionate to his family and friends like Chu Feng was worthy of their respect.
"Demonic Genius Immortal?" Chu Feng was startled and slightly confused.

Indeed, the Weaponry Refinement Immortal was present in this place. But, why would they be shouting 'Demonic Genius Immortal' instead?

"You still don't know?" At that moment, the Weaponry Refinement Immortal smiled.

"Senior, what's happening?" Chu Feng asked.

"You are a Dragon Mark Royal-cloak World Spiritist. It is only natural for you to have the title of 'Immortal.'"

"As you have not decided what to call yourself, others have decided for you. As such, many titles that others gave you began to spread through the Holy Land of Martialism."

"And now, that Demonic Genius Immortal became a title that many people acknowledged. Thus, you are not only Chu Feng now, you are also the Demonic Genius Immortal," The Weaponry Refinement Immortal said with a smile.
"Demonic Genius Immortal? My title?" Chu Feng didn't know whether to laugh or to cry. Unknowingly, he was given a title by others. Furthermore, his title was the Demonic Genius Immortal.
By demonic, it meant that it was something different from normal, that it was a bad omen. It meant things like demons and ghosts. It meant people or things that were evil in nature.

By immortal, it meant a very capable person that upheld virtue and condemned evil. They were great scholars respected by others. 'Immortal' meant people whom others should worship and aim to become.

The two parts of his title were completely incompatible with one another. They should not be placed together.

However, when using the term 'Demonic Genius Immortal' to describe Chu Feng, it appeared to be extremely well-fitting.

Suddenly, Chu Feng smiled. "Very well. In that case, from today on, I shall be known as the Demonic Genius Immortal in the Holy Land of Martialism." He had acknowledged that title.

Afterwards, the Weaponry Refinement Immortal, Chu Feng and the others stepped into the void. They continued to travel. It was only when they reached a place without anyone present that the Weaponry Refinement Immortal said to Chu Feng, "Chu Feng, what happened this time around was caused by the Dark Hall."

"So it was the Dark Hall," Chu Feng sighed. He had already suspected that this might be the case.

"Dark Hall?" Zhang Ming and Zhang Tianyi were confused.

Naturally, they knew of the Dark Hall. However, their knowledge was only limited to the Dark Hall's appearance at the Ximen Imperial Clan. They did not know anything else regarding the Dark Hall.

In fact, for the majority of the people in the Holy Land of Martialism, they only knew the Dark Hall from their appearance at the Ximen Imperial Clan, and did not know how dangerous the Dark Hall really was.

"Senior brother Zhang, senior Zhang, the Dark Hall is extremely dangerous," Chu Feng roughly mentioned what had happened with the Dark Hall to Zhang Tianyi and Zhang Ming.
"That Dark Hall is actually that powerful?" After hearing about the Dark Hall, Zhang Tianyi and his father were both extremely shocked.

"Indeed, they're extremely powerful. They were afraid of the Ancient Era's Elves' involvement in what's happening here, and actually launched attacks at many of the Ancient Era's Elves' powerhouses. In this sort of situation, the Elf King had no choice but to oversee the Ancient Era's Elves and direct the many Ancient Era's Elves experts to fight against the Dark Hall."

"Even the Dark Hall's Hall Master has shown himself repeatedly," The Weaponry Refinement Immortal said.

"The Dark Hall actually declared war on the Ancient Era's Elves? Furthermore, the Dark Hall's Hall Master has shown himself repeatedly?" After hearing about what was happening, Zhang Ming was extremely shocked. After living in the Holy Land of Martialism for so long, he knew how powerful the Ancient Era's Elves were. Even after finding out that the Dark Hall was very dangerous, he did not believe that the Dark Hall would be capable of contending against the Ancient Era's Elves.

"The Dark Hall will naturally not be a match for the Ancient Era's Elves should they fight openly. However, the crucial aspect remains that they are in the shadows, while the Ancient Era's Elves are in the light. The Dark Hall has been repeatedly sending their elites to sneak attack the Ancient Era's Elves' branches. As such, it is impossible for the Ancient Era's Elves to completely contain the Dark Hall," The Weaponry Refinement Immortal said.
"Truly despicable," Chu Feng said.
"Indeed, they're very despicable. However, the Dark Hall has underestimated the Ancient Era's Elves," The Weaponry Refinement Immortal said.
"Senior, you mean…?" Chu Feng thought of something.

"The Elf King fought against the Dark Hall's Hall Master once," The Weaponry Refinement Immortal said.

"What was the outcome of that battle?" Chu Feng asked.

"The Dark Hall's Hall Master fled," The Weaponry Refinement Immortal said.

"His Majesty is truly amazing," After hearing that, Chu Feng was immediately overjoyed.

What the Dark Hall feared the most were the Ancient Era's Elves. Since the Dark Hall's Hall Master had fought against the Elf King, if he were able to kill the Elf King, he would've definitely killed him.
However, he had instead escaped. This meant that he was still no match for the Elf King. This was a piece of good news, absolutely good news.

"Not only that, even though the Dark Hall has tried their best to contain the Ancient Era's Elves, the Ancient Era's Elves have still dispatched a group of their elites here," The Weaponry Refinement Immortal said.

"The Ancient Era's Elves actually sent a group of elites here at such a time?" After hearing about this matter, Zhang Ming was even more shocked.

Logically, after being attacked repeatedly, the Ancient Era's Elves should have dispatched experts from the Elf Kingdom to support their various branches.

After all, no matter what sort of conspiracy the Dark Hall might be planning here, they would be causing harm to others, and not the Ancient Era's Elves.

It was precisely because the people that would be harmed in this place were unrelated to the Ancient Era's Elves that Zhang Ming had a whole new level of respect for the Ancient Era's Elves upon knowing that they had dispatched their elites here.

It turned out that the people who cared the most for the people of the Holy Land of Martialism were the Ancient Era's Elves.

"The reason for that is because the Ancient Era's Elves thought of a possibility. If that possibility were to occur, it would be even more dreadful than what happened at the Blood Devouring Killing Formation. As such, they must prevent that from happening," The Weaponry Refinement Immortal said.

"What is the Dark Hall planning now?" Chu Feng asked.

"Actually, it's better for Lord Luokong to explain this to you," The Weaponry Refinement Immortal said with a smile. Then, he continued to lead the way.
Lord Luokong?

Upon hearing that name, Chu Feng's heart moved. He knew who Lord Luokong was. He was someone on par with Lord Lianghua, one of the Ancient Era's Elves' Elf Kingdom's Four Grand Elders.

Even though the Elf King was entangled with the Dark Hall's Hall Master and unable to personally come, the fact that Lord Luokong came caused Chu Feng to feel much more at ease.

After all, Lord Luokong was a Grand Elder. His strength would most likely not be inferior to Lord Lianghua's. Likely, he would also be a rank eight Martial Emperor. With him overseeing the situation, not to mention the Dark Hall's other experts, even the World Devastator Immortal would likely have to suffer consequences should he face him.

  1. As in the demon-level character term used to describe absolute geniuses. The actual chinese word is Yaonie. Not a great word to use really… the meaning is very vague.

    it could mean…

    1. an abnormal phenomenon/ usually a bad omen
    2. ghosts/demons
    3. something or someone evil/wicked
    4. female sexuality/charm. Sometimes used to describe acting homo.
    5. pervert/abnormal person

    However.,,, those are the ‘normal’ meanings of the word. There’s also the internet modern slang…
    6. used to describe someone being so amazing that they surpassed everyone else
    7. used to describe exceptional beauty (female)

    There might be more that I do not know of.

    However, it is clear that the term being used by bee is definition #6.

    I had been translating it to demon-level character the entire time since the term genius was already taken.

Chapter 1959 – Moon Immortal, Moon Demon
Afterwards, under the guidance of the Weaponry Refinement Immortal, Chu Feng and the others arrived at an uninhabited and remote location. Although this place was uninhabited, a world spirit gate was opened with a point of the Weaponry Refinement Immortal's finger.

After passing through the world spirit gate, Chu Feng immediately revealed an overjoyed expression.

Sure enough, the Ancient Era's Elves had dispatched their elites this time around. Although they were disguised as humans, Chu Feng was still able to recognize them. This was especially true for that Lord Luokong.
However, that was not what gave him the pleasant surprise. What he was pleasantly surprised by was the fact that Su Rou and Su Mei, the two sisters, were actually also here.

"Big brother Chu Feng," Upon seeing Chu Feng, Su Mei directly threw herself into Chu Feng's bosom.

As for Su Rou, even though she did not act like Su Mei, she was also smiling. Her smile was truly enchanting. From her smile, it could be seen how enormously happy she was to see Chu Feng again.
"Hey, hey, hey. I am also here, shouldn't you all at least greet me?" Seeing that, Zhang Tianyi spoke with a disapproving expression.
"Senior brother Zhang," In response, Su Rou and Su Mei greeted Zhang Tianyi.
Zhang Tianyi sighed. "Forget about it. You two girls simply value your lover more than your friends. Upon seeing my junior brother Chu Feng, you no longer have me, this senior brother, in your eyes at all," Zhang Tianyi said jokingly.
"That's right. After I saw big brother Chu Feng, I no longer had anyone else in my eyes. Even though he used to be very stupid, foolish and slow," Su Mei said with a beaming smile.
Even now, Su Mei was unwilling to let go of Chu Feng, and continued to hug him tightly with no regard for the various seniors' gazes. Even though this girl was no longer a young girl, she still had the same temperament of a young girl.
"Very stupid, foolish and slow? I used to be like that?" Chu Feng had a questioning expression.

"Eh? When I didn't know you, that was what I saw you as," Su Mei said.

"After knowing him, your heart was completely captured by him. Right now, you will immediately call him 'big brother Chu Feng, big brother Chu Feng' whenever you see him. You've become even more intimate with him than with me, your own older sister," Su Ruo rolled her eyes.

"I am already big brother Chu Feng's woman. If I don't call him big brother Chu Feng, am I to call him husband instead? That will have to wait until he marries me," Su Mei said sweetly.
Hearing those words, Chu Feng felt a tart sensation in his heart. Indeed, both Su Rou and Su Mei were already his women.
Merely, Chu Feng had yet to take them as his wives. Actually, Chu Feng had his own plans. To marry Su Rou and Su Mei was something that he would do sooner or later.
However, he wanted his parents to be present during that wedding ceremony.

"Cough, cough…" At that moment, Lord Luokong, who had been ignored the entire time, coughed.

"Enough, you all can continue to flirt later. Right now, we must talk business," The Weaponry Refinement Immortal said.

"Lord Luokong, do you know of the Dark Hall's scheme this time around?" Chu Feng took the initiative to ask.

"I do. The Dark Hall is planning to release the Moon Demon," Lord Luokong said.

"Moon Demon? What is the Moon Demon?" Not only did Chu Feng reveal a curious expression, even Zhang Ming revealed a curious expression.
"Everyone knows that the Moonlight Maze contains a lot of treasures. However, very few people know that there is also a Moon Demon in the Moonlight Maze."

"Actually, our Ancient Era's Elves did not know of that Moon Demon before either. It was Qing Xuantian who told us about it," Lord Luokong said.

"Senior Qing Xuantian?" Chu Feng was surprised. He did not expect for this matter to be related to Qing Xuantian.

"Since ancient times, only a single person, Qing Xuantian, has managed to reach the deepest region of the Moonlight Maze. It was there that he discovered the Moon Demon."
"In other words, Qing Xuantian was the one who undid the Moon Demon's seal and released it," Lord Luokong said.

Unable to contain himself, Chu Feng asked, "A demon released by senior Qing Xuantian? Exactly what happened?"

Afterward, Lord Luokong began to explain what had happened to Chu Feng. As such, Chu Feng came to possess a rough understanding of what had happened.

The Moon Demon was indeed released by Qing Xuantian. Furthermore, he had deliberately released it.

When the Moon Demon was released, it was not released in a complete form. However, it was still extremely strong. Furthermore, it possessed an overflowing vicious nature and was incomparably ruthless. If it were to achieve its complete form, not even Qing Xuantian would be a match for it.

After the Moon Demon was released, it began to condense its body. Reportedly, the Fire and Ice Pearls were crucial to it forming its body.

Qing Xuantian had destroyed the spirit formation that it was using to condense its body and snatched away the two pearls. With that, he prevented the Moon Demon from achieving its complete form.

However, Qing Xuantian did not seize the opportunity to eliminate the Moon Demon. Instead, using world spirit formations, he dissolved the Moon Demon's vicious nature.
The reason why Qing Xuantian did such a thing was because he knew that the Moon Demon's nature was not evil. On the contrary… the Moon Demon's original form was that of an Immortal.

Originally, Qing Xuantian had wanted to release the Moon Immortal. However, to his surprise, he had released the Moon Demon instead.

As for the reason why the Moon Immortal had ended up becoming the Moon Demon, it was because, since ancient times, there had been too many people who had tried to charge into the Moonlight Maze only to die in there. With their dense bloody aura and lingering evil tendencies, they had altered the Moon Immortal and turned it into the Moon Demon.
Qing Xuantian had left a very powerful spirit formation on the Moon Demon's body, making it so that it would not be affected by the bloody aura or the lingering evil tendencies of the Moonlight Maze, and making the evil tendencies that were already gathered in the Moon Demon disappear.

Qing Xuantian said that the Moon Demon would turn into the Moon Immortal should the Fire and Ice Pearls be returned to it after ten thousand years.

Originally, Qing Xuantian had wanted to hand the Fire and Ice Pearls to the Ancient Era's Elves and have them keep them safe. However, he suddenly changed his mind and took the two pearls away with him.
"Fire and Ice Pearls, could they be?!!!" At this moment, Chu Feng looked to Su Rou and Su Mei. His gaze was slightly complicated.

He finally realized that it was no coincidence that Su Rou and Su Mei were here. They had come for the Moonlight Maze.

It would seem that Su Rou and Su Mei had already mentioned their possession of the Fire and Ice Pearls to the Weaponry Refinement Immortal. As for the Weaponry Refinement Immortal, he should have mentioned it to the Ancient Era's Elves. It was already no longer a secret.

The Fire and Ice Pearls in Su Rou and Su Mei's body were crucial to the Moon Immortal obtaining his complete form.

"Big brother Chu Feng, the Fire and Ice Pearls in big sister and my body were discovered in Lord Qing Xuantian's Emperor's Tomb. We felt that the pearls in our bodies should be the Fire and Ice Pearls needed to turn that Moon Demon into the Moon Immortal," Su Mei said.

"But, if the two pearls are to be removed from your bodies, your cultivation will suffer. Even your bodies themselves…" Chu Feng said.

Actually, with Chu Feng's current world spirit techniques, he was actually capable of removing the Fire and Ice Pearls from Su Rou and Su Mei's bodies. However, the Fire and Ice Pearls were already assimilated by the two of them. If they were to be removed, it would not be beneficial at all. Instead, it would cause their cultivations to suffer damage, and might even cause permanent injuries to their bodies.

"Little friend Chu Feng, Qing Xuantian especially stated to us that even though the bloody auras and evil tendencies of the Moonlight Maze will no longer be able to affect the Moon Demon, if the bloody auras and evil tendencies were to increase to a frightening level, they would still end up affecting the Moon Demon."

"For example, the current situation of so many people gathered at the Moonlight Maze is simply unprecedented. If they were to all die in the Moonlight Maze, the bloody auras and evil tendencies they would leave in the Moonlight Maze would be unimaginable."

"Furthermore, ten thousand years have already passed. It is now the crucial moment for the Moon Demon to become the Moon Immortal."

"For the Dark Hall to spread the Moonlight Maze's map at such a time, it's obvious that they want to lure people in and then have them die inside the Moonlight Maze."

"As for their true purpose, it would be to use those innocent lives to return the Moon Demon to its demonic nature. They're planning to take control of the Moon Demon," Lord Luokong said.
"Wouldn't that be easily solved? We can stop people from entering the Moonlight Maze before it is opened, no?"

"As long as there are not that many people dying in there, even the Dark Hall would not be able to do anything, no?" Chu Feng asked.

The Moonlight Maze opened once every month. However, it would only open on a special day. Other than those special days, no one could enter the Moonlight Maze.

That was also the reason why there were so many people gathered outside the Moonlight Maze right now. Thus, if they wanted to prevent the crowd from entering, it was completely possible to accomplish this with the current strength of the Ancient Era's Elves.

In the end, unless there was no other choice, Chu Feng did not wish to bring harm to Su Rou and Su Mei.


  1. The 'Immortal' used in 'Moon Immortal' has a different meaning from the Immortal used in the title of the Ten Immortals (including Chu Feng's new title). Moon Immortal's Immortal only contains the character Immortal. i.e., he/she would be an actual celestial Immortal. As for Chu Feng and the other Ten Immortals, their titles are literally 'Immortal Person.' This gives the sensation that they are still mortals. For example, when Chu Feng was called 'God' by the people in the Poison Demon's Valley, he was addressed as 'God Person.' Thus, still a mortal. It's hard to describe, I hope you all can understand…

Chapter 1960 – The Unavoidable Battle

"But, little friend Chu Feng, even if we manage to prevent it this once, it will be difficult to prevent it again. As long as the Moon Demon is still in the Moonlight Maze, the Dark Hall can use other methods to awaken its demonic nature."


"Thus, you all want to use the Fire and Ice Pearls to turn the Moon Demon into the Moon Immortal, and then have the Moon Immortal work for you all, is that right?" Chu Feng said.

"That is indeed what we have in mind. It is also the best option. After all, the Dark Hall, that dangerous and troubling power, should be eliminated as quickly as possible. Otherwise, there will be no peace in the Holy Land of Martialism."

"You also know that the Dark Hall has captured all of the Ancient Era's ferocious beasts from the Blood Devouring Killing Formation. However, they have not released those Ancient Era's ferocious beasts upon the world. We do not know exactly what they're planning to do, exactly what sort of conspiracy they have in mind. However, one thing is certain: the Dark Hall is extremely dangerous," Lord Luokong said.

At that moment, Chu Feng grew silent. It was true that the Dark Hall was very dangerous. Not only did they know about a lot of the Holy Land of Martialism's secrets, they might even know things that the other residents of the Holy Land of Martialism did not.

No one knew exactly what the Dark Hall was planning to do. However, whatever it was they planned to do would definitely be extremely dangerous and detrimental to the lives of those in the Holy Land of Martialism.

"Big brother Chu Feng, we already know about the matters concerning you and the Dark Hall. Allow us to help you out. If we could save the people of the world by giving up our cultivation, if we could help you, it would truly be worth it," Su Mei said with a beaming smile.

"Chu Feng, think of the greater good," Su Rou also spoke.

In fact, Chu Feng was unable to find any reason to refuse them either.
Merely… as he saw his two beloved women willing to sacrifice their cultivations and bring harm to their own bodies to help him, Chu Feng felt enormous pain.

In the end, it was because he was not strong enough. Else, there would be no need for them to go to such means.

"In that case, what's the plan?" Chu Feng asked.
"According to our understanding of the Moonlight Maze, the map that the Dark Hall has spread will successfully lead the crowd to the Immortality Peach Tree," Lord Luokong said. 1

"Immortality Peach Tree?" Chu Feng's eyes brightened.
"The Immortality Peach Tree is one of the most famous treasures in the Moonlight Maze. By eating an Immortality Peach, one can extend one's lifespan by a hundred years," The Weaponry Refinement Immortal said.

"It's actually that miraculous? Does that Immortality Peach Tree really exist?" Chu Feng asked.

If such a treasure really did exist, it would truly be a treasure to prolong one's life. Many of the people that Chu Feng knew were already near the limits of their lifespan. If he could obtain Immortality Peaches, he would be able to assist those people.

"Actually, that's a question I'd like to ask too," The Weaponry Refinement Immortal looked to Lord Luokong.

"There is indeed an Immortality Peach Tree. However, as for the people that have actually seen the Immortality Peach Tree, it is likely only we Ancient Era's Elves and the Five Emperors who have seen it after the end of the Ancient Era," Lord Luokong said.

"It really exists?" After hearing those words, the Weaponry Refinement Immortal revealed a smile of anticipation. He said, "It is no wonder that your Ancient Era's Elves were able to live for so long."

"Cough cough…" Lord Luokong coughed twice. Evidently, what the Weaponry Refinement said was correct. Thus, Lord Luokong blushed slightly in embarrassment.
"Actually, the harvest that our Ancient Era's Elves obtained was not as much as you all might be thinking. Although the Immortality Peach Tree is very large, the time at which its fruits mature are all different. Thus, our Ancient Era's Elves would only enter the Moonlight Maze once every five hundred years. Furthermore, we would only be able to harvest several hundred peaches each time," Lord Luokong said.

"Several hundred? And you all still consider that to not be a lot?" The Weaponry Refinement Immortal revealed an expression of disdain. He added, "It is not good for you all to monopolize the Immortality Peach Tree."

"Well, with the situation now, it would appear to be impossible for them to monopolize the Immortality Peach Tree anymore. After all, the destination of that map is the location of the Immortality Peach Tree," Chu Feng said as he took out the map that had been spread by the Dark Hall.

"But, didn't the Dark Hall want to kill people in the Moonlight Maze? Could it be… that they plan to set up an ambush there?" Chu Feng asked.

"No… the location where the Immortality Peach Tree is located is a killing formation to begin with. If that killing formation were to be activated, all of the people inside would be killed."

"Furthermore, I believe that the people from the Dark Hall should know the method to activate the killing formation. That is why they spread the map to lead the crowd there," Lord Luokong said.
"You mean to say that the location where the Immortality Peach Tree is located is a slaughterhouse? By entering it, people will be killed?" Chu Feng asked.

"Then, what about the Immortality Peach Tree? Wouldn't that Immortality Peach Tree be destroyed?" The Weaponry Refinement Immortal seemed to care more about the Immortality Peach Tree. 2

"No, that killing formation only kills people, and will not injure the Immortality Peach Tree."
"Actually, there are a lot of killing formations in the Moonlight Maze. However, they all only kill people, and will not harm any of the treasures inside the Moonlight Maze," Lord Luokong said.

"Then, how are we to prevent that from happening?" Chu Feng asked.
"That's the troubling aspect," Lord Luokong sighed. He added, "I know where the core of the Immortality Peach Tree's killing formation is located. As long as it is destroyed, the Immortality Peach Tree's killing formation will also be destroyed."

"Merely, due to our greed, we did not destroy that killing formation. And now, if we want to destroy the core, the people of the Dark Hall should have already made preparations for us. As such, it will be impossible to avoid a fierce battle," Lord Luokong said.

"How did you all come to know about that formation's core? Did Qing Xuantian tell you all?" Chu Feng asked.
Chu Feng asked that question because he discovered that it was not the Ancient Era's Elves that knew the most about the Moonlight Maze. Instead, Qing Xuantian knew about it more than them. As such, he felt that the location of that formation's core should also have been told to the Ancient Era's Elves by Qing Xuantian.

"We are truly ashamed to mention it. However, it was indeed Qing Xuantian who told us about it. After Qing Xuantian defeated our then Majesty and forced us to share our Ancient Era's Immortal Ponds, he also felt that he owed us. As such, he told us about the matter regarding the Immortality Peach Tree."
"As for that formation's core, it was also Qing Xuantian who discovered it. Merely, he was unable to destroy it back then. He would have needed to use a spirit formation to destroy the defenses of that formation's core. However, to destroy those defenses would have taken at least a thousand years."
"That's why Qing Xuantian told us about that core. He wanted us to destroy that formation's core and that killing formation after a thousand years passed," Lord Luokong did not conceal this fact.

"However, due to selfishness, you all did not do as senior Qing Xuantian advised," Su Mei said frankly and criticized the Ancient Era's Elves.

"Indeed, it was because we were selfish.It truly is a shameful thing," Lord Luokong smiled bitterly.

"Enough about that. We shouldn't mention the things of the past anymore. Right now, our top priority is to prevent the Dark Hall from harming the innocent."

"Lord Luokong, do you have a detailed plan in mind?" Chu Feng asked.

"I do," Lord Luokong nodded.

Then, Lord Luokong spoke of his plan.

It turned out that the killing formation's core was not located in the same place as the killing formation itself. As such, Lord Luokong planned to separate the people here into two groups.

He wanted Chu Feng and the Weaponry Refinement Immortal to proceed for the Immortality Peach Tree with the ignorant masses and try to use their world spirit techniques to prevent the activation of the killing formation.

As for the Ancient Era's Elves, they would lead their army to the location where the killing formation's core was located. As long as they destroyed the core, the killing formation would be destroyed too. As such, there would no longer be any danger.

Merely, although this matter seemed to be easy to do, everyone knew that it would not be easy at all.

After all, based on what had happened earlier in the Blood Devouring Killing Formation, they knew that the Dark Hall's strength could not be looked down upon. This time around, they had created such a major commotion. As such, they would most definitely be prepared.

The people from the Dark Hall would definitely guard that killing formation's core. The reason for that was because the location to activate the killing formation was in the same location as the killing formation's core.

In short… a fierce battle was unavoidable.

  1. Technically, Saturn Peach Tree. However, Saturn Peach are peaches of immortality kept by the Queen Mother of the West, a goddess in Chinese mythology.
  2. Dude is old, give him a break.

Chapter 1961 – Emperor Chi's Successor

"Are Lil Rou and Lil Mei going to follow the Weaponry Refinement Immortal and I?" Chu Feng asked.

"No, they'll be following us. We will protect their safety," Lord Luokong said.

Hearing those words, Chu Feng started to frown. Lord Luokong and the others were going to go and fight against the Dark Hall. Following them would be safe?

Would it really be safe to follow them?

But, if Su Rou and Su Mei were to follow him and the Weaponry Refinement Immortal, Chu Feng would not be able to guarantee their safety either.

In comparison, it was safer to send Su Rou and Su Mei to follow Lord Luokong and the Ancient Era's Elves' elites.

But… Chu Feng was still extremely worried.

"Little friend Chu Feng, rest assured. We will protect them with all of our strength," Lord Luokong seemed to have realized Chu Feng's worry and he spoke to guarantee their safety.

Suddenly, Chu Feng said, "Actually, I know of a shortcut to the Immortality Peach Tree,"

"Shortcut?" Hearing those words, the crowd were all startled.

"Mn. Thus, if that killing formation is easy to contain, there will not be a need for the Weaponry Refinement Immortal to journey alongside me. I will use the shortcut to arrive at the Immortality Peach Tree first and set up the spirit formation. With that, I should be able to prevent that killing formation's activation," Chu Feng said.

"Really?" Lord Luokong asked. After all, the Weaponry Refinement Immortal was a rank seven Martial Emperor. If the Weaponry Refinement Immortal were to proceed to the formation's core with them, then even if they were to start fighting against the Dark Hall, he would be an enormous assistance in the battle.

In the end, Lord Luokong wanted the Weaponry Refinement Immortal to go with them too.

The best way to solve this issue would be to fight against the Dark Hall in a battle to the death at the formation's core. As for proceeding to the Immortality Peach Tree and setting up a formation to prevent the activation of the killing formation, it was only to guard against the unexpected.

"It is true that I know of a shortcut. If I am to take that shortcut, I will be able to reach the Immortality Peach Tree much faster than the others," Chu Feng nodded.

What Chu Feng said was the truth. The map that the Compass Immortal had given him also led to the Immortality Peach Tree. Merely, the route shown on the map that the Compass Immortal had given him was a shortcut.

Furthermore, to Chu Feng's pleasant surprise, that shortcut would also bring him to the location where the Beast Emperor's treasures were hidden. It could be said that he would be hitting two birds with one stone.
In other words, regardless of the situation, Chu Feng would have to take that shortcut. After all, Chu Feng's original intention in coming to the Moonlight Maze was to obtain the Beast Emperor's treasures.

Furthermore, if Chu Feng were to take that shortcut, his speed would indeed be much faster than the map spread to the crowd by the Dark Hall. Thus, Chu Feng was not worried that he would not be able to make it to the Immortality Peach Tree in time.

In fact, Chu Feng felt that he would have sufficient time to obtain the Beast Emperor's treasures on the way, and still make it to the Immortality Peach Tree first.

Furthermore, he felt that he would still have sufficient time to set up a spirit formation to prevent the activation of the killing formation.

As long as that killing formation could be stopped, Chu Feng, with his world spirit techniques, would definitely be able to stop it.

If that killing formation could not be stopped, then, even if the Weaponry Refinement Immortal were to join him, it would still be useless.

However, the most important aspect in regards to Chu Feng's decision was that he was worried for Su Rou and Su Mei's safety. He wanted the Weaponry Refinement Immortal to journey with Lord Luokong to ensure Su Rou and Su Mei's safety.

"Little friend Chu Feng, how did you come to know about that shortcut? Are you able to ascertain that that shortcut is real?" The Weaponry Refinement Immortal asked. As this matter was of the utmost importance, he was worried.

"Senior, look at this map. Do you think it's real?" Chu Feng directly took out the Compass Immortal's scroll.

"Actually, we also know of a shortcut. Merely, that shortcut can only be opened with a key. Little friend Chu Feng, might that shortcut you're talking about be the same shortcut that we know of?" Lord Luokong asked.

"Lord Luokong, have a look," Chu Feng handed the map to Lord Luokong.
"Indeed, that is the one," After seeing the map, Lord Luokong smiled in a relieved manner. He said, "This was the shortcut left behind by Qing Xuantian. That map itself is the key. It is real."

"With that map in hand, little friend Chu Feng will be able to reach the Immortality Peach Tree very quickly. If you are to set up a spirit formation there to prevent the activation of the killing formation, the effect would be even better," At that moment, Lord Luokong was overjoyed. After all, this situation meant that the Weaponry Refinement Immortal would be able to travel with them.
"But… what if the people from the Dark Hall decide to guard against the unexpected, and also dispatch people to the Immortality Peach Tree?" Su Mei said worriedly. Compared to the overall situation, she was more worried about Chu Feng's safety.

"I don't think they will dispatch people there. After all, when the killing formation is successfully activated, everyone in the Immortality Peach Tree's vicinity will die. I don't think they will dispatch their own people there just to die. Furthermore, I doubt people would be willing to throw their lives away like that," Lord Luokong said.
"I think what Lil Mei said is not without reason. As the saying goes, better safe than sorry," Su Rou added. She was also worried about Chu Feng's safety.

"Rest assured, not even rank seven Martial Emperors can cause me harm. I possess a treasure that can kill rank seven Martial Emperors," Chu Feng said.

After hearing what Chu Feng said, both Su Rou and Su Mei grew quiet. The implication of Chu Feng's words were clear. Rank seven Martial Emperors could not harm him; only rank eight Martial Emperors could harm him.
As for rank eight Martial Emperors, what level of experts were they? They were people on par with Lord Luokong. If an expert of that level was at the Peach Immortality Tree, even if the Weaponry Refinement Immortal were to accompany Chu Feng, he would not be able to do anything anyway.
"If that's the case, then little friend Chu Feng, you carry an enormous responsibility. Make sure to be careful."
"Remember, at the crucial moment, you must save yourself first," Lord Luokong said.

Lord Luokong knew how important of a character Chu Feng was. He was a young man that could potentially become the second Qing Xuantian. Chu Feng's safety was actually his greatest concern.

"Lord Luokong, do not worry about me. I merely have one request. If you all are to encounter the Dark Hall, please do not act leniently toward them," Chu Feng said.
"Even if you didn't tell us that, we would not act leniently toward them. I guarantee you that we will kill every one of them that we encounter," Lord Luokong said.

"Dark Hall, this time, I will definitely make you all suffer the consequences," At that moment, Chu Feng's fighting spirit was very strong. The reason for that was because this was the first actual confrontation between him and the Dark Hall.

Before, he had suffered enormously from them.

This time, he was planning to make them suffer.

After this matter was decided, Chu Feng went his separate way from the Weaponry Refinement Immortal and the others as he snuck into the crowd by himself, .

Merely, this time around, Chu Feng did not reveal his true appearance. Instead, he had disguised himself.

"Did you all see what Chu Feng did? He killed Xian Yuyin with a single strike."

"I've heard of it. I just didn't see it. It's truly a pity."

"Sigh, Xian Yuyin was truly a disgrace. It's great that Chu Feng killed him."

Just then, the people around him were all discussing the matter concerning Chu Feng and Xian Yuyin. Even though that event ended not long ago, it had already spread through this entire region.

"Look, look. That's a shameless fellow declaring himself to be Emperor Chi's successor. Furthermore, he even said that he had fought against Chu Feng before and defeated him."

"For real? Quickly, let's go and have a look. Exactly who is it that's this shameless?" Suddenly, the crowd burst into an uproar. They all began to proceed toward the place indicated by that fellow.

After hearing what the crowd was talking about, Chu Feng also grew curious. As there was still some time before the opening of the Moonlight Maze, and he had nothing to do in the meantime, Chu Feng decided to join the crowd and see what was going on. Mainly, he was interested in knowing exactly who it was that was so shameless as to boast about defeating him.

Emperor Chi's successor?

Defeated him?

Whoever it was was truly shameless.

As Chu Feng arrived within the crowd, he saw a silhouette. Upon seeing that person, Chu Feng's eyes shone, and then, unable to contain himself, he burst into laughter.
It was a man. His age was about the same as Chu Feng's. Merely, his appearance was truly peculiar.

He had a head of hedgehog-like super pointy hair. Although he was as thin as a match, his torso was actually bare naked.

In fact, he was actually only wearing underpants, as well as a pair of straw sandals.

Furthermore, his underpants were covered with flowery embroidery. It was truly flowery.

As for his star sandals, they were actually colored. Furthermore, their colors were different. One was red, and the other was green.

Truly, his appearance was that of an enormous weirdo, extremely ridiculous.

Furthermore, that man spoke with a stutter. Yet, he was currently boasting before all these people.

This man was someone that Chu Feng had met before. His name was Wang Qiang.
After seeing Wang Qiang, Chu Feng felt a burst of delight. Although that Wang Qiang was a weirdo, his nature wasn't bad, and Chu Feng's impression of him was pretty decent.

Chu Feng had never expected to be able to see Wang Qiang here after separating for so long. This was truly fate.


Suddenly, Chu Feng's eyes shone. Even with his current strength, he was actually unable to see through Wang Qiang's cultivation!!!