Martial God Asura


Martial God Asura Chapter 1669-1671

MGA: Chapter 1669 – A Fair Battle

"I naturally know about this. That child was capable of passing through the Poison Mist Formation and coming out unscathed, capable of surviving Lord Clan Chief's Divine Power's poison, even if you are to beat me to death, I would not believe that he doesn't have the ability to resist poison."

"However, when our Ancestor moved about unhindered in the Holy Land of Martialism, many world spiritists that declared themselves to be immune to poisons challenged him. However, without exception, they were all killed by our Ancestor's poison."

"Our Ancestor's poison is no ordinary poison. Even world spiritists are unable to withstand his poison. As for the Poison Refinement Formation, it was also created through meticulous effort by our Ancestor."

"Furthermore, even if this Chu Feng is so powerful that the Poison Refinement Formation is unable to refine him, and even if he was to manage to wake up and escape the Poison Refinement Formation, he is still no match for Lord Clan Chief."

"Thus, as long as Lord Clan Chief is here, even if he is able to come out from the Poison Refinement Formation alive, he will still not be able to escape death," Elder Xiuyuan said.

"Right. Elder Xiuyuan, what you said is very true. No matter how strong that child by the name of Chu Feng is, he is still no match for our Lord Clan Chief."

"With Lord Clan Chief present, we actually do not have to worry about him at all."

The crowd began to voice their agreement. After all, the battle between Chu Feng and Du Wanwu was something that they had all seen with their own eyes. Chu Feng was indeed very powerful, so powerful that none of them could contend against him. However, in the end, Chu Feng was still defeated by their clan chief, Du Wanwu.

After that battle, they became filled with even more adoration and admiration for their clan chief. In their hearts, Du Wanwu was not simply their clan chief. Instead, he was like a god that protected their Du Clan.

Whether or not a second Poison Demon would appear in the Du Clan, and whether or not they would be able to move about unhindered in the Holy Land of Martialism all depended on Du Wanwu.

Thus, Du Wanwu was the hope of everyone from the Du Clan.

"Let's do this. I'll set up a spirit formation outside of the Poison Refinement Formation. If that child is really able to escape from death, and escape from the Poison Refinement Formation, he will definitely trigger my spirit formation. As long as he triggers my spirit formation, I will be able to detect it. At that time, I will immediately go and call for Lord Clan Chief to come out from his closed-door training to take care of that Chu Feng."

"Furthermore, with this spirit formation of mine, there will be no need for us to continue guarding here. After all, guarding him is useless. If that child is able to be refined, he will, sooner or later, be refined."
"However, if that child really possesses heaven-defying power capable of escaping from the Poison Refinement Formation, then the person guarding over him here will be in extreme danger," Elder Xiuyuan said.

"That method is very good," Hearing those words, everyone began to nod their heads. They all felt that the method Elder Xiuyuan had proposed was very ingenious. This was especially true for that old Half Martial Emperor in charge of guarding Chu Feng. He was overjoyed by the proposal.

The reason why he was uneasy was, on the one hand, because he was worried about the safety of the Du Clan. On the other hand, it was naturally because if Chu Feng was to really wake up, then he, the person in charge of watching over this place, would naturally suffer a great calamity.

After Elder Xiuyuan set up a spirit formation outside of the Poison Refinement Formation, the crowd all left.

However, right after they left, Chu Feng, who had been sleeping for the last twenty days, suddenly opened his eyes.

After he opened his eyes, a smile emerged on Chu Feng's face.

He exclaimed, "Du Wanwu, if my cultivation is the same as yours, will you be able to defeat me, Chu Feng?"

It turned out that after Chu Feng was defeated by Du Wanwu, he had not actually lost consciousness. Instead, he had pretended to lose consciousness so that he could find an opportunity to escape.

However, after Chu Feng was thrown into the Poison Refinement Formation, he did not wish to leave. The reason for that was because Chu Feng discovered that the Poison Refinement Formation was truly worthy of being the formation Du Wanwu used to train with. Contained within the Poison Formation was a very rich amount of Natural Energy.

Although the Natural Energy contained within the Poison Refinement Formation was linked with Du Wanwu, and Chu Feng had to find a way to extract it in order to refine it, it remained that it could be used by Chu Feng.

In these twenty days, Chu Feng had only done one thing. He had been secretly using his world spirit techniques to extract Natural Energy from this Poison Refinement Formation.

As matters stood, Chu Feng had managed to extract, absorb and refine all of the Natural Energy contained within the Poison Refinement Formation.
The Poison Refinement Formation was unable to refine Chu Feng's power, and instead had its power refined by Chu Feng.

After being nourished by the Poison Refinement Formation, Chu Feng was only a slight bit away from reaching a breakthrough. However, it was also clear that there was nothing that could give Chu Feng any more Natural Energy.

Although there wasn't anything here, Chu Feng possessed things that could give him Natural Energy himself. There was still hope for Chu Feng. As for that hope, it was the two Incomplete Imperial Armaments in his Cosmos Sack, the Cyan Rainbow Sword and the Purple Rainbow Sword.

As a total of twenty days had passed, the spirit formations on the two swords were about done severing the connection they had with Nangong Tianhu and Nangong Tianshi.
It was only lacking a tiny bit until it could sever the swords' connection with the two Nangong brothers. As long as the connections were severed, Chu Feng would be able to attempt to have the two Incomplete Imperial Armaments recognize him as their master.

If they not only recognized him as their master, and also to entered absolute submission to him, Chu Feng would be able to obtain a portion of their power. That portion of their power was currently definitely enough for Chu Feng to reach a breakthrough.

As long as Chu Feng was able to reach a breakthrough, his battle power would no longer be inferior to Du Wanwu's.

When his battle power was on par with Du Wanwu's, it would be hard to determine who the winner and loser of their battle would be.

At this moment, those people from the Du Clan had thought themselves to be clever, and actually set up a spirit formation around this area to guard against Chu Feng's escape. This, however, only served to present a better opportunity for Chu Feng.

"Woosh, woosh, woosh~~~"

Suddenly, Chu Feng's hands began to change unceasingly. Layer upon layer of spirit power surged forth from him and swept outward, landing on the spirit formation Elder Xiuyuan had set up.

After the two of them collided with one another, Chu Feng lightly shouted "Open," and a hole opened up in Elder Xiuyuan's spirit formation.

Then, Chu Feng escaped from the Poison Refinement Formation like a dragon coming out from the sea.

After Chu Feng walked out through the hole he opened, he canceled his spirit formation, and Elder Xiuyuan's spirit formation was restored to its original form.

Not only did it appear to be completely undamaged, its function was also completely intact. Unfortunately, Chu Feng had already escaped from within it. Yet, Elder Xiuyuan had not managed to detect it at all.

After Chu Feng exited the Poison Refinement Formation, his corroded, rotting body started to heal. From an appearance of beyond recognition, he soon recovered his handsome appearance.

Actually, Chu Feng was simply immune to the assaults from the Poison Refinement Formation's poison. Even his corroded skin had been a facade created by Chu Feng himself.

He had done that for the sake of having the people from the Du Clan believe that he was being affected by the Poison Refinement Formation so that they would lower their guard.

At this time, there was already no need for Chu Feng to put up a disguise. What he needed to do now was to quickly sever the connection the Cyan Rainbow Sword and the Purple Rainbow Sword had with Nangong Tianhu and Nangong Tianshi so that he could make them his own.

"The outcome of the battle will all depend on this," Chu Feng took the two swords out and closed his eyes. Like sharp blades, layer upon layer of spirit power began to pour into the Cyan Rainbow Sword and the Purple Rainbow Sword unceasingly. They were trying to sever the connection the two swords possessed.

Chu Feng was fighting for the two Incomplete Imperial Armaments to serve him, to give him power so that he could reach a breakthrough.
He was planning to fight against Du Wanwu again.

This time, the battle would be a fair battle.

MGA: Chapter 1670 – Severing The Connection

In the Nangong Imperial Clan. Nangong Tianlong, Nangong Tianhu, Nangong Tianshi and Nangong Tianfeng were gathered together.

After Chu Feng had beaten Nangong Tianhu and Nangong Tianshi and hung them upside down on top of a city gate naked, the four siblings all had their freedom restricted and were not allowed to take half a step outside of the Nangong Imperial Clan.
As they were trapped within their clan, the only thing that they were able to do, other than training, was drink and chat together.

These days, Nangong Tianhu and Nangong Tianshi had been living under Chu Feng's shadow the entire time. They were extremely depressed and gloomy.

"You two, stop hanging your heads dispiritedly. Isn't it only being hung upside down on the city gate by that Chu Feng? This matter has already been suppressed by our Imperial Father. No one will dare to spread it," Nangong Tianlong comforted his brothers while smiling.

"Big brother, you don't know. Being hung upside down on the city gate was merely being humiliated by Chu Feng. That was nothing serious. Our self-esteem is also not that weak."
"The reason why we are feeling depressed is because the Cyan Rainbow Sword and the Purple Rainbow Sword were snatched away by that Chu Feng."

"After all, those two swords were obtained by Imperial Father through meticulous effort. He had bestowed the two swords to us; it meant that he was very fond of us and put a lot of trust in us."

"But we… ended up losing them. We have truly let our Imperial Father down," Nangong Tianhu and Nangong Tianshi said together.

"It's merely two weapons, as long as the two of you are fine, what is there to worry about? You'll be able to obtain good weapons again in the future."

"Don't forget, we four siblings are the successors to our Nangong Imperial Clan. The two of you are both going to be people who will shoulder great responsibility. Thus, do not continue to be tangled by something this small."

"Furthermore, your connections with the Cyan Rainbow Sword and the Purple Rainbow Sword are still there, no? This means that those two swords have already approved of you two as their masters."

"Even if they are snatched away by Chu Feng, they are, in truth, still yours. Even though Chu Feng has obtained the two excellent swords, he is unable to use them. Thus, the one that should be depressed is him, no?" Nangong Tianlong said.

"That's true. Even with the help of the Snow-haired Immortal, he has not been able to sever the relationship the Cyan Rainbow Sword and the Purple Rainbow Sword have with us. This means that those two swords acknowledged the two of us. Else, it would impossible for even the Snow-haired Immortal to be unable to sever the connections."

Speaking of this matter, Nangong Tianhu and Nangong Tianshi looked to one another and revealed proud smiles.

Back then, the White-browed Immortal had gone to personally capture Chu Feng. However, due to the interference of the Snow-haired Immortal, he had ended up failing to capture Chu Feng.

The White-browed Immortal had believed that the Snow-haired Immortal was Chu Feng's backer.

And now, the White-browed Immortal had already returned to the Nangong Imperial Clan and mentioned what had happened that day to Nangong Beidou.

Thus, Nangong Tianlong and the others in the Nangong Imperial Clan all came to know that Chu Feng had the Snow-haired Immortal as his backer.

Who was the Snow-haired Immortal? She was one of the top existences among the Ten Immortals. In terms of both reputation and ability, she was not someone that the White-browed Immortal could compare with.

Thus, if the Snow-haired Immortal wanted to sever the connection to the Cyan Rainbow Sword and the Purple Rainbow Sword had with Nangong Tianhu and Nangong Tianshi, it would be a very simple task.

And yet, so many days had passed and the connections were still there. There was only one possible explanation. That was, the two weapons had wholeheartedly acknowledged Nangong Tianhu and Nangong Tianshi as their masters. Thus, the connection between them was unable to be severed.

Even though this was a very unbelievable thing, it was something that had happened many times in the Holy Land of Martialism.
One of the most popular stories in the Holy Land of Martialism of something like this happening had been with a rank one Martial King. Even though his cultivation was very weak, he possessed a Royal Armament.

One day, his Royal Armament was snatched away. The person who snatched away his Royal Armament was not only a peak Half Martial Emperor, he was also a Snake Mark Royal-cloak World Spiritist. However, no matter how hard he tried, that peak Half Martial Emperor was unable to sever the connection between that rank one Martial King and the Royal Armament.

In the end, that peak Half Martial Emperor killed that rank one Martial King. Surprisingly, when that rank one Martial King died, the Royal Armament automatically perished alongside its master.

Thus, as the connections to the Cyan Rainbow Sword and the Purple Rainbow Sword had with Nangong Tianhu and Nangong Tianshi were still present after all this time, it made them believe that the two swords had acknowledged them. That was why Chu Feng had been unable to obtain the two swords.


Suddenly, Nangong Tianhu and Nangong Tianshi's expressions changed enormously. Then, they vomited out blood and sat on the ground in a very weak manner.

They were in extremely weak health. It was as if they have been seriously injured by someone.

"Second brother, third brother, what happened to you two?"

"Second brother, third brother, are you alright?"

Nangong Tianlong and Nangong Tianfeng were both incomparably shocked and frightened upon seeing this scene. They immediately got up and lent their arms to support Nangong Tianhu and Nangong Tianshi.

As for Nangong Tianhu and Nangong Tianshi, their complexions turned green, and they became unable to speak.
"Exactly what happened? Why would the two of you vomit blood all of a sudden and become this weak?" Nangong Tianlong asked very worriedly. This matter was truly strange.

However, neither Nangong Tianhu nor Nangong Tianshi gave any reply. It was as if they had received an enormous shock; the two of them were sitting there with distracted expressions on their faces.

"Fourth sister, go and get the White-browed Immortal," Feeling helpless, Nangong Tianlong instructed his younger sister.

"Mn," Nangong Tianfeng did not hesitate. She immediately turned around and prepared to leave to find the White-browed Immortal.

"Big brother, there's no need for that," It was only upon hearing those words that Nangong Tianhu hurriedly spoke to stop Nangong Tianfeng.

"Second brother, exactly what has happened to you and third brother? Quickly, tell your big brother," Nangong Tianlong asked urgently.

"It's nothing, merely, my connection with the Cyan Rainbow Sword has been…" he sighed.

"It has been severed by someone. Likely, third brother, that's what happened to you too, right?" Nangong Tianhu said in a very frustrated manner.

"Mn," Nangong Tianshi nodded. He had the same sort of frustrated expression in his eyes.

"Oh you two, and here I was wondering what it was. With the Snow-haired Immortal present, the connections you two have with the two swords being severed is something that is bound to happen. There's no need for you two to feel sad about this," Nangong Tianlong comforted.

"Big brother, that's not the case," Nangong Tianhu raised his head. He looked to Nangong Tianlong and said, "At the moment when the connection between my Cyan Rainbow Sword and I was severed, I sensed a strand of aura. That aura was very familiar. It was Chu Feng's aura.

"What do you mean by that? You're saying… it was not the Snow-haired Immortal who severed your connection with the Cyan Rainbow Sword, that it's Chu Feng who did it? How could that be?"

"After all, the Cyan Rainbow Sword and the Purple Rainbow Sword's acknowledgement of the two of you was all because of the White-browed Immortal's spirit formation. No matter how strong Chu Feng might be, how could he possibly be able to break the White-browed Immortal's spirit formation? It must definitely be the Snow-haired Immortal's doing," Nangong Tianlong had an expression of disbelief.

"Big brother, what second brother said is the truth. No matter how useless we are, we did, after all, obtain the Cyan Rainbow Sword and the Purple Rainbow Sword before. Thus, our souls were connected with them."

"Thus, we are able to determine with certainty who it is that severed our connections. It was indeed Chu Feng. We would not fail to recognize Chu Feng's aura," Nangong Tianshi said with a bitter smile. 1


After hearing those words, both Nangong Tianlong and Nangong Tianfeng were stunned. It was as if they had been petrified. They were unable to say a single word. At this moment, they had extremely ugly and incomparably marvelous expressions on their faces.

  1. Editors pointed out that Chu Feng's aura had changed. True… not sure how they recognized his aura… oh wells. Bee just being Bee again, nothing new. **A reader pointed out that Chu Feng had put the spirit formation before his aura change. Thus, it explains why Nangong Tianhu and Nangong Tianshi knew it was Chu Feng.

MGA: Chapter 1671 – Challenge Again

Not only did the connections the Cyan Rainbow Sword and the Purple Rainbow Sword, the two Incomplete Imperial Armaments, had with Nangong Tianhu and Nangong Tianshi been severed, they had also acknowledged Chu Feng.

This was not a simple acknowledgement, the two Incomplete Imperial Armaments had entered absolute submission.

At this moment, with the two Incomplete Imperial Armaments in his hands, Chu Feng was able to clearly sense two streams of energy entering his body.

As this continued, Chu Feng's cultivation was no longer that of rank one Half Martial Emperor. Instead, he had reached a breakthrough and become a rank two Half Martial Emperor.

"It would seem that I underestimated myself," Chu Feng laughed at himself.

Earlier, he had been worried that the Cyan Rainbow Sword and the Purple Rainbow Sword would not acknowledge him. However, now it would seem that his worries were completely unnecessary.

The reason for that was because the Cyan Rainbow Sword and the Purple Rainbow Sword were extremely urgent to serve him. It was as if they had been waiting for the opportunity to do so.

Suddenly, the Cyan Rainbow Sword and the Purple Rainbow Sword started to tremble. This sort of trembling was not the trembling of resistance. Instead, it was as if they were requesting orders from Chu Feng to fight for him.

Sure enough, the Cyan Rainbow Sword and the Purple Rainbow Sword were extraordinary items. The two of them possessed their own intelligence.
"I know that the two of you have been wronged, to be forced to be used by Nangong Tianhu and Nangong Tianshi."
"Now that the two of you are willing to be used by me, I will definitely not fail to live up to your expectations."

Chu Feng smiled lightly. Then, he put away the Cyan Rainbow Sword and the Purple Rainbow Sword that he was holding in his hands, and his figure suddenly shifted. With a speed akin to a phantom's, Chu Feng left the cave and arrived outside.
After arriving outside of the cave, Chu Feng smiled lightly. Then, he placed his hands on his waist and shouted, "The Poison Demon's descendants are without morals and virtue. They bully and humiliate commoners. As such, they shall be beheaded."
"All of you, scram out and come over here. Allow me to properly teach you all how to conduct yourselves."

The Poison Demon's descendants were all shocked and frightened to hear this shout. That was because this voice was very familiar to them, as it sounded very much like Chu Feng's voice.
"Heavens, this…"

Upon reaching the entrance and seeing the person standing out there shouting those words, some of the people that came out were so frightened that their legs grew weak, they fell onto their butts and began to piss their pants.

Like Chu Feng? No, this simply was Chu Feng! But, Chu Feng should be in the Poison Refinement Formation, he should be being refined by the Poison Refinement Formation. Why would he be standing before the entrance of their cave completely unscathed?

Thus, they immediately went to call their elders. When Elder Xiuyuan and the others arrived and saw Chu Feng standing outside the cave, they all immediately displayed expressions of shock.

They never would have expected that Chu Feng would truly escape from the Poison Refinement Formation. Furthermore, not only did he escape, he had actually escaped this quickly. They had simply left the Poison Refinement Formation just moments ago. Yet, Chu Feng had also come out from the Poison Refinement Formation right after.

At this moment, the person with the most unsightly expression would naturally be Elder Xiuyuan. In order to guard against Chu Feng escaping from the Poison Refinement Formation, he had specially set up a spirit formation.

However, Chu Feng was already standing before their entrance and challenging them. Yet, he had not detected Chu Feng escaping from his spirit formation at all. As such, how could he possibly accept this? Could it be that his spirit formation was completely useless?

"Stop making a fuss while looking at me. Go and call your Clan Chief out. Don't tell me you all really plan to make me kill all of you," Chu Feng said with a beaming smile.

Hearing those words, Elder Xiuyuan and the others did not dare to hesitate. They immediately went to call their Lord Clan Chief Du Wanwu out.

After Du Wanwu came out, he was a lot calmer than Elder Xiuyuan and the others. However, he still had a very shocked expression on his face.

Evidently, even he did not expect that Chu Feng would be able to escape from the Poison Refinement Formation. Not only did he escape, Chu Feng was completely unscathed. In fact, his condition appeared to be even better than before.

"It would appear that I have underestimated you."

"To be able to stay in the Poison Refinement Formation and escape unscathed, you are the first. You should possess a body immune to poisons, right?" Du Wanwu said.

"Immune to poisons? You are truly overpraising me."

"I do not think that I possess a body immune to poisons. Merely, it's just that your poisons do not work on me," Chu Feng said while smiling beamingly. However, his words were filled with mockery.

The poisons used by the Poison Demon's descendants were most definitely not ordinary poisons. However, Chu Feng had such a low opinion of their poisons. This was simply an undisguised insult.

"What arrogance! You actually dared to insult our Du Clan. Today, I shall use poison to kill you!"

Du Wanwu shouted coldly. Then, surging green gaseous flames were emitted from his body and swept towards Chu Feng.

This was no ordinary poison gas. Instead, this was the poison gas that was innate to him. When that green gaseous flame appeared, the sky started to change color, and Du Wanwu's cultivation instantly increased from rank four Half Martial Emperor to rank five Half Martial Emperor.

In other words, the Divine Power that Du Wanwu possessed was a kind of poison gas. This child was a natural born poison expert.

Furthermore, his poisons were extremely fierce. It could be said that Du Wanwu had used a fatal attack right away. It would appear that Du Wanwu had realized that Chu Feng could not be left alive. Thus, he had the intention to kill Chu Feng in order to prevent future troubles.

However, facing Du Wanwu's surging poison gas that was capable of refining all living things, Chu Feng stood there without even bothering to dodge or defend.

Earlier, Du Wanwu had defeated him through the use of martial power. However, this time around, Du Wanwu had been provoked by Chu Feng and decided to attack him with only poison gas.

Chu Feng had been fearful of Du Wanwu's poison gas before. However, after being immersed in the Poison Refinement Formation for a total of twenty days, Chu Feng no longer feared it.
Chu Feng believed in one thing; that it was definitely not a coincidence that he had managed to pass through the Poison Mist Formation unscathed. Likely, the method that the Snow-haired Immortal had used on him was effective.

Right now, Chu Feng did indeed possess a body that was immune to poisons. At the very least, his body was immune to the majority of extremely poisonous things. Even the Poison Demon's poison and Du Wanwu's Divine Poison would not be able to affect him.


At this moment, Du Wanwu's Divine Poison had completely covered Chu Feng in many layers. They were entering through Chu Feng's body from all of his orifices to corrode and refine his body from within and without.

At this moment, Chu Feng's surroundings were filled with green poison gas. That poison gas was emitting an extremely stinky odor.

Du Wanwu's Divine Poison was truly unpleasant to smell. After the surrounding air around Chu Feng was all covered by the poison gas, the unpleasant odor became even more intense.

However, Chu Feng was standing there completely unscathed. Even though the poison gas was violently surging and assailing him, Chu Feng was not affected by the poison gas in the slightest.

"Heh…" Suddenly, Chu Feng laughed. If he had been skeptical that he possessed a body immune to poisons before, then he fully believed it now.

Chu Feng firmly believed that he now possessed a body that was immune to poisons.

"Du Wanwu, your poison is useless against me. No matter how many times you try, the result will be the same."

"If you wish to kill me, you should use your martial power," Chu Feng sneered. Then, with a thought, Chu Feng's Thunder Armor and Thunder Wings appeared.

At the same time, a stream of water shot out from Chu Feng toward Du Wanwu.