Manasarovar Part-1


Manasarovar Part-1 Volume 1 Chapter 1part2



Five years passed. Raghu was hard-working, honest and a man of his word. There was none like him in the whole village. He never did anything without Panna’s wishes. He was now 23 years old. Panna asked him again and again to bring his wife home. How long would she stay at her mother’s house??Everyone would hold me liable that I was against her coming home, but Raghu adjourned it yet again. Used to say that what was there to hurry?? Others had informed him of his wife’s colors and ways. By bringing such a woman home he didn’t want to destroy his peaceful life.

One day Panna insisted a lot more than usual and said-“So you won’t bring her?? ”

“I just said there is no need to rush!”(Raghu)

“It not a rush for you but it is for me. I am sending men.”(Panna)

“You will regret it kaki. Her nature is not that good.”(Raghu)

“Its on you. If I won’t talk to her, then will she fight with air?? At-least she can cook some rotis . I can’t do all the inside-n-outside work, I will call for her today.”(Pannu)

“Call for her if you want. But don’t say afterwards that this guy don’t do just now, or I have become her slave.”(Raghu)

“Yeah, yeah I won’t say anything. Just go and buy 2  and some sweets.”(Pannu)

On third day Muliya came from her maternal home. banged on the house gate,  sweet melody of flute echoed in the sky. Veil-lift ceremony was performed. She was like soft water stream in this land full of sand. She was wheat grain colored, had big-big sharp eyelids, dreamy attractive eyes. Raghu had been enchanted just after seeing her.

In morning when she walked with pot, golden rays turned her wheat-grain color to kundan(pure gold), as if dawn’s with its aroma, growth and silliness is strolling while smiling.


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