Maid in Isekai ≪Fantasia≫


Maid in Isekai ≪Fantasia≫ Chapter 1

Part 1: Daughter of Draculia

Episode 1: Maid Outfits and Machineguns

setup: And so, the contract was fulfilled

Nakamura Marina dreamed of becoming a combat maid.

The maid who entered an outlaw’s paradise while dual-wielding shotguns in order to save her kidnapped master.

The maid who used a morningstar to hunt down a pack of Urgarms for the sake of the boy who she loved.

The homunculus maid who challenged the King of Heroes even though she knew that she’d be defeated.

All of them had a beloved “Master” for whom they were happy to give their all.

And Marina was insanely jealous of this.

How wonderful it would be if she too could fight for the sake of a worthy master.

That was what she wished for.


If she was going to fight anyways, she wanted it to be for the sake of another.

From far off, the sound of machinegun fire could be heard.

But this?

To be practically forced by those grandpas with their slogan of “for our homeland of Nippon” to become a guerrilla in a war that she didn’t even know who started, to fight and die not for anyone else’s sake but rather because she was simply told to?

It was horrible. The absolute worst kind of feeling.

Marina gazed at her right leg that had been blown away.

Everything below the thigh was completely gone.  And if that wasn’t enough, her arteries were spewing a ton of blood.

The abandoned building that she was hiding in had been bathed in machinegun fire. While she avoided taking any hits to her vitals, some debris or stray bullets must have gotten her.

It didn’t hurt anymore.

In other words, there was no saving her.

She’d seen dozens of her comrades die just like this.

If she could just keep conscious for a few more seconds…

“God… damn it.”

Marina’s wavering hand reached into her combat jacket and pulled out a manga volume.
She wanted its cover to be the last thing that she laid eyes on.

That halfassed sixth volume.

The reason she always carried it with her was because its cover featured that dual-wielding bespectacled head maid who she respected and admired more than anyone else.

“Head maid… sama.”

She’s beautiful, no matter how many times I see her.

I wish I could’ve been like her.

I wish I could’ve fought for a master who I loved and respected.

My consciousness is fading.

Ah. I’m dying.

Oh well, it’s no big deal.

It’s not like there was anything particularly good in my life to make it worth grieving over. Just sixteen pain-filled years.

But then,

“……dying one, I wish for your soul to be put to use once more……”

Perhaps it was an auditory hallucination.

That was the voice that reached Marina’s ears.

“……should you take me as your master and serve me after death, I shall grant you your desire……”

Her desire……?

She did have one.

A “Master” who I’d want to serve.

And the “power” to fight for their sake.

Yeah. If I had a wish,

it would be to spend my next life as a battle maid who served a splendid master……

And so,

with the death of the Nippon Defense Front’s Special Second-class Resistance Member Nakamura Marina…

…the contract was fulfilled.

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