Mahnu, Her Journey


Mahnu, Her Journey Extra

Did you know: (Pfft, of course you didn't!)


Mahnu is from the word human (no she isn't half human) And as far as I'm aware, I made up this name!


Rick, who is married to Richard's sister, becomes the next governor of Harval and fixes Valtac's mistakes.


Retirement, Mahnu, Richard and the kids went to Nowell and made it better. (so that the town wouldn't depend on food from King and build dirt roads and bridges.)


Jaclyn and William end up together, having two children.


Zachary had the tablet when the God's Eliza and Thelmos were put in the box. Mahnu had passed him on the way to Brackan. (He had the tablet so wasn't thinking about anything, that's why Mahnu didn't know he was there.)


The Chest of the God's was buried in the desert South west of Conrella.


Kralaide is surrounded by deep water, no other land.


God's were created in the year 1, left to do what they pleased. Mahnu was created the way she was on purpose to do what she had to do in this book. It was destiny! (Had to be right? Otherwise I couldn't have written it...) Richard wasn't particularly part of her destiny at first but became a part of it. Played a big role to Mahnu's wellbeing after the box.


Mahnu's history didn't go into the library at Conrella till centuries after she passed away.


Thelmos and Eliza might have been there that thousand years but it's obvious that they were happy doing their own thing most of the time. The reason they didn't make a King their slave was because it would have created more work for them.


The Crowned Prince doesn't make Kralaide go backwards or forwards. Ends up with a few women and several children.


The Princess, daughter of Richard and the Queen, was named Helen. And the Crowned Prince's name was Samuel.


I didn't know the ending of this book, even when Mahnu found out she was pregnant. I just knew that I had to finish up with the box and Sedric. (tablet smashed by then)


I really enjoyed writing this story!


...Biggest Secret of All...

How Mahnu was able to create The Chest of the God's! The city Bena holds a secret that the Mahnu was forced to forget.

Try to take a guess!