Lovable Package


Lovable Package Chapter 17

Today's Su Tang seems to particularly love acting spoiled.

    He embraced Ling Si's waist, his voice is also soft and sticky, like a little white tender sugar package, sticking to Ling Si's body, no matter how you try to shake it off, it won't fall off.

    Ling Si quietly sighed, in his heart he knew Su Tang is scared, no wonder, he has always been pampered and spoiled since childhood, has always been accustomed to being carefree and without worries, where has he ever experienced such as thing before, it may be assumed that he's unable to take care of himself, allowing the other party to add to his worries.

    "Don't be afraid, don't be afraid, come and hug." Ling Si gently smoothed down Su Tang's hair, only then did he pick him up, this little rascal's body is quite thin, hugging him is indeed soft, the fragrance of milk from his body wafted into his nose, comfortable and enjoyable.

    Su Tang especially enjoys acting spoiled, especially when someone is pampering him, he is even more delicate, stretching out his hand to hold onto Ling Si's neck, and leaned his head onto the other party's shoulder, very obedient, very sticky.

    And then he began to stare at the side of Ling Si's face, super seriously.

    Ling Si was stared at till the point that his face became steaming hot, but in his heart it's a bit dark and invigorating, but his ears are especially hot, may have already been red, in order to cover up his nervousness, he finally coughed out a sound, slanting his head to ask: "why are you looking so closely, afraid I'll get lost?"

   "Ń "Su Tang nodded, the arms around his neck tightened, softly saying:"If I hold you tight, you won't be able to get lost. "

    Ling Si smiled and asked: "Do you want to tie me with a rope to hold ah."

    "Can I?" Su Tang is actually somewhat eager to give it a try.

    "You actually take it seriously ah." Ling Si is dumbfounded, only pointedly looking downwards at Su Tang's head and said: "Even if you do not tie me, I will be at your side every day, I am a large individual, how can I be lost?"

    "Wú ... ..." Su Tang only grieved squeakily, his heart unbalanced, then bit down on the other's ear, revealing neat rows of small teeth.

    He sniffed and sniffed, his face triumphantly, pulling Ling Si's ear and said: "In the future your body will have my smell, if your lost I can follow the smell and get you back."

   "Ah, then I'll rely on you in the future "Ling Si said as he laughed, at that point the depressive mood scattered, the other party is truly his little darling, as soon he sees him, no matter how large the worry it'll disappear.

    Su Tang nodded his head, and leaned on his shoulders humming.

    While returning back to the Prime Minister's residence the sky became a bit translucent, after helping Su Qing in arranging for accommodations, Ling Si held Su Tang and entered their room.

    He set up the cotton padded mattress properly, and placed a speck of fragrance on it, he then looked back, Su Tang wrapped in the quilts looking at him with his large sparkling eyes.

    "What happened, could not sleep?" Ling Si blew out the candle, only then did he turn over to face Su Tang's direction.

    The room instantly darkened, only the incense burner is still lit with a weak light.

    A light fragrance permeated, covering some of Ling Si's body smell, Su Tang is somewhat not used to it, he threw his pillow aside, withdrawing into Ling Si's arms, and said muffled: "Not sleepy."

    "Then I'll coax you?" Ling Si stretched out his arm, so Su Tang can use it as a pillow, slightly lowering his head, softly asking.

    "Okay." As soon as Su Tang heard it, immediately obediently closed his eyes, Ling Si brought him into his embrace, gently patting his back, like comforting a baby, coaxing the other to sleep.

    Maybe it's because the other party's action were too gentle, and gradually felt sleep surging, then entered the land of dreams once again.

 A good night of sleep.

    When waking up on the second day, the room is very quiet, curtains hanging, the light did not penetrate through, it's like the night. Su Tang stretched his body, reaching out, did not feel his Ling Si, only a cool bed.

    He panicked, he lifted his head to look around, and found that fragrant incense has long been exhausted, he ran barefoot to pull apart the curtains, discovering the sun has already risen to it's pinnacle, Ling Si isn't here, he ran away by himself.

    Su Tang suddenly felt wronged.

    Yesterday he said good he won't leave him, coaxing and kissing, apparently it's all a lie!

    Su Tang thinking of this, did not bother about anything else, and ran out the door wearing an unlined garment, there are two maidservants guarding him, apparently not wanting him to go out.

    However how will Su Tang want to listen to their words, boring ( T/N : make one's way through) a space to slip out, the maidservants chased in the back, he ran in front, as a result of looking back while running, he accidentally ran into people.

    "It hurts." Su Tang because of inertia fell downwards, the man quickly caught him, and said: "how did you run out?"

    "In order to find you ah." Su Tang shouted out the sentence, wanting to stomp, as a result the pebbles cut him, he felt some pain, a little temper flared up in his heart, then turned around to not look at Ling Si.

    "Āi, how are you ... ... ń?" Ling Si seeing him barefoot, became incredibly distressed, just wanted to pick him up, then he saw something, and promptly took off his clothes.

    In the back the two maidservants caught up, suddenly they felt very shy, feeling that the two people during the day **, covered their eyes while slipping away.

(T/N : There was literally a ** in the text, so as a reader piece in what the maids thought they were doing XD)

    "What's wrong?" Su Tang also discovered something is wrong, quickly turned around, to see Ling Si's expression is strange, his hand also pointing towards his direction. Stroking there.

    His face unconditionally reflexively turned red, but still not as red as a swearing hoodlum, his butt has been groped once again.

    "You're ... ..." Ling Si inhaled a deep breath, dragging out a large hairy tail, from the root to the tip of the tail, extremely fluffy, feels particularly good.

    The tail is white, doesn't have even a single miscellaneous hair, glowing a bright silver under the light.

    Two pairs of eyes met, Su Tang just felt his ears are itchy, his heart sank, and then reached out and touch, only to discover his white pointy ears are popping out.

    "Ah, what should I do!" Su Tang is scared to death, and quickly reaching out to cover it, thanks to Ling Si's cleverness, taking off his outer clothing to cover Su Tang's body, only then is the tail and ears covered.

    And then immediately brought him into the room.

   With no one in the surroundings, Su Tang with this type of appearance causes others to look, otherwise he will be regarded as a monster that's been caught.

    "Where did you go?" Su Tang sat on the bed, stretching out his legs for Ling Si to take a look.

    "Set up a few demon arrays, afraid you'll worry, so I did not wake you up." Ling Si finished, then did he look up to look at Su Tang, the other parties ears are tilting all the way to the back, a look of grievances at a glance.

" Ling Si finished, then did he look up to look at Su Tang, the other parties ears are tilting all the way to the back, a look of grievances at a glance

(T/N : An example of ears bent backward )

He stood up, and rubbed the other party's sharp ears, fluffy, hotter than the temperature of a human body, with an unexplained event of demons and gods at work he used his fingers to press it together, Su Tang promptly trembled due to sensitivity.

(T/N: unexplained event of demons and gods - something that happened with reasons unknown or unexplained)

    "Can you withdraw it?" Ling Si was not willing to let his hand go, and approached somewhat closer, pretending to check.

   "Probably, my yao li was just restored, so I was not able to control it." Su Tang said with a little lack of confidence, he secretly tried it by circling his yao li, his body flashed white light, ears and tail disappearing, but still stayed as he is.

(T/N : yao li - demon power)

    He was embarrassed with a  red face, quickly trying to justify: "that, I ... ..."

    "I'll help you." Ling Si stared at his tail for a long time, his gaze deep, like a big gray wolf lying to a small white rabbit saying: "Be good, you lie down, I'll help you give it a try."

    The author has something to say: Amway my wife text 《Elegant Grandpa's Ten Thousand Fans》