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Lovable Package Chapter 16

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 Lets get to the chapter


The demon spirits near the pagoda drifted away, chilly winds bursting, even the atmosphere took on a layer of pessimism, but a few gently swaying lanterns were filled with light, this light is not bright enough, not enough to dazzle, but warm enough, to disperse the haze within the two people's hearts.

    Ling Si looked down at Su Tang, eyes warm and bright, full of the other's reflection, as if his heart is filled to the brim with Su Tang.

    "Baby, can I?" He asked.

    Su Tang's nose soured, quickly covering his face, for fear his shameful appearance would be seen by the other person, wanting to speak and yet feeling bold and unrestrained, could not bear to disagree, eventually nodded, with a small hmm.

    Having said that, he was somewhat impatient, quickly separating his fingers a slight crack, secretly using his eyes to look at the other party, Ling Si is laughing, not like the past when it was subtle, rather somewhat triumphant, he rarely laughed, Su Tang thinks in his heart, he is probably very happy, happy just like himself.

    Ling Si held his hand and pulled it down, holding him whilst facing the low mound, the two bowed down, worshiping heaven and earth, worshiping parents, and finally facing each other, clenching each other's hands, as if to never separate.

(T/N: In Chinese society when a couple gets married, there is a traditional ceremony. The newly bride and groom must bow before heaven and earth, then their parents and then between themselves, before they become husband and wife)

    Green gray tablet flashed light, across the top of the two people's heads, like the elders gently stroking them, the wind stopped, the fog is also light, the ray of light encircling towards the heavens, turning into a vast sky of glistening stars, always blessing their own children.

    Su Tang raised his head, his face is red hot, Ling Si held his hands within his palms, but the other party also placed a light kiss on his lips, Su Tang seems to have been shocked, eyes blinking, drooping curved eyelashes.

    Ling Si's heart suddenly jumped very fast, he can not wait to go back, he wants to advance forward together at once, he wants to love his baby well.

    Sometimes people can not control themselves, probably the so called feelings of self repression, Ling Si stared deeply at Su Tang, those rational things have long been left behind, can only reach out to embrace his beloved baby, then walked next to the stone pillars, to avoid the mounds and towers, leaving the evergreen pine and cypress to cover their backs.

    Su Tang shouted out surprised, his heart may have guessed something, but did not push the other away, his face even a little red, because he just cried before, the eyes are also glowing with layers of mist, and could not help but blink, he looked at the other in this way, both innocent and shy, there is no mature charm of a fox demon, but it is enough to let Ling Si mind turn upside down.

    "Do not be afraid, just kissing you." Ling Si coaxed him, and leaned on him and began to kiss him slowly.

    Su Tang immediately became shy like a small fox, quickly closing his eyes, did not even dare to look, behind are the cold stone pillars, in front is a warm embrace, he did not think at all, just directly forged ahead.

    Ling Si smiled and began to kiss his smooth forehead, and then slowly went down, licking away all the tears, kissing his eyelids, nose, and ultimately his bright red lips.

    Su Tang's lips are very soft, very sweet, with a taste of milk, after a few more caresses, Ling Si could not stop, and then sucked, and then opened the petal lips, to taste more in-depth things.

    "Wú ... ..." Su Tang issued a sound a cat generally makes, eyes suddenly opening, unable to tell if he's scared, more of astonishment and blushing with shame, between their mouth and teeth is the taste of one another, intimate yet inseparable, very comfortable, he was about to submerge.

    Ling Si's handsome face is right in front of him, Su Tang is reluctant to close his eyes, he seems to be foolish to allow the other to plunder him, eyes blurred, he cleverly and docilely placed his arm on top of his shoulder. 

    Ling Si simply could not stand it, he reached out to the other person, wishing he could swallow the person whole, his tongue pried open the teeth, drilling into the other's mouth.

    The dense fragrance of milk interlaced between the tongue, Ling Si resembled a hungry wolf for a long time, greedily sucking Su Tang, tongue licking, extremely gently and soft, enduring patiently and yet somewhat frantic.

    It seems that the kiss between the lovers are all self-taught, Ling Si eagerly kissed Su Tang, following his instinctive demand, licking, it seems to be never enough.

    Zizi, the sound of water sounded, Su Tang is already kissed by Ling Si till his body became limp, his brain in chaos, the numbness spreading throughout the body, the mouthful of air has long been taken away by the other, he whimpered and wanted to push the other away, but it resembled a coquettish act to seduce Ling Si and he showered more love and care on him.

   Who knows how long this went on, when Ling Si finally withdrew his lips, pulling along a line of silver, Su Tand has long became a pool of water, mouth slightly opened, glistening brightly colored red.

    Ling Si seeing him like this, could not help but advance forward to exploit this opportunity, Su Tang was scared into waving his hand, panting and whispered: "No, no more, I'm a bit ... ... that."

    Speaking, his face reddened.

    Ling Si was stunned for a bit, then laughed lowly: "Me too."

    In fact, he was embarrassed to say that when he was holding Su Tang he had a bit of a reaction.

    But even so, the two people are not willing to separate, adhering themselves together in the embrace, feeling extremely happy, the slightly cool wind blew, it just blows off a lot of heat, Ling Si patted Su Tang 's shoulders and asked: "Do you know after the fall of the demon king, if the next demon king did not take over, how long can his Dharma protect the world?"

(T/N: Dharma - the principle of cosmic order)

    "Twenty years." Su Tang said, suddenly remembering now is that twentieth year.

    "Remember the magic that escaped from my father's hands?" Ling Si asked.

    Su Tang nodded, the two already have the answer within their hearts.

    Every demon king a light law to protect their body, when they fall, the light law will separate itself**, illuminating the demon and human world, and with the passage of time, the original strong law will gradually decay, until the reincarnation of twenty years, the blessed light of law will disappear without a trace.

    Under normal circumstances, shortly after the death of a demon king, there will be a new demon king to continue to bless the human and demon world.

    But Ling Si is only a half demon, his blood has not yet awakened, those demonic things spotted the opportunity, only to prepare such a ritual.

    As long as the law of light dissipates, the suppressed magic from twenty years ago, as well as the magic escaped from the hands of the demon king, will at this moment restore it's body of freedom, they need to live **to do the body, but also need to polymerize in order to bypass the spirit array to absorb the spiritual energy from the human world even more, in order to break through the enchantment of the pagoda tower, to obtain a new life.

    Those eleven missing girls, fear it is for the sacrifice.

    Originally Ling Si has not yet thought of this, knew that the devil wore a face similar to his own and appeared behind them, he realized this one reason.

    Because when the demon accumulated a certain grudge, it will turn into magic, magic has no heart, no facial features and body, he turned into who it resented the most, so today that magic, turned not into Ling Si's face, but his father's.

    Ling Si casually played with a piece of copper coin, raising his hand and threw, the copper coin flew to the pagoda tower, but it didn't approach, they heard the buzzing sound from before, around the tower appeared an enchantment, and in turn that money flew back to the hands of Ling Si.

     As expected.

    Ling Si placed the coin back into his pocket, before turning back to Su Tang saying: "Let's go, we'll go back and first rest."

    Fear and worry once again influxes in Su Tang's heart, he clearly knew the other party is the protagonist, but is still afraid the demon in the pagoda tower will hurt him, he was scared till the point of trembling, a slight chill from the pit of his stomach spread throughout his body.

    "Ling Si." Su Tang could not help but grab the other person's clothes, bringing the person entirely into his embrace, encircling his hands round his waist, he whispered when the warmth reached him: "I'm so scared, you hug me, okay."

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