Look for Avenir


Look for Avenir Volume 1 Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Inspire Engine?
Light emanated from between Beston Krieger’s eyebrows. The
mark left by the bullet on his now-veiled-in-eternal-bliss forehead
his now-veiled-in-eternal-bliss forehead was shining like the light
on Buddha’s forehead, the light that’s said to shine on all.
Honore sees it too, and the reason the first lieutenant’s
subordinates on either side of him are quiet is most likely because
they see it as well.
“Guh! Uuuuuh...” The woman in black started groaning and
kneeled down by the giant’s face.
Her quiet weeping continued, obscured occasionally by the
sound of swooshing dust.
Had the weight of the sin of killing someone made her regret
Honore was watching her from the corner of his eye, unable to
take his eyes off the light.
But that person came all the way here, chosen by Avenir. He
definitely doesn’t have any regrets even if he ended up like that.
That’s why this happened… were his thoughts, somewhere in the
back of his head.
“What do you think?” The first lieutenant spoke to his two
young subordinates.
“Huh? What do you mean, Sir?” answered the man
You fool!” screamed the first lieutenant, but Honore knew it
was directed at the corpse on the ground, not his subordinate.
There wasn’t any reason for it, he just did.
“I saw it,” said his female subordinate firmly.
“Saw what?”
“The light and an Angel Mark coming out from that man’s
forehead...” She was hesitant, probably because she was aware that
what she was saying was unthinkable.
Honore held his breath, expecting the first lieutenant, who was
a soldier to the bone, to hit the woman for that answer. However,
the first lieutenant took a breath, raised his hand up while squatting
by the giant’s arms and prayed.
The tanned, intrepid profile. The stubborn expression and glint
in his eyes he saw when he looked him straight in the face. This
man with the feeling of your stereotypical officer from Daisanka
paid his respects to the mysterious pilot. Honore felt that the man
himself wasn’t even aware of that. The
visitors who never forget respect for their enemies, even
subconsciously, are ideal Sergei-ists. It’s just boys like Honore’s
idealized image, not the one commonly accepted in the world. That
said, if you asked if Honore is a Leftist who supports Sergei’s
policy, the answer would be no. He simply admires cool things and
likes specialized equipment like Tender Gear. It’s nothing as grand
as a creed. He’s the kind of boy who has no intention of getting
obsessed with stuff like that and making his life boring. And
Honore is not alone in that, it’s a trend amongst the majority of
high schoolers these days. Girls, club practice and becoming a hero
are about all they’re interested in; in the case of students with
more-or-less defined objectives, their biggest concern is having
academic ability to move up to a university.