Legend of the Maestro


Legend of the Maestro Chapter 11

Ye Zhong looked at the mecha in front of him attentively and thought quickly on his feet. The human-shaped mecha was 3 metres high, and the silver shield in its left hand, under the soft light, was gleaming a mercury like color. The Flame Saber in its right hand, made from several flaming red rays assembled together, looked like a solid blade. The mecha's silvery armour made it look like a posh and chivalrous earl. Its golden forehead jewellery easily caught people's eyes, and they would lavish it with compliments.

This was an upgraded mecha for sure. The double-layered uranium shield was in the upper middle range of the mecha's shield, but it wasn't something that the Black Birds' magnetic sword could have destroyed. The Flame Saber's quality was medium, but could have easily cut the Black Bird into two halves with 3 strikes, or even slay it with a scratch at its weak point. The torso armor was of the Milky Way type, not only could it increase the defence capabilities, but was also light weight, thus, it reduced the burden on the engines. Additionally, there was also a hidden compartment for a gun, and long-range firearms could have been equipped.

Tough opponent! Ye Zhong's heart sunk. Just with a glance, Ye Zhong knew that it wouldn't be an easy fight.

If he had to evaluate this mecha, he could only think of the word "balance". Although each component was of the medium range separately, but if the user was competent in both defence and offence, this mecha's fighting ability was enormous. If Ye Zhong's assessment was right, its engine would either be the Parnam or Swordfish-IV, the only two engines that could have optimised the other components' performances.

Capable in both defence and offence, close and long-range combat, this mecha was a pain to deal with. It stressed Ye Zhong out when his first fight was to be with such a tough opponent.

However, he didn't despair nor feel intimidated. Living on the dump planet, he understood that the opponents he had to fight with wasn't usually his decision to make. The only thing on his mind now was how to win the fight!

Infrared gun? Even if his opponent was to stay put, the gunshots couldn't be more than a few light sparks. It wouldn't have damaged his opponent in any way possible.

Alloy dagger? Heck, man. If the dagger hit this mecha, it would be the first one to bend. There were no hopes in using it.

Fortunately, he wasn't at the end of his weapon spectrum just yet. The magnetic sword could have left some marks. However, those marks could have only damaged the Milky Way torso armor if he could have specifically hit it in one certain location. Which was not easy.

3 hits at the same place! This was challenging, Ye Zhong was shaking his head deep down.

But what can its weaknesses be? Ye Zhong carefully thought. Knowing how to thoroughly hunt, Ye Zhong was aware that every enemy had a weakness, and if he had managed to find it and strike it there, it would have been a fatal hit without much efforts. It was the secret for the weak to defeat the strong.

Its throat? Not wrong, since almost all human-shaped mechas had throats as a weakness. Due to the dense connection points there, with just a slight damage, mecha control could be lost. Moreover, if the mecha's neck was too thick, it would reduce its agility. Thus, except for a few fire-types of mecha's, the rest regarded its neck as a fatal weakness. The important point was that almost every mecha owners understood this very well, hence, and protected it properly.

Ye Zhong shook his head and rejected this idea.

The cockpit? No need to think any further, there was no operator who would want to risk his or her lives. Moreover, different from the throat, the cockpit situated at the mecha's chest, had the thickest wall compared to the rest of it. Looking at the magnetic sword in his hand, even if he managed to strike at the very same place repeatedly, Ye Zhong estimated that it would have taken him at least 10 hits to have pierced through. To be able to strike more than 10 times in close combat, the Flame Saber would have sliced Ye Zhong into 8 pieces already, not even his scalp would have been left.

What can I do? Ye Zhong was desperate to find a solution.

But time never waited. With just a ring, the fight began.

Ye Zhong cleared his mind and focused.

Jie Ben was lazing around in the cockpit. Below his tall nose was the smile that had seduced countless of women. His blonde hair was slightly wavy, naturally, like a prince from the fairy tales. He is noble and elegant, with every gesture full of the aristocratic aura. Looking at the Black Bird in front of him, mockery flashed in his brown eyes.

Jie Ben exclaimed "What an ignorant fool! You want to challenge my Apollo with a Black Bird? Hey, let me teach you a lesson today" with contempt in his tone. As Jie Ben had decided to 'teach' Ye Zhong thoroughly, as soon as the system alert sounded, he immediately controlled his beloved Apollo to leap straight at the Black Bird. Not only was his long-range firearm was inactive, he didn't even bother to use his double layered uranium shield.

Black Bird stood still, as if it had gave up and waited for its death. It is waiting for my strike

-Hey, what an unfortunate guy! But meeting me was your biggest unbecoming. Poor guy - Jie Ben clicked his tongue. He had been in a bad mood for the past few days, so this was a rare given chance for him to vent out. "I shouldn't kill off my toy just yet!", Jie Ben thought to himself, sneering and revealing his evil intentions.

The distance between the two quickly shortened. Jie Ben smirked, his Flame Saber vibrated slightly, mixing the real and fake attacks.

Jie Ben imagined that his opponent would have been freaked out by now and be totally helpless, and "swoosh", he would then chop off the Black Bird's wing, then, the real cat and mouse scene would have officially began. He couldn't help but grinned proudly with a handsome, but somewhat evil face.

The game just barely started, and Jie Ben already felt contented.

Why no shots? Ye Zhong was baffled, logically speaking, shooting his Black Bird afar was the quickest and safest option, so why would his opponent have chosen a difficult method over an easy one?

His opponent got closer gradually, and that weirded him out. A close combat situation without utilizing their speed, weren't they just an idiot?

Seeing the blade his opponent used to aim at his left arm, Ye Zhong was even more bewildered. Why would they try to chop off an insignificant left arm instead of attacking a weak point? Moreover, they didn't even bother using the double-layered uranium shield, leaving the mecha's chest exposed. This blade was, according to Ye Zhong, only flashy. The Flame Saber flashed out red-flower-like sparkles, soft and eye-catching, but it had no power and was at a terrible angle.

Ye Zhong couldn't have believed that a master with comprehensive knowledge of mecha modification would have made several silly mistakes like those.

Whatever that was, Ye Zhong wouldn't have overlooked such an opportunity!

The Black Bird's speed was boosted to the max within an extremely short period of time. Ye Zhong dashed to one side, easily got out of the Flame Saber's attacking range. His magnetic sword swung up diagonally. "Glish!" a slash, 5cm deep and almost 1metre long, appeared on his opponent. It looked like a mouth splitting into a wide smile, producing silent laughter. Not waiting for his opponent to react, Black Bird's left arm, with the optimal speed, smashed Apollo's chest.

The two mecha's with lightning speed crashed head-on. "Booommm!" the two mecha's were thrown sideways from the impact of the collision, landing with less-than-decent postures.

For a well prepared guy like Ye Zhong, such an impact was no big deal. He already learnt it from his basic training. Since he had completed the intense syllabus that Mu Shang provided, Ye Zhong seemed to have already known where he would have landed from the moment of the collision.

With a shocking speed, Ye Zhong's arms performed complex movements. The assisting engines at the Black Bird's ribs were like music notes, nimbly and precisely adjusting the angles of their spouts within 0.1 seconds.

Suddenly, the 12 engines' spouts opened, when Black Bird was about 20cm above the ground, a hand at its right hip spread out and slammed the ground before the body crashed down. At that very moment, Black Bird's wings changed angle, like a huge bird touching the water surface and flying away with its wings spread out.

Black Bird drew a beautiful arc, and its apex was Apollo, which was casted away.

Being a mecha for a beginner, Black Bird's speed was nothing to look down on upon. In a blink, it had already caught up with Jie Ben's Apollo.

The mecha was free falling, and Jie Ben's head was spinning around. His mind was completely empty and he couldn't react, thus losing his control over the mecha.

As if Apollo's throat was zooming out in Ye Zhong's sight, he was like a snake staring at Apollo's throat, entirely focused on it.

This was now the time! Ye Zhong howled, using all of his strength to swing the magnetic sword at Apollo's throat like a flash of lightning. He was like the ancient knights charging in and plunging a spear at his enemy's throat. With the maximum speed achieved, his strike's power was beyond what Ye Zhong could have even imagined, Apollo was like a rag doll, flung far away. Its thick neck as a pillar was only half attached now, the components inside were all messed up.

Almost with only his sub-consciousness, Ye Zhong had managed to win an impossible fight. Ye Zhong had prevailed!