LITTLE GOBLIN: Master, Don't Come Here!


LITTLE GOBLIN: Master, Don't Come Here! Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Pearl Blossom, The Goddess of entertainment

Zhong Qing’s eyes flashed but did not pass just any glance of him while she has been surrounded by the crowd in private lounge.

She did not notice that after she looks away, the man who remains silent in the corner suddenly looked up with his dark eyes reflected like the hawk, sharp as the light!

Today, they will just gonna shoot the scenes of someone in a supporting role that's why the director calls a rarely early knock off. In Zhong Qing's condition, it is not good to take a wash in a hot bath during in the middle of the desert so she decided to just stay in her single dormitory to think about the plot.

Her treatment to her crew is already the best. She's also the biggest producer of coffee.

Zhong Qing was also known as PEACH BLOSSOM in the industry of entertainment. Her identity is a young Chinese performer in Entertainment Circle who has a level of double-acting that is rare in most female artists.

Many people are saying that with the acting and works of Peach, the group owes her because 2 months ago, at the Jinhua awards ceremony, the panel awarded Peach for best actress for the both works and for beating all the female artist that has more than 10 years of being a success as an entertainer.

Peach is too young.

Two years ago, the 18-year-old peach was accidentally discovered by an agent that everybody was surprised on her acting then people rushing her to sign and all various resources are also offering her.

The Entertainment Circle’s goal is to beat all the popular actresses by Pearl. In the line of entertainment, the face value with the acting ability is more important than the capacity of technology these days in China.

Who knows, they're just collecting treasures for their group– Peach is not only a queen in entertainment but also of the queen of beauty because of her cosmetic-like-acting! And with her excellent conditions and strong backgrounds, however, Peach beat all the artist just 2 years of time.

But that was only her apparent identity.

The true identity of Peach Blossom is a GOBLIN! A hundred years of old just forming a human. She does not originally belong to the world because she is not a human.

Zhong Qing, as an ordinary person, her identity was being born into a wealthy family but suffering from an incurable disease that she was fighting for almost 16 years of her life because she's not willing to die.

But when she died, she will come back from the dead and her soul will appear in a white space binding a white light called system and system gave Zhong Qing a mission.

And the only reason why Zhong Qing accepted the mission is that when she did her mission, she will have a healthy body and able to live again. For her, who has been fighting for 16years in death, nothing is more than precious to live again.

But the task has a mandatory condition—every task, her identity must be a goblin.

In response regarding her mission, the system has always replied: “Sorry, the host's permission was insufficient, I cannot tell the answer.”

Zhong Qing:  “………..”

In order to live, she must suffer first!

Back to the situation.

The airtight window is half-opened but the hot air outside is sweeping over to them but Zhong Qing's fan doesn't work.

Everybody does not know why Peach must choose a script that might it was a mistake because she was shooting a film in an unknown cast filming.

While waiting for her coffee, a lot of big production is waiting for the Box office queen's fortunate and the poor cast, even the actor’s salary can only use the box office to mortgage.

But the fact is, only Zhong Qing, herself, knew the main reason why she's here.

Her mission target is Chang Zheng, one of the casts of the movie that she's filming.