Black Summoner


Black Summoner Chapter 21

Hello there, fmgandalf here. In the previous post of this series, several concerns arose. First, I was asked to translate from chapter 13. But if I want to keep the translation of 1 chapter a week, I do not think I can do it. Right now I am trying to translate one or two pages a day. so when I can I will publish what I have. Second, they asked me to change the name Krotto for Clotho. I used the first name since the previous translator used it. But if the majority prefers I can change it to Clotho. What do you think?

Chapter 21 Dark purple forest

One month has passed since we welcome Efir into our company. As originally planned, Efir was registered in the adventurer guild, and she was carrying out her requests while gradually getting used to it. Today is also in the midst of a subjugation request.

“Is it quite far, can you see it?”

I ask Efir who surveys the vicinity of a tree.

“There are no problems; there are three Elder Trent and two Blood Mashes.”

“As usual Efir has good eyes, we could say she is an eagle.”

I can’t see it at all. We are now in the deepest part of the B-Class dungeon [dark Purple forest]. Efir was already promoted to C-class adventurer. There were also many cases that the beginning is difficult, a rank rise is being achieved rapidly from there.

“Okay, the battle begins with a signal of Efir’s sniper”


Efir uses a bow as her own weapon. The other day when I told her to think about the skill allocation, Efir raised the skill of archery and clairvoyance to the limits of hand-held points. There was also a boost in the skill effect, she could handle the bow without problems, no, and it was too much. When she shot an arrow for the first time at the guild practice area, she hit everything in the middle of all, an amateur who touched the bow for the first time. The surrounding adventurers who had casually visited had their eyes turned into dots.

“Kro-chan, thank you.”

On the shoulder of Efir, Krotto who has become hand-sized is waiting. Even if it gets smaller, its strength does not change. I am delegating the role of a guardian.

“I will go”

She pulled the bow and released it. In the forest with poor visibility, the arrow is sucked into the monster without making the distance which might be hundreds of meters.


The arrow stuck into the head of the superb elder Trent, and the Big Tree which was a monster collapses while making a loud thud. It seems that the remaining Trents began to watch around. However, Efir has not been discovered yet.

“Well done in a maid figure.”

“That is a special order made by Efir; there are a lot of auxiliary effects only on custom-made,”

“Only for maids, is not it?”

“No, that’s not the meaning."

The maid outfit she is wearing now is made from Claire’s maid outfit for combat. Originally I attempted to create sewing skills, but unusually I was opposed by Efir.

“Let me acquire sewing, please!”

Apparently, the maid that Efir aims for seems to have to do sewing as well. Then, using the growth skill points gained in the level up, it is up to the power to build the current equipment. By the way, that battle maid dress is the third one. It is a crystallization of the effort that re-sutures with rare material obtained, raising the skill rank and recreating it.

If I could leave it to Efir, I got the blacksmithing skill. It was because I felt a limit on the quality of the equipment that I can purchase. In that case, I made the weapons and armor to suit each person! It was a little simplistic idea.  It was good until I got the skill, but I faced the problem of what the smiting tools and the place were. However, Rio, the guild chief, solved this. I was able to borrow a workshop at the guild. Under the guidance of a familiar craftsmanship and with the aid of smiting skills, I managed to be able to smith. After that is practice & practice. Lots of things are made up with thanks to that.


The third monster is knocked down while chatting with Gérard. Outrunning tactics by archery and clairvoyance are intense. This alone will end most of the battles.

“There are 1 Elder Trent and 1 Blood Mash.”

“Huh, my liege!”

At the same time as Gerald’s attention, a number of strong roots protrude from the ground. It looks like the elder Trent was aware of this. It's a B – class monster even if it gets rotten.

“It’s already over.”

With those words, two monsters lie down on the ground. Prior to the overwhelming wind pressure, Class B monsters cannot face forward either. Kelvin’s Heavy wind pressure gained more pressure and eventually crushed the monster to the ground. [TN I think that this kelvin´s heavy wind pressure is the name of some spell. I can't find a character with that name.]

“Muu, the eagle’s turn does not come around easily due to the activities of both of us …”

“Do not worry; it’s about time for this forest boss soon.”

A square where one big tree grows appears in front of us. Its height overwhelms the other trees, and purple fiery wood skin gives the viewer a sense of fear.

“This is a wicked old tree.”

“Hmm, it is poisonous. I do not want to touch it.”

“Gérard, do not complain. Efir, use the arrow of extreme flames (Blaze Arrow). ”


The target of this subjugation request, the boss of the dark purple forest, is this old wooden tree. It is a monster that is said to have evolved from thousands of older age Elder Trents.

“Gugogogo Bago Gat”

The wicked old trees that confirmed this figure move with an eerie voice. Wow, this is bad arms are growing. This is a wise old thing.

“I do not understand what you are saying!”

Leaping and delivering at ultra-high speed, Gerard’s sword cuts off the right arm of the fresh-growing wicked old tree. It has a bonus to release 'air jaw agito' as landing. It feels pain; the wicked old tree gives a scream while wielding the left fist.

“Mum, I’m not damaging the bark. It regenerates quickly.”

Even though it was just cut it down, the right arm was already regenerating.

“Gérard san, I will shoot the 'Arrow of extreme flames'! Please stay away!”

Efir can tell this to Gerard by sense talk thanks to Krotto. Besides Krotto's guarding, it is possible to have a simple communication between Efir and take it. Thanks to this, Efir can also join the subordinate network. Krotto, you wonderful child!


Gérard, who is benefiting from Sonic Boots, opens the distance in a moment, and the speed of this wicked old tree will lose sight of Gerard. Whether it was due to years of experience or a sense of crisis, the wicked old tree stretches the thick roots from the earth. The strength exceeds the 'wall Earth rampart of the absolute cliff' and imparts a poison to those who touch it. It is very robust. [TN sorry but the names of spells are this long]

The flames spread on all sides of the arrow, and the flame eventually converges on the arrowhead. The Arrow of extreme flames (Blaze Arrow) is a combination of red magic and archery, one of the original techniques of Efir. It increases power by the protection of Fire Dragon King, and the flame further expands.

“… Shit!”

The arrow that is released gave a roar and sprinkled burning heat. The barrier of the wicked old tree, which should have turned into absolute defense, are burned and melted, penetrating even the wicked old tree and burning it. It was like a blow of a fire dragon’s breath.


It received the Arrow of extreme flames in the abdomen. It is burning and hinders regeneration. However, though the old wooden tree still stops movement, it changed the branches to thousands or tens of thousands of sharp weapons and let them rain like squalls.

“Gérard, stop”

“Oh my liege, thank you for your help!”

With the "big sword of blackness" (Vortex Edge) Gerard received tens of thousands of the attacks. The branches decomposed and eventually, the sword reached the wicked old tree.

“Giga, Ga … …”

Leaving behind the end of the long story of the wicked old tree, the game was decided.