Kuishinbo Elf


Kuishinbo Elf Chapter 40

Here’s chapter 40, the start of a new arc, Fusion of the Soul: One Who Inherits.

Even though this chapter is only a few hundred words longer, it took me a few hours longer. There is also the part where I have to google a lot of things about seafood.

Anyways, here is chapter 40, point out any mistakes in the comment.

40th Meal The Summer's White Elf and Hermit Crab

The season is summer.

In this world, there is also something like a "summer vacation."

It last for one month, from July to August.

On the first day of the break, I went to the beach with my class.

And it is for 3 days and 2 nights. Yahou! ! (Delight)

Leading us is our homeroom teacher, Alp-ossan-sensei.

He's reliable so he was chosen … …

We wished for Stilva-sensei to participate! !

The breast! The butt! And the slightly dark, brown skin! !

Surely … it will be really erotic! !

But she wasn't able to participate because she had some other business to do … Too bad!!

Still, everyone in the class participated, resulting in an unprecedented number of students participating.

It will be tough for the teacher.

Usually, there would be a person that caught a cold and couldn't come, but this time everyone participated.

…… Being health is important.

“It’s the sea!”

Arriving at the sea, Linda started to run.

Following her, everyone also started to run.

After a three day journey to the east from Langsten Kingdom Capital, Philimichia, what awaits us is the Aquarune coast.

But it only took a moment with teleporter!

We were allowed to use it by the King, Edward's grandfather.

Such a reliable friend. (Evil face).

Before my eyes is an unpolluted blue sea.

It is extraordinarily beautiful.

On the beautiful sandy beach, there is no garbage.

A small crab can be seen moving around and the seagulls are crying "Mii" as they fly around the blue sky pleasantly.

This should be how it looks.

The oceans that I knew were all in a terrible state.

Well … I won't talk about it.

Comparing it with this world is too harsh.

The earth has too many human beings, and the civilization has developed too much.

In the past, the sea is probably also as beautiful as this.

The people on earth are losing things that should never be lost for their own convenience.

Understand that, I became sad and a little nostalgic.

“Let’s go swim now! I can't endure it anymore!”

Rioto is already in his swimming trunks.

Apparently, he was wearing them under his clothes.

You're too excited … calm down a little.

"Hey! Stretch first! Everyone, change you clothes and stretch before entering the sea!"

Alp-ossan-sensei is having a hard time.

You can no longer control the children when there is a sea in front of them.


The one who suddenly jumped into the sea was as expected … … Rioto.

Alp-ossan-sensei can cry now.

The other students are properly stretching before going into the sea.

Good, good.

I'll also start to stretch.

One~ two~ three ~ four~.

It's a secret that the stretches have depleted my stamina already. (Promise)

"El-chan, let's play in the sea together!"

Linda came over to invite me.

She is wearing a pink …… school swimsuit! ? There is such a thing?

The clothes in this world really is diverse.

Even swimsuits have a lot of different varieties.

The swimsuits being quite expensive is the same even in this world.

“Ehehe … … Do I look nice?”

Doing a spin, Linda laughed shyly.

It is a very charming smile.

“A, ah … you looks really nice.”

Her youthfulness has been emphasized, fully demonstrates her childishness.

She looks … …. very much like a kid … ….

“El … you haven't changed yet?”

Ooooh!? So bright!?

A white one piece with brown skin!

It's perfect! Hulitia! ! You understand it well! !

Seven years old and you're already so sexy.

I have no idea how much more destructive power you'll have in a few years.

When I was in agony at Hulitia's brilliant figure, I notice something moving in the corner of my eyes.

“What …… is that?”

"N? Ah, that's a Sea House. It's a docile creature so you can leave it alone~. However, it is really hard so don't attack one by accident~."

The Sea House that Alp-ossan-sensei told us, is really just a huge hermit crab.

Even when I get on, I'm pretty sure that I'll be fine … … I'll be fine?

"… … This is White leader! We will now move to take over the enemy's fortress!"

"White One! Roger! Moving in to support!"

“White Two! Leave the feint to me!”

Danan and Rick who understood my command, acted together. Rick's support is  "hug" and Danan's feint is standing in front of the crab with this arms stretched out and legs apart. (T.N. Just realize that Lick is suppose to be Rick. The lizardman from chapter 33.)

And I who was getting carried, was let go on the hermit crab's shell and started to climb, aiming for the top … … and finally I've reached the top. (T.N. Not sure who was carrying her, or when she was getting carried, but that is what it says.)

"We've taken control of the enemy's fortress! It is our victory!"

I declared our victory!

“Mission complete!”

Following, Danan declared the successful operation  … ….

“Bravo! Oooo … … bravo !!”

Rick raised a delightful voice! !

Then Danan and Rick hugged each other delightfully.

I folded my arms together and nodded in satisfaction.

Hermit crab-kun started to move at his own pace.

“What are you doing …?”

Silver drill-sama looked at us who were celebrating with cold eyes.

Well then, is it's about time for me to change now?

I went towards the tent that was set up on the beach and started changing.

Gosogoso … Okay, I've finished changing. 

Without further ado, let's show myself.

“Whaa … …”

“El-chan , that is …!”

“…… no matter how you look at it.”

Fu~kyun~kyun~kyun … … Perfect, isn't it? (T.N. Does this make it look more like a laugh?)

“It’s a diversuit!?”

“… … She's clearly aiming for the food.”

Yes, what I'm wearing is a diversuit!

My purpose isn't to swim! It is to hunt for prey!

"Let’s go~! Catch all the seafood and bring them up~! !"

Basabasa* I charged towards the sea. (T.N. Sound of her flippers.)

Shortly after, Hulitia and Linda followed.


Upon entering the sea, the cool water is suppose to cool my body that had been exposed to the summer heat.

…… However, thanks to the diver suit it doesn't feel cold!

My body is still burning! !

Oh well, let’s do the usual then.

“Fui~ … … This is a nice bath~.”

"This isn't a bath though! ?"

I'm glad, Linda properly retorted.

For the time being, satisfied, satisfied … ….

“Ok … … Let's start the investigation!”

Chapun* I dived in the sea.

…… I forgot to put on the goggles.

It is troublesome to go back up and put it on, so I'll just keep it as it is.

Fukyun! Only my face is cold!

It is a strange feeling.

Un, the sea amazingly beautiful, and there is a lot to see!

When I was floating around and looking at my surrounding, I found what I was looking for.

“First villager discovered!”

The first thing I found is a bivalve.

Is that an asari clam? No … … that is a surf clam! ?

Either way it’s a big one.

Let's quickly secure it and bring it up! (Sense of mission)

But before that … ….


I didn't have enough air! My lung capacity is too low! This is not good, me!

I wonder if I will be able to get that surf clam…

That guy was in quite a deep place.

Guu … … How can I get it?

…… That's it! In the past, I've deployed the magic barrier in a spherical shape.

Using that, wouldn't I be able to dive into the sea while securing oxygen?

As expected of myself, I'm clever…… (self praise)

“Let's challenge!!” (T.N. In English)

I deployed the magic barrier!

…Too bad! It didn't become a spherical shape at all! !

“Aruue ~?”

I tried it over and over, but the magic barrier always appear like a shield.

Why will not it develop into a spherical shape?

“Mumumu … Ah!”

That's right! That time, my soul was fused with Peachy-senpai!

Without Peachy-senpai, I can't manipulate the magic barriers as I wish.

It is frustrating.

But … you can't change my stomach! Show yourself, Peachy-senpai! !

Light gathered in my hand and … … an immature peach, Peachy-senpai descended.

“It's been a long time, kouhai. What is it today?”

“Long time no see! Senpai!”

I explained the circumstances to Peachy-senpai.

Sure enough, he was surprised, but he understood.

"I see … although the motivation is questionable, I'll help you with making it possible to freely manipulate the shape of the magic barriers. Well then, let’s do the fusion of the soul."

“Roger! Soul fusion !!”

I fused with Peachy-senpai .

The fruit still tasted youthful as usual.


“Soul · Fusion · Link system started.

Synchronization rate 62%, system all green.

Well then, let's start the practice now.

An important point of the magic barrier is an image.

Let’s see … First start with the image of a bubble."

I imagined a bubble as I was told by Peachy-senpai.

The magic barrier expanded into a spherical shape … … and it broke right away.

"Hey, what are you doing, letting it broke instantly."

"It broke when I imagined a bubble.”

Bubbles are just such a thing … … it's not my fault.

"Fumu … … well, it looks like at least you can make an image. Then, let's change the image. Next is a balloon, it is harder to break than a bubble and is bigger than a bubble."

” Leave it to me !! ”

I imagined a balloon … … then I got a flashback of an old memory of me inflating the balloon too much and it burst.

Paaaaan!* And the magic barrier exploded.

“Why do you always blow up right away? ”

” I don't understand … ”

Finally, even my magic barrier have come to explode.

Because of that, I'm surrounded by deep sorrow. Shikushiku.

After that, I managed to be able to keep the shape with much struggles.

“Hmm … … you somehow have managed to do it now.”

“Thanks! Peachy-senpai!”

We went into the sea to try out the effectiveness of the magic barrier.

The seafloor.

I'm able to walk around on the seafloor while enjoying the beautiful view.

Of course, I'm also gathering seafood.

They look delicious!

The spherical-shaped magic barrier made it possible to secure sufficient oxygen

It's able to last for 10 to 5 minutes.

As oxygen decreases, the barrier gets smaller and smaller, I have to go back up before all the oxygen disappears.

"The difficult part is … … moving around."

Movement is exclusive to only walking.

Since the magic barrier enveloped me, even if I try to swim, I would only be cutting air.

But since the magic barrier are resistant to water, even walking in water feels the same as walking normally.

Ah, slowly, slowly.

“Eventually, I would also be able to catch some fish.”

"To do that, you would need to do more training … …. There is no shortcut."

Senpai have found my magic barrier to be more useful than expected, said he will add magic barrier for future training plan.

"As long as you're disliked by the the spirits, you would have to get stronger in other ways. Magic barriers seem to be useful. If it becomes a strong shield … … it will also be used as a special mean of travel like this."

Peachy-senpai continues to talk with admiration.

"To be honest, you're the first person to use magic barrier in such a way. Kouhai, you seem to have a flexible mind. Use your knowledge and repeat various trial and error. That will certainly become your strength."

"I understand! I will look at the infinite possibilities of the magic barri-yu! !"

… … I put too much energy into it and I bit my tongue.

Please, overlook it! ! (White eyes)

We've played enough in the sea and we are now preparing lunch.

And as expected, I'm in charge of cooking.

"Occasionally, I would like to eat other people's cooking, ne…?

"Only this … it's because kuishinbo make such delicious dishes."

Everyone said together "It can't be helped!"

Furthermore, they are all smiling. God damn.

Well … I can't do anything about it.

Let’s start cooking.

The thing to make when we're at the sea is of course … … sauce yakisoba!

I confirmed that the big iron plate set on the table by the boys is sufficiently heated, I then carefully painted the plate with Butch Rabi's fat.

Next is the vegetables.

The cabbages are cut to the right size by the men … ….

Oi! It’s too big! ?

Furthermore this … … The one in my hand can be cut into so many more pieces! !

Who is it! ? The one that cut this one! !

Bikibiki … …!!

“Ei! Don't know! !” “It’s the same if you eat it!” “Agree!”

Jaaaaaaaaa* … … this is a good sound.

I love this sound.

Next I want to have carrots, onions and …… green peppers, but I had to abandon that while crying because a lot of them dislike it.

Apologize to green peppers!

When I'm free, I could hear the familiar sound of Butch Rabi's meat frying.

Let's enjoy various textures with various parts.

Roses, loins, shoulder loins, peaches, fillets, arm, anything.

Cartilage, ear cartilage, throat cartilage, stir fried and salted ……

Gan-chan's snack.

It will be crunchy and delicious, the alcohol won't stop.

If they're going to be combine, there will have to be beer.

And here, I put in the noodle.

Together with the vegetables, I joined it with the fried meat.

And finally, the finishing touch, the Worcester Sauce.

"Everyone! Be readddddy! Now … … I'll be adding the sauce!

Gata! Zawa…  zawa… (T.N. I don't know what this sound effect is.)

Everyone watching the dish being made got tense!

I cheerfully added the Worcester Sauce!

Shiiiii*! The best sound … … is followed by the fragrant of the sauce.

"Wow! !" The delightful voices reverberated on the beach.

After all, this moment is the best!

I quickly mixed the sauce with everything else and a good looking yakisoba is finished.

However, don't think that it is finish like this … … there is still one more key ingredient.

From my 「Storage」I took out one of my treasures.

That is … … Mayonnaise!

It is now completed with a beam on top of the yakisoba!

… … When did I get that illusion?

I also secretly made fried eggs! (Dark smile)

You can break the half-cooked yolk on the yakisoba, or you can eat it as it is.

It is up to you.

"Fukyun! Its finished! Everyone gather around!"


Everyone swarmed around the yakisoba.

The yakisoba disappeared in an instant.

The criminal is definitely Rioto. (Conviction)

! … … My portion is gone too! ?

This was still only the first part! Shikushiku

Next, I'll fry the seafood that I've caught on the iron plate.

There's clamor, scallops, and even abalone! Hyahou!

The surf clam will be boiled. My tension is rising!

Because there is soy sauce, I'll also make sashimi

Too bad that there isn't wasabi but … … its fine since the freshness is good.

Wasabi is expensive! ? It's a luxury good! Too bad!

Oops! The scallops' mouth opened!

Put in the butter and when it melt put in the soy sauce.

Ha ha! Butter soy sauce have the best smell. (Conviction)

I can leave the asari clam as it is.

Here! Be sure to drink the clam's juice!

The surf clam is now finished boiling!

It can go without adding anything! It's sweet~!

"El! I caught a fish!"

"Good job! Rai … wait, how did you caught that!?"

What a Rioto caught was a bonito. (T.N.Bonito is also known as skipjack tuna. Bonito is shorter to type.)

In his arms, it was moving around violently.

“Hold it for a moment.”

I killed the bonito and drained the blood.

If I don't drain it, it will smell fishy.

After I finished draining the blood, I sorted out the fish.

I cut three pieces from the fish.

Then the sauce that I'll apply is soy sauce with mayonnaise in it.

By doing this, surprisingly the fishy odor is suppressed.

I lightly grilled rest of the fish and cut it into bite-size pieces… add some salt and serve it to them.

It’s like I'm making tataki. (T.N. Tataki is a way to prepare fish in Japanese cuisine.)

Too bad that I can't make the actual thing because I don't have the materials.

“It’s a luxurious lunch …” ( I have not eaten yet)

When I noticed, in a place a bit far away, the hermit crab-kun from before is standing there.

…… It is looking this way.

I wonder if it also want to eat lunch…? 

Okay! Let me treat you to lunch!

I took out a large leaf from 「Storage」, put the dishes onto the large leaf and presented it to the hermit crab-kun.

"Here is hermit crab-kun's lunch. Now, eat it."

Hermit crab-kun seems to understand that it is his and started to eat the dishes deliciously.

“Wow … ….”

Hermit crab-kun finished eating was satisfied and left.

He turned around and clicked its claw many times.

I'm glad.

And I wasn't able to eat lunch.

…… I can cry.

Fukyun! At least leave some for me! (Regret)