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Kokoro Connect Volume 6 Epilogue

Kokoro Connect:Volume 6 Epilogue

This year's Yamaboshi High School's school trip has ended and a few days have passed.

About Taichi's selfish actions on the trip, he and the other members who proposed the plan together once again apologized to the teachers. After that, they apologized to the other students in their grade. A lot of people told Taichi that he wasn't at fault but he thought he must be the one to start.

On the surface, it looks like they were forgiven after the apology. But, there are probably people who were angry on the inside. It will take time to gain the trust he has lost. Anyways, he can only do it step by step. Dealing with the clean-up after defeat, they should be the ones to do it.

There's also Taichi's own failure. The "Love Boom" was also concluding, Taichi resigns from the public love consultation duties. Resign, the expression is a bit of an exaggeration but the main point is that the superstitious trend has died down.

One group of people who still are still saying "As I thought, I want to share your luck" are still there but he said to them at that time "Believe in yourself! Doing that will open a path! (with that kind of nuance),

The reality is that, it went so well that he heard it only about two times.

Well. the result was like that.

From then on, Taichi and Kiriyama were responsible for the people where they interfered with because of their advice and then after they decided that they will answer to that responsibility. They generally didn't know what they can do and they shouldn't get awkwardly too involved but they only promised that they will not forsake it and run away.

And then, Taichi decided on his future.

"Anyways, I think I will continue with sciences."

The five second tears and the two first years have gathered in the StuCS clubroom and Taichi announced that.

"Ohhh~sicence!? But….. recently Inaba's lovey-dovey level has increased and increased so isn't because of that that it's better to be together?"

Like a prank, like a provocation, Nagase said.

"You, you're wrong! I thought about it carefully!"

"Hmph, being confused by that poor decision, the bond between us two isn't that weak.

"Inaba's "Dereban" already…….somewhat entered the hall huh?'

"Yui and I being in arts together is the proof of our bond! That's because it's not like either of said it so it's like when we said "Let's go" at the same time and the both of us ended in arts! Amazing huh!"

"……I wonder, maybe I should change to science."

"Why Yui!? Even though we're a couple, you're not going to be nice to me!?"

Even though they are dating, Aoki and Kiriyama haven't changed.

"huhu….. I'm joking."

Kiriyama cheerfully laughed and Aoki also said laughed and said "That's right."

Correction. They changed a little.

"So….so Taichi-senpai's super-hyper dream, what is it!?"

Enjouji's eyes with anticipation were glittering as she asked. Her raising the hurdle is harsh as usual.

"…..yeah, well, what was it? ……I had been thinking about what do I want to do a lot but as I thought, possibly the "I want to save" desire, it seems like I wouldn't let that slide. That is why I thought that I will seriously follow up on that."

Taichi said. He talks about the dream he drew himself.

"Right now you seee…..environmental problems have really been screaming out loud. And, there are considerably many unpleasant disputes. Not knowing the way, as long as I go to the faculty I should be going, from now on I will study……"

"You…it can't be that……."

Inaba's shocked expression emerged. What? His girlfriend making that kind of face makes it more difficult to say. To make matters worse, everyone else made a face saying "Is he serious.....?"

But Taichi has decided to say it out loud.

With his own will, I decided my own path. Because if I don't express my own opinion, the story won't begin.

Because I want to begin the story that belongs to only me. Taichi thought.

"I, want to save the world."

"Ahahahahaha!" "Hahahaha!" "Wowww!" "Ahahahaha!" "Heh?" "Whoah!"

Six people and six faces, everyone laughed with all their might.

"I didn't say don't laugh but……you guys are laughing to much! All of you!"

Taichi interjected.

"You're wrong Taichi…….Huhu, we're not making fun of you", said Nagase.

"No, it hasa an amazing feeling" said Chihiro.

"Ha ha ha! Aha ha! Ah~….., I laughed."

The one person who laughed until the end was Inaba.

That Inaba says.

"But, really, a guy who can say that as his own drean, that isn't normal."

And then Inaba's laugh intensified.Inaba then gives him the best praise.

"But seriously, …..you're extremely cool."


Being told that directly infront of him, he was unbelievably embarassed.

He thinks it was honestly stupid. He thinks it's alright to be stupid. If that is the "dream" he himself decided based on his own desire. With only that thought, until when is it alright to stay as a kid.

If he can be able to look hard at reality, then to the best of his ability a grand dream will appear out of nothing, and while it shines a light on the road brightly, it will be alright to walk on that road.

Of course, Taichi didn't think that with his efforts alone, saving the world will be a minor thing. Climate change, or environmental destruction, or food shortage, or energy crisis. There are a number of problems on Earth. He wants to spend his life contribute to solving one of those problems, even if it's just a litte.

I have decided that I will fight. Defeated and crawled up from there. If I don't die, then no matter how many time I amdefeated if I stands back up, then I will complete it. Because of this time's defeat, I noticed many things.

Myself as I am.. Making sure of that is something important. But, because of myself as I am, is it correct to accept that and give up without any thought? No, that's wrong.

Accept myself. But, don't give up on myself. Because that is similar but different.

Being able to change is being that all the time.

That is why, I will move forward.

Holding up my own belifs, not leaving decisions to someone else, with own will decided on the direction, and go in that way.

Go towards the ideal self.

Go towards the ideal "dream".

That is what is called, living.

"Ah, about that Chihiro" said Taichi.


"You know, it's about the first year kid you talked about who wants to discuss about love advice from me. …...I'm no Love master, I don’t have any fortunetelling powers, and I don't have any good luck power…… If that Yaegashi Taichi is ok with that kid, tell him for me that I will go on with the advice."


With that, Chihiro nodded and pretends to be calm. But somewhere, it looks like he is very glad.

---Ahh, and also.

It seems that our daily lives were forgotten but it's about the supernatural which for some reason still on our minds.


Really really.

Really really really.

Really, if Heartseed is no longer here anymore, are the supernatural really all over?


"…..Hey, Heartseed. What? Over? Is it over? …..Really?"

"…..Ah…..hmmmm….it seems that way….."

"Hmm. You, …..It looks like you found something?"

"………………Who knows?"

"Hmm. Even though there's no point ……I don't get it. But…… It's not over, right? There is, still one thing left to do right?"


"The last thing, is for everyone's memories to be erased, then it will be over right?"

(Kokoro Connect Random Dreams The End)