Knights & Magic


Knights & Magic Chapter 56 part1-4

......Two huge existences are walking between thick dense trees.

Its height is around 10 meters which classified as "Duel Class Demon Beast" since the most resident of the forest without a doubt is a demon beast.

There is a beast which even demonstrated the mighty destructive power by utilizing a super-physical force via "Magic Phenomenon" which is a unique trait of this world.

Yet, these two beings figure is far different from those demon beast characteristics.

That because they are wearing an "Armor" which made from a processed crust of bone and monster leather.

A muscle build is visible from beneath its armor and its bodyline shows a symptom of breathing.

Furthermore,  this two beings even walking on the land with its two legs.

That right....these two being's identities are very human-like, a giant human living form...that usually called a "Giant".

In this forest, there are many activities of duel class demon beast as the large trail of a beast path often visible.

Now, The two giants were walking on the wide gap path which demon beast opened up the forest.

One of them looking around the vicinity with his large one eye under the helmet which made from a processed beast skull. 

A primitive ax which made from combined huge log and stone in his hand...although it looks crude, Its weight alone should be enough to deliver a devastating blow...has held in a ready stance, He keeps walking forward and be on guard at the same time.

Again, When looking at the other giant who besides the "One Eye" giant, He got a different characteristic as he has a bigger body which displays a robust strength.

Although his armor like the one eye, his armor is more decorated with various furs in various place.

The great difference is the eye under his helmet.

There were three eyes, each one is smaller than an eye of the one eye on his face.

In another word, He is a "Giant with Three Eyes"

Unlike the one eye giant who keeps nerve looking around him, The three eyes giant did not even pay attention to his surrounding and only keep moving forward.

In due time, The one eye become delayed and when he tried to hasten his pace, the scene of the three eyes giant's back entered his vision.

There, Something very prominent object on his back.

A long object wraps around in monster leather.

Looking at it made him recalled the situation how they got it.

The One eye giant open his "mouth".

[....Look like today was our lucky day right? to think that we even got a shell of *"Cretvastia", furthermore, an intact one....don't you think??...Tertias Occulus.]
(*TN: The Impure Beast)

Although He was called, The three eyes giant did not turn back.

[There is no scratch too. It was so boring!.... I went there to fight but the only thing I can do was only picking the left over...despite my eyes rank.]

[But....But that was a Cretvastia!! even *Fortissimo would get eaten alive. I can think that only Argos could handle it.]
(TN: Fortissimo is a title given to the giant brave who possess many eyes while Argos refer to the brave of 100 eyes or a battalion of giant brave....probably....)

The three eyes giant finally slow down his walking pace and turn back toward the one eye.

[But it would be more fun if something did happen...what is it? I never mentioned about go slaying the Cretvastia, you know? Beast? People? Anything will do, As a brave, I want to fight....]

Before the ferocity expression which lies at the corner of the three eyes' mouth which visible before him, The one eye can only make a hard expression.

The reason that the one eye seems to be timid because his position was only an Alumni-Gear. He can't brace up his mind, He just can't.
(TN: Alumni-Gear=follower)

[Anyway, Let report to the magician first. We should hurry!]

Finished his word, The three eyes resume his quick pace while the one eye also hurry up to chase him.

Then after a while, after they continued walking forward on the path that monster opened up a forest, They reach the exit of forest which seem to be a wide open area.

At that place, There is a settlement.

It is a settlement of the giants, The same being as them.

The building like a tent which made from a tree frame and covered with a monster's leather lined up.

The number seems to be less than 10 tents, The scale of settlement is quite small.

However, For the giants, There is no other place for them to go.

Of course, Each tent is very large size.

The quality of leather which use for covering a tent is the same as used for armor, made from a high-grade material that above the norm one.

It seems that such a material which obtained is used in another way besides made a house as well.

The two giants who exited the forest keep walking forward the center of a village.

The giants who live in the village begin to notice them and gathered at their sideway while calling out other.

The surrounding giants keep swarm them as they reached closer to the center, by the time that two giants reached the center, It becomes a complete encirclement.

Although every giant gathering here, The number does not even reach 30.

In short term, This is a small clan village.

The three eyes giant looking at his vicinity and begin his speech.

[I, Fortissimo De Ta Chasseur! Right now, has returned to this place after finished my battle.]

In response to his shouts, The villager encirclement being open a path lead to one place. 

At the end of a path lie the largest tent in the village, The giant start giants to that place.

The gathered giants in this place, they all have different trait characteristics.

Most of them have a large body befit of a giant while some of them possed a small body which mistakes as a child.

They also have a woman mix in. Furthermore, They also have a very distinctive look as well.

The number of giants eye which gathered in this place is not constant or similar.

The one eye giants and two eyes giants are mixing and made the most of village population.

There are only two giants who possess three eyes included Fortissimo who came back now.

Then, A giant appears from the center tent. 

The cloth which it wore was flashy, It seems to made from the material which rich in color among the grade that taken from a monster.

While other giants only wore a rustic fur-made one.

The unique trait of this giant can be seen with a single glance.

Many of wrinkles engraved on its visible face.

Its hand and leg also thin compared to the other giant, Its walk pace also slow. It is an old aged female giant.

But, There are "Four Eyes" buried in that aged face. 

Her facial also given a deep intellect and calm impression.

The three eyes giant down on his knee and join his arms. 

Both eyes closed and look up at the old woman with his middle eye alone.

Beside him, The one eye giant too, take the same posture, But his eye was not close.

[O... Marga De Quad Occulus!, I have returned from my battle!]

The old woman nodded and look at the two giants with her four eyes.

[You did well to come back. O braver! Did you win the battle?]

[No, It does not matter whether I win or not.]

The three eyes giant replied while not putting an air, A commotion came up at his surprising answer.

[Then, What did you get?]


The three eyes giant unwrap the package which carried on his back. 

It seems to be an object of crustacean monster as a thin long horn stick out from the inside.

The moment that it becomes exposed, The Old woman unable to suppress her exclaim word.

Later, The onlooker being to yell out as well.

[Oh, that definitely Cretvastia's......]

[Do you have a death wish? You are so brave! That's why you are a braver!]

[But, Does it seem strange? Why he did not name his victory and gain the fame?]

Regardless of the surrounding,

The woman of four eyes sent a questioning gaze with rugged eyes toward him.

The brave of three eyes begins his explanation.

[O Marga, Unfortunately, I am not the one who killed it. It already dies before we found it, we obtained it from a fallen carcass.]

[I see, Thus, It's not your victory, Isn't? Even so, Your resolve for a fight can't be ignored.]

He remains unchanged his posture.

[This is not all, What I picked up just only this one, There still many corpses nearby.]

The old woman slightly stretches her wrinkles across her face.

[....That. Is it true? just what in the world did them, at that disgusting disaster, and you even said it was slain that much of number.....]

[I do not know. The only thing left in that place was the carcass of Cretvastia.]

The old woman ponders at the story of the two giants, A commotion happens among the villagers.

[Since the Cretvastia was slain is a fact, Then, Is it not an opportunity for us?]

[You're right! We do not need to fear the mighty Cretvastia of Rubell clan anymore!]

[Got it.  Let's make a mandate, To raise a debate for new Wiseman!]

The excitement is flowing over the place, The four eyes woman lashed out her furious voice.

[Be quiet! Don't get it wrong, Never misunderstanding!]

The old woman admonished the mass by press a stick in her hand on the ground.

The Giants become quiet for a moment then immediately start to argue afterward.

[Now that Cretvastia has been slain, There is no reason to fear the Rubell Clan any longer!]

[The beast is not all the problem, First of all, Our clan already in lose in term of number, Although I don't want to admit it.]

The old woman managed to cool them down. 

She noticed a sign of incoming battle and decide to intercept.

The mass begins to calm down but at some point, There is a raised of the question.

[But, Magician too, Should aware it, right? Those guys do not deserve a seat. They did not manage to get the acceptance of the hundred eyes assembly in the previous Wiseman selection. Such a violent act is not allowed.  Surely, There is a need to raise a debate again.]

The old woman slightly narrows her four eyes that seem to be buried in a wrinkle, She deeply in her thought at that moment.

[Hear me out, Everyone. If there is a need to offer my eyes who is the only four eyes magician left in this place, I will not hesitate to do it. However, I'm already too old, While there still is an uncertain to succeed my eyes, I can't give it away lightly]

The Old woman piercing everyone with her gaze, Her line of sight end up a single person among them who also received her little pressured four eyes gazed.

The rowdy giants are all become silent uniformly, listened quietly until now, The hero of three eyes rose up and gaze at the old woman.

[Magician, We should inform the other clan first. There should be those who open their eyes and lend us their ear more now.]

[Don't be hasty, O Hero, Do you intend to repeat our previous mistake? Whatever by force or not, We could not stop the violence of Rubell clan. Didn't we end up fighting each other last time?]

The hero of three eyes stuck as he unable to reply.

The enemy of an enemy is a friend, such a logic can't be taken lightly as it does not apply all the time.

As a matter of fact, They already failed to cooperate with other clans against with the common enemy in the past.

[But surely, This will cause something to happen, although nothing will happen now as the path of an eye still yet to open....bear with it for now.]

Then after the four eyes old woman make sure that the mass has been calm down, She told him harshly with a dedication.

[O The hero of three eyes, Your courage deserve a praiseworthy. Although the Cretvastia was already slain, It still admirable.]

[I acknowledged you! to meet with the hundred eyes!]

The old woman, who is a village chief had acknowledged him, The three eyes giant received it cautiously.  

He raises the object which picked from a dead carcass.

It is their formally custom that member will be recognized thru a battle.

They will use a spoil from the demon beast which they killed it themselves to decorate their armor like a trophy.

This has a great meaning to them.

He greatly swings the object up in the position which easily to witness by everyone.

[Although this one was picked up from a dead carcass, However! Next one on my armor will come from the one which slain by my own hand, I definitely show you all!!]


The giants raised a war cry over the place in response to his shout.


The giants stepping on the ground while connecting their fist together.

Their cry shakes the air and resonates in every direction.

Part 2.

There is gaze which keeps quietly staring at the scene of giants that currently in high morale.

The gaze emanated from a people which standing on the tree branch that stick from a tree trunk.

Two figures which far smaller than the raging giant belong to a human race.

Eru and Ady.

They encountered the giants in the forest and decided to secretly follow an opponent that rival silhouette knight's size.

[Wh...What is happening??....Such a thing...]

A murmur of Ady who hug Eru with her powerful arm right now.

She is currently experiencing a full-thought processing at the unbelievable scene before her.

[This is surprising! not only the Giants were able to converse with words....]

Ady is not the only one since Eru also seem shocking as well.

The reason because.....

[....They should be capable of "Understanding" as well since We able to do the same thing.....]

To a human-like Eru's group, A giant is a very far existence.

They are not only posses a language but also have their own knowledge and culture as well, to the point that could describe as human type existence.

But the most unexpected thing is their word very resemble the same one that Eru's group had used so far. 

Although there is a different part it similar enough to understand soon.

[Just what is going on here!? ...What is.....these guys...? I thought they were a demon beast that resembles human shape at first, But I'm wrong.....]

Ady too is a knight-runner who experienced many battles.

Fight against demon beast as an opponent, whether a division class or duel class she never made a fuss.

Despite their destructive brute force that threatening, Because it is still in her understanding scope.

But, The scene before her denies her understanding at all.

An unknown feeling which can't expression by word harboring in her mind.

[In another word, They able to communicate via word. If they can't then....they won't able to talk, right?]

[Ehhhh!? Don't tell me that Eru-kun gonna talk with that!?]

Ady facial expression turn astonishment when she hears the absurd word coming from her hugging bear.

[As expected, I don't think we should do it whether it's safe or not. But, We can left it as one of our choices, right?]

[That is.....maybe truth....]

The girl firmly cuddles Eru instead of looking for an answer. 

Her state right now can go with any flow.

Eru is carefully listening to the giants who fooling around the place.

[Please take a look at the thing that they raising, A shell of demon beast.  Ufufu, They seem to call it "Cretvastia", Ahaha! I remember it, My enemy.]

[You seem to properly listen over there....]

Ady's  tolerance finally reached the limit, she leaks a long sigh.

[Eru-kun! really, although they look like a human, they are a giant that rival a duel-class demon beast, you know? they also speaking! this is definitely not a dream. don't you think that you should feel a bit of scary? don't you feel any uncomfortable?] 

[Not at all. because I can't allow a thing that I can't understand. Of course, I don't intend to investigate them more than that.]

For someone like him who keep observing the situation at his pace all the time, It would be stupid to feel shaking with only just this level.

The frustration leaves Ady soon as she begins to calm down and observe the giant.

[But, somehow while looking at them like this, something feels off. I can't describe it well but don't their word seem to be ancient? I have a hard time understanding it.]

[Although it like ours but as expected, some part still off, right?]

While they are watching, the Giants have finished their gathering and begin to scatter.

Some go back to their tent, Some go back to work.

While Eru seeing them off, He looks troubled by crossing his arms.

[Well then, How should we make a contact with them. Although they communicate with a word, Their movement alone already quite devastating. There was no trace considered they are friendly at all.............]

[Uuuu , as expected, Eru-kun seriously mean it.]

[Of course, They seem to have some kind of knowledge. Furthermore, They can talk as well. Let hope that they have something useful to help us fix our silhouette knight.]

Surely, It would be more easy for the giant to do that than a small body human.

But, just because they can talk, to suddenly go asking the (suppose) gigantic being with unknown culture to do a smiting work for you,

There seems to be a problem with that one's sanity parameter and moral gauge.

Afterall, his criteria base for the sake of his loving silhouette knight and will be useful for that task only.

Superb or not, His prejudice on the matter has no limit.

By no means, His way of living can't be changed.

Regardless of her attitude toward the giant, Ady uneasy scratching her head.

[Is that right? I wonder it gonna go well.......?]

[Even it end up failing, that just mean you can confirm that they are an enemy so our effort really not ends up in vain.]

As expected, She does not like the idea at all. Yet, She can't longer make any Tsukkomi and give up.

Although this way of method sounds reckless, They had no choice as it was necessary for them to proceed on.

[Anyway, We should gather information a bit longer. If possible I want to know their living culture so I can decide whether they are able to negotiate or hostile.]

[Then, Sneak in?] 

Eru nods.

[Suddenly go from the front the front would be no good. Let wait a while for the night time then sneak in secretly.]

Give the difference in size compare to giant, It would be impossible to sneak as it is now. But, despite his plan to sneak in with caution during darkness time, Ady still can't erase her vague anxiety.

[I hope they have some kind of smiting technology, besides than asking them to help us, I want to ask them a favor to recover Ikaruga too....]

Eru speaks while his expression turns extremely tight with difficulty.

Part 3.

Eventually, The sun fall, A night descend upon the forest. 

The falling moonlight shining awkwardly while a howling of inferior beast echoed among the trees.

Unlike the daytime, The giant village turns into a strange quiet settlement.

Eru group estimate the time that the giants should take their sleep at night and sneak in.

Black shadows run around the settlement and drop on a huge tent dotted in a village. The true identities are Eru and Ady clad in her silhouette gear.

They are small presence compare to the size of the camp awning, Thank that, They moving around almost undetected.

Besides, They are well expertise with strengthening magic, 

With their moving speed that rival of flying, They are hard to spot in this very darkness.

Soon, They reach the helm of a tent and looked up at the towering scenery.

[Somehow, I begin to understand how a crawling mouse would feel...]

[Well, Our goal is not looking for a food but the Intel instead, Shall we start looking at the moment?]

Ady's armor arm lower down and lift a hem of a huge tent where Eru just gently pointed at.

The couple secretly sneaked into the residence of a living giant.

The is no light in the awning, a totally pitched dark scenery.

Actually, There is something wrong with a hem as there are two-layer part and quite a gap between which light hardly penetrate.

Furthermore, There also a curtain which lay down at the entrance,  It blocking the moonlight.

The couple focuses their hearing to seek a giant position in the darkness since they heard a regular breathing sound, low and heavy tone mix interval. 

Since the giant doesn't appear to move, They judge that the giant is fully sleeping.

[But, I can't see anything.]

[Umu. This is a bit harder than I thought.]

The couple gossip with each other.

It is a dark environment with no light at all.

With this kind of vision, The investigation can't be done.

Nope, rather can't be done, It should say that they hesitate to turn on a light no matter how much deep sleep the giant is.

With this, They can do nothing but to give up.

[To think that I can't find anything like this, such a fumble.]

[It's dangerous....We don't even know where is the giant...]

To do a blunder move like awake the dangerous giant in this darkness, Such an idea would be a dangerous thinking.

In the end, They gave up on investigating and exit the tent thru its gap again.

Leave only the unchanging darkness and regular sleeping breath behind them.

----It should be like that but the sleeping sound was interrupted.

A powerful rising trace happens in the dark.

It is a big body moving swiftly almost like a beast without breathing.

Around that time, Eru and Ady's figure who got out already lost under the moonlight.

[As we thought, The giants are asleep at night. However, Investigate without a light is too hard to be done.]

[Then, How about sneaking during the daytime next?]

[Although that seems to be an only choice to investigate, As expected, It too dangerous. ....I wonder how should we do now....Ah!.....]

It was at that time when Eru try to think about his next move.

The moonlight radiance got obstruct, A big shadow covers out their surroundings.

The couple raises their face up.

What was there is a huge thing protruding from a tent----A head.

It sizes alone already exceed Eru's height.

The owner of a head can be nothing but a giant and the couple's figure who on the ground are reflected in its three eyes. 

Part 4.

A lone giant, Wiltos Fortissimo Tertius Occulus De Kaereus is stared at a small creature at his feet while furrowing his eyes. 
(TN: What a long name.....)

The current scenery almost made them look even smaller than before. he seems to grasp the identity of such a creature---Also its "Owner"

[So, It is a Goblin! for what reason does it is looking like this? .....Well, You punk are a small demon that Rubell clan kept aren't!?]


Even they understand the word themselves, Eru can't understand it means.

The giant who got agitated instantly grasped thing that was close to the tent in its hand then jump out at the confused couple.

[I think it already disgraceful enough to lose against Rubell clan's Cretvastia. But, To think that a mere small demon shows up really annoy my eyes!!]

[Nope, I think we have a misunderstanding here, you know?]

[Eru-kun!? This is not a time to answer calmly isn't!?]

A huge club striking at Eru who instinctively answered faster than anyone could expect.

A giant weapon with huge mass sinks into the ground, an explosive blunt sound echoing at night time.

The appearance of the stone ax which full of overwhelming force can be clearly perceived in the night time.

The three eyes of giant caught the figure of a little small demon in the dark.

In next moment, A great arm which full of muscle swing a stone ax with furious momentum.

A powerful blow from the giant who holds "Braver" title.
(TN: Also could be translated as "Hero" title too.)

A mere small demon couldn't escape from such an overwhelming destruction attack that happen from a striking club----That if it was just a mere small demon.

The couple here is the strongest knight order of Fremmevir kingdom, Leader of Silver Phoenix knight, Ernesti Echeveria and his disciple, Adeltrude Olter.

They don't even need to look, A gunlikerod already in their hand, A script which loads into magius circuit already finished its deployment.

For they who used it countless times, don't need to say how much they familiar with the magical phenomenon.

It is no longer a delay since they can execute it fast as they just thinking.

An atmosphere is compressing, gained a large amount of high pressured air and discharge due to the operation procedure.

Eru and Ady used "Aero Thrust" magic to leap.

Immediately afterward, A big axe just landed in the place that they were stood a moment ago.

The giant weapon alone already exceeds human height by great par.

A gleam explosive power land on the earth and its roar wake up the sleeping giants.


Seem like the three eyes brave title is not just a show-off.

The figure of a small demon who just leaps out a bit faster before his attack land reflected in the corner of his sight.

He unexpectedly opens his eyes in astonishment. A smoke that rise from the ground obstructs his vision.

[For a mere small demon to dodge my blow!?]

He is a brave---the only one who holds the strongest title in the clan.

Right now, A small demon that looks like a dwarf being just dodged his attack.

The reality before his eyes hurt his pride badly.

He gritting his teeth tightly, lower his waist as it is and start sprint off.

Breaking thru a dust into the darkness, seeking for the escaped small demon.

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