Kiss Addiction


Kiss Addiction Chapter 7

In this chapter, we will get to know Li Zhuoen respond to Yuhao's proposal... Anyway, even if Li Zhuoen is a rabbit but she is a brave rabbit... She isn't afraid our big wolf Chen Yuhao..  ^^


"No... I'm sorry, you just... what did you say?" Li Zhuoen thought she heard it wrong. 

"I mean, marry me!" He repeated. 

God, she didn't get it wrong! Li Zhuoen felt that today she met all kind of weird people, first origionally the man she intended to marry said to break up with her, and then appeared again such a person she didn't know intended to marry her, in the end is she crazy or the world is crazy! ! 

"Are you kidding me? I don't have the mood today!" At this point, Li Zhuoen felt absurd. 

"Do you think I was joking?" Chen Yuhao's voice sounded serious. 

Uh, look at him, doesn't really look like a joke, does he really want to... 

"Is it because i kissed you, let me be responsible for you?" Li Zhuo En felt incredible . 

"Do you think because I am a blind man, you can insult me so casually" Chen Yu Hao remembered the kiss, his tone sounded colder. 

"No! I... I don't want to insult you!" Li Zhuoen waved her hand again and again. If at first she knew that she had brought such a troublesome guy, give her ten courage, she didn't dare to stick to him! ! 

"Do you think you have any other option now?" Chen Yuhao's iron heart, must marry her, of course, this is not because of he had favored her, but because in all eyes, he and she kissed.

From an early age, he has been educated in the soldier's military-style education by his grandfather, and female love is very conservative, unless the object of marriage, it's absolutely not allowed to do such thing like today. What's more, this scene is also known by all of his family members!. So, anyway, he can only marry her! 

"If I say I can't marry you?" Li Zhuoen asked weakly.

"I don't force you, I give you two choices, first, you leave the city! Second, marry me!" Chen Yuhao mercilessly thrown her two choices. 

"Why should I choose only these two? I will choose c!" Li Zhuoen felt his tone is too cold, he really thought he is the Ninety-five! 

"It seems that you are deliberately trying to fight me, right?" Chen Yuhao's face sank, his tone suddenly dropped by eight degrees. She should have felt his voice was cold, an excuse of this statement, she really realized what is called "in the cold pit". 

"Well, I'll tell you the truth!" Lee Zhuoen knew that the frontal attack wouldn't work, so she took a circuitous tactic again. "In fact, I didn't agree to your request is because I am very ugly. First talk about my eyes, some people have always said that my eyes has never been opened! Then the nose, the students in our class all said I was a snub nose, it's like a direct two holes, and then I still have a crooked mouth, also my face has freckles plus acne, dark skin, coupled with the plateau red, oh, right, I have fangs!" Li Zhuoen vigorously search all words of the ugly side of human being. How ugly, she said...

In the end, she almost vomited, wow, If she really is such a person, then how ugly is it ah! ! 

Chen Yu Hao pressed his lips together, didn't utter a single word. 

Haha, look, it must be scared by her appearance! Men are like this, as long as the woman is bad looking, even just a glance will full of disdain! 

Li Zhuoen, how can you be so clever? How can I not love you? Li Zhuoen secretly praising herself, felt very proud inside.

"Do you think there is any point in appearance for a blind man?" Chen Yuhao opened his mouth and smashed her complacency.


This method works for all men, but she forgot, he is a blind man!

"Aren't you trying to get rid of someone?" Chen Yuhao recalled that before she kissed him, she said some words to a man, listened to the tone of the words, like completely in a broke up state with the man, "If you marry me, you can completely draw a line with that person."

For the first time Li Zhuoen was shaken up by his words. Remembered that guy should suffered thousands of knives, her anger raised again, listening to his tone of voice, as if he didn't have any objection to marry! In this case, it seems that his proposal is really good. 

And what's more! She is not the kind of people who aren't responsible for feelings! She shook her head vigorously, she can't for such scum, put their own lifelong happiness just to get revenge ah! He is not worth it! ! 

"I'm sorry for the kind of thing I did, but I couldn't get married!" Li Zhuoen bites her teeth.