King Arthur is my Waifu


King Arthur is my Waifu prologue

Prologue: Order, war

This was a large chess board.

There were black and white pieces densely covering the board.  There some pieces that were like chinese chess pieces, there were some pieces like traditional chess pieces, there were even a few pieces like military chess pieces.


But this was a map of the world.


The arrangement!

The heaven and earth as the chess board and the head of states as pieces.

How daring!


The person moving the pieces was someone that was as ordinary as possible and was wearing large round glasses, but no matter what he wore, he couldn’t hide the his beautiful face.  A finger like white jade gently removed a black knight and moved a white bishop into its previous position.  Then he moved a chinese chess cannon over the bishop to attack the opposite side’s king…...


Being forced by the cannon into a dead angle and the large dragon had already been exposed, the queen could only hostilely look over and the general could only look into space.  The other side’s king already had nowhere else to go…...

“16000 simulations…...I can only come up with this kind of strategy.”  Lifting the cup that was filled with liquid that was as black as coffee, but was actually medicine that was a hundred times more bitter, he took a sip.  Then he wrinkled his brows - “If it’s like this, there shouldn’t be any regrets……?  There shouldn’t be.”


Gently taking a copy of «The History of Great Britain» from the bookshelf at the side and using his fingernail to gently trace thin passages of english writing as he read.  Only as time slowly passed, his life force began to slowly leave his body.  

Finally his hand slowly fell down and knocked over the cup of thick medicine, soaking the book and the chess board.  The room soon began to start burning, just like a bright maple leaf.

{The flames are truly beautiful.}  Finally the youth being swallowed by the flame slammed down the «The History of Great Britain».  He chuckled as he enjoyed the beautiful scenery and then he silently fell into the flames.


June 6th, perhaps this was just another day to ordinary people, but it was the day that the world changed.  The chinese monster began to move out on this day!