Kaifuku Jutsushi no Yarinaoshi ~ Sokushi Mahou to Skill Copy no Choetsu Heal


Kaifuku Jutsushi no Yarinaoshi ~ Sokushi Mahou to Skill Copy no Choetsu Heal Volume 3 Chapter 13

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To take revenge on the hero of the sword, instead of using Setsuna and Eve as bait, I decided to throw away Kearuga and personally become the bait by turning into Kearura so I can bring her down when she assaults me. I will become Kearura… in other words, I will become a girl. I feel conflicted and fear.

I am traumatized by the hero of the sword. I feel great resistance to inviting that kind of person. I'm scared. However, I still have to do it. Unless I can overcome it, I can't make any progress from here.

We return to the inn, and like always, I give Setsuna and Freya plenty of love, then tease the taciturn Eve. Eve pulls the futon over her head and makes it look like she can’t hear anything, but the truth is, she had cleared her ears and secretly comforted herself. It's cute how she's convinced it isn’t exposed.

After we finished our deed, I lay down on the bed and started to think while faintly keeping my eyes open. Setsuna is clinging onto my left hand while naked. Her sleeping face is really lovely, and her cheek feels soft and squishy when I poke it.

"I'll disguise myself once I finish their morning training. Until then, I'll ready myself." (Kearuga)

The hero of the sword is the type that's picky about her taste. She won't stop by unless it's a good woman.

Although I can change my appearance with【Transformation Heal】, I can't change my gender. It would be impossible to make that woman reach out to me with just ordinary acting, considering I have a handicap which is that I'm male. I have to exhaust all of my energy and become a woman that surpasses any woman. Luckily, I'm on a journey surrounded by the most beautiful-est of women, so I can make good use of that experience.

Setsuna and co return home from their morning training. Recently, Eve has also participated in their training together.

According to Eve, being protected isn't good enough, and it seems that it's pointless if she doesn't become stronger herself. I feel both surprise and joy that this girl who only had talent without effort started to polish her talent. I thought that Setsuna and Eve were unusually close recently, but it must be because they were training together like this.

"Breakfast has arrived." (Kearuga)

It's not as good as the first inn, but this inn's meals are delicious. Therefore, I also left the decision of breakfast to them. Foreseeing Setsuna and co returning after they became hungry, I ordered eight servings even though we are only four people, but nothing has ever remained before.

"Kearuga-sama, today's breakfast also looks delicious. Eve, Freya, eat a lot. If you don't eat, you won't become strong." (Setsuna)
"Of course. A meal after exercise is the best." (Eve)

Setsuna and Eve's schoolchildren without lunch group jumps at it. They immediately start chewing on the bread, and wash it down with soup. The other person has a groggy face while making a bitter face.

"How can Setsuna-chan and Eve-chan's stomach bear it even after doing such unreasonable training… it is absurd." (Freya)

It seems Freya is considerably worn out, and she is having trouble dipping her bread into the soup while desperately swallowing it. Beginners will all become like this after receiving Setsuna's training. Eve is abnormal for being able to be so composed. Her adaptation ability is strangely high.

For a while, I watch the three of them eat. I secretly used a beginner version of【Recovery Heal】to Freya as well. It strengthens her natural recovering ability and heals her muscle pains. It actually has the opposite effect if she goes through unreasonable training everyday without healing her muscle pains, so I support her by healing her to a perfect condition everyday like this.

Freya becomes remarkably energetic and her eating speed increases. Estimating the time she finishes eating, I talk to her.

"Freya, I have a request." (Kearuga)
"What is it Kearuga-sama?" (Freya)
"I want you to do my makeup." (Kearuga)

I had used【Imitation Heal】on that field of art, but I've already forgotten it. In case I don't establish knowledge or abilities I gain from【Imitation Heal】, I'll forget it after a month.

I had taken care to periodically allocate important information and abilities so that I won't forget it, but by the time I realized it, the things I didn't care about were lost.
As one would expect, I hadn't thought I would need to use makeup. In addition, I don't have the aesthetic sense that is necessary for using makeup. Since she used to be princess Flare and grew up while being surrounded by beautiful things since childhood, I can depend on Freya.

"I don't mind. However, to think Kearuga-sama has a cross-dressing fetish…" (Freya)

Freya doubtfully says impolite things about me. What a rude person.

"It's different. There's a group that wants to burn this town down, and it's more convenient to be a woman to sneak into that group. It's not like I have that kind of fetish." (Kearuga)
"I am relieved. I was uneasy that you might even cut that off, which means that Kearuga-sama wouldn't be able to make love to me." (Freya)
"… You're worrying too much." (Kearuga)

Freya brings out a makeup set from inside her own pouch. It's something I bought after she seriously begged for it. I told her that makeup isn't necessary for a journey, but according to Freya, for women, it's apparently more important than armour.

In Freya's case, she is plenty beautiful without even using something like makeup, and probably because she is personally aware of that, she only lightly puts on makeup. According to Freya, that light layer is extraordinarily important.

Freya occasionally tries to put makeup on Setsuna, but whenever she tries to, she always escapes from her. It seems Setsuna dislikes the smell of makeup. As expected of a wolf.

"Well then, please sit down in this seat." (Freya)
"Wait a bit, I have something I need to do before that.【Transformation Heal】." (Kearuga)

I change my features, physique and figure to a woman's appearance. Since I can't change my gender, it's still attached, but my appearance properly looks like a woman.
Albeit modest, I properly have a bust, my waist is constricted, and my butt is bigger. … My centre of gravity is messed up, so it seems like it'll take some time until I become familiar with it. Since my muscle strength has fallen, my physical ability has also declined. In the first place my whole body is so soft I feel uneasy. As I thought, being a male is better.

"Wow, Kearuga-sama, you're cute. Setsuna-chan, Eve-chan, come over here." (Freya)
"Cute. Kearuga-sama, let Setsuna hug you." (Setsuna)

Setsuna jumps into my chest. Not metaphorically, but she actually buries her face onto my boobs and rubs it against her face. Because of Setsuna's face, my boobs are changing shape. U-, Setsuna's behaviour is cute but I have mixed feelings about this.

"… Your heinous insides have completely disappeared. You're beautiful enough to make a woman like me charmed by you." (Eve)

Eve also gives her OK. For the time being, my appearance gets a passing mark.

"But, I have seen the face Kearuga-sama has right now before. Ah, I know. It looks similar to Kearuga-sama's real face." (Freya)
"Setsuna has the same opinion. Kearuga-sama's real face is cute. That became even more womanly." (Setsuna)
"Eh, the malicious Kearuga's face looks similar to this!? It's too unexpected though" (Eve)
"… Please don't talk about that. I don't like my original face. It exudes naivety and childishness, so it's not like me. Without a reason, I wouldn't have picked this face." (Kearuga)

Just as Freya had realized, my current face is my original "Kearu's" face but more womanly.

There are two reasons I chose this face. The first one, is that if it's too different to my original face, I can't quite manipulate my mimetic muscles. As long as I'm overcoming the barrier that I'm a male, that demerit will become obvious. Therefore, I had no choice but to use my original face as a base.

The second reason, is that it's a face the hero of the sword likes. I was violently abused by the hero of the sword in the first world because she was jealous of my relationship with Flare, but it was also because she couldn't accept her desire for a man. That woman liked my girlish face. To give me humiliation, she forcibly made me wear female clothes many times, but the hero of the sword's face at those times showed sexual excitement.

… If I have Kearu's face while being a woman, that woman will unmistakably be attracted. And then, if I refuse, she will forcibly assault me. Because of that, my revenge conditions will be completed.

I should be thorough when I'm taking care. I take out an injection from my pouch.
Pricking it into the base of my neck, I administer plenty of liquid medicine. As I thought, it's effective when I directly insert it into my blood vessels.

The identity of that liquid medicine, is a purified, specially made potion that uses Freya as an ingredient. For a person to love someone, it's not only about their appearance or personality, and there are also things like smell or pheromones. This is something I'm using to obtain that. As I also have perfume that uses Freya as an ingredient, I use it at the same time.

I will contest with princess Flare's smell and pheromones, who the hero of the sword formerly loved, and Kearu's appearance which she was pleased with in the first world which has been remodelled to be more womanly.

That being said, there will be resistance against this potion which I administered into my body, so once everything has finished, I will completely erase it with【Recovery Heal】.

"Kearuga-sama, you really look like a girl." (Setsuna)
"If I don't, my infiltration strategy wouldn't succeed after all." (Kearuga)

I will experiment to see if my cross-dressing is perfect on someone other than the hero of the sword and obtain an item I need for my revenge game beforehand.

"Well then, I will start putting on the makeup. Since your base is really good, only a small quantity will actually be used, and I will try hard to draw out your charm." (Freya)

Freya approaches me while breathing from her nose. She's strangely full of eagerness. I have a slightly bad premonition, but I'll let her do what she wants. I have always played with Freya, so Freya can occasionally play with me too.

Woman are lucky. I wonder what they're thinking when they walk through back alleys. It's not like I've awakened to cross-dressing.

Several people from the Dioral Kingdom's elite force, the holy lance chivalric order, and princess Norn are in the middle of negotiating with the feudal lord, so I was just idling.
Within them, I was drawing out information from the guys who look like they have loose mouths, and they keep on talking to me. As I thought, being a beauty is advantageous. The cross-dressed me, Kearura, is an undisputed beautiful girl. Men are simple, so without even doubting me, they gave the necessary information. From that information, I also located the tavern the hero of the sword is going to search for women tonight.

Now, I have obtained the information. Next is to acquire the item. I enter a deserted back alley. If an unarmed and lightly dressed good woman enters that kind of place alone, it's like pleading people to rape her. Look, someone came.

"Hihi, there's a fine woman. I'm lucky."

I am caught with his left hand, and my mouth is pressed down by his right hand.

"Ah, Aniki, that's unfair. Are you trying to monopolize her?"
"That's right, we're a team, let's share her between the three of us."
"Okay, I understand. But I'm going first."

I have currently been kidnapped by three vulgar, large men. I can see they boast of their own strength with their imposing body build. However, it seems their head is lacking.
They threatened me saying they would kill me if I struggled, and they are trying to take me somewhere. I came to fish, but it was beyond expectations to see they would bite at every cast. I'm brought to a deserted building and thrown away.

"Well, let's give her plenty of love."
“Aniki, please shoot it outside. I'm going to use it afterwards as well."
"It doesn't matter to me, but I like the back better."

They're saying whatever they want. Now, I'll confirm their revenge points. If they accumulate a certain value, it's the start of a happy revenge.

This isn't good, their points are questionable lacking. I was kidnapped, hugged from my back, and boos were poured on me. I want one more push.

However, it would be a waste to let my newly-bought clothes go to waste. Okay, I'll give them a chance. It's a bonus game. With dazzled eyes, I glare at the men. While glaring at those men, I open my mouth.

"I am stronger that you people. If you reach out to me, you will stop being human. If you're going to run, shouldn't you do it while you still have time?" (Kearuga) (TL Note: He uses Watashi instead of Ore here.)

I warn them. I wonder how they will react.

"Gyahahahahahaha, that's a funny joke girl."
"Kekeke, try and think of a smarter threat."
"How scary, I'm really scared, so I'll work hard and assault you."

The men burst into laughter. My good will was trampled on, and their revenge points have increased. Together with the men, I also burst into laughter, and with a startled face, the men stop laughing. Now, it's their death sentence.

"U~nlucky. Since you've reached the minimal required value, the revenge game will start from now. It's okay, don't worry. I'll end your guys humanity… but I'll let you copulate, which you greatly love, as much as you want." (Kearuga)

Even though I had specially given them a final chance.This is why idiots are bothersome. They are not even able to understand the other party's ability.

"You bastard, first I'll silence you."

The man who was called their aniki tries to hit me. It's a large swing, and I can see it as if it's stopped. Taking that hand, I throw him by using his force and drop him onto his back.

"Gohu-, gohu-, y-, ouu"
"Shut up."

I kick his chin with my toes. Because his brain was shaken, his consciousness flew away. There's no way I could kill him; it would trouble me if he didn't be useful to me as a convenient item after I use the best medicine on him.

"Now then, there are two people remaining huh. You can try and resist, but I can break you easier if you don't." (Kearuga)

I should hurry up and reap them. I really want to thank this group of three.

The hero of the sword is always a beauty. After all, I'm going to plentifully enjoy myself with the hero of the sword later.

I suppress the remaining two within a few seconds. I kick the men, pile them up to make a chair and sit down on top of them. I become flooded in a bored feeling once I sit on the men.

"So men are actually fished up this easily. As someone of the same gender, I feel sad. No, I'm just too cute. I might have done something bad to these guys. They must have not been able to endure after seeing someone with a cute appearance and personality like me. Now, it's medicine ti~me." (Kearuga)

From inside my pouch, I bring out my new, specially made potion. It's the improved version of the one I accidentally used too much and broke the night dog race, so that woman's death was not in vain. Since I can complete an improved potion like this, that woman is probably happy for me in the other world as well. (TL Note: I feel like 'that woman' is talking about the leopard demon woman, but it says night dog race, so idk.)

Once I administer this, these men will become happy. After all, if this is administered into them, for their entire life, they will no longer be able to feel pain, anxiety and suffering.