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April, 26, 2013: Zenjou Gouki by Furuhashi Hideyuki

Equipment purchase application
To: General Affairs Division Chief
April 26, 2013

Requesting purchase of the following equipment.

Full name:
Product: Chair x 1, 3980 yen
Product: Tower x 1, 18800 yen
Sum total: 22780 yen

“Fill in the blanks with your name and position, that is, ‘Reference Room of General Affairs Devision, Zenjou Gouki’.”
“Okay.” Zenjou Gouki took the pen Yoshino Yayoi held out for him and filled in his name in the form.

Lately, his office chair had been malfunctioning as the height adjustment mechanist apparently broke. The seat got stuck at the lowest possible level, and when Zenjou, with his large build, sat on it, it looked like he was crouching. That’s why Yoshino drew up necessary papers to request a chair purchase and brought it to him. However…

“Sorry for asking, but… what is that 'tower’?”
“A cat tower for Kuro-chan.”
“Meow,” the black cat, lounging in Zenjou’s lap, lifted its head.
“A cat tower…” Zenjou inclined his head in puzzlement. “I don’t think I understand. What on earth is that?”
“It’s a special perch for cats.”

Now Zenjou understood even less.

“Umm, first…” Yoshino stood on tiptoes and stretched her hand up as high as she could. “There is a pole, reaching the ceiling that’s installed at about this height. Well, three of them, actually.”
“Three poles, okay.”
“Then, shelf-like crossbars and planks are attached to the poles at various places.”
“Once the construction is complete, troop member Kuro will - hop, hop, hop - jump from crossbars to planks and climb all the way up to look down on us.”
“And what will happen when he looks down on us?”
“Nothing, but it will be so lovely.”
“Yes, in terms of, you know… the sense of distance between the proud little creature of wilderness and humans, and their respective standings.”
“Okay, I see.” The explanation didn’t make it any more clear to Zenjou.

Regardless, the procedure was handled without delay, and a week later a big cat tower was delivered to the Reference room (it should be noted that the order for the chair faced proceeding delays, thus its delivery had yet to be made). To assemble the bulky construction of planks and poles held together with bolts, several (off-duty) members of the Special Ops squad were mobilized.

However, contrary to everyone’s expectations, the black cat, Kuro, didn’t use the tower much. After the construction was set up, Kuro climbed to the top of it a couple of time and lost interest right after, returning to his usual preferred spot, that is, Zenjou’s lap, and settling down there. An attempt to place a bait, that is, pet food, to a high plank was made, but the cat objected, meowing in dissatisfaction, so Zenjou went back to putting the pet food next to the sink, like previously.

“…I see. It is a pity, but if such is Kuro-chan’s wish, it cannot be helped,” Yoshino said, formal and deadly serious. “You win, Zenjou-san.”
“I admit that you are big, Zenjou-san, and have a solid build, and do not move much… and what’s more, you are warm.”

In other words, before Zenjou knew, it had become a battle between him and the commercially available cat tower for the cat’s affections. And just as unknowingly, Zenjou appeared to have won that confrontation…

“Okay, I see.”
“Miaow!” Kuro mewled as if approving of Yoshino’s verdict.

…Still, the cat tower, defeated by Zenjou and neglected by Kuro, wasn’t completely useless. The Special Ops squad members, frequenting the room, secretly dubbed it as the 'Yoshino tower’.

Petite Yoshino would sit on the planks that were at about her hip level, and the steps around her sitting spot that were meant to be used as stairs by a cat would be put to use as her footrest, armrest and even a convenient mini table to place her tea cup on. And when Yoshino would settle in her spot half stuck in the tower, her eyes would be at about the same level as Zenjou’s when he sat on his malfunctioning office chair - or rather, they were supposed to be, but actually, she would be sitting a little higher now, looking down on him.

“About the chair for you, I sent an inquiry to the vendor, but because of the consecutive holidays, there is a holdup with verification of what they have in stock.”
“Okay, I see.”
“Meow,” Kuro voiced as he looked up at Yoshino from his spot on Zenjou’s lap.

The new chair had yet to arrive.