It's Not Easy Being Your Love Rival's Big Brother


It's Not Easy Being Your Love Rival's Big Brother Chapter 2

Chapter 02

When Wei Han opened his eyes, he found out that the entire world felt wrong.

He looked at the green mirror in his room and pulled hard at his cheek. His face broke out into a grin as he felt the pain coming, confirming that this was not a dream. Unbelievable thing had happened, God had put him back seven years in the past!

"Geez, this face, my original 20-year-old self actually looks quite pale and tender."

Wei Han twisted his neck from left to right, looking at his face with quite a narcissistic tendency. He also touched his body up and down with his hands and found that he actually had a slim waist and hip, with a not-so-bad body figure.

His "self-touch" completed, Wei Han was relieved: "Really fortunate, okay, now I just need to prevent myself from getting fat."

Otherwise, he must undergo the lose weight process again. For him to eat so much 'till his stomach bulging, and then to have to lose so much weight, the entire thing was so painful, in the last life he almost lost his life.

Clenching his fist, Wei Han also secretly vowed: later can not be the same as last life, to eat until becoming fat. This face has to be properly maintained, so I don't have to use any big treasure product until at least thirty years.

The door suddenly opened, Wei Han's mother, YingYing, poked her head in with a smile on her face : "HanHan, are you ready? It's time for us to go."

Wei Han suddenly froze, his eyes becoming a little wet: "... Mom?!"

"Yes?" Wei mother blinked eyes, puzzled. Before she had a chance to react, in the next second his son had rushed to her.

Wei Han flew into Wei mother's bosom, arms wrapped tightly around her neck, and exclaimed tearfully: "Mom, I miss you!"

Wei mother only felt like she was going to be out of breath: "Han ... Han ... ..."

For this over-excited son, Wei mother was as gentle as always, stroking his son's back softly: "God, HanHan, how did you become so childish today? You are a 20-year-old man, but still so sticky to your mother. You can't be like that,ah.. "

Remembering that in the last life his mother was suffering from pain and then death, Wei Han tightened his hold, he really did miss this warm embrace.

"I know, but let me hold you for another two minutes."

Twenty years old, in this age he should have met Chu Chuan Yao, but unexpectedly his fate here was different. His mother remarried, and he followed her went to another city, to another new home.

Although he felt a bit reluctant because of Chu Chuan Yao, because he could not know him earlier, but Wei Han also thought, sometimes love wasn't all about time, but about meeting the right one in the right time. Right now he had to focus on changing himself, as to not become like the last life.

Wei mother remarried object is Qi Hao, a man with deep eyes, high nose, a policeman with thick eyebrows. He gave off a honest and reliable aura, a really handsome uncle.

Wei Han could not help but feel pleased, his mom is really blessed, in this life she should be very happy.

Not long after, Qi Hao launched the car carrying Wei Han and Wei mother on the road.

"Uncle Qi, uh ... no, dad ..."

Sitting in the backseat of the car, Wei Han started awkwardly, still feeling a bit cautious.

Qi Hao who drove in front of the car did not care much about Wei Han's awkward stance, his lips curled up: "It does not matter, you don't have to force yourself to call me Dad, I know the change is too sudden, you are certainly not accustomed to it, it's fine to get used to it slowly."

Wei Han gently let out an "ah" sound, thinking that this Qi Uncle really felt more and more handsome.

Wei mother suddenly remembered something, turned her head and asked: "HanHan, when we meet your new brother at home later, you have to promise mother, be a good brother to him, oh.

"Don't worry, Mom, you know your son is a warm and caring person. When I see cats on the roadside I often feed them, even neighboring families's children I also often help to take care of, let alone my brother?"

Wei Han smiled, he had heard from his mother before, Qi Hao's ex-wife died, leaving a son who's two years younger than him, so he'll soon have a younger brother at home.

"Haha, HanHan is really good."

Wei mother grinned. This big smile showed two rows of her teeth along with a flash of green on them, making Wei Han's face blushed.

"Mom, turn your head to me."

"Eh, why?" Wei mother asked, but still did as she was told.

"Open your mouth." Wei Han took out a paper towel in his pocket and whispered, "You have leaves on your teeth."

"......" Wei mother suddenly went stiff.

"Well, next time pay attention to it, remember how old you are." Wei Han helped his mother get rid of the leaves, and Wei mother restored her smile again.

Alas, my mother had always been a clumsy mom, it seems this life also can't help but let people worry ah.

Through the window, Wei Han looked at the constantly changing landscapes, his eyes moving fastly, while his heart began summing up the miserable experiences of his previous life, and setting goals for his life this time -

First, I can't eat too much, can't let my body size grows into a "naive" fatty, I have to maintain this face and keep my body fit;

Second, I can not keep passive when there is oppression from others, If I see an opportunity, I have to fight back, and if I'm scolded, then I have to scold them back;

Third, can not be stupid, this problem ... .ah well, in the end I don't think I'm really stupid? I know myself more than anyone else.


When they finally arrived at Qi house, it was already six o'clock at night. Qi father opened the door, inside the house a "running water" sound could be heard coming from the shower, Wei Han guessed that his brother was taking a bath.

Will we meet soon? He thought, feeling a bit agitated.

Qi Dad shouted to the direction of the bathroom: "Xiao Fan, are you bathing? Be quick, I want you to meet some people."

Soon after, the sound of water stopped.

Wei Han stood beside his mother, and saw a tall figure of a man entering his line of sight, wet body covered only with a bath towel.

A man with thick eyelashes which simply bring out his natural eye-line, a good looking face with exquisite facial features, coupled with his half-bare upper body, this view was enough to make some people's heart rippled.

Wei Han gulped, he could hear the sound of his own heart jumping; Gosh, this brother of his really is too beautiful it hurts, but why does it seem like he has seen him before?

Wei Han took a careful look at the other man, this narrow and sharp eyes, high nose with two thin lips, wasn't this the some mouth that had accused him as "naïve" before? So wouldn't that mean this guy is his sworn rival, Qi Zhi Fan? No way!

In the next second, Wei Han had completely thrown away his previous agreement with his mother to be a good brother, instead a new goal had been added on his list: fourth, abuse my rivals!

Qi Zhi Fan who had just came out from the bathroom did not speak to either of them, he just nodded slightly to Wei Han and Wei mother to show his politeness, then went to his room.

"Hey, it seems Zhi Fan is shy, so cute ah."

Wei mother, regarding her youngest son, had already caught the "love at first sight" syndrome, she was very satisfied (of him). Little did she know, her eldest son was currently gritting his teeth and planning revenge in his heart.

For dinner, this family of two single-parents sat for the first time at the same table.

This meal was cooked together by Wei mother and Wei Han, there were fish and meat soup, overall nearly ten dishes, and almost every dish was very pleasing to the eye, compared to the past when it was only Qi Dad and Qi Zhi Fan, this home now seemed more lively.

Looking at the table full of dishes, the usually expressionless Qi Dad began to show more and more smiles: "It really has been a long time since the last time we had a meal like this at home. Yingying , you have worked hard, Xiao Han too, you are very competent. "

Wei mother smiled shyly, Wei Han who was praised also felt a bit embarrassed: "Uncle Qi, this is nothing, cooking things like this, I used to do this at home before."

"I see, it seems that you usually cook for your mom, so this dishes are probably all done by you. I looked at the kitchen before, YingYing was so flustered, several times she couldn't even distinguish between soy sauce and vinegar, she also didn't know when to set the heat to big or small, fortunately there are you inside, otherwise ... Haha, I'm afraid we'll have a little accident."

"Hey, so you are peeking ah, don't make fun of me, give me a little face in front of the children." Suddenly scolded by Wei mother, Qi father quickly nodded, the smile on his lips couldn't be concealed.

"In fact, more than just cooking, even laundry, sweeping floor, these things HanHan also often do. He can be more virtuous than me."

Wei Han laughed dryly: "Oh."

What's with this virtuous ah? He's a big man, does not want to be "virtuous" ah!

The problem was the unchangeable clumsy nature of his mother, everything she cooked turned into dark cooking! When doing housework at home also often happened a lot of situations, even when washing clothes, the sewer somehow would end up broken ah!

If he did not learn to be self-sufficient, self-reliance, wouldn't it be the same as waiting to be mutilated by his moher?

Oh, he surely could not live like that.

On the dinner table, Qi Zhi Fan just bowed his head, never saying a word, his uneven bangs covered his eyes. Wei Han could not see his expression.

At this time, Wei Han watched as Qi Zhi Fan's spoon unexpectedly stretched to a bowl of vegetable soup on his left side.

Suddenly, Wei Han's heart felt excited: Ha, isn't that mother's special vegetable soup dish? This guy truly has good vision ah, really know how to pick.

At the same time, Wei mother's eyes also brightened up: "Zhi Fan, this soup was made by me ah, the other two out of these three soups are Hanhan's work, but this one is my meticulous creation."

Under Wei mother's extremely bright expectant eyes, Qi Zhi's hand paused slightly, but he still drank it.

"Then I'll also try it." Qi dad also drank it.

Haha, Wei Han knew though, in this dark cuisine of Wei mother, featured many nutrition vegetable, the vegetable variety and ingredients were super unique, she called it a must eaten, one of her masterpiece. Normal people would not be able to last past ten seconds.

Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two ...

Qi Zhi Fan suddenly got up, and while holding his stomach, he rushed straight into the toilet. After that, all everyone could hear was the sound of someone vomitting...

Ahahaha, Wei Han laughed in his heart, feeling incredibly happy.

"Yingying, don't mind it, Xiao-Fan has always been picky about his food since he was young,  he is even more picky about taste. Just look at me, I'm still fine, the taste is actually quite good."

Finished talking, Qi dad drank a few more.

Wei Han stared in silent for more than a dozen seconds, but still found no response from Qi Dad. He was utterly shocked: Qi Uncle's stomach is really powerful ah!

Mom will be happy with him, ah, for sure and certainly.


Living in a new home, lying on a soft bed. Wei Han closed his eyes, then opened it, closed and opened again, over and over again for several times before he truly realized that his own life's path really had changed, heading toward another unknown direction.

However, in order to enable Chu Chuan Yao to know the better version of himself in the future, and also to guard their love well, the four major goals of life must be firmly kept in mind, he also had to implement them well, especially the fourth one, abuse his rivals!!

If he began to oppress Qi Zhi-Fan since he was 18-year-old, he did not believe that seven years later that bastard would still dare to act arrogant in front of him!

Thinking of Qi Zhi Fan who now lived next door to his room, Wei Han's bone felt like crawling. He readily attached his ear to the middle of the wall, wondering whether the soundproofing is good or not, would it be convenient for him to eavesdrop on the enemy in the future?


And so, when Qi Zhi Fan opened the door to Wei Han's room, he saw this creature -ike "brother" of his leaning on one side of the wall like a big gecko.

"Hey, can't you knock on the door? Also, I remember I obviously locked the door, how can you come in?" Wei Han felt a little bit angry.

Qi Yan frowned slightly, too lazy to talk nonsense, he directly threw a bunch of keys to Wei Han.

Wei Han took this bunch of keys, counting the number with his fingers, about six. This brat did not even bother to tell him which key is for his room! This brother is too cruel! Whatever, he did not expect anything from him anyway.

Wait a minute, there should also be the key to Qi Zhi Fan's room, right...

"My room's key, in the whole family there is only one, no one have it but me." As if reading Wei Han's mind, Qi Zhi-fan told him coldly.

Wei Han who was seen through, merely curled his lip.

"Are you interested in me?" Qi Zhi Fan raised his eyebrow and asked suddenly.

"What?! No, not at all." Wei Han was shocked, immediately retorted loudly.

Qi Fan Fan frowned and glanced at Wei Han, his expression thoughtful. He had always believed in his own intuition, and this "brother" of his, from the first time they met, the look on his eyes was always not pure.

"I warn you now, don't think of doing anything stupid, don't do any tricks, or else you'll bear the consequences." Finished his warning, Qi Zhi-fan leave casually.

Wei Han looked depressed, he really felt like hammering this wall that separated their room...


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