It's Not Easy Being Your Love Rival's Big Brother


It's Not Easy Being Your Love Rival's Big Brother Chapter 1

Chapter 01

Once again taking a baked cake out of the oven, Master Zhao pinched at his sore shoulders and looked around at the others. Most of them had their head bowed down, busy, just like him. He only felt that the atmosphere in the kitchen was too boring today.

Aiming his sight at the wall again, he realized it was already more than four o'clock in the afternoon. Feeling unsure, Zhao master took a look around once more, when he did not see the usual naughty figure, the doubts in his heart grew bigger.

With his arm, he elbowed his apprentice, Xiao Zhou. Master Zhao then asked: "Xiao Zhou, where is Wei Han, that stupid kid? I did not see him all day, usually he would have gone back and forth in front of me by now. Why, is that guy feeling lazy to come to work? "

Xiao Zhou, hearing these two sensitive words 'Wei Han', paled and lowered his voice: "Master Zhao, don't be too loud, be careful not to be heard by the manager. We cannot mention Wei brother now, it's taboo, taboo. "

"How does that stupid kid become a taboo?" Master Zhao was dumbfounded.

Xiao Zhou sighed: "Oh, Master Zhao yesterday you had something to do so you were not in the store, it is no wonder you don't know, ah. Wei brother was fired by our stingy manager, the two also went to the police station."

"What? What happened? You tell me fast."

Xiao Zhou nodded his head and leaned his head to Master Zhao's ear: "Yesterday morning, there was a friend of Wei brother who came to see him .Wei brother immediately put down what he was doing, until here his mood was still happy. Then these two people talked, I don't know about what, but when that person left, Wei Big Brother suddenly rushed into our kitchen, his face pale, and bite down on the cake on his hand. He finished the cake in less than a few mouthfuls, after that he took another cake to eat, and then another one, another one non stop."

Zhao master was stunned for a few seconds: "... This is so sudden, is he possessed by a starving ghost, and haven't eaten in many days?"

"Um ... maybe."

"Anyway, he ate all kinds of things, ah. Cakes, biscuits, egg tarts, pizza, whatever Wei brother saw, he ate them, everyone was so surprised at first, we have stepped forward to stop him, who knows once he started, he simply can not be stopped ah. " Xiao Zhou then went on.

This time, Master Zhao couldn't afford to make a joke, he stared at his eyes: "This ... is it really done by Wei Wei? I think he had always been very honest, ah, even when he was bullied by that stingy manager he never complained . Really pure, if not a bit stupid."

In Master Zhao's impression, Wei Han was someone who had never come late, always worked hard, but also had a warm heart, in addition to making cakes and desserts, usually he would also help to wipe the table, cabinets, did cleaning, in the kitchen busy going back and forth.

Often, the manager even took Wei Han as a free labor force, not only letting him to work overtime, he was also instructed to do a lot of hard work, and while his salary was being deducted deliberately. Wei Han always just laughed it off, too lazy to complain, who knew whether he is stupid or foolish .

"I haven't finished yet, there is more than that! Later, the manager hurried over. When Wei brother saw the manager his face soured, he started shouting that he wanted to quit quit, not only that, he also screamed about his grievances in the recent years. The manager was so angry his eyes almost fall down from staring, but he also did not dare to come forward. Finally he called police to come, then the whole thing is considered subsided. "

After listening to the long narration from Xiao Zhao, Master Zhao took a deep breath: "Good God, I did not think he had been holding it this whole time ... It seems he is not stupid, but why he was so bold yesterday. Evil possession?"

Xiao Zhou shook his head: "Yesterday, after Wei brother fiercely cursed the manager , he suddenly began to fall into a trance, eat pastry again and again, eating then cried, he was also vaguely shouting the name ' Xiao Yao '... Hearing this, I immediately realized, isn't this the name of the person who Brother Wei used to always talked about all day long? So I was 80% sure that his lover had ran away with someone else. "

"Oh ..." Master Zhao sighed loudly and shook his head again and again, " Is his lover blind?" as Zhao said this he remembered that Wei Han originally was quiet fat, but later he said that he did not feel worthy of his boyfriend, therefore he started to eat less every day, did a lot of running and jumping, he also went to that fitness gym to work out to death, until later, he successfully lost a few pounds of fat, and his look change to became like those of a very energetic young man, very handsome.

"Right right, I also think that when Brother Wei was fat, he looked strong, giving a feeling of security, but when he become thinner, he looks handsome."

Thought Wei Han monthly wages were not much, but except for those he used for household necessities, the remaining were all used to please his boyfriend. Master Zhao suddenly felt pity.

This was a twenty-seven-year-old man who had been protecting his sweetheart for seven years, and was stupidly looking forward to getting married this year. Who was once had a thick body, but worked hard to loss weight to become like his current appearance, simply by virtue of perseverance and his silly nature, ah, nowadays where else could you find a good man like that, ah, why threw it away? Strange fellow.

"Oh, I hope that stupid kid can get better later."


At twelve o'clock in the middle of the night, New Sun Garden C Building unit three. From room 802 room a "Divine Voice" was heard singing one song after the other -

"Why am I the one who is always hurt, what did I do wrong, my love to you, you do not understand, oh! You do not understand ..."

"I'm the one who always loves you, when sad you are, how much I've paid for you, but you are not touched ..."

"What a painful comprehension, you were all of me ..."


Having heard this bursts of "Ghost Wolf howl" with not one tone in tune, everyone would run away in frenzy.

The full lethality of the song floated to the next door, causing a couple who were still intoxicated in dreamland to wake up, with their ears felt like they had been gang-raped countless times.

At the moment, the couple was forced to be awake the middle of the night, angrily standing in front of 802 room. As a result of ringing the doorbell several times but no one responded, the wife who had a strong personality began to "Bang Bang" smashing on the door..

"Oh, damn, I ... I'm going to die, my wife, you hold on."

Her husband covered his ears painfully, could not stop from hitting his head against he wall. The evil sound flew through their ears, and when heard would made them bleed to death.

The woman gritted her teeth, grabbed the shovel used in front of their home to prevent thieves, and began to hit the door again: "Open the door! The fool inside, dono't sing ah, your voice sounds like a pig who was about to be killed, if you don't shut up I'll fucking note your home and call the police!"

She just finished, the door was opened instantly, revealing a scary face.

Dull eyes was lifeless, enveloped in the haze of the man, his mouth kept on chewing something, his mouth and collar had at a lot of unknown debris, which were also stained with red liquid ... ...

"The hell!" The woman suddenly dropped the shovel, was so scared she immediately shut up, hiding behind her husband, while also pushing her husband forward.

The 'Shield husband also felt his scalp tingling, but still bite the bullet, and said while trembling: "Good ... save a good person's life and good things will also happen to you. I beg you , please let us have a good sleep?"

The owner of room 802, Wei Han, forcefully moved his throat, and finally swallowed the pork breasts he was chewing. He said: "Oh, I'm sorry, I sang with too much feeling, and sometimes forget my surrounding."

The couple: "..."

Under the corridor lights, the couple finally saw Wei Han, a big man with tears hanging on his eyes, wearing a Doraemon cartoon pajamas, his mouth and collar were full of cake bread crumbs, mixed with something red ... tomato sauce.

The couple were dumbfounded again.

"What the hell! Are your father and mother dead ah?" The pungent woman shouted immediately.

"Go on, come on." The man who did not like to make trouble felt that his wife was a little too much, he smiled gently , "but sir, you are usually so quiet, why suddenly so noisy, it can't be something really happens to your parents, right?"

Wei Han shook his head, left the man with a little peace of mind, until the next second, "They had an accident."

Man's heartbeat picked up: "ah?"

Wei Han looked pinched, like he was calculating something, and said solemnly: "My dad had died for more than ten years, must have been reborn now. The year before my mother had a serious illness, have also been taken away, but she was pained to leave me, so I think in this year or two, she will still come to see me from time to time, and I calculated at this point in time she may just come back to see me. "

Hearing that, the couple felt a chill climbed up their spine, the aura around had become gloomy and cold, the man could not help but shuddered: "... Oh, sorry, and your other relatives ?"

"My grandmother is still in our home in the country,  she's waiting for me to bring my wife back and see her on holidays."

"Oh, poor you, what about your wife?"

"My wife?" All of a sudden there was light in We Han's eyes, which disappeared as soon as it appeared, "a full seven years, I dig my heart and lungs for him, the result he broke up with me yesterday and put on an engagement ring given by other man"

"How can she do this? A man is not a thing!" The gossip-loving woman suddenly became angry.

"I am angry and I hates him, but I'm more angry and hate myself."

For so many years, Wei Han promotion in job was a hopeless thing, but he watched the object of his affection, Chu Chuan Yao, circle got better and better, close to the upper class. All day, he dealt with a bunch of high class-handsome men, those men, whatever they want they could have, all finer things also had, how could he compare?

However, obviously there are many good and courteous men around Chu Chuan Yao, why must he choose "Qi Zhi Fan?" That arrogant rude bastard, at their first meeting he was even too lazy to hold Wei Han's hand ah!

Not only that, he also cynically said that he was "naive", and while laughing said that this dead fatty Wei Han was not worthy of Xiao Yao, destined to a lifetime of loneliness, the hell! This also later led to Wei Han's weight loss.

But then again if he thought about it, for seven years, he had always felt that Chu Chuan Yao was younger than him, he had to be cautious in caring for him, so he did not dare to do too much. The result in the end, the most intimate move he did with him was holding hands and kissing his forehead.

These year, gentle and pure lover always ended as a cannon fodder ah, just look at those novels and TV series, full of crazy domineering male characters!

Ah a long time ago, he should have been domineering, it's not about doing rolling-in-the-sheets deed, but if they did that their relationship might  become healthier. If from early on the relationship between him and Chuchuan Yao had been stabilized, then at this moment, surely they would already be at the happy fluffy cohabitation stage.

"I believe you also have your own merit, sir," the man said comfortably.

"My merit? Well, my stomach has a very big appetite, I like making a lot of delicious dishes, and more love to eat a lot of delicious dishes, and then ... and then there is, my temperament, fat and silly, isn't it?" Wei Han couldn't help but smile.

"..." The difficulty did not dismissed , the couple looked at each other, it would have been better if they never asked, the more they ask, the sadder it is.

"Well, you continue, we won't disturb you."

Closing the door, Wei Han continued to eat, opening his mouth in a non-human "devour" mode.

Wei Han also just started and a tear already fell on his nose,  he later thought that this must be what people called as lovelorn. As a man in his twenties he should not be too sentimental, so he turned all his anger into appetite, if he felt sad he would "chew", and just kept on eating something.

Back then in the shop, before the stingy manager came over, he also thought that he could may be eat a little, and even if it caused a loss for the stingy store manager, he could just earn it back later, although he himself knew that this idea and behavior was simply ridiculous, alas .

Wei Han, the more he felt sad the more he loved to eat things, food is his only true love, only food can live up to him, so he must never disappoint food!

Continuously overeating for three days, Wei Han accidentally choked to death.

Wait ... wait a minute, he did not want to die!

What way to die is this, is God teasing him?


Please note that english is not my first language, and this is not beta-ed, therefore there might be some grammatical errors here and there. Also, I don't know chinese, like at all, so this translation might not be completely accurate.