It Became a Serious Thing


It Became a Serious Thing extra 2

The Heart of the Demonic Knight Commander...


hile he was planning on how to make Colette well and truly his, the situation of the neighbouring countries turned sour. There was some resource rich land near the border of their country, and they were likely to be aimed for after the other two countries finished with each other. Lionel got really busy.

The King immediately wanted the Black Dragon Knights dispatched. Lionel did not want to leave Colette. But this time, it was serious and about the safety and honour of the king and the citizens so he could not refuse.

Eugene, the Captain of the White Eagle Knights, was against Lionel’s Guard being the phalanx troops to leave. He was complaining about being deprived of his honour, whatever that meant.

It became hard to meet Colette.

Margo had visited Colette and received some chocolate from her, but if they aren’t able to meet for too long, Margo will be coming back with refusals. She would think that he had forgotten about her, if he didn’t try to see her.
One evening Margo came back from Colette's early.

‘Has something happened?’ he asked Margo,

‘I don’t know, maybe someone had said something. But she suddenly became stiff to me. Perhaps, she doesn’t want you anymore?’

Anger boiled in Lionel. She was not allowed to escape him. Lionel decided to sneak into her room. He went the night before he had to depart for his expedition. He tried to give Colette the brooch, but she said,

‘I’m sorry I cannot take something so expensive…’

I thought she was just being cautious, so he forced her to take it and return it upon his return. Since he was going away, he asked for something to remember her with. She gave him a lock of her hair and prayed for his safety. Lionel was thrilled; he really could not give her up.

Colette was reluctant. She felt they were too different in status and there was their fiancées. But he didn’t care about all those things and wanted to marry her. While tasting Colette’s body, he knew someone was coming, he wanted them to catch the two of them. But Colette noticed, and separated. He had nearly had the chance to take her chastity but Colette refused and sent him away. He intentionally left through the corridor and let the maid see his face. He gave her a challenging look, daring her to tell.

But during his time away, he heard no rumours about him being with Colette. He was beginning to get irritated by everyone being so tight lipped. (Zuben: Hahaha! Poor Lionel)

During his expedition, he was dying to see her. He missed her dreadfully. But she never sent him any letters, no matter how many times he checked.  (Zuben: Colette is dense. You should have told her you wanted letters but were too obsessed with getting jiggy with her)

Lionel’s heart was filled with painful suspicion; was she already forgetting about him? Did she even miss him?

As though he wanted to exorcise his pain, Lionel became like a demon. He quickly created an alliance with their neighbouring country, defeated the enemy country and ended the war in record time. His only support was the lock of hair Colette gave him.

Still it took a month to return home. Had she forgotten him? He wondered all the while.

Even when he returned, they were so busy he could not meet her. She knew that he was back, yet she didn’t get in contact.

Then the King Adrian declared, ‘I can’t wait for you anymore. I’ve decided that your wedding will be in six months time.’

He asked Kariss to cancel the engagement, but they did not want their daughter left hanging without a fiancé. So there was nothing Lionel could do, except present the Adrian with the woman Lionel loved. (Zuben: This King is a lunatic of a kind)

Lionel’s heartache transformed to anger at Colette; she was too cute. She didn’t think anything of him, while he longed for her so much. Maybe she didn’t want him anymore, despite all the wonderful nights they spent together. He would not let her escape, no matter what. He would use whatever means to keep her in his arms. He decided on a plan of action. By the end of it, Lionel would be the only man she would look at, not that wishy-washy fiancé of hers.

He knew that the White Eagles were patrolling the castle grounds at night. If he sent for her to bring the brooch, she will be caught and interrogated. Eugene, their commander, had an inexplicable grudge against him so he would be even meaner to her. That way she will turn to him for help.

Another purpose of the White Eagle Knights was to spread it about that Lionel was having an affair.

When, Colette appeared with tears in her eyes, Lionel’s heart burned with passion and righteous anger despite the fact he manipulated events. Eugene behaved abominably.

Even though Colette was crying, she was thinking about him and his position first. His heart burned with his love for her. Colette was thinking of him.

Lionel told her a little lie to explain, after all he didn’t want her to hate him and Colette easily forgave him.

She told him that she was not crying because of him, but the horrible things Eugene said. He also wasn’t happy about that. Whether Colette laughed or cried, it should be his influence – his fault.

As he held Colette, he wanted to take off her clothes and taste her again. He wanted to overwhelm her with the force of emotions what were swirling in his heart and body,

However, Margo had warned him earlier,

‘You can’t keep sleeping with her without talking. You will lose her trust in you. She would think you only want her to have sex with and nothing else.’

So he talked to Colette about his engagement, she listened quietly, the atmosphere was good so he thought now was his chance, so he proposed.

‘Please marry me Colette. I will remove all your insecurity and protect you with all my power. With my everything, I swear to make you happy. I want us to be together.’

‘…that’s impossible,’ she replied.

He felt like his soul shattered. Still he told her he loved her, but she told him her marriage was tied to her house and family business.

Lionel made it his personal mission to destroy this obstacle. However, trying to convince her there and then would be futile. Colette bid him farewell like it was goodbye forever, but he was not letting her go.

At dawn, he went home to tell his mother and named Colette as his future bride. For that day, he got his personal town house ready. The he contacted Colette’s parents as well. Then he went to petition the King. He had already heard rumours about Colette from Eugene, he was slightly disturbed that he wanted to marry a commoner lower maid,

‘There has to be a more distinguished woman you like than this daughter of a tailoring shop.’

‘No. She is the one I want. I know in my heart she is right for me.’

‘Lionel, I know you want that woman but don’t you think you may be being used?’

‘No. She is very concerned about our differences in status. She had tried to leave me many times, but I am not letting her. All this rumours had been planned by me.’

‘Becoming absorbed in one woman is not fun. I am concerned about 0this little girl. Let me meet her soon.’


As if! He knew his friend all too well. He wasn’t letting her meet anyone before he took her virginity, married her and got her pregnant. Adrian may be a good king, but he really could not be trusted with women. He definitely would never leave Colette alone with Adrian. Lionel decided to consummate with her as soon as possible.

Lionel spoke to the Lead Supervisor maid and got Colette released from her contract. He then returned to the barracks to change to his ceremonial uniform.

According to his agents, Colette will be processed for retirement as soon as she finished talking to the Queen.

He got his squad mates who were free to come and see him off. Almost all of them came along. He needed to subconsciously force her into his arms, if he let nature take its course, nothing would happen or change. Lionel was already tired of it. He had found a woman who was not afraid of him, who loved him despite her fear of their different in societal status. It was only a matter of marrying her, making sure she was his forever.

He took her to her parents’ home. The townspeople stared as the rode by.

When the hated fiancé and his father arrived, Lionel quickly exposed his perfidy.

The fathers got into a scuffle, but it didn’t matter anymore, it was done.

But then Colette, calmly and gracefully, said she wanted to speak to Matthew privately. Lionel nearly spat blood. His insides boiled in jealousy, but he did not want to be seen as a small petty man, so he tried to be magnanimous. He endured.  (Zuben: Actually, Lionel’s POV is funny)

They chatted for a long time happily, they had been childhood friends. Colette easily understood Matthew.

It was something Colette and Lionel didn’t have.

But he also knew that they had known each other a long time and their understanding of each other was from growing up together. Just like him and Adrian.

But the only difference, between him and Adrian was that Adrian was King, and Lionel was his vassal.

With Colette and Matthew, they were male and female. They had many bittersweet memories between them.

Lionel burned with jealousy, but there was nothing he could do.

Lastly, Matthew understood how Lionel got Colette. Lionel burned with anger. He quickly whisked Colette to his private residence.

He couldn’t do anything about what they had spoke about. But still he wanted to know if she had any lingering feelings for that man who cheated on her. (Zuben: She cheated too, Lionel, only more recently, but still…)

And there was her easily influenced personality to consider as well.

But, Lionel held his tongue because he didn’t want to be seen as petty or possessive, so he just decided to take her virginity. (Zuben: Aish!)

After that, he told her off His Majesty Adrian’s wish for Lionel’s wife to be wet nurse to his first child. Colette collapsed in shock.

He had a hard time reassuring her about it. He spoke while suppressing the desire to touch her,

‘The first child of his Majesty would succeed the throne whether they are a girl or boy, despite that someone who would nurture and love them is necessary.’

‘It is impossible! I am a commoner, how am I qualified to take care of the future King or Queen?’

‘I will also help. Tell me what you want; I will move heaven and earth to make it happen.’

Colette was silent but she looked a bit embarrassed,

‘What is it?’

‘Well, I don’t want you to think I am being conceited…’

‘Tell me.’ He urged,

With a bit more urging, she finally said, ‘If…if his Majesty is interested in me…will you protect me? I don’t think that it will happen, but the Queen was afraid it might…’

Lionel was relieved; Colette confirmed what he had been nervous about too. He hugged her,

‘I will never allow such a thing to happen.’

‘But what is he orders you?’

‘Oh, the rest of the group will gang up on him. I will refuse such an order.’

‘…Hearing you say that I feel relieved.’

Lionel pulled her into his arms. He was worried about the Queen feeling threatened.

‘Are you still worried about what would happen with the royal child?’

‘It’s okay, I think. I’m just worried that I would make some unforgiveable mistake and it would be impossible to recover…’

‘I will make sure that doesn’t happen. And if it does, I will take full responsibility.’

He wanted her to feel secure and never be anxious. Colette raised her hand and caressed his cheek,

‘But won’t you feel too much pressure?’


Lionel did not say anymore, so Colette asked, ‘Tell me about your childhood with his Majesty, it must have been difficult.’

‘When we were young it was not an issue. Even now, it’s mostly alright. There are times when we have to be on alert, but it is usually very calm.’

Colette wanted to hear of his childhood, he suppressed his desire to taste her and told her of his childhood and growing up, and his friendship with Adrian.

Lionel urged her to tell him of her childhood as well. He wanted to know everything.

And they talked till the half light of dawn filled the room, Lionel held back on sleepy Colette, though his need to embrace her was strong,

‘You should have slept a little,’ he said, ‘I shouldn’t have told you too many exciting stories.’

She gave a small laugh, ‘I enjoyed being able to talk like this. We’ve never been able to talk this much before…’

Lionel couldn’t take it anymore and he asked, ‘Do you still love that fiancé of yours? Even if you do, I won’t let you go. You have to forget about him…’

Colette gave a dreamy smile, and said softly, ‘I love him like a brother, not like someone I want to marry. I definitely could not marry Matthew.’

‘Really?’ he asked excitedly. His heart was singing.(Zuben: Do you hear the angels' chorus)

‘We were too similar and too close to each other. It would be easy for us to be controlled by outside influences, and we would resent each other because neither one of us would take the lead. It is better to be with a strong person like you, Lionel…’ she said as she fell asleep.

Lionel lay beside her and hugged her tightly. He had her implied permission to bind her to him, and to take care of her.

As they spent more time together as a couple, they would know each other better and they would become more familiar with one another. She would talk more comfortably with him.

He could not wait for that future. Lionel clung to Colette more tightly and fell asleep dreaming of a wonderful life together.



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