Isekai de Mofumofu Nadenade Suru Tame ni Ganbattemasu.


Isekai de Mofumofu Nadenade Suru Tame ni Ganbattemasu. Chapter 5

Was going to release tomorrow since this chap is so short, but I thought I’d release it along with chapter 1 of Yankee wa Isekai de Seirei ni Aisaremasu. I should really build up a stockpile or something (just translating as I go right now).

Short chapter, but some info dump about sacred beasts and such. I’m guessing this is called “later development” because it happens after the castle and lecturing session. Updated the with all this info-dump, and added a little more too. 

Also, thanks to digitalreader for giving it an early review on NU~ Just for that, I’ll try and release another chapter today! It’s hard to believe this is already on almost 500 reading lists, wow… The power of mofumofu and cute lolis sure is strong.

4, Study Group Meeting ーLater Developmentー

My parents have finally noticed my unusual power!

Well, it's hard to tell that I'm liked by animals.

The reason they found out was Wrath-kun.

He was a rare beast over here.

And so, Mom taught me various things.

First off was about Wrath-kun. He was a species of Sacred Beast called a Tenko 1 , and he wouldn't become attached to anyone other than his contracted master.

Sacred Beast was a general term for animals who could call upon Spirit Arts and use the power of the spirits. Tenko usually manipulated wind and lightning, so they could run in the sky!

Tenko are amazingー! Next time I'll ask him for a stroll in the sky.

Other than Tenko, there were Chiko 2 that were part of the same species that controlled earth. These ones are black tigers.

The light attribute Shishikou 3 are golden lions, and the darkness attribute Yamishishi 4 are sliver lions and such. Genryuu 5 , or better said, dragons.

The things that are unthinkable in that world is the fantasy template!

Yes yes, speaking of templates, then it's spirits!

Spirit Arts are a lost art, they said.

Tch…So I can't use it. Well, it's impossible since I can't see them in the first place. Too bad.

What was peculiar was that there was a Spirit King for all continents. It's 4 attributes * 3, so there seem to be 12 people?

Light and darkness are part of God's domain, so spirits for those don't exist, and there is no magic. Other than God, the only ones who can use light and darkness are the Shishikou and the Yamishishi, so they're called God's familiars.

And there's also a Spirit Shrine on each continent, and it seems that you can meet the Spirit Kings there.

The condition was being contracted to a Sacred Beast.

It seems that brutish Prince has met this continent's Spirit King before.

H-how envious!!

But if I play things well, I might be able to meet them tooー The spirits!

That's right! I'll ask Papan to buy me a detailed book about Sacred Beasts.

After that, I was banned from playing with Sacred Beasts where there were people. 6

If I violated this ban, I would get scolded by the scary Mamanー

But unfortunately, I have no intention to go along with it!

  1. Tenko 天虎 Written as “heaven” and “tiger.” 
  2. Chiko 地虎 Written as “earth” and “tiger.” 
  3. Shishikou 獅子光 Written as “lion” and “light.” 
  4. Yamishishi 闇獅子 Written as “darkness” and “lion.” 
  5. Genryuu 原竜 Written as “origin” (I think) and “dragon” 
  6. Unsure. Will have to wait until more chaps are translated to confirm, maybe.