Isekai Yururi Kikou ~Raising Children While Being an Adventurer~


Isekai Yururi Kikou ~Raising Children While Being an Adventurer~ idle talk 8

My name is Joule.
I’m a wolf-type monster known as Fenrir, a Contracted Beast of my Goshujinsama, Takumi.
The reason I became Goshujinsama’s Contracted Beast is that the Water God’s Head Retainer-sama said so. At first, I headed towards the person who would become my Goshujinsama while thinking why the order came from Head Retainer-sama and not Water God-sama. Because I was told to, I had no choice but to go. It was like that.

However, the moment I saw the person who would become my master in the far distance, somehow, I was convinced that this person was my「Goshujinsama」. I want to be helpful to this person, I thought.
Goshujinsama didn’t seem to be aware that I came to serve him as a Contracted Beast, but although bewildered, he accepted me. At that time, I got patted, but Goshujinsama’s patting is very exquisite.
It felt rea~lly good. I want to be patted more.
Goshujinsama is an “adventurer,” so he defeats monsters and travels to various places.
In that case, there are many opportunities that I can be active. I’m strong, I can give Goshujinsama ride and travel fast.
He will patt again if I do good, right? Yosh, I will work hard~!

Also, Goshujinsama is accompanied by two children――Allen and Elena.
The two are very obedient, good children. Well, they are raised by my Goshujinsama, so it’s only given that they are good children.
Ah, I’m bigger, so I’m Oniichan, you know? That’s why, I’m properly looking after them~
Feat, Bolt, and Vector who also are Contracted Beast have joined us, but everyone loves Goshujinsama, Allen, and Elena. Of course, we, the Contracted Beasts also get along.

But, the number one Contracted Beast is me♪ Don’t forget that part!

◇ ◇ ◇

Today, we were summoned by Goshujinsama with the plan of giving Goshujinsama and the children a ride up to the mountain where we would play a lot.
And yet, and yet! Many bad looking uncles turned up. They seem to be called “Bandits.” They are apparently bad guys.
I won’t forgive them for getting in my way! I will beat those guys to pulp~!


Seriously~~~ so weak~ Even though they were in such high spirits, it’s boring when they fall down so easily~
But, but, I got patted by Goshujinsama~♪
After that, we moved a little and defeated those fellows friends, then Goshujinsama went deep inside a cave and returned with many women and children.
He said they were caught by the bad guys. However, Goshujinsama was troubled because of those people.

「Say, Joule. Could you pass a letter to the soldiers in the town?」

It appears Goshujinsama was troubled about how to return the people back to the town.
Because of that, he seems to want to call the people from the town. However, he can’t leave the people here because it’s dangerous.
If that’s the case, leave it to me!

「Eh? Will you be really okay? Can you go to the town alone and let them know?」

Of course, I can. If it’s for Goshujinsama, I will do anything!

「Listen, okay? I don’t mind if you move in your original form, but you have to be small in front of people, so you don’t raise vigilance. Still, you could be mistaken for a monster, so make a distance at first and approach very slowly, alright?」
『Kyan, kyan』

Un, I understand! Leave it to me!

I descended the mountain while seen off by Goshujinsama. On the way, when Goshujinsama and others couldn’t see me anymore, I returned to my big size. This way is faster, after all.
I also met wolves on the way, but wolves are not my match, you know~ Weak, weak!
I defeated them easily, but…… it’s pity I can’t give them to Goshujinsama. Goshujinsama would praise if I brought them to him~ It can’t be helped now, though~

After descending the mountain, I continued on the road we came from.
…… Umm, Goshujinsama summoned us here, right? Un, there’s no mistake.
――Kun, kun. Umm, people are that way. Would it be better to be small from here?

Yosh, this is good! Then, let’s go to the town!

Ah! That’s the town. And there’s the place where people are coming in and out~
There he is. Soldier-san at the gate.
I go to the place where I would be visible to Soldier-san~

『Kyan, kyan』

O~i. I’m here~ Look over here~
Ah, he saw me.
Because people noticed me, I approach a little bit~


I’m not scary~ I’m not an enemy~

「What? A dog?」
「Seems like it. It’s wearing a collar, so it’s a pet dog?」

Is it fine now?
In that case, I will give you letter from Goshujinsama that’s in a bag Goshujinsama tied on me.


Hey, Ojisan. Read this letter~
I hold the letter in my mouth and slowly approach the uncles and co.

「Oi, that dog, it’s holding a letter?」
「Haha. Seems like it. You want us to read it?」

Right, right. Uncles, please read it~

「Seriously? This dog, did it just nod?」
「Right~ It looked like that to you too~」

Because I thought it’s already fine, I went with the letter close to the legs of the uncles and appealed.

「Here, give it to me」

One of the uncles received the letter.
Ya~y. Goshujinsama~ I have properly handed over the letter~

「N~lemme see, lemme see……――What!?」
「What’s wrong? What’s written in it?」
「Read it」
「N~……――Eh, are these contents real? It’s not a trap to lure us out, is it?」

It’s not a trap! My Goshujinsama wouldn’t do something like thatmon.
Ah, right! Goshujinsama gave me his identification for a time like this.


Look, here~ look at it, look at it~

「What? Identification papers? Let’s see……――Wwha!?」
「What is it!?」
「This identification, it’s from A-rank adventurer」
「Come again!? A-rank!? Is it perhaps from the person who sent this letter!?」
「That’s probably it. Then, this letter should be genuine. We have to let now the top immediately…… ahh, we also have to confirm with the Adventurer’s Guild!」

It seems they understood?

「Hey, you come too」

I was lifted by Ojisan.
I don’t like being touched by strangers, but it can’t be helped, so I will go obedientely~
Rather, I’m a Fenrir you know, is it fine for you to take me inside the town so easily~? It’s convenient for me, so I don’t really mind, though~

「You, your fur is amazing, isn’t it~ The touch feels soft and fluffy」

That’s right. It’s amazing, right! That’s because my Goshujinsama makes it beautiful!
Ojisan brought me to a place called Adventurer’s Guild while stroking my fur.
This is the place Goshujinsama receives work~
After coming inside, Ojisan addressed a woman and asked about Goshujinsama.

「Yes, indeed, that adventurer――Takumi-sama has came to this town. He’s acting together with two little children, so I think he sent this puppy to deliver the message because he didn’t have anyone else to let the town know」

Un, un, right, right. Oneesan, right on the money~!
Allen and Elena are still small, you know? To separate them from Goshujinsama, I, Feat, and Bolt wouldn’t permit it.
Vector is…… n~ I dunno. He just became our friend, I have not grasped Vector’s personality yet~

「If that’s the case, the contents of the letter must be true. Prepare a carriage immediately!」
「Understood. Ah! It would be better to report this to Feudal Lord-sama……」
「Feudal Lord-sama? Well of course we will report after brining the bandits and the kindpanned people back?」
「No, I didn’t mean that…… Takumi-sama and the children are Feudal Lord-sama’s acquintances, so perhaps Feudal Lord-sama will have instructions to give……」
「What!? Is that? Seriously?」
「Yeah, it’s the truth」
「As expected a low-class soldier like me couldn’t go to bring the news~」
「I will request Guild Master to contact Feudal Lord-sama」
「Ooh! Then, I will leave it to you. I will return to the gate and advance the preparations」

N~? Has the discussion finished?


Hey, hey, you didn’t forget about my duty to guide you there, did you?

「Ahh, right. The location of the bandit’s hideout was written in the letter, but it also said that you could guide us. Will you obediently wait here until the preparations are done?」

Yosh, yosh, it seems he didn’t forget. Well, it can’t be helped, so I will patiently wait. I’m a good boymon.
However, I want to quickly return to Goshujinsama’s side, so hurry up, okay?

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