In Regards to My 2nd Trip and My 7 Husbands


In Regards to My 2nd Trip and My 7 Husbands Volume 3 Chapter 2

My newlywed life with me and my husbands started on a sunny day.

In this world it seems that living together with a female at her parents’ house is quite common, but I am not a human from this world so this is not my parents’ home.

At first, I was told that we will be living together with either of the two parents’ households, but both families said “You must live at your own home!” So we had to live with three of us.

It seems to be a place where relatives of Vioce live, right between the two houses .

Relatives were planning to move somewhere for medical treatment, and so the parents of Vioce bought it for us.

The place was repaired and furniture was sent from the home of Louis.

“Ah it's our house’s furniture!” Yesterday a person got everything ready.

So with my two husbands I was visiting our new house. An employee from either house seemed to have cleaned up the kitchen neatly, so one can use it straight away, the beds were covered with sheets and the flower vases were filled with flowers.

When I thought that reality was too much and it seemed to be a dream, I heard a Louis’s voice saying, “It feels like a dream.”

He noticed that I looked back towards him, slightly distorting his princely face. He looked so happy as if he would start crying at any time.

“It’s really like a dream … Sakura, I was able to meet you again and I am so glad that we can be together.”

“Oh, thank you …”

I am glad that I was able to meet Louis too, but I am still worried I got married “Because there was no other way”.

To the me who sniffs and is about to cry, Vioce gently approaches from behind.

And hugs me lightly,

"EEEEh” I raise my voice like a sengoku warrior.

But Vioce was not fazed by my warrior lineage, “I am too dreamy,” he seriously spoke the words in a dreamy voice.

Oh, thank you … but do not suddenly hug me. Please release me soon.

While I thought It, stunned, Vioce did not let go.

“Hey, hey, let go —”

“Vioce, Sakura doesn't like this, get away from her ” Louis stares at Vioce.

Oh, thankfully. When I looked at Louis as to whether he would help me, he grabbed my hands and pulled me towards him. Well then!

They both try to pull me by my arms. Do they want to shred me in two!?

In a hurry I tried to escape from their hands, but there was a difference between the power of men and women.

Just stop it!

The moment I tried to raise my voice, they gave up, Louis let go of my hand.

I felt relieved, pushed my shoulder against Louis and my back against Vioce’s chest.

It was that moment that I tried to ask “what” to do.

When a beautiful face approached me, and I realized that his long eyelashes were close enough to count, my lips had already been occupied by that of Louis.



I was under Vioce. Instead of releasing me from Viose, Louis changed the angle of his lips and tried to get his tongue inside.

I wanted to scream with the lukewarm touch of his lips.

Whether it felt good or not, I will not allow Louis’s tongue to enter.

My tongue touched his tongue, I was astonished and stiffened.

I tried to shout “Stop it … …!” No, but unfortunately the tongue already entered my mouth more deeply. At that moment while trembling the movement tracing my teeth, the palm of Vioce forcibly pushed the forehead of Louis away, to release my lips.

Apparently Vioce stopped Louis’s attack.

In order to thank him, I moved my gaze from the pervert as if he was a disturbance and — There is no beating that can cover this! — Lightly gazined up.

At the moment when I faced upward, Vioce, who was taller than me by a head, removed the right hand holding my waist and put that hand on my chin.

He turned my chin to face him? What? It is too late now.

This time Vioce’s lips overlapped mine.


I do not know what is going on, but probably, definitely, I am deprived of the first kisses by those men. Moreover, there weren’t any cute things like "I like you" "Me too" "chuu" .

It is a kiss with no cuteness, it was inserted with the tongue from the beginning.

“Mnn … … … …”

Vioce gobbled over my lips like a beast, leaving behind his usual polite and gentle treatment.

The tongue was tangled deeply, and the mouth is being fucked. Tears appeared at the corners of my eyes. There was 20% of sorrow deprived by the first kiss and 80% of breath by the second.

I was struggling and scratched Vioce’s hands, which lifts my jaw, but he didn't seem to care, he changes the angle of his lip and tries to go in deeply.

When I seemed to be left with no oxygen, I felt a big tongue of Louis on my neck, and then a bite.

“Wait a moment Louis? Just what are you both doing to me?"

Leaving me confused, Louise licked my neck. He started to touch my chest wrapped in a dress that Vioce’s mother gave me. As expected they started to do things to me.

I panicked, but I could not oppose their power.

I scratched his hands with my right hand and pushed the shoulder of Louis who kissed my chest with my left hand, but neither of it was success. I may die from lack of acid.

Why don't you notice I'm in pain? Vioce finally got off the lips.

There was no time to feel relieved, Louis started to remove my dress.

“Hey, stop! …”

“Sakura, I love you.”

Saying this with a stroking voice of desire, Vioce licked my ear eagerly. I didn't understand why, but my body suddenly got numb. I raised my body unintentionally, Louis also raises his face from my chest and kisses me. As soon as he touched me, he smiled sweetly and whispers in a mellowing sweet voice, “I love you, I will treasure you.”

Did they think that I will forgive them with this? Vioce kissed my back and Louis tried to take off the dress again.

And, I.

“Do you think that you can get the first kiss of a person and pardon yourself with ‘I love you?’ This demon rapist!” I raised in anger and kicked Louis in the front.

As expected he didn't flinch with my power, Louis who moved in stumbled.

Vioce was also surprised by my anger, why should we stop?

While feeling their gaze, I trembled with anger, I opened my eyes wide as I miserably exclaimed.

“Never touch me again!” With my voice that was shivering and trembling, but Louis is blaspheming, Vioce remained silent.

Louis muttered something little as “Let’s …it …?”

Thinking that he spun even words of apology, and looking at Louis, he stubbornly holds my lips and mutters.

“Is it the first time?”


Is it bad if I was 20 and my first kiss was still mine!

Louis gives me a full smile who seemed to be more furious being made fun of.

What are you laughing at! And my anger meter rose further.

” I'm happy”


“Is it me who was first to steal Sakura's kiss? — I’m glad”

Wait, wait. Hey, I am very angry right now, do you understand? The first kiss partner says it is sweet and sour, but now isn't this not better than rape? I would like to say so, but will it be transmitted to Louis who is getting enthusiastic and looks so happy? A negative aura drifted from behind, to me who knew nothing of a man's idea at all. It is Vioce. When I gauged my eyes against the arms holding my waist, it was painful, Vioce touched my nape and muttered.

“You’re sly.”

Why is it sly? It's not me, but it is Louis who is wrong! I am not the one to blame!

But Vioce never thought so, he turned me around, hugging me closely and facing me.

“Hey, Vioce!?”

To me, who couldn't do anything about this strength. The characters of death started floating in my brain. Contrary to expectations, however, Vioce quickly relaxed the power of his arms, instead forcibly pushing me to a nearby sofa.

"Gya" To Vioce trying to cover my mouth. He pulled up my skirt and my thighs were revealed, I raised a scream with “Stooop!”

The landscape outside of the window with the curtain open up shows a peaceful daytime, but why am I being raped by my husband in such a place. Embracing fear and confusion, to the Vioce who put his hands on my thighs, “Please stop! "

“What are you trying to do in broad daylight!?”

Louise looking from the side said,

“Should it be fine if it wasn’t in the daytime?” And tilted his head.

That’s not the problem! I tried to shout, but Vioce nodded unfortunately to that.

“I will do it at night.”

“Let’s do it at night!” It is determined to be a promise any time in the morning, lunch and night!

However, if they say such a thing here, I settle to the horrible conclusion that.

“So it is a promise to do it at night!”

I never said that “it will be OK at night”! I told myself, and stared at them angrily.

At  my sharp gaze, Louis kept his good mood, Vioce spun the word “at night,you promised,” while correcting my skirt from disorder.

I have not promised! I cried inside but the two husbands did not seem to understand me at all.

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