In Regards to My 2nd Trip and My 7 Husbands


In Regards to My 2nd Trip and My 7 Husbands Volume 1 Chapter 1

Book 1 chapter 1 · “Then, please take care of me.”

My sight got twisted. Feelings akin to dizziness when it’s hard to differentiate up from down overflew me. I certainly felt something touching my fingertips.

From that moment world got colored brightly. I remember this feeling when I got stuck in a different world a year ago.

Everything faded from my eyes, roads with cars, buildings, and busy people crowding the streets.

In place of concrete streets a beautiful pillow of various flowers and great trees stood on a bit dump soil.

‘Eee~e ! Why?’

I do not know whether to cry or laugh, it is surely not a lie or a dream.

Probably I have crossed to another world for the second time. I wondered where is this place?

I struggled to cool my head of, but am I perfect being to remain calm in this kind of situation?

For some reason only few words circle in my mind ‘Why? Where? What to do?’

So if I was ultimately to stay in another world, it would be better if I haven’t returned to my world in the first place!

It’s so much better to be with people I know, then this unknown situation coming at me again.

I wanted to greet everyone who had gone to war “You have done great, welcome back”, they surely concerned about me, who wondered to the forest just before the feast.

Undoubtedly they searched for me, who got lost in the woods, as there were 2 times when I actually got lost in the past while picking wild strawberries.

I even got scolded by a young boy who said “How can you get lost in a place 10 min away from the dorm?”

I felt embarrassed then, and couldn’t hold tears in.

Being in bewilderment I heard a voice calling


Yes, Sakura is my name, the favorite cherry blossom of my parents, it was taking from this flower.

I couldn’t believe there would be person calling my name in this world.

Male voice repeated “Sakura!” again. I turned around reflexively.

A man in his forties is gazing at me with a strange expression. Rigid eyebrows, ragged eyes. I recognize this man's figure.

“….. Winsel-san?”

Winsel-san is a swordsmanship teacher of the knight college dormitory. I’m certain he was around 25 years old, when he himself said that “It’s an age when fat starts to grow”

But in front of me was a middle-aged man, who had no traces of being young anymore. Solid body with no visible weaknesses, with wrinkles in the corner of the eyes.

Maybe it’s his older brother? I am positive that he had none.

That is not how people age in one year span.

The uncle similar to Mr.Winsel raised a startling voice saying “You, are you really – Sakura?”.

“Ee~e, undoubtedly, you are that Winsel-san? Old man.. no, uncle have you not grown old too fast?”

“Hey.. have you said that I Am an old man just now?

“No, no, I said that you surprisingly don’t look like an old man..haha … ” I joked that he is”Uncle” it’s not even funny.

While i was mumbling he firmly grabbed my shoulders, and asked.

“Where have you been, you haven’t aged at all” He stared at my face surprised.

” Even if you say it like this, in the span of a year that passed i have become an full fledged adult”

“What did you say? One year?…You suddenly disappeared 10 years ago”

What is he talking about?What 10 years? I opened my eyes and wide in shock.

“I tell you it’s 1 year, do i look like i’m 29? I have turned 20 today!”

“Do i look to be 25 in your eyes?”

“No, it looks like you are at least 40 y.o”

“Huh! So rude, really. I’m still 35 y.o”

How should i know how old is he, the age of foreigners is hard to distinguish. But 10 years, despite it being only 1 year in my world..

“That’s how it is, huh.. yeah that’s what it is.”

He stares at me suspiciously saying/ “Why are you in this place, and so young at that?” Eyes of demon-instructor who scolded students but was polite to me and kitchen-ledies. He tought me to read and write  letters. Nostalgic feeling of relief is mixed with complicated feelings of being lost

I said in a miserable voice “Winsel-san”

“Well.. it’s the story of the past, although there are questions, it can be discussed later” He patted my shoulder gently.

“Y.. Yes” I leaked my crying voice”

“There is nothing to cry about, let’s return as it is” He said it so easily. I toughen up, thinking that i would still be able to return at a suitable time again.

During this 10 years, Winsel-san got married, and now he has 2 children. About seven years ago he retired from working as knight and now quietly living in this place.

“It’s a good place, though it’s not a castle but i have cute wife and son’s in my house” He said laughing.

I feel strange imagining him as good father, while he was such a demon while teaching swordsmanship. He always told to the crying boys “You think you can become a knight like this?” Winsel san, has changed to become like this.

“By the way, hy did you come to the kingdom now that you live in the country?” I heard that Winsel-san’s  territory is quite far away from the kingdom, around a month trip away from here.

“I want to show something to my son” He replied to my question.

“Show what?”

“Around this time is Thanksgiving. My son saying he wants to be a knight, so i wanted to show him a sword fighting competition.”

There is such event as Thanksgiving. I personally wasn’t coming out, but the boys were joyfully running to the city to have fun.

Of course as Winsel-san said, it was at the purpose of observing sword competition.The main objective of which was deciding the country’s top swordsman.

The boys were excited to see the performance of sword master were watching them with shining eyes full of glitter.

A~ah how nostalgic, i even received a colorful candy. For everyone it has been 10 years and their memory is blurred with time, but i remember those feelings clearly. Pretty and cheeky boys that got my heart pounding. For young boys who miss their mothers, kitchen ledies were like second mum’s. I was a little young to replace one for them, but there were a few boys who i took care of. A great experience of being a mother, i wanted to feel it again.

But what do i do now? I was lucky to find a work in a Knight dormitory, but this time it shouldn’t be so easy.

“Winsel-san, where is this place again?”

Oh? it’s a garden behind the temple, i remember meeting a black haired girl here, she was crying in the corner not knowing what to do.”

Winsel-san said that time

‘You should not wonder here alone girl,it’s dangerous’

But i replied

‘I’m am not wondering here alone, i’m just dissatisfied!’

“Hey, Winsel-san, i wonder if you wouldn’t hire me again?”Since i know a little how to write and read now, i was more experienced in different things.

But Winsel-san lowered his head,

“It’s impossible, there is no place to work at already.”

“It has gone?” He nodded.

“Will you work for me at my house?”

For Winsel-san to ask me this, what will i do. He looked at me.

“I was thinking of recruiting people to look after my children”

I nodded.

“Mary is—my wife’s body is weak, i hired two people to manage the house, but they already old,they don’t have strength to confront energic kids. So i decided to hire someone young.

“Oh..but is it ok with you?”

I’m not proud of it, but i don’t think i could be a good opponent for children. I hardly can teach them some writings. And mass cooking is not my speciality.

I looked up at Winsel-san with anxiety, and he shook my hand with a nod.

“Yes, i don’t mind. If you have physical strength, that is enough”

I thought was it the point, but accepted everything. If i didn’t took this opportunity who knows if i could find another work. It’s a different world after all. I do not have confidence to success here. Fortunately i am quite fit.

‘Yosh! I am motivated’ There is a saying, it’s enough to just do it.

“Well then,please take care of me.”

Winsel-san laughed to me, who was bowing deeply, and said

“I rely on you from now on.”