Immortal Pilgrimage


Immortal Pilgrimage Chapter 3



Seeing that Su Yu turned and walked away, the two shouted this one word together by chance.

Upon hearing this one word, Su Yu’s heart sank.

He turned his head with difficulty then gave a dry laugh. He bitterly looked at Ye Jian Xing and Old Ancestor Yin Mo and said, “Two…cough cough…seniors, is there still…something the matter?”

“Of course there is!” Old Ancestor Yin Mo coldly cried. With a single step, he instantly appeared before of Su Yu and grabbed his neck.

“Kid, I ask you, why are you here? Also, why are you not the slightest bit affected by the death qi here?” Old Ancestor Yin Mo measured Su Yu up and down before asking.

“This…I also don’t know ah,” Su Yu bitterly replied.

What a joke. If you ask me, then who am I to ask? For a while, Su Yu was speechless in his heart.

Upon hearing Su Yu’s reply, Old Ancestor Yin Mo became angry. He was originally bloodthirsty and currently, his temper was about to explode. Normally, in other times, he might still have the patience to question Su Yu further, but now that he had been pressured by Ye Jian Xing, he was feeling somewhat vexed.

“Don’t know? Not saying? Then you can go and die!” Old Ancestor Yin Mo didn’t feel like wasting words on him, but just when he was about to put in some strength into his grip, from his peripheral vision, he noticed several swift and sharp sword lights flying rapidly towards his back.

“Ye Jian Xing, how despicable, daring to launch a sneak attack on me?!!” Old Ancestor Yin Mo shouted loudly. He dared not be the slightest bit careless, following that, he quickly let go and hurriedly flew by to the right.

After Old Ancestor Yin Mo had dodged those several sword lights, the next target in front of them would naturally be Su Yu.

Seeing this, Su Yu sunk into despair. From watching the previous fight, he was clear on how terrifying the destructive force of those sword lights were. The current him was simply unable to dodge them.

At the moment when Su Yu was about to close his eyes to welcome those swift and sharp sword lights, they instantly dissipated into the air.

Seeing that, Su Yu’s gaze immediately landed on Ye Jian Xing. He knew that it must be due to Ye Jian Xing’s intentionally controlling those sword lights or else it would be impossible for those several sword lights to vanish without a trace in an instant. Thinking till here, Su Yu’s eyes immediately contained gratitude. He knew if it wasn’t for Ye Jian Xing’s timely interference, he might really have been strangled to death by Old Ancestor Yin Mo.

Just when he wanted to thank Ye Jian Xing, he noticed that the hazy substance in the air began to move rapidly.

It was at this moment that the God Burial Desert was getting windy!

Su Yu also heard the hū hū sound of the wind but he naturally and simply assumed it to be a normal wind arising.

However, upon hearing the sound of the wind, fear began to appear in Old Ancestor Yin Mo and Ye Jian Xing’s eyes.

“In the God Burial Desert, once every 10 years, the wind would spring up once and once it does, it would rapidly form a tempest. It is known as the Dead Spirits Tempest. Every time the wind springs up, the God Burial Desert would expand outwards by ten thousand li. Regardless of whether they be mortals or cultivators, once they are pulled into the Dead Spirits Tempest, they would immediately be corroded by the endless death qi and at that time, no matter who, all would die and none would live in the end!”

These were the words that had been widely circulated among cultivators in the Endless Continent. Hence, when Ye Jian Xing and Old Ancestor Yin Mo heard the sound of the wind, they became terrified.

“Damn it, it can’t be the Dead Spirits Tempest, right? Why am I so damn unlucky! It’s my first time coming into the God Burial Desert, am I going to meet this place’s once every 10 years Dead Spirits Tempest?” Old Ancestor Yin Mo began to despair. He hatefully cast a glare at Ye Jian Xing before he flew towards the direction of the God Burial Desert's periphery without turning back. He concluded in his heart that at this moment, since the Dead Spirits Tempest had yet to fully form, he had to hurry and escape to the periphery of the God Burial Desert.

As for Ye Jian Xing, he too dared not have the slightest hesitation. He immediately flew into the sky but shortly after, from the corner of his eye, he saw Su Yu who was at a loss.


At this moment, Su Yu was very confused as he wondered in his heart, Isn’t it just this place getting windier? Why are they making so much fuss over nothing? Dead Spirits Tempest? What’s that?

However, as Su Yu was still in deep confusion, he heard Ye Jian Xing sighed with a hint of despair, “Whatever. I’ll help carry you this one time. If we want to escape from the Dead Spirits Tempest, it will really come down to our luck!”

Following that, Su Yu felt his body become lighter, and when he came to his senses, he found that he was being hauled around the waist like a chick by Ye Jian Xing.


After picking up Su Yu, Ye Jian Xing immediately soared into the sky.


Hū hū hū!

In about a blink of an eye, the Dead Spirits Tempest was formed. In the air, the death qi that was rich to the point of making one’s hair stand on end began to mix with the yellow sands that were all over the sky, making the current God Burial Desert look similar to the end of the world! At this moment, the God Burial Desert was filled with smoke and dust, and flying sand and rolling rocks. The fast wind speed created howling sounds which were like the anguished wailing of the devils from the netherworld, causing those who heard it to be extremely horrified.

Currently, at the periphery of the God Burial Desert, there were two streaks of light spheres, green and red, which were swaying against the tempest filled with death qi. Within the streaks of light were actually silhouettes of people.

They were obviously Su Yu, Ye Jian Xing, and Old Ancestor Yin Mo – these 3 people.

Among them, Ye Jian Xing was pulling Su Yu with one hand while the other was creating a barrier of light to resist the corrosion from the death qi. As for Old Ancestor Yin Mo, he opened his Netherworld Yin Flame Umbrella and surrounded himself with a sphere of blood red light.

“Damn it! This Dead Spirit Tempest is just too terrifying! Now Lao Zi is completely unable to tell the direction. If this goes on, the death qi will sooner or later break into my defensive light barrier! At that time, once the death qi corrodes my body, I’ll undoubtedly die!” At this moment, Old Ancestor Yin Mo angrily cursed as he struggled in the Dead Spirits Tempest.

Upon hearing Old Ancestor Yin Mo’s monologue, Ye Jian Xing, who wasn’t far away, frowned. He certainly knew that what Old Ancestor Yin Mo had said wasn’t false because once the death qi breaks open his defensive light barrier, the death qi outside the light barrier would rush inside and corrode his body. At that time, even if he was a cultivator at the 6th Realm — Nirvana Realm, perhaps he would also be buried here!

With the increasingly fierce turbulence of the Dead Spirits Tempest, even with Ye Jian Xing’s power, he was just like a small boat in a huge river, swaying unsteadily in the air. His unsteadiness caused Su Yu who was being pulled behind to feel as if the sky and earth were spinning around, making him want to vomit, but then he found that there wasn’t anything in his stomach so there was nothing to vomit out.

Ye Jian Xing from beginning to end did not say a word because ever since he had known that the Dead Spirits Tempest was about to come, he already foresaw that his end would be like this.

Zī zī zī!

Death qi was constantly corroding Ye Jian Xing's and Old Ancestor Yin Mo’s defensive light barriers. It could be seen that in the air, the death qi was becoming increasingly denser and the two’s defensive light barriers were gradually getting dimmer.

Perhaps, because of having guessed his end, the current Ye Jian Xing on the contrary appeared very calm.

It was at this point that Ye Jian Xing seemed to have thought of something and his expression changed briefly. He then pulled Su Yu, whom he was pulling behind, to his side.

“What’s your name?” The current Ye Jian Xing was already no longer able to save his image, but he still could maintain his calmness as he asked Su Yu.

“Ah? Are you asking for my name? I…I’m called Su Yu.” Su Yu’s mind was in a befuddled state as he replied.

“Ok! Su Yu, although I do not know what’s the reason, but if my guess is correct, you should not be affected by the death qi here, right?” Ye Jian Xing expression had already turned serious.

“Death qi? Are you talking about this  hazy mist substance?” Su Yu pointed at the hazy substance that were outside the light barrier before affirming, “If there isn’t any problem, I seem unaffected by it.” He was thinking that he had previously walked out from the depths of the God Burial Desert. If he was affected, then he would not have closed in to the the periphery of the God Burial Desert. Hence Su Yu answered with certainty.

When Ye Jian Xing heard Su Yu’s answer, his gaze immediately lit up.

He nodded his head energetically and said, “Very good! Sooner or later, my defensive light barrier will be broken by the death qi and at that time, my body would experience the corrosion by the death qi, and I would undoubtedly die. Although I’m the King of the Da Xia Dynasty, once I die, there would be powerful cultivators who would substitute me and take my position. As for the millions of people in the Da Xia Dynasty, as long as they are able to live a happy life, it isn’t important who is the King. The only thing I’m worried about is my younger sister, Ye Wan Qing, who is still 16-year-old. I, Ye Jian Xing, throughout my life had never begged anybody. However now, I, Ye Jian Xing, beg you, if you are able to walk out of the God Burial Desert, please, you must take good care of my little sister!”

When Su Yu heard the request, he instantly rolled his eyes and opened his arms before helplessly saying, “I say ah, Big Brother, let’s not trouble each other, ok? It’s said that Liu Bei entrusted his son to Zhu Ge Liang in Bai Di City. 1 You’re really good ah, directly going with what, entrusting your little sister at God Burial Desert? Oh please, I’m not that Zhu Ge Liang and I do not have his unfathomable abilities. Just look at my small physique. It’s already difficult to take care of myself, what’s more your little sister? Besides, you’re the King of the Da Xia Dynasty, so your little sister is the princess of Da Xia Dynasty. As a princess, does she even need me, who isn’t even worth a fart, to take care of her?"

On hearing what Su Yu had said, a bitter expression surfaced on Ye Jian Xing’s face.

If he stayed alive, then his little sister would certainly still be Da Xia Dynasty’s princess. However, if he wasn't around, then wouldn't his little sister automatically no longer be Da Xia Dynasty’s princess? Without his protection and her identity as the princess of Da Xia Dynasty, his little sister would naturally not be able to enjoy an easy and comfortable life like before. At that time, those past hostile forces would certainly vent their grudges on his little sister.

Thinking to this point, Ye Jian Xing could feel a burst of sadness in his heart.

His wife and daughter had already left him 10 years ago, and now he would shortly perish here. The only worry he had was his little sister, his one and only relative and family left in this world!

Thinking of his little sister’s obstinate and unruly character, Ye Jian Xing felt even more worried. Without him by her side, would she still be able to continue living well without mishap?

So now he could only put his hopes on this young man before him. He strongly believed that those people who weren't affected by the death qi in the God Burial Desert shouldn’t be ordinary mortals. Based on this point, it was already worth Ye Jian Xing's putting all his hopes on Su Yu!

“Su Yu, I beg you, promise me! After exiting from here, you must take good care of my little sister! If you promise me, I would pass down to you all the things I had learned throughout my life!” Currently, Ye Jian Xing could already clearly see his defensive light barrier was nearly whittled to exhaustion by the death qi, thus, he became extremely anxious as he held onto Su Yu’s shoulders and pleaded.

“I…” Just when Su Yu wanted to refuse, he remembered that he was new to this world and knew nothing of it. Also, the current him was a mortal who didn't have the strength to truss a chicken. Such being the case, how was he going to take good care of others?

However, just before Su Yu had the thought of rejecting his offer, Ye Jian Xing pressed his hand onto Su Yu’s Tian Ling Gai.

[Tian Ling Gai: At the top of his skull]

Wēng wēng wēng!

A green light sudden emerged from Ye Jian Xing’s palm.


In an instant, Su Yu only felt that in his mind an addition of countless information.

Endless Continent. North, South, East, West, 4 big mysterious domains. Central Province. Da Xia Dynasty……

Cultivator. Cultivating ranks. Cultivating methods……

Spirit sensing. Spirit weapons. Dans……

The information was like the tidewater during high tide, rushing and flooding Su Yu’s mind, causing Su Yu to feel as if his brain was about to explode!


It was at this moment when Su Yu heard a sudden shrilled cry .

It was Old Ancestor Yin Mo!!!

With his mind in a fuzzy state, Su Yu subconsciously turned to look in the direction of Old Ancestor Yin Mo. What he saw was the defensive light barrier that Old Ancestor Yin Mo had used with his body's internal spirit qi to create was broken open by the endless death qi. The death qi at this moment was like a hungry tiger that was about to catch its prey. Endless death qi gushed towards Old Ancestor Yin Mo. Without the protection from the defensive light barrier, Old Ancestor Yin Mo ‘s body was corroded by the endless death qi in a flash.

In almost a blink of an eye, the once excessively arrogant Old Ancestor Yin Mo was instantly reduced to a pile of eerily white bones which then fell down to the ground!

On seeing this scene, an intense bitter feeling flash passed his eyes.

Ye Jian Xing abruptly turned his head and looked at Su Yu.

In the next second, he took down the ring which was on his ring finger and shoved it into Su Yu’s hands. Following that, he also shoved the jade ornament, that was hanging at his waist, to Su Yu.

“Su Yu, my lifetime's experiences had already been passed on to you through the spiritual technique. Also, all of my cultivation resources are in that ring. I had already used my spirit power to remove my mark. When you reach a certain realm, you would naturally have the ability to open it. Another thing is that the jade ornament I gave you is the symbol of my identity. Take it and find my little sister! Su Yu, promise me, you must take good care of my little sister!” After Ye Jian Xing finished what he said, he did not wait for Su Yu’s reply and released his grip on Su Yu’s arms.

The moment Ye Jian Xing released his grip, the defensive light barrier created by his spirit power abruptly dissipated, and he, too, fell from the sky.

Endless death qi at this moment was like a devil opening its mouth wide, revealing its sharp teeth as it swallowed Ye Jian Xing, a cultivator at the 6th Realm — Nirvana Realm, whole.


The still confused Su Yu stared blankly as he watched Ye Jian Xing being swallowed up by the endless death qi till……there’s no longer a silhouette left……