Immoral Holidays


Immoral Holidays Chapter 3

Immoral Holidays 背德假期 Chapter Three

By: Feng Nong 风弄

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Ling Wei’s longtime military academy training had instilled in him a habit of never going back on his words. Once he’s made a promise, he is determined to see it through, regardless of the difficulties.

Which is why, even though his brother’s commands were embarrassing and humiliating, but in order to get things over with, he still quickly took off his trousers and briefs, and lied down facing up on the bed.

An inspection is nothing more than what it sounds like, it has nothing to do with the organ. And since there are no members of the opposite sex present, it should be no different from the medical exams at the academy. Perhaps if the inspector wasn’t his non-blood related younger brother, and the reason behind the inspection had nothing to do with sexual offences, then it might have eased the discomfort that he was feeling.

Ling Wei waited calmly, completely unaware of the fact that his naked and exposed body, unsuspectingly lying quietly in bed, made such a huge impact on the person witnessing it.

Ling Qian’s groin ached with desire the moment he saw Ling Wei unfasten his belt.

He doesn’t remember when his ever so stoic, expressionless, and military-minded brother caught his eye.

Ling Qian couldn’t understand how it began, since everything happened unknowingly.

Perhaps it started with their mother treating her non-biological son the same way she treats him and Ling Han. Or perhaps it was when their father scolded him with a stern look on his face, and said, “If only you were half as good as Ling Wei.”

It began as pure jealousy, not wanting for their parents to find out and earn himself another scolding, he was often forced to hide his looks of jealousy.

Habitually chasing after the forever upright figure, and realizing that the sense of purity he possessed, either inborn or acquired, had a drug like addictiveness.

“Lie still and spread your legs.”

Being the excellent and obedient cadet of a military academy, he quickly opened up his legs.

Ling Qian roughly took hold of his member.


“What are you calling out for?” Ling Qian’s heart was filled with overwhelming impulses, he’s finally caught the object of his desire and can do what he wants. Ling Qian secretly spent a lot of effort this time, he can’t afford the slightest chance of his prey escaping his side. It took almost all his will power to force himself into keeping up the business-like teasing tone of voice. “Brother, don’t you be too sensitive now, remember that it’s your brother taking you in hand, and not some pretty girl from the military academy.”

Feeling extremely humiliated, Ling Wei closed his mouth and clenched his teeth, not allowing himself to make any more sounds.

Not knowing when the inspection would be over, Ling Wei could only endure through it all with the perseverance of a reserve officer.

Long periods of dreary military academy life lead many male cadets to break the rules, and find channels to relieve their physical needs. However, being General Ling’s son, Ling Wei definitely wasn’t one of them.

His experience and knowledge of sex were surprisingly in inverse proportion to his outstanding achievements in various subject areas at the academy.

“How … how long is this going to take?” After several minutes, Ling Wei thought that he should find out a little bit more about the inspection process.

“What’s the hurry? Are you aroused by your brother’s touch, or maybe you are trying to trick me into getting a false result, and cover this whole thing up?” Ling Qian provoked his brother with vicious words as he indulged in the process of cracking him. Much like the pleasures of breaking through the tough outer shell of a fruit to savour in its sweetness.

For added pleasure, he took a course at the academy on criminal psychology, using the most advanced psychological analysis program to analyze all the characteristics and traits he had observed in Ling Wei.

After repeated verifications and subsequent simulated character and behaviour trials, the computer’s final conclusions were consistent with Ling Qian’s estimations.

Ling Wei could have never imagined that this simple and seemingly illogically absurd trap that he had fallen into, was set up using an advanced simulation software that only children of high-level military families in The Federation had access to.

“By the colour of it, it seems like it hasn’t seen much action.” Ling Qian held in his hand the exposed male organ between Ling Wei’s willingly spread legs, he played with it slowly, as he described with lewd remarks. “I thought only virgins were that colour down there.”

Slender fingers caressed the length of his member, rubbing up and down against the sensitive sides as if trying to determine its texture.

Being his first time having someone else stroke his most sensitive body part, Ling Wei was at a loss as he felt his body instantly burning up, he instinctively closed up his legs with force.

“Who told you to close your legs?” Ling Qian shouted immediately, “Open them!”

It was the angry tone of voice that commanding officers used with rule breaking soldiers.

Ling Wei refused to comply, looking angrily back at his arrogant brother and demanded, “What kind of inspection is this? Where’s the equipment?”

Ling Qian had no intention of answering his questions, since as of now, the person in control of the whole situation was no longer his brother, but him instead.

“It doesn’t matter if you don’t cooperate. Either way, I’m the one who has something to lose by giving you the inspection.” Ling Qian promptly let go of his brother, and started walking towards the door. “We’ll deal with this matter the standard way. This way, if something happens in the future, at least I’m not liable to be questioned for concealing the truth.”

He took only two steps, before feeling his wrist being pulled from behind.

With his back to Ling Wei, the younger boy’s lips curled into a smile.

“No, you can continue the inspection, I will cooperate.” The thing that worries Ling Wei the most was things getting out of hand. His foster parents brought him up lovingly with care, he cannot repay their kindness with a scandal.

“No, you’ll just make up more excuses halfway through.” Ling Qian refused to turn around, and coldly remarked, “Back when I was in school, during interrogation class, the teacher would often mention the fickleness of treacherous traitors. It seems to me that you are just like them.”

Noticing Ling Qian’s foot shifting from its place, Ling Wei finally gave up all remaining reluctance, gritted his teeth and said firmly, “Believe me Ling Qian, I’ll cooperate until it ends.”

Such a serious tone.

Ling Qian thought as he smiled wickedly to himself, he’ll make his brother worry a bit longer by pretending to consider it for quite a while, before finally nodding his head mercifully in agreement, “Fine.”

“Hopefully, you can do the inspection quickly.” Ling Wei lied back down onto the bed, and continued on with the shameful examination.

It will all be over soon.

“Open your legs more.” Once Ling Wei obeyed his instructions and spread open his legs even further apart, Ling Qian continued with another order. “Hold your inner thighs with your hands, and do it quickly. Otherwise, you’ll get nervous and close them again, and once more, we’ll get stuck halfway. I don’t have the patience to do this with you a third time.”

Due to Ling Qian’s impatient threats, Ling Wei had to position himself in an even more humiliating position.

In order to meet Ling Qian’s orders, he had to spread his legs as far apart as they could, and hold them in place with his hands.

Holding his own two legs open and positioning himself for another person to examine was extremely uncomfortable for Ling Wei. He was never good with things of an erotic nature, so this made him feel like he was being molested by his brother’s gaze.

Feeling that he’s probably tortured his brother plenty enough, Ling Qian took hold of the male organ once again, as if it was an act of mercy. The feel of his brother’s cock was pleasant to the touch.

This time around, he quite generously curled his hand into a cylindrical shape and took hold of his brother’s shaft, rubbing it all over.

“Uhh, no …” Ling Wei’s straight and proper face was almost distorted as he tried to fight his senses.

“Quiet!” Ling Qian spat out a fierce warning, “If you keep this up then I’m going to wake mom up, you can explain to her yourself.”

Despite the current expression on his face, his heart told a different story, and was overflowing with happiness. Seeing Ling Wei’s rather stiff and sensitive reaction, he was able to confirm that after all these years away at the military academy, his brother was still the same old goody two-shoes.

Not only did he not touch any women, he probably rarely masturbated.

Which would explain why he couldn’t even resist the most common and unskilled rubbing.

The thought of his brother saving himself for him made every vein in Ling Qian’s body tingle with a strange warmth. The desire to reward his brother was neck in neck with the desire to further humiliate him. But thankfully, when it comes to action, they were all the same.

Abandoning the slow pace he had started off with, Ling Qian began with a much rougher treatment of Ling Wei’s member. First rubbing it all over with the palm of his hand, then stroking it up and down with his thumb and forefinger.

“Ugh …” The dreaded stimulation made Ling Wei’s body twist. He clenched his teeth, finding it difficult to suppress the sound escaping his mouth.

“Keep your legs open, hold it with your hands!”

After some vigorous stroking, the organ in his hand was becoming hard. Ling Qian could no longer sit and wait by the bedside, instead, he switched over to kneel between Ling Wei’s legs.

“Hold your pose brother. This is the last step, if you haven’t been fooling around with women then you should be able to ejaculate.” Then Ling Qian uttered a threat in a low voice, “If you don’t like my approach, or don’t want to cooperate, then we can stop right here. But, if this causes mom to relapse, then I won’t bear the responsibility with you.”

Ling Wei was in a pleasure induced stupor, but could still make out quite clearly each and every word his brother had said.

As he was about to analyze the deeper meaning behind Ling Qian’s words, an unfamiliar warmth enveloped his most sensual organ without warning.

“Ah! Ling Qian!” When he finally realized what was happening, Ling Wei shouted out loud.

The usual calmness in his face was completely overtaken and replace by surprise and incredulity. His widened eyes opened even further due to Ling Qian’s brutal licking.

Knowing that his brother was sucking on his cock, and the pleasure of having a man’s mouth and tongue caressing one’s sexual organ was tearing away Ling Wei’s hard outer shell, both mentally and logically.

A pleasure unmatched by masturbation completely washed over Ling Wei’s senses.

Instantly drowning the general’s eldest son in a whirlpool of chaos and confusion, causing him to tremble uncontrollably.

“No … no … stop … Ling Qian … uhh! Uhh …” Broken and muffled cries amidst panic were far more seductive than his tormenter had imagined.

Therefore, the ravishments became more brutal.

Ling Wei sheathed his brother’s erection completely with his mouth, sneaking in gentle nibbles with his teeth, as well as teasingly rubbing against the length with his sharp canines.

“Ah! Ling … Ling Qian! No! Ugh …” Ling Wei had never experienced this sort of pain or pleasure, the maddening sensation struck him like an electrified whip.


Ling Wei’s neck leaned back and almost pressed his forehead against the headboard, his body violently arched forward, Ling Wei’s strong and slender body formed into an arc of strength and perfection.

As if aware of the fact that the floodgates were collapsing. Ling Qian tightened his lips as he took in the entire length of his brother’s hardened cock, and sucked on it fiercely, causing a lightening-like pleasurable sensation to shoot through Ling Wei’s back.

“Ahh, no!” Ling Wei cried out after his body stiffened up momentarily.

The violent convulsion that followed was a fierce nightmare.

A thick white liquid exploded into Ling Qian’s ready and willing mouth.

Tossing his head back, Ling Wei’s screams halted, his brain void of all thoughts. Even after his arched body fell back heavily onto the mattress, his foggy eyes were still fixed to the ceiling.

Nothing in his military program filled brain could explain what had just happened, it seems that he’s even losing his breathing instincts.

“I guess you really can’t tell, how such a little pink thing could shoot such a large load. Ling Qian’s wickedly charismatic face appeared overhead with a smile on.

A white cloudy liquid dripped down his beautiful lips. Not minding its dirtiness, he wiped it up with his fingers, and licked it clean with his tongue, as if eating something delicious.

The strange and lewd picture before him seemed untrue inside Ling Wei’s empty mind. Like an illusion, or a mirage.

But it was all real.

“Ling Qian, what did you do?” After a long time, Ling Wei opened his mouth and asked stiffly.

“Inspecting you. Well, now that I can say for certain you haven’t been fooling around with women, I can help you destroy the video.” Ling Qian said as if it was nothing, his voice terribly calm, “I’m just a little surprised at how shameless you were brother. I saw that you were hard and uncomfortable, so I decided to be a good brother to you and suck you off a little bit, who knew that you’d actually cum in my mouth.”

Each word he uttered cut through the upright and loyal Ling Wei like a knife gash.

Ling Wei’s face once again twisted in pain.

Ling Qian cleverly stopped, knowing that enough was enough. In any case, he’s got new things planned for tomorrow.

“Alright, it’s getting late now, why don’t you get some sleep brother. We’ll continue our talk tomorrow.”

Turning and leaving the room, Ling Qian returned to his own suite. Upon entrance, he immediately turned on the 3D projection screen, and zoomed in on the feed from his hidden camera. A guilt-ridden figure appeared on the screen.

From the looks of it, that proper and serious brother of his certainly took quite the blow to his ego.

Perhaps he’ll spend the whole night in pain.

Ling Qian looked at the person on the screen somewhat apologetically, but soon, his lips couldn’t help themselves but curl upward.

But at least he beat Ling Han to it. Brother’s first ever blowjob belongs to him, Ling Qian.

And in the next few days, each and every one of brother’s first times will belong to him as well.

At the thought of this, Ling Qian’s heart bloomed with immoral anticipation.

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