I, the Demon Lord, Took a Slave Elf as my Wife, but how do I Love Her?


I, the Demon Lord, Took a Slave Elf as my Wife, but how do I Love Her? Volume 1 Chapter 1

Within the forest, in the unlit night, a high pitch scream resonates.

Thick tree branches spread out like a ceiling, a forest capable of obstructing the light of the sun.

In the neighboring villages, it's a place often called the Forest of the Lost.

In the center of this forest, lays an old ivy covered abandoned castle, rumors swirl of apparitions, demons and magicians living within.

Within this uncanny forest, Zagan walks.

A young man, to turn 18 this year. Black hair and silver eyes. Features are handsome, wears a black robe with red cloth lining.

If his appearance was slightly more orderly, he could pass himself off as the nobility of some land.

Please, stop, Maias! Return to your senses……

Looking at it, a single girl is held down by a knight like man.

The girl is still young. An age where calling her a girl isn't unusual. Red hair like polished copper and azure eyes. White skin that seems to burst out.

Coming from the bridge of the nose, a sensation like a noble's product, or even surpassing that, such an impression is strong.

However, that lively face is now distorted in terror.

Perhaps a young daughter of nobility beside her escort knight.

Zagan thought that while walking casually towards her.

In this time, the girl fiercely resists the man, clawing at his face.


However, the one who turned pale here wasn't the man.

The face peels, torn by the girl's claws.

Skin turns up, blood drips from meat.


At the gruesome scene, the girl releases a scream.

With the skin of the face peeled off, the face isn't a face. Missing nose and ears, a broken cheekbone, the original form is lost.

―――The man is a magician.

To Zagan, he knew this to be the cost of magic.

Approached by that grotesque face, the poor girl trembles.

The man draws a knife from his hips, and slides it across the girl's chest like he was petting it.


Gently removing the shirt, the nipples are exposed. From here, what's going to be done to the girl is not difficult to imagine.

The man laughs at the girl, who's voice is held in by shame and terror.

Haha, quite the arousing face you're making, isn't it? Sorry to let you down, but it's not going to be a rape like you're expecting. You see, those known as virgins are of great value to magicians.

―――Can't let the body be polluted―――

At that man's words, the girl's face showed a momentary color of relief.

However, the girl didn't know.

That, rather than being polluted, a much more fearsome fate awaits her.

You see, peeling the skin off a living virgin's face produces good catalysts. Please don't just die?

The cast off flesh on the ground reflects in the girl's pupils.


The shrieking girl improved the man's mood further, as a smile floated up.

Also, you see, to me personally, it really does seem I can't get enough of peeling off high quality women's faces like yours. But, be reassured that when I'm done peeling the face, I'll love your body too. Hihyahyahya!

It was at that moment that Zagan reached the man's back.

And like that, the man's head is grasped, lifted up with one hand.

Wha, what……?

Taking his knife off the girl's cheeks, the man releases a stupid voice.

Who, who the hell are you!

Fed up with the angry voice of a man who doesn't seem to understand his own position.

And who are you. I don't care if it's rape or torture, but making a racket in someone else's backyard, especially when they're trying to sleep, will wake them up.

Disturbing sleep――― To the girl's suffering, to the words with no trace of a sense of justice, not only the man but the girl as well shows astonishment.

With the abandoned castle in the center, the entire forest is Zagan's territory.

Furthermore, at the same time, it's also that no one here can win against Zagan.

The magician seems to understand that meaning. The man suddenly releases his knife and raises his hand.

Wa, wait! You're also a magician right? You'll get nothing by killing me. Overlook this and I'll give you the results of my research!

That's how he begs for his life. Furthermore, it's right next to offering up the entirety of his fortune.

To a magician, the results of your research is also the substitute of your own power. That is, gaining knowledge allows you to wield that much wider an array of magic.

Even so, Zagan stared at the man with suspicious eyes, letting out a sigh he said this.

Magic that can't be used without peeling off living flesh――― Useless.

Directly after, the man's head explodes like fruit.

……Ah, I did it.

The man was sitting on top of the girl. Because his head had been crushed, broken meat and blood sprayed down upon the girl.

Having been covered in blood, the girl fell unconscious. When she wakes up, she should have one or two psychological injuries.

As expected, a girl at that age being exposed to such stimulus, left Zagan's chest with a feeling of guilt.

―――C, Calm down. I'm a magician. A matter like this will quickly be returned to how it was.

Possibly, if there aren't any traces of blood, the girl will be able to classify everything as a dream and forget it all.

Zagan took a deep breath to calm himself down, spinning his index finger.

Surging circle.

Chanting thus, a large circle spread upon the ground. A spellform of delicately weaved symbols. Like a reversal of time, the blood and meat covering the girl's body are shaved away, gathering again to the magician's dead body. Even the blood sticking to Zagan's hand.

This is magic.

That which is known as magic, is fundamentally used by drawing spellforms. Among these shapes physical law may be ignored, and a magician's wish may manifest. By devising the procedure and mechanism, each power may be distinguished and manifested.

What is called spells, is to express that meaning with the mouth, a method to abridge the hand crafting of a spellform, fundamentally, the same act is carried out.

Above all, this magic just moved physical objects about, gathering flesh and whoever's lost head parts to his corpse, and though the mass did take shape, it quickly crumbled.

Even so, the girl's body, and even her damaged clothes were returned to before.

Looking anew on that face, Zagan caught his breath.

―――Bijin da na. (She's beautiful)

Furthermore, the realization that some sort of pendant hung from her neck.

……The cross symbol―――A member of the church?

What's called the church is, the servants of a self proclaimed god, enemies of magicians―――and to preserve their justice the holy knights.

What's called a knight, originally, is a devout soldier who offers a king his loyalty, they aren't those who can oppose a magician with power. However, the church has a god who grants miracles capable of opposing magicians.

In short, the church is the adversary of magicians.

―――What to do. I feel like I'm going to be mistaken for the perpetrator……

To be sure, Zagan ended up helping this girl, but looking at it from afar, the interpretation could be that an evil magician got into a fight with his comrades. Especially regarding the infliction of a blood shower.

Even if the girl wakes up, it might be difficult to resolve the misunderstanding. Even so, somehow or other, after once saving a girl, going back and killing her would leave a bad aftertaste.

……Ma, I guess it's fine.

After worrying a while, Zagan decided to abandoned the girl outside.

If it's abandoned outside the forest on the city road, someone's sure to notice. If some villain adds to the unconscious girl's injuries before then, that's just her bad luck. A duty to go so far to protect her doesn't exist.

Stamping down, from under the girl's body, different from before a new spellform is drawn.

To connect outer and inner territory, a teleportation spellform.

However, before teleporting the girl, something happened on the other side of the spellform.


Zagan opened his eyes widely.

My spellform was taken over?

This is within Zagan's territory.

To prepare for just this sort of intruder, Zagan had covered his castle and surrounding grounds with innumerable spellforms.

A barrier.

A barrier to show intruders their place. A barrier to capture such beings. A barrier to reduce every other magician's power. Furthermore, a barrier to enhance his own power.

In other words, against anything and everything a Zagan zone where Zagan always has the advantage.

For a spellform to be stolen in such a place, isn't the art of an average magician.

An unusually strong intruder, but Zagan's reaction is relaxed.

Don't just use other people's spellforms, Barbaros.

The one who appeared, was a frail, tall bodied youth.

Probably 20 years old. Older than Zagan by 2 years, his back is tall. However, his cheeks are hollow, and clouds spread around his eyes. Over his head is a hood, he's wearing a robe, from his neck any number of amulets hang.

To break through Zagan's barrier, it can be understood that the power he controls is outside the realms of normalcy.

It's fine, Zagan. As usual, you have an unhealthy face.

The one with an unhealthy face is you, Barbaros.

Out of countless magicians, the only one to boldly intrude upon Zagan's domain would be this Barbaros.

In addition, he's Zagan's only bad friend.

Also, don't just use other people's spellforms.

If I don't do something like this, won't that mean I can't teleport here?

What determines a magician's power is spellforms.

That spellform, that man took Zagan's item and rewrote it into his own, and was thus able to intrude. It's not something that can be done as simply as it is said.

This is Zagan's advantageous terrain, but it's questionable whether he'd win if he fought this man here. A magician like that.

Barbaros narrowed his eyes, looking upon the girl who'd lost her consciousness and the dead body left fallen upon the ground.

What. Were you in the middle of a party?

Just a slight punishment for villains who make a ruckus in other people's back yard.

Hihi, hearing that from you.

Those who live as magicians are without exception villains.

Interested only in raising our own power, the value of other's lives and fortunes go unnoticed. Stealing what's necessary from strangers creates no sense of guilt.

Saving the girl before wasn't a matter of personal virtue, but more simple disinterest.

Barbaros gazed at the girl.

Hou, this daughter, she has quite the magic power. Do you intend to use her as a living sacrifice?

Magic that requires living sacrifices isn't my interest.

Saying that, another stamp.

A faint light envelops the girl's body, and she disappears. This time she should have been sent outside the territory.

What a waste. If you didn't want it you could have given it to me.

Don't kidnap people from other's territories. I'll end up being treated as a criminal.

Hihi, that's a good one. Next time that's what I'll do.

……In that case, should I be sending you flying?

Zagan glared with dangerous eyes, toward the man liable to do just about anything.


However, a few seconds later, Zagan gave a yawn like he was ready to sleep.

Oi, oi, what is this sleepy look?

I spent all night indulging in a magic tome. I'm going to sleep. If you need something do it later.

Ha, even if you're sleepy, it doesn't matter if you just adjust you brain with a little adrenaline? Just when I came to visit don't say something so distant.

It's because you do stuff like that that your face is so unhealthy.

Magicians bet their time in life upon their research of magic, they are those who seek to surpass.

To research magic, the first requirement is to be alive.

Therefore, a magician must learn how to manage his own body. Not just simple muscle management, but the use of basic cellular level magic within the body. Like that, magicians can avoid disease, extend lifespans, and prolong their existence.

Once that much has been accomplished, the title of a magician can be used.

Even so, without food and water they starve and die. Sleep can be deceived, but it can't be eliminated. The result of which is the current Barbaros' face.

As such, Zagan really doesn't want to use that sort of magic.

Barbaros smiled weirdly.

Don't say that. I brought an interesting story with me.

With a villain like face, Barbaros brought his shoulder up close in a friendly manner.

Interesting story?

Pushing away the annoying friend, Zagan brought back his attention.

A smile floated on Barbaros' emancipated face.

Ouyo. Did you know, a little before now a single Maou>―――Marchosias perished?

At that name even Zagan opened his eyes wide.

Maou>―――That's the sort of demon lord spoken of in stories isn't it.

The name of a king at the pinnacle of magic.

Alongside that title a vast magic power is gained and low level magicians serve as underlings. That is the perfection of the power and authority sought after by magicians.

Althoug, originally, there were 13 of these Maou, one reached old age after a thousand years, and his breath was taken away. A magician's lifespan is long, but it looks like a thousand years is the limit.

Hearing about the dead body of that Maou, even Zagan couldn't ignore it.

Oh? What, what, your face says you want to hear and can't wait? No, wait. Didn't you say you wanted to sleep? U―n, regretable, but I'm not interested in buying your grudges here.

Stop delaying and speak already.

……As usual, such an unfriendly fellow.

Letting out a fed up sigh, Barbaros spoke.

You know of Kyuanoeids village? Marchosias was using it as his territory, but a massive auction was opened there. Proper goods, the types of goods we like, it's all there.


A coughing sound is released from the throat.

Exactly that! It's coming out. The Maou>'s legacy.

Smells fishy―――For now, that's the first impression.

However, that MaouMarchosias lived a long life of a thousand years. If a legacy is to be spoken of, it shouldn't be one or two.

If one among those came to be displayed in auction, it wouldn't be strange.

Barbaros prodded Zagan with his elbow.

That's why. You should also come. While you're at it find one or two good women. After that, you can help out with just a little support?

Saying that, two fingers created the shape of coins.

So the matter is, even if you want to participate in the auction, your funds are a bit lacking.

While leaking a sigh, Zagan couldn't refuse.

If it's like that, I'll be taking the legacy.

Then I'll have to use someone else.

Isn't it the case that no other magician who would lend you money exists?

Half ready to cry, Zagan was, in the end, in a situation where he was going to be brought to the auction.

However, Zagan thought.


Zagan is male. It's not the case that there's no interest in women's bodies.

In fact, the girl from before left a significant impression.

Even so, the scenery filled with numerous women servants creates an imagery that, before it's appeal, just feels troublesome.

There is the thought process that says it's fine to just use them like tools. However, for a tool that carries out an order when spoken to, normal magic tools are much better.

It's not that there isn't a desire to be loved, but having to treat the other party as such in return makes the thought seem far too troublesome.

Rather than the appeal of the body, the demerits of the results brought forth from such desire become much clearer before the eye. Therefore, Zagan still doesn't know any women.

―――More importantly, weak humans die quickly.

No matter what is done to weak humans, they can't complain.

To protect yourself, you must become strong.

As such, Zagan spent the 18 years of his youth becoming a powerful magician.

……Ma, the aloof airs of the magician is a story for another time.

Kyuanoeids is a canal city.

With branches covering the four directions of the land, the canal carries shipping, at the logistical point, a prosperous city exits. Not just products but a variety of types of people are gathered.

Besides humans, animal like, claw and fur holding beastmen. With wings on their back, winged people. Short backed, with brusque looks in their eyes, and especially, talent with delicate ornamentation, dwarfs are also here.

Carrying numerous decorations, a beautiful sailing ship floats, the canals breath clamor and the smell of dirt. It should be one of the most brilliant cities within the country. It's said that during the course of a single day over a million people come and go within this brilliant city.

And within this brilliant city, wearing a collar and chains, countless such humans are also here.


There are humans, there also those of other races. Those who take them may be human, but are not limited to humans.

A large human man beating a dwarf with a rod is here, while humans who obey a beautiful winged female are also here.

Beastmen drinking milk like dogs from a plate left on the ground are here.

They too, are surely one part of the "products" to be auctioned off.

Slaves, the directions of humans who are not slaves, whether they hold wealth and power, whether their fortune is good or poor, are beings of that extent.

Because Zagan didn't want to become like that, he desperately sought power.

That's why, feelings of sympathy didn't occur.

However, Zagan whispered.

Strangely, it gives a tingling sensation.

The city's air.

This wasn't the first time coming to Kyuanoeids, but the church knights were here and there patrolling. Like the city's residents were afraid of something, like they were steeped in anger, the presence of that sort of daily life could be felt.

Barbaros smiled with amusement.

It seems some idiots are gathering young women to perform some sort of magic experiment?

Living sacrifice huh? Quite the dangerous bridge to cross.

When a living sacrifice is used, it becomes possible to control magic beyone the user's own power. Using catalysts in magic is normal, that in itself isn't unusual.

However, using a bought slave or kidnapping an orphan with an unknown background, at a minimum it's necessary not to get your leg caught.

The meaning in going out of your way to risk drawing the eyes of the church by capturing common women isn't understandable. That's like trying to sell a fight to the church.

Barbaros shrugged.

Is it? Limited from the day of birth, that kind of female would be abducted, wouldn't they?

Are you trying to summon mazoku?

The name of a monster spoken of stories, bearing wings and horn. Whether they exist or not isn't established, but evidence exists of "something" in this world that fought evenly against gods and demons.

As such, to summon such a being, Barbaros said that a sort of ritual should be necessary. However, Zagan considered it to be a fantastic tale.

Showing a fed up face, but Barbaros seemed to be smiling pleasantly.

On that note, it seems like you're suspected of being one of the perpetrators?

How stupid. Will magic that can't be used without living sacrifices be there when the time comes that they're really needed?

Hihaha, certainly. Speaking of which, you don't seem to keep any allies with you either.

With that said, without intending it, the shoulders drop.

―――Maa, allies aren't really necessary.

Already used to being alone. Used to it.

While talking about that sort of matter, the magicians toured their objective.

Where Barbaros guides to is the city's underground.

That underground is an old ruin―――most likely a battlefield―――the remains thereof, now repaired as the city marketplace, display trade of goods that seem like they'll never finish selling out.

An auction is itself a battlefield of sorts. A circular stage surrounded by lined customer seats. Already competitive buying seems to have begun, countless voices shouting out numbers resonate.

The only lit area is the stage, the customer seats don't even have candles. This isn't unfriendliness but consideration so that the customer's faces won't be known.

……Maa, it's not really something meaningfull for a magician.

Securing our own seats, Barbaros blew a whistle.

Oi, Zagan, look. <<Black Dot>> Kimaris, over there is <<Seductress>> Gomel. Over there is <<Apparition>> Valefar, even that is here.

Even without fire's light, those who call themselves magicians should at least be able to use magic to improve their night vision.

Looking in the direction Barbaros indicated, recognizable human silhouettes are seen one after another.

Zagan doesn't have much facial recognition, but each are well known magicians. Humans make up the greater half, but within other races can be seen here and there. The title holder <<Black Dot>> Kimaris is a beastman with a gallant mane. <<Apparition>> Valefar wears a mask and hood, hiding the rest of his body under his robe, his race is unknown.

Black Dot, and other such phrases are a magician's common name. They're what's called titles. Something a magician can obtain once they reach a certain level of power.

Famous among these, should be MaouMarchosias' <<Ultimate Elder>>. Barbaros is known by the name <<Purgatory>>.

Zagan is also a magician with a certain degree of fame, however, he hasn't received a title yet.

His young age of 18 was an issue, but the death of MaouMarchosias, ruler of the entire region, was major. That common name carried the title Maouand the duties thereof, and before Zagan received his common name, he died.

In short, a common name is proof of power.

Unlike other people, those who hold a common name are slightly interesting.

Is he strong?

He's strong. Like you and me, he's also a candidate to receive the next tile of Maou.

Presently, the death of the noble, Marchosias, has left one seat of the Maouempty.

How that seat will be filled, the remaining Maouare currently in conference and a powerful magician should be nominated.

Ha, if people like that show themselves then perhaps the legacy is real.

Let's pray it is.

If not then throwing away sleep to come here has no meaning.

And as such, the auction proceeds.

Everyone gathered here. Our next item is today's last, and most important product!

At the moderator's voice, Barbaros' body pulled up.

Oi, it's about time, Zagan.


It's still unknown whether the Maou>'s legacy is real or not, but this time the eyeball turned up to the meet the stage.

What came out atop the stage was a small bodied human with a hood over the head. A mantle hid everything down to the feet, so the race is unknown. Not small enough to be a dwarf, but if it's another race it's probably a child.

The question is the legacy, perhaps the person in the hood is carrying it?

The people on the grounds focused, the moderator began his explanation.

At this point, originally, the product was to be delivered to MaouMarchosias. However, before the product arrived, Marchosias-sama passed away, and the product floating in the air was taken back accordingly.

At those words, Barbaros' face grimaced.

Then there is no legacy?

One of Maou>'s catalysts I suppose.

Magic isn't only performed by drawing spellforms and chanting spells, tools are also used.

From ink used to draw spellforms, the ornaments placed on magicians' bodies, also magic enhancing living sacrifices as well.

Those tools are called catalysts, whether those catalysts are good or evil, when used power is brought forth.

That the legacy doesn't exist is a shame, but a catalyst chosen by the Maoucaught a certain degree of interest.

And so, the moderator took the mantle off the hooded person.


What appeared there, with sharp, long ears, a touching girl.

Visible in one look.

A resident of the northern land upon which humans cannot set foot, the legendary race―――an elf.

Long enough to cover the waist, pure white hair. And, decorating that hair, a deep crimson ribbon. Within a small face, large eyes like the azure summer sky, the lips are a shallow, temperate, pink. The delicate body is engulfed in a pure white dress, a form such that, if she were called a noble daughter, it would be believed.

However, on her hands and feet there are shackles, and a magic sealing collar covers her neck.

Looking at that girl's eyes, Zagan felt his chest quiver. The next sensation ran through all the way to the top of his head.

Dark, empty, pupils.

Reflecting nothing at all, thinking nothing, the eyes of one who has given up entirely on the future.

Even so, somehow, the eyes could not be drawn away from those pupils.

Captured from the north, the legendary race, elf! Especially, as you can see, one with white hair. This isn't a dye. It's a natural, white haired elf!

Elves are said to be a species that is, compared to humans, closer to the gods and spirits.

Furthermore, among their race, those individuals with white hair seem to be variant, many of whom carry high magical power.

In regards to white haired elves, if used as a living sacrifice, power like that of a maou could be obtained.

The moderator circled around the elf's back, took her hair with his finger and scooped it out.

In addition, as a female, this is a high class good, rather than just as a simple magical sacrifice, as a cherished slave, the value is unusually high. Indeed, torment or lick, the customer is completely free!

The moderator loudly announced.

And so, let us start at ten thousand―――

One million.

Before he realized it, Zagan made that announcement.

―――What is this beating within the chest?

Love―――yes, that's a good expression.

A desire to save the elf girl standing there. To see her smiling face. Also, to touch her bare body.

That, feeling that hadn't existed before spurred Zagan to action.

Sharply, the grounds returned to silence.

O, oi, Zagan……?

Kuriotes gold coins, one million.

That was, the entire fortune Zagan amassed within his castle.

The bewildered moderator wiped the sweat from his head with handkerchief and raised his shaking voice.

Thank you very much! An excellent quantity of money has emerged. It's one million! Will no follow up come? No one else will accept the invitation?

In order to focus on their research magicians tend to amass significant fortunes.

However, even if a fortune is said to be amassed, coming forward with one million isn't something that normally happens. Those who just carry a million around would normally put it to use in their research.

It's that level of assets.

Oi Zagan, what are you thinking. Even if it's an elf to spend that kind of money……

There's something I've always wanted. But, for some reason I didn't know of it. Finally, I realized that I could see it.

Without knowing how this feeling should be explained, Zagan muttered incoherently.

However, the blazing bright pupils seen from outside were hideously evil. An obvious point, as greed ran wild within.

With fear, Barbaros opened his eyes anew.

You, just what sort of magic do you intend to use……?

Is seems Barbaros has misunderstood something.

Zagan shook his head.

It's not something like that. Perhaps something that other magic doesn't need. I can't really say it well, but it's something like that.

Something magic doesn't need, to obtain the next, different power……?

Whatever is said, it seems to still be wrong. Barbaros was shuddering.

It seems like opening the mouth beyond this will just lead to yet greater unnecessary distortion.

Zagan pushed a meaning of disagreement into a smile, but even this just made him yet more disturbed. It became like the smile of a demon.

With a smack, Barbaros lost his legs, and his rear fell upon the ground.

―――Still creating some sort of misunderstanding?

Explaining it to the bad friend became more and more impossible, finally, the wood mallet signaling the winning bid rang out.

Congratulations! The white haired elf's winning bid goes to magician Zagan-sama!

I don't remember naming myself, but the moderator saw Zagan's face and stated his name. It's just, in this line of work, the face is known to many people, not that it matters.

Zagan stood from his chair, abandoning the fallen Barbaros, used a flight magic.

Flying over the customer's seats, he descended upon the stage.

Standing before the girl, her downcast face did not rise.

―――What to do. What voice would be best to use?

Excitedly flying over was good, what comes next wasn't thought out in the least.

Suddenly confused, the moderator spoke in a voice like a cat's.

Please do as you will. Renown magician Zagan-sama, winner of the bid, here is the elf of good fortune. By the way, the dress and magic sealing collar are a service. Be aware that there's a risk of escape if the collar is removed.


What the moderator was saying didn't really enter the ears, Zagan replied randomly.

―――Won't she at least look this way? However, it seems that she was scared after all. That said, did something terrible happen to her before now?

For this beautiful girl, for the mouth to say nothing, having such terrible eyes, that refuse to meet with another's. The girl from this morning also had it.

A hand touched the unsettled girl's chin.

A silk like smooth body. To the extent that Zagan worried he'd injure it just by touching it.

Even so, touching kindly to the extent of his abilities, the girl's face, just a little, turned upward.

The empty pupils saw Zagan.

A breath I didn't know I was holding came out. It really is a touching girl.

Even so, somehow focus wasn't met. It was questionable whether Zagan was seen. No, even before then, something like will can't be felt.

―――Is, is this okay? She isn't being controlled is she?

Magic that can deprive will isn't all that rare.

The pale Zagan spoke to the moderator with a flustered voice.

Zagan-sama? Is something to you displeasure?

……No, is this person conscious?

From the throat spilled a voice not so much anxious, but with a bad mood. To the extent that even I wanted to hear why I was so angry.

However, as if convinced the moderator nodded.

Please be at ease. This elf was captured with care, her natural form is persevered. In the first place the body itself has such fearsome magic, that only an equal magic would have any effect. Thus, we guarantee complete freshness.

In the case where one is used as a living sacrifice, magical restraints or brainwashing disturb the air and lower the quality of the rituals, precision falls accordingly. It seemed the moderator thought Zagan was concerned about that matter.

However, looking at the decorated ladylike elf girl felt like an open wound. Rather than a usable slave, this is like a high priced "product" defective good, the auctioneers must be idiots. Something like that seems a trustworthy conclusion.

Zagan finally let out a held breath.

Believe us. If this one couldn't at the least chirp in a good voice, we'd be troubled.

To start with, I want to properly hold a conversation…… Is what I want to say, but such a luxurious request is mistaken.

Back away from the pale moderator.

Notice even the elf girl is shaking like she's afraid.

―――Ah, thank goodness. What I'm saying is heard.

Reassured by such a thing Zagan, understood the extent of the confusion of his own words.

And, a few hours ago, "Girls are just trouble" is what this man thought, his life's first love at first sight.