I'm Back in the Other World?


I'm Back in the Other World? Chapter 79

Chapter 79 – Evaluation?



 「For the time being, I now understand some of the, mufufu, ‘events’, of Sedrim-nii-sama and Sakura-chan wa. However, the fact is there was no progress either. Either way, I believe we need to make Sakura-chan’s feelings clear!」

Umm~, is it okay if I return home soon, I wonder…? I’m already at my limit…

I couldn’t suggest such a thing either, I was still restrained by the Queen’s arm, however… Isn’t it about time to let me go, yeah…?

「And so, Sakura-chan! How do you think about the usual Sedrim-nii-sama!?」

puha! I finally separated from the Queen’s arm… Although I say that, it’s only my mouth, my restraint still hasn’t come loose.

Haa… How, you ask, hetare…… no, rather than his little delicacy, I have a feeling there is a problem with how he treats women, but, something like that ne.」

「Though there was not a need for you to intentionally correct yourself… Well, it cannot be helped that onii-sama lacks delicacy… Onii-sama is a prince after all, it had been normal for him to be waited upon since childhood, to speak of the women who have gone after him since he became aware of his surroundings as well…… you can understand, right? There has not been a woman who could connect with him equally that he was familiar with, as a matter of fact, even if he ignored them, numerous women still went after him… Because Edwill-nii-sama had a fiancée decided for him since childhood, the domestic noble daughters all concentrated their aim onto Sedrim-nii-sama alone, saying that it could not be helped, it was more like it was inevitable…1 Because of those sorts of circumstances, it is equivalent of saying Sedrim-nii-sama has had no female interactions regarding his private life. Of course, even if he did not do that, that isn’t where the point of the problem lies, because there was still no end to those noble daughters chasing him.2

In other words, it’s to say it’s the result of running from place to place away from those noble daughters huh. As expected of the Prince, he’s been a hetare since childhood ne.

「By the way, although he is like this, he has recently become a lot better, you know? Well, no matter how much time passes, his passiveness cannot get cured…」

……Who knew, for the Prince to be talked to pieces in this sort of place, I never would have guessed… With a somewhat pitiable  feeling, for some reason, I opened my mouth and backed-up the Prince.

「U-Umm… The Prince also has strong points, you know? Look, ……umm, hey! It seems he came to rescue me at the time I got kidnapped!」

Although I don’t remember!

「Eh? That sort of thing, I have not heard of you know!? When? Who did!? Were you okay!!?」

Ack, you didn’t know!? I ended up bringing up a horrible topic!

「That was, if I remember correctly, the start of August, was it? His Highness Prince Sedrim held Sakura-sama and brought her to the guest rooms. She had immediately undergone a physician’s examinations, and as far the story was told, it appeared that the daughter of Duke Hertsmere had her subordinates kidnap her. Being drugged, His Highness Prince Sedrim to the place where she was attacked.3 Fortunately, it was before that could happen but… I had also verified her safety at that time, so there is so mistake.」

Aah… even though I was about to dodge the question, Chiffon-san ended up chattering immediately…

As usual, the Queen was blocking my mouth…

「……I see, so onii-sama can occasionally be helpful too ne…」

「That’s right. Well, even if His Highness Prince Sedrim did not rush over, it seemed that the attackers had fainted because of Sakura-sama, but…」

Puha. B-But I heard I was in a fairly dangerous state at that time, even so, I heard the Prince still went to save me, you know?」

「Aah, come to think of it, Len-sama had spoken of that ne. Sakura-sama’s mana had gone out of control, so her life would be in danger if it went on like that or something…」

「Eeh!? Was she okay!? Her life in danger, you say… Wait, leaving that aside, Sakura-chan can use sorcery!?」

Huh? I have a feeling I’m getting pestered each time I follow up…

「Please calm down. It is because she was okay, that Sakura-sama is here right now. If there is a sorcery sealing magic tool for her sorcery, then she is able to use it. Sakura-sama has too much mana, so she could not convert her mana or something like that. Unexpectedly, it seems it was discovered because her shackles had a sorcery sealing magic tool built in.」

Huh huh? For some reason, Chiffon-san answered everything?

「Aah, that’s right… I, of all people, had lost my composure wa. So that means, you are currently also carrying a sorcery sealing magic tool?」

「Eh? Ah, yes. It’s a necklace. I had Len-san create it.」

「I see… How enviable wa. Despite being so cute, you can also use a sword and even sorcery on top of that… In addition to being a great cook…」

……Since I don’t particularly need to use sorcery, I would have wished for height and breasts instead…

「Umm, how did it turn into a conversation about me? I have a feeling we were originally having a different conversation…」

At this rate, I’ll be digging a larger grave for myself, so I decided to change the subject. Because even now, my body has been dug into a snugly hole…

「Eh? Ah, that’s right ne. Today’s topic was not Sakura-chan wa. No, it certainly is about Sakura-chan, but regarding Sedrim-nii-sama ne.」

It seems I’ve immediately dug my own grave!

「For the time being, from the conversation up until now, we heard how Sakura-chan thinks about onii-sama but… Come to think of it, how about the time of the New Year’s festival? It seems like you also came to see the parade, you also saw the swordplay tournament, right? How was the onii-sama during official business, and when he was wielding a sword? It may be favouritism towards relatives, but did it not feel different from the usual onii-sama?」

How did she know I went to look!?

「At the time of the parade, onii-sama said he saw Sakura-chan. The time of the swordplay tournament, we were watching from the reserved seats, you know? The reserved seats also has a very good view of the audience. Sakura-chan came around the time of the semi-finals, right?」

How did she know the question I was thinking!?

「It immediately shows on Sakura-chan’s face, so it is clear wa.」

Huh? I have a feeling that someone had previously said the same thing…

「Although it is a virtue to be honest, I am worried that you are too honest wa… And so, how of my onii-sama? Do you find him a slightly cool?」

Eh? Umm… Certainly, he had a crisp appearance which was different from usual, I had a slightly better opinion of him at the swordplay tournament but… Come to think of it, I had a dream because of the parade ne. That sort of Prince, drawing near me…

Wait, I must not remember!

Ara? Ara ara? With that look, it does not seem to be bad, right? This, perhaps it is good to think that onii-sama still has a chance?」

Uu, I must not remember! That is a delusion!

「Although I think you understood during the swordplay tournament, onii-sama’s swordplay, thought may not look like it, is one of the five best in this country in ability, you know?4 Well, though it does not usually appear like that…」

I understand. The Prince is usually a hetare ne… I didn’t think he had ability to that extent until I saw the swordplay tournament…

No, I did think he had a certain extent of ability, you know? Only, his ability was more than I expected.

「And so, based on our conversation up until now, how does Sakura-chan think about onii-sama?」

No, even if you ask that…

After thinking for a little bit, I opened my mouth.

「……I don’t think of him in a bad way at least. Although he’s lacking in a little delicacy, I heard it’s because of his position and those previous women… Looking at it objectively, he has both status, and skill with the sword. He looks good too, and gentle as well. As a man, is he not an excellent article?」

Though he’s a hetare ne.

But this answer, it appears Princess Aria was dissatisfied.

「Geez, I want to hear what Sakura-chan herself thinks wa! Objective opinions will not be heard wa!」

「Even if you ask my thoughts… In the first place, I had not thought of it like that, this sort of chibi and flat-chested girl, a girl who is lacking a woman’s charm like this wouldn’t have anybody has a partner, you know? Therefore, those sorts of thoughts are pointless.」

Though I’ve said it many times, other than people who have particular hobbies, I’m sure I won’t find a partner. Besides, there’s also that curse from the self-proclaimed God-sama…

As far as something like relations of a man and women, it’s a very far off thing for me.

It may be said this is abject thinking, but I believe it’s a reasonable assessment.

「Not at all wa! Sakura-chan is incredibly attractive! Even if you are short, even without a chest, there are plenty of gentlemen who will come to like you wa!」

Because Princess Aria has both of them, that she can say that. Especially those, melon-like large breasts… I-I’m not envious or anything! ……Dammit, get plucked off!

Even I, want to know what it would be like to say something like 「My shoulders are stiff from my heavy breasts」 just once, you know!

「……It seems Sakura-chan has some sort of inferiority complex ne. Even if you look at my chest like that, I will not give them to you, you know? Besides, not all of a woman’s charm lies in their chest wa. Sakura-chan also has something like a charm that only Sakura-chan has, you know? And there will certainly be a gentleman who is happy with it wa! Therefore, that way of thinking, how about try think a bit more positively?」

「However, I hear that men have preferences for women with large chests. Even the Prince, had said it before…」

「……When? When did that story happen!?」

That was a story of my second month in this world, so…

「If I remember correctly, I think it was the end of June. Since it was the day I first came to the castle…」

Huh? Did he say he liked large chests…? Thinking back, I have a feeling it was a little different…

「That stupid brother…! Though he is normally a hetare, why exactly did he say that sort of thing…!?」

Ah, I have a feeling a set a flag for the Prince…? Was it my fault, I wonder…?

「A small matter has come up wa! ……Sakura-chan, leaving my onii-sama’s matters aside, Sakura-chan has a proper charm. Please do not forget that.」

Princess Aria came up to me and held both my shoulders, looked into my face and said it. Being overwhelmed by that menacing look, I unconsciously nodded my head.

「Mother, Chiffon, it’s time for a strategy meeting wa! We will deal with that hetare some way or another, okay!」

Leaving behind those words, Princess Aria left the room.

Following that, the Queen and Chiffon-san also ended up leaving.

While I was somewhat confused, I ended up being left in the room alone…

It’s okay if I go back, right…?

By the way, on the evening of that day, the Prince didn’t come for a meal.

The next day, in the castle, the Prince was completely exhausted for some reason or another…