I'll Still Love You Even If You're a Man


I'll Still Love You Even If You're a Man Volume 3 Chapter 33

The couple just after watching "Brokeback Mountain" (Note: BL film)
It was Saturday, a good holiday. Mai Ding was surfing the internet while waiting for meals. Since Auntie Yuan has been there, he was so bored. Sometimes, he really missed the time that he was busy with something. People always spent so much time on past time, afterall, it was in vain.
Li Ming recommended a movie called "Brokeback Mountain" to Mai Ding. Actually, Mai
Ding knew that it was a nice movie, but he hasn't watched it.
Today, he had nothing to do, and An Ziyan was just reading some profound books. So, why not enjoy the movie? After having meals, he rented the movie, turned off the light, and watched it in his room.
Ennis and Jack met each other in Wyoming, where they were hired to watch over a large herd of sheep on Brokeback Mountain. Alone in nature's grandness, they were drawn to each other almost without their knowledge. They were about to have an innocent relationship.
Mai Ding was touched by this scene. He pressed the pause button and bawled "An Ziyan, come here!"
"For what?"
"I have something important to say."
"Say it."
"Come here."
An Ziyan then put down his book and walked to the door of Mai Ding's room. Mai Ding made An Ziyan sit down and close the door. "Let's enjoy the movie. It's really good."
"That's it?" An Ziyan said, coldly. He wanted to stand up, but was pulled back by Mai Ding. "Let's watch it together. I am not pushing it onto you."
"Why should I do that?"
"Because you are my man." Mai Ding threw himself on An Ziyan.
"Come on."
In the end, An Ziyan opted for a compromise. He siat down on the sofa with a long face. It was kinda silly to watch a movie in halfway. The movie continued.
They had to say goodbye, because they finished work. Ennis hid himself in the alley when Jack went away by car. Mai Ding felt sad about it.
Ennis married his sweetheart Alma, and Jack, moving to Texas, married Lureen, a rodeo rider with a well-to-do father. They thought that what happened on Brokeback Mountain was over, but it was not. They stumbled upon their greatest love of their lives, with all the problems and complications in store for them.
So, they begun a steady and tormented affair in which the two meet once or twice a year for fishing trips in which no fish are caught. Jack urged that they forsake their marriages and set up a ranch together, but Ennis was paralyzed in fear and shame, until one day, Jack was killed in an accident. His only wish is to spray his bone ashes on Brokeback Mountain. Ennis found Jack's old shirt from their Brokeback days.
The shirt seemed heavy until he saw that there was another shirt inside it. It was his plaid shirt. The pair liked two skins, one inside the other, and two in one. What Ennis had now was only the memory of Brokeback Mountain, which was what he had on his hands.
In the end, Ennis got divorced. He hung up Jack's clothes in his closet neatly.
Mai Ding has been crying a lot. He cannot accept this ending. The reason why he was into nice movies was that they have happy endings. He looked so vulnerable that he felt sorrowful when he watched tragedies. He couldn't get out of it cleanly. The sorrow would only accompany him.
He couldn't figure out why innocent love didn't have a happy ending.
An Ziyan felt emotionless while watching the movie. This was the second time that he saw Mai Ding cry. "Why are you crying?"
"You don't know anything. Why did they have to separate in the beginnin? Or why did they keep everything a secret? Why did Jack died? And why don't they treat their love seriously? Why does such a good movie end with a bad ending? They shouldn't have fallen in love with each other if they were under so much pressure." Mai Ding said, exhilaratingly.
"The movie should be like that, or else no one would've watched it."
"Aren't you being kind?" He felt depressed over the movie, but An Ziyan thought eitherwise.
"Well, stop crying. The movie is not a tragedy. In the end, wasn't Ennis able to protect their love? Although Jack died, he didn't leave."
Mai Ding couldn't accept the fact. "They should've been together."
"You are not the director." An Ziyan turned on the light, took a book, and went back to the dining room. Mai Ding followed him with swollen eyes. "Life holds many surprises. If I died one day, would you keep our love?"
"I would look for someone else."
"Its up to you! I would have children with a woman."
The movie really got to him. An Ziyan opened his book.
"Auntie Yuan is suitable for you."
It was preposterous. He couldn't imagine that one day, he would have a child with her. Perhaps, Mai Ding was deeply influenced by the pure love in the movie, so he showed a little enthusiasm to An Ziyan in the evening. The room rung with a lazy song, a song from the movie, called King of Head. He was fond of this song very much and he felt that song made him feel happy. Mai Ding turned around to look at An Ziyan who was playing computer.
"An Ziyan. I understand one thing. Every human being has to die, so I will use up your lifelong love."
An Ziyan was going to talk about this matter with him, but suddenly. Mai Ding unziped his pants. An Ziyan was pretty astonished by his actions, because it was the first time for him to take the initiative. An Ziyan then felt that this movie was excellent.
Mai Ding was unfamiliar with how to do 'that' himself, but he learned a little from An Ziyan. An Ziyan always cheered him up this way. He gently gripped the tip and started to swirl his tongue around it. When Mai Ding looked up at An Ziyan, An Ziyan smiled at him with a face of gentleness like before. Mai Ding gradually had difficulty with holding the tip, because it started to become bigger and bigger.
An Ziyan raised him up, took off his pants, and made him sit down on his legs. They sat facing each other. An Ziyan spreaded Mai Ding's legs, and started making him feel good with his fingers. Mai Ding bit his lip while moaning. His moans were soon covered by the music.
An Ziyan supported Mai Ding with one hand, and fondled him on his erotic parts with the other.
Mai Ding let out a gasp of pleasure. He felt strangely exhilarated by An Ziyan. His face turned red with satisfaction. He couldn't control himself anymore.
"Ah~ An Ziyan~ I want you now."
An Ziyan gently applies the KY on Mai Ding and raised his hips. Mai Ding then sat down slowly, groaning. He stepped on the chair, held An Ziyan's shoulders while he shivered. His mind was blurry, lost in burning passion.
An Ziyan put his hand on Mai Ding's chin, pulled Mai Ding towards him, and kissed him. Their tongues meet each other, and it seemed that they would not be sleeping tonight. Mai Ding was quite shy and cute, and he gave his all until the end. He then ended up lying in An Ziyan's arms. An Ziyan took the initiative, and continued it.
"Ah~ ah! I... L-love you so much...."
Mai Ding was continuously brought to his climax by An Ziyan in the dark room. The music played all night.
In the end, An Ziyan pinned Mai Ding on the wall. Mai Ding submerged himself in the wondrous moment.
"Ah~ ah~ ah! l am going to die..."
An Ziyan then laid Mai Ding tenderly on the bed, since Mai Ding felt pretty tired. He just
wanted to sleep after making love with An Ziyan.
"I won't leave you alone." whispered An Ziyan before he left to take a shower.
To be continued...