I, Who had Arrived in Another World, Will Live As I Like With My Hypnosis Ability (The Girls who will become Lewd Female Toilets)


I, Who had Arrived in Another World, Will Live As I Like With My Hypnosis Ability (The Girls who will become Lewd Female Toilets) Chapter 1

Episode 1: The ‘Easy’ Goddess Before Otherworldly Reincarnation

Author Note:
My hobbies are loaded with desire. Although it might be bad, I’ll try my best to write and, if there are any settings that you want to see, please enter a comment. Whatever you want the protagonist to do, anything goes.

Although the template has already been so overused that there are tonnes of people that hate it, let’s talk about it.
I am Hashima Koji, and after suffering a traffic accident during my 2nd-Year Highschool’s summer vacation, I met a goddess and arrived in a different world.
Upon waking up, I was sat on a single white chair located in a completely white room.


“Where is this?”

Upon surveying my surroundings and being dumbfounded by how absolutely white the room was, the door before me opened and, from the open door, a beautiful girl came out.
With snowy hair, she stood divinely at an approximate 160cm. Her breasts also appeared to be large at an E-Cup, or so I thought.

“Ara, you finally woke up.”

The beautiful girl spoke as she looked at me as if there was something interesting.
I decided to ask her about my doubts.

“I should have been heading home after buying a book, but why am I here?”

She, who beamed with a beautiful smile, spoke thus.

“You have died.”

Somehow, I knew that this girl was not lying.

“I see, so I died.
So, you’re a goddess or something similar and are going to reincarnate me, is what you’re trying to say?”

Upon hearing this, the girl looked extremely happy as she spoke.

“Fufufu, correct.”

“Therefore, please defeat the Demon Lord in the world you’re going to.”

“Eh!? No way! Since I’m finally being reincarnated, I want to take it easy. I don’t even know about a Demon King or whatever.”

“Wha-!! The one who called you was me, you know!”

“Eh~, but I was only forcibly called here.”

You will go to the world after death.
Let’s send someone else from that world.”

“No way~, I turn girls into meat toilets. That’s why I’m gonna make you into my meat toilet.”

“Don’t fuck with me!!
M…meat…you’re going to turn me, a goddess, into meat toilet? There’s no way that such a thing is going to happen!”

Completely different from the fun atmosphere she exuded earlier, even her ears had turned red.
She’s likely very pure. I, who wanted to try and turn this beautiful girl into my meat toilet, began to think as my partner between my legs grew larger. Let’s see if my hypnotism works on her.
I thrust out my palm, and began to imagine this beautiful girl becoming a meat toilet little by little.
I don’t know how I was equipped with my hypnotism.
However, I felt that this hypnosis could work on anyone just by covering them with my hand.

“What’s with your arm…no matter what you try to do to me, as long as I have the God’s Protection, no attacks will work on me.”

Goddess Folcia’s Perspective

She was very agitated. As for why, it was because Koji’s eyes shone with a red light. Then, he expressionlessly pushed his palm towards her. No matter what he does, since he has yet to receive any power, I, a goddess, could not be harmed, and there wasn’t any magic or special abilities in the world he came from.
However, as I cautiously stared at it, I found that, steadily, I was no longer able to put strength in my body.


In the face of this unknown ability, I, who was unable to move, was astonished.

“Now, who are you?”

“Yes, I am Folcia, a goddess.”

What? Somehow, I began to answer his question.

“Hmm. Folcia, why did you bring me here?”

“To select a hero to fight the Demon Lord. Y-You were my type, and looked really interesting.”

-!!! I, because of my embarrassment, felt my eyes begin to water.

“Hm? Ahaha, tears are coming out. I see, so I’m your type. Good, that makes me happy.”

Although I was so ashamed that I wanted to kill this man and then die together with him, because I couldn’t move for some reason, I was completely helpless.

“In that case, give me all of your power. Also, as my Slave and Meat-Toilet-Maid, you will submit your heart and soul to me, and, together, reincarnate to the place where you send me.”


“Huh? Hou, it seems the your mentality is still strong. As expected of Goddess-sama. In that case…”

It seems that I’ve somehow managed to endure. However, in the next instant, he took out the weapon hidden in his groin and spoke thus.

“Lick it.”

And then I opened my mouth all the way and licked his weapon.
For some reason, I felt his weapon was tasty, and my body began to desire it.

“That feels really good. Now then, what happens if I violate a goddess?”

He asked me as I was licking his member.
With just that, my shame, which was so huge that it could light a fire, tormented my heart.

“*slurp* *slurp*…*gulp* *pant* *pant*…yes, most of the Goddess’s divine power is, upon being soiled by the other party, drained. Furthermore, their heart is changed according to their partner’s desires. I will become exactly as Koji-sama declared earlier.
Since there is nothing that can defile a Goddess with the exception of Gods, my body is like this.”

“I just heard something great. I see. So you’ll change. In that case, there’s no need to use hypnosis. After all, all that’s needed is to enter and ejaculate.”

I said the one thing that absolutely shouldn’t have.
This is bad. Somehow, I need to run away.
However, I don’t have any strength and I can’t move. The final announcement came.
Even if I lament the fact that I chose such this man, I cannot move.

“What’s this!? You’re really wet, aren’t you? There’s no need for foreplay with this. Were you aroused by licking mine, Ms. Slutty Goddess (lol)?”

As he beamed with joy, my heart was broken by despair.
He took off my white one piece.
He removed my white panties, and slowly brought his genitals, which was called a weapon, close to my virginal organ.

“I’m inserting it! Amazing! Amazing! Amazing! To think that violating this Slutty Goddess feels so goood!”

“Nnargh, it hurts! It huurts!”

The dick which pierced my hymen in a single breath, covered in the blood from my defloration, violated me.
As his dick went in and out of my genitals, I could feel myself changing inside of me.
Who was I again? A Goddess? No, that’s wrong. Who is this person? This person is: Master.
Master? Then, who am I? I am a Slave and Meat-Toilet-Maid.
I see! I’m currently in the middle of serving him. I need to serve Master with my slutty meat toilet. It feels to goooood.

“Ahn! Ahn! Master~ Does it feel good~♡? Make sure that this slutty meat toilet makes you feel lots and loooots of pleasure?! If it’s for Master, I’m willing to do anythiiiinng! Higuh!? Ahn, push deepaahh! I’m sorry, Master, I did something so despicable as to ask for a favour! Even though I’m just a lowly Slut-Slave-Meat-Toilet, I’m sorry! Hiinn! Please spank my ass much, much more ahn!”

“Hmph, even though you’re a lowly Slut-Slave-Meat-Toilet, don’t go speaking up without permission!”

*snap* *snap* The sounds of spanking and the raw, obscene sounds of *squishing* accompanied the echoes of shrieks.

“Ahn♡ I’m sorry~♡ I can’t stop my hips~♡ Ahnn♡ Even though it’s this big, even though it’s my first time, I’m feeling it so much~♡”

“You said your name was Folcia, right? When you say reincarnation, that means starting from 0 years old.”

“Yes~♡ That’s right~♡”

“Then, make it so I can have sex from 0 years old. I don’t feel like waiting.”

“Ooh! Doing so is very difficult, though?!”

“You will follow Master’s order, yes?”

“Yes~♡I will go my best for Master!”

“Great, you’re such a good Meat-Toilet.”

Being so happy upon being praised by Master, I tried my utmost to go over and beyond to answer my Master’s hopes.

“Yes~♡ It’s finished♡ Master, after doing various things, I’ve made it that Master doesn’t have to worry about when you can have sex~♡”

“I’ll violate you as a reward for trying so hard.”

“Ahn♡ Ahn♡ It feelsh guud! The insides of my body are burning so much that I don’t want to escape♡
I, Folcia, will serve Master as your Slutty Meat-Toilet for the rest of my life♡”

Due to my body being filled with so much pleasure, it felt like I was going to ascend.
Unexpectedly, Master’s movements became even faster as his dick began to swell.
He’s probably close to his limit. Firmly tightening my pussy, I crossed my legs over Master’s waist so as to hug it in an effort to prevent Master’s dick from pulling out of me.
In the face of Master’s dick which had become even more thicker, my face became one which I wouldn’t show to anyone except Master. But more importantly, since I wanted Master’s seed so much, I desperately began to swing my hips.

“I’m gonna shoot it inside! Uuh, uoohhh!”

*spurt* *spurt spurt spuuuuuuuuuurt spurt spuurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrt*


As my eyes rolled into the back of my head, I fainted.
A lot of time probably passed. I slept beside Master.

“Well then, we’ve held it off for quite a while. Shall we go to this other world?”

“Yesh, undershtood~♡ I worked really hard, so I guarantee that your skills are good~♡ ”

Just as Master ordered, I completed the process of reincarnation.
And then, we were enveloped in a white light.

Author Note: Was it too much? I think it should be fine, but how was the first episode? It’s still not that extreme, but since I’m thinking of adding something like NTR, I’ll work hard.