I Was Reincarnated


I Was Reincarnated Chapter 47

The Demon God Who won't Compromise

Sei side

Since hearing the demon god's speech, there has been no visible action taken by any country

……that's right, visibly

It's not really believable

It's said that even now the fake hero training continues and the rumors flow

As for Gudoudotelia, Arrow-sama himself saw the demon god's power

For that reason, he didn't do any hero training

Kieshye's Doyle-sama, is busy trying to fulfill his own desires

He often contacts me trying to get me to tell him the location of the demon god's castle

Since Rien-sama also knows the location, it seems he's also contacting Rien-sama

The ones that seem to be doing training, are the other countries

I don't know what countries or to what extent, but it is excessive action

If they make the demon god feel like destroying humanity what exactly are they intending to do….

Even though with the demon god's power, there's no one who can oppose him

I don't know how long the demon god will endure before he snaps

So I must to find that out

If he one day suddenly destroys humanity……there would be nothing I could do

Even knowing that, he doesn't intend to do anything to humanity though

And the possibility that we could escape from being killed, doesn't exist

The demon god does not seem to have any profound benevolence

Even still, I can only go to meet with the demon god

Since anybody's fine, it would be good if there was a human that caught the demon god's interest

(The demon god seems to dislike 'annoying' guys)

From what exactly did the demon god decide that I was annoying…….

Me, as well as Rien-sama, Doyle-sama, and Kreuz too, were told we were annoying

Our personalities are all varied

I don't get how he is deciding someone's annoying

We have no similarities

Looked at broadly, it's just that we're all humans

Aside from that, perhaps you could say that we're all in high positions

(Should I introduce an ordinary person? However, even if I make them meet there would probably be no meaning, since there's no guy that would obediently listen to that sort of life risking order)

They'd probably just run away in the end

(Should I order another race?)

As for slaves, a large number of them live in human towns

However, I don't think that the demon god would listen to a strange slave's words

Searching for another race's village, would they ask if I promised to protect the village in exchange?

However, if that's exposed to the demon god—

The moment he knows that humans are behind it, won't he not listen?

Why does he dislike humans, it would probably be best to ask

I heard that the demon god's previous existence in the different world was human

Despite being human, he was probably different from us

I would like to hear about that as well

Besides, I heard Rien-sama say that he would like to speak with the demon god more

The hero…..not, the Baren country's prince three companions, what sort of fate did they end up with

What sort of relation did they have with the prince

I would like to hear about that too

When the prince was killed, what did those three do

The demon god of that time, why did he go so far as to create the evil demon  to receive care [in his old age]

From just the contents of what he told us before, was honestly just too much, one thing after another

However, after time passed, and I organized the information, new questions popped up

One's that only the demon god knows the answer to

The magicians all call him the 'demon god-sama' like Rien-sama does

A demon god is a type of god

So attaching -sama could be said to be appropriate

Even Doyle-sama calls him demon god-sama

I…..somehow at this point even now, I call him demon god

I only ever see the demon god in strange places

To the point that it's impossible to think of me as the governor

Without even noticing it was the demon god, I foolishly proposed

Forced to fight, I was powerless and could only defend

It was too late the moment I hesitated

Such a good scene, nothing was revealed

For the demon god, how are humans, how am I, seen?


And so, as expected I ended up coming here

Once I think of it it's always on my mind, because of my nature

I repeatedly knocked on the gate

I stubbornly persist until the demon god appears

Up to now, there've been several time where no matter how long I waited he didn't appear

If I am to believe that beastman slave's story then he's probably asleep

Even though there are voices coming from inside, why is it that only the demon god ever deals with the visitors

Is it really that unpleasant for someone to come inside?

I have never once seen the gate open

As for what's going on inside, like this I never know

At most I can hear their lively and peaceful voices

It's probably the group that he [Rune] said was just living here

Despite being bought from the slave shop they're not being used slaves, so I don't get the point [of buying them from the slave shop]

However, compared to other guys, the ones that the demon god bought are no doubt living more peacefully

They're not forced to do unreasonable manual labor, like humans

They aren't used as [meat]shields

If other guys who were bought saw these guys, they would no doubt want to take their place

"You, what did you come for this time? Since you scare the guys inside don't come here so much"

The demon god appears seeming more displeased than usual

As for other races, I'm clear on how much of a threat humans are to them

However, I don't intend to do anything to slaves, I only only have business with the demon god

Even if I attack, it probably wouldn't have any effect

"I have things I want to ask the demon god!"


Once again it's 'annoying'

Making a displeased looking expression he goes so far as to click his tongue

"Why do you hate humans that much?"

The thing I want to ask the most, I resolutely try asking

"Since they aren't cute"


What sort of reason is that?

Would it be good if I sent a young woman with a good appearance to negotiate then?

"Since you guys are arrogant and self-centered, you were thinking that your own way was the obvious and natural way it should be, right? Thinking that obviously other guys should also naturally go follow your way? Those sorts of guys, I seriously hate"

What the demon god's trying to say, somehow or other I get it

However from what I can see, the demon god also gives off such a feeling, though…….

"Is it because the demon god's the same?"

Is he a guy that hates the same type?

"I'm fine since I have self-awareness. You bastards act like that unconsciously, right? I have no intention of stomaching your arrogance, too much of a bad taste"


Am I also arrogant?

I don't have an awareness of such though

"If you got it then hurry up and leave"


Even if I'm chased away, I haven't yet heard anything [that I wanted to ask about]

"I have things I want to ask about"

"Annoying, leave"

There was nothing I could grasp ahold of

Why is he in such a bad mood today?

"I have no obligation to answer you, to the castle"

He forcefully teleported me

Like every teleport before I ended up inside Arrow-sama's castle

"Did you go to meet the demon god-sama again?"

"This time his mood was bad, without listening he just teleported me"

The reason I would appear at the royal family, Arrow-sama already knows

Me frequently going to the demon god's castle is well known

"Father, I want to speak with the demon god-sama"

"Noris!? What are you saying!!"

Arrow-sama frantically spoke, but the selfish Noris-sama would not yield

"If he feels like it, he'll probably kill you!?"

"I'm different from father since I haven't spoken to the demon god before, I want to try speaking with him! Besides that, I also want to see his face"

Speaking of which, the only ones to see the demon god's face are three knights including me and Rien-sama

Since he's always wearing a veil, even Arrow-sama hasn't seen his face

It's well-known that the demon god is quite beautiful

It's also become a rumor that I proposed, though it hurts my head

It's because I proposed in town, moreover, in a public space

I proposed without knowing he was the demon god though

"If we have a party the demon god-sama will come"

Noris-sama says so, but would the demon god come to a party organized by humans?

If it's to the demon god's slaves I could maybe say something, but even just talking to them is difficult

I can only ambush them in town, but it's rare for just those slaves to come to town, they only come about once a month

The rest of the time the demon god's with them, so I can't even talk to them

Since they hide behind the demon god's back

"…..shall I set up a Guld festival"

For the four following the demon god

A Guld festival is something like a harvest festival

It's a day where the whole country celebrates in order to show their gratitude for the earth's blessings

It seems he'll be using that as a reason to call for the demon god, but ……..as expected will he really come?

Won't the demon god not have any interest in something like a human festival?

Even though it's called a festival, it's just making merry and drinking alcohol in town

Though there's also a parade with a portable shrine carried around in the town, that's just a small part of the [festival's] time

"Sei, let the demon god know"

(So I have to go again…..)

"Since he's unlikely to listen to my talk today, I go there another day"

Reporting it to the demon god was wholly entrusted to me

It seems I've become in charge of odd jobs, but to confidentially report it to the demon god is my, the governor's, job

Even if I tell other guys to, they would have trouble even getting to the demon god's castle

Going to that place, even just searching for it takes time

Then it [the location] could leave the country and get outside my control

As it is now, I can't frequently go to report

(Can't the demon god come meet humans halfway and compromise?)

That would be the most desirable outcome, but I can't even imagine that demon god doing so

I let out a large sigh and I return to my usual work for today

Sei side end