I Was Reincarnated


I Was Reincarnated Chapter 13

Daily Life in the Castle

Rune's side


As usual, I wake up next to Shin-sama

Although I still feel a bit heavy, it seems I can already move my body

"Rau, it's morning"

"…….Nn— good morning"

Rau woke up and we left the room

Shin-sama will continue sleeping

When we get to the dining room, Rona and Dea are there

""Good Morning""

"Good morning"

"……good morning"

While we exchange greetings I sit down

Since Rona is in charge of making food, it's fine if I do nothing

Although I ate it yesterday, I was told he was bought just to be a cook and his cooking is amazingly delicious

From now on, Rona will be making the food

However, now I have nothing to do

(Shall I just go train with my sword?)

The sword I received from Shin-sama is somewhere in my room

Later I'll have to go to my room to change clothes, at that time I'll put it (the sword) on my waist


"He's sleeping. Shin-sama likes sleeping so don't wake him up"

I answer the listening Dea

This is something that I should tell them or else they could ruin Shin-sama's mood

It would be bad if he punched Dea and he died

"I see…..there's not much work I need to do"

I heard Dea mutter and I nod in agreement

The number of people increased, so normally the work would be divided and everyone would have more leisure time

"The cleaning supplies are in my room"

Speaking of things to do, there's only cleaning

Since we were told to not go to other places, the places we can clean are also limited

"I see, later I'll come take them"

As a servant it seems he has no work to do

"Rau will clean too"

"Yea, let's everyone do it"

If we all clean together we'll have more free time

"I was told I could take care of Rau, but what does Rau usually do?"

"Before you two came, we cleaned together, we cooked together, other than that we did things like go to her room and played with toys or went to Shin-sama's room and slept"

I told him about Rau's normal activities and Dea made a surprised expression

"It's fine for you to enter master's room as you like?"

For a normal slave, that would be unusual

So I understand Dea being surprised

"The rooms we were given were too big, since staying alone would be frightening I asked if it would be fine to sleep together and he told us 'fine'"

Since I'm an adult, I wondered if honestly I should just sleep in my own room though

"Probably since it's only been five days since we were taken in, I think that after a bit, I'll have to stay in my own room"

Who knows how many days Shin-sama will continue sleeping, squirming around while he's lying down will bother him

"Only five days!? I completely couldn't tell though……"

Rona seems surprised as well

"Um, I met Shin-sama the day after he was born. This castle is near our village and I came for reconnaissance. At that time I was subordinated, after just saying 'tell me your name' to me, I inadvertently told him"

Such a thing could happen only because Shin-sama is a demon god

"Because of that, although I fell down a cliff during when I was captured, I couldn't die thanks to his divine protection"

If it's the demon god's divine protection, as expected it's considerably powerful

As now there is also the magic stone embedded in my collar, I was told the divine protection became even stronger

Although he told me the magic stone is a stone with magic power put in, I don't understand exactly (what it is)

The one on my collar is deep blue and Rau's is red

Though I'm not sure why they are different colors

"…….Master, from now on, does he plan to do anything?"

Shin-sama is a demon god

Probably because of that, Dea is worrying

"I was told as long as no one comes by he would just keep sleeping, it's probably because he's only just been born"

Sleeping so well because he's only just been born, whether that is the case or not has yet to be determined

We've only been together for five days

In the end, Shin-sama didn't get up that day


Talking with Dea and Rona, perhaps because our races were different, there were a lot of things I didn't understand

Dea was told to take care of Rau, so the time he was together with Rau increased and in exchange I had more free time and spent it practicing swinging my sword

The sword I received from Shin-sama is apparently only useable by my from what he told me

I've never heard of such an unreasonable sword that would only work with a specific person before now

It's probably just because it's a sword Shin-sama used his power to make

Although I trained, I would probably not put it to use

However, I had nothing else to do in my free time

Since Dea and Rona came, Shin-sama has barely opened his eyes

He's been sleeping the entire time and I haven't spoken with him at all

Rau seems to be discontent and Dea's been appeasing her

Recently, both Rau and I have been sleeping in my room

Whether he did it half asleep or on purpose, Shin-sama's door has been locked and we couldn't open it

So Rau's been excessively discontent

It seems Dea was the elf village chief and he does well taking care of Rau

Lately he seems to be teaching her letters and Rau's become engrossed with studying, she's completely docile at that time

When Shin-sama gets up she want to surprise him, so she's working enthusiastically

I got Dea to teach me letters as well

Although there's not much reason to me learning letters, it's the most suitable (use of time) to distract me from boredom

During the morning we all clean, after noon I practice swinging my sword, after I'm done with that I'll study for as long as I feel like and the day is over

The thing that surprised me most coming to this castle is the thing here called a bath

Going into gentle warm water surprised both me and Rau, at that time our expression was so strange Shin-sama actually laughed

Although Shin-sama doesn't need to enter it because of the power he has, he told us to do our best to use it every day

There is also something like soap, as I thought we live in luxury

When we were in the village, bathing was just done in the river

Although there were also times when we used well water, it was considerably cold, so it was mostly just used as drinking water and we didn't really use well water much (for bathing)

As for now, we have as much hot water as we want and since we can use soap we have a nice smell

We have too many luxuries

It's to the extent that I feel apologetic to other beastmen

As for something like being bored, I think it's definitely only because I have such leisure 

When I was in the village, I had to constantly pay attention since we could be attacked at any time and I always felt fear somewhere inside

I never thought about something like boredom

Even so, now that I've been guaranteed safety I can't help but be bored everyday

I'm even thinking I want to go outside

Even though before I thought that patrolling was scary



In the middle of our meal, Shin-sama entered the dining room and Rau ran up to him

It has been a considerable amount of time since he has appeared in front of us

"You seem well huh"

"Rau, was lonely!"

Shin-sama held Rau who burst into tears crying and he pat her on the back

As I thought, I can only see it as he's used to handling children

"Hey now, aren't you in the middle of eating now? Before this you should finish eating first"

He sat down in the seat Rau was sitting in and set Rau down on top of his lap

While still crying, perhaps appeased to be sitting on Shin-sama's lap, she did as he said and put the food in her mouth

"Is it tasty?"

At that question, Rau nodded in agreement

"I see"

Shin-sama patted Rau's head and gently smiled, seeing that I couldn't believe he was a demon god

"Are you lacking anything?"

I was surprised when he suddenly asked

"……Speaking of lacking, since I'm bored, I'd like something to do"

"…….Then, would you like to make a field(garden)?" 

Although it was easy to say, where would I make something like a field

However, if I have a field it would take up a considerable amount of my time

When I nodded, he stood and set Rau down in the chair and disappeared after just saying wait


"I made a field outside, if there are any seeds you want, tell me"

Shin-sama told me when he returned after a short time passed, for the time being I'll ask for the seeds of things that were grown in the village

I received the seeds and after finishing the meal everyone headed outside


Once we were outside, there was an out of place feeling

The castle had walls that enclosed the space

I noticed a gate in the distance, the distance from the castle to the gate was quite far

In this space there was an area where the ground was plowed

It was considerably wide, but this should be the area to be a field

As usual the scale of things is gigantic

(This wall, how exactly was it built I wonder?)

The wall seemed very solid

It probably just appeared in an instant, the same as the castle

"Since this wall is considerably solid, demons won't be able to break it down. You should be safe from everything except those that can fly"

For a wall that demons can't break, that's amazing enough

"Are there even demons that can fly?"

It's not something I had heard of (before)

"Some can, although they are few"

I wonder how Shin-sama knows that

Did he hear it from someone?

"Dea, I'll leave the care of 'ideo' to you"


When I looked I saw that a small place was separate from the castle that had a small building (stable)

I had seen such a thing in the town, it was where the animals that pulled the carriage stayed

(This must be Ideo, huh)

It was an awfully large, white animal

And it had four heads

Whenever Shin-sama gets up, novel things happen

We are steadily surrounded by luxuries, and steadily we will become greedy

Even though I thought that just being safe from being attacked was enough, I am being given more and more without end

Today I planted the seeds and just had to water them so it was easily done

Shin-sama watched such an occurrence

After the watering was done, since it had been a while since Shin-sama had last gotten up, Rau continuously clung to him

She proudly show him her ability to write letters

Shin-sama gently patted Rau's head, and praised her saying she did well

As I thought he must like kids

"What's wrong?"

While those two were like that I loitered around to not interrupt and Shin-sama who noticed me called out

However, I don't know what I should say

("I'm lonely"…..? No no,that's not something an adult should say……but that's how I'm really feeling)

While I was saying 'ah' and 'um', the one sitting next to me (Shin) spoke

"Rune is quite cute"


While gently brushing my head he said such a thing and my face instantly grew hot

Unsure how to respond I lowered my head

Receiving Shin-sama's consideration makes me feel happy, as expected it's probably because he has embraced me once before

(Have I come to like Shin-sama?)

Even though I promised him not to like anyone……

Even though I was only a substitute…….

My chest hurt

Even though I told Rau that it was no good for her to like Shin-sama, it's laughable that I've done it myself

I suddenly felt like crying

"Since today I'll sleep together with Rau, will you sleep together with me tomorrow?"

I gave a small nod and he once again gently brushed my head

Turning towards him and seeing his smiling face (my heart) was painful

The requirement to not like anyone, and I who accepted such

(I will expel this feeling)

If I can't get rid of it here, only danger is awaiting me

(I can't like him…….the 'like' isn't that sort of like, it's just gratitude)

For me to actually like him, I've probably just confused it with gratitude


"Do you two have anything you need?"

He calls out to Dea and Rona this time

"Um, I want a large pot"

Rona opens his mouth and says

"Speaking of, I didn't buy any cookware that time……shall I go buy some"

It seems he's going to go buy some now, as Shin-sama stood up

"Rau wants to go too"

"……should everyone come? We can bring the carriage"

It seems everyone will go

"Make preparations"

After saying so, Shin-sama disappeared

He probably went to prepare a carriage


Before us outside was a carriage that could only be described as extravagant

The four headed Ideo was fastened to it and Shin-sama was standing in front of it

Today the clothes he was wearing were pale blue with a finely patterned gold thread embroidery

His glove were an unadorned black

He's once again wearing a dark veil so you can't see his face

"I don't know the way from here to the town" (D)

Dea is wearing black clothes

Although he said they were servant's clothes they were quite simple

Rona is wearing pale pink clothes

Since there were wings on his back there was a hole, and it looked like the color of the clothes seemed to match his wings

"It's fine for today, I'll move us close to the town. I'll give you a map, so it's fine so long as you remember which roads to take"

It seems he will move (teleport) the carriage

I am wearing red clothes with a black stripe and a small black hat with a chain

Rau is wearing a white dress with a lot of lace

One of her ears has a ribbon and Dea put her hair up


"We've arrived at the store"

We entered the city and when I thought the carriage had stopped I heard Dea's voice call out

When we came out from the carriage I felt like a lot of people were looking

If a beastman like me was riding in a carriage, anyone would be suspicious

Moreover, it's too much that I'm wearing such expensive looking clothes

Me and Rau, along with Rona, were watched as we came out one by one and people gathered around

Since they can see the slave collars, I see that other people's slaves are looking on enviously

Those people (slaves) are wearing dirty clothes and it couldn't be said they are well treated

Shin-sama came out and looked around


In a bad seeming mood he clicked his tongue

"These guys, so annoying"

He seemed to dislike being watched, but I think they were probably looking because we were on the carriage

As well as our clothes being expensive things

"Dea, do you want to come with us?"

"Shouldn't I stay with the carriage?"

If he left the carriage alone, some guy would probably steal it

"Can't be taken, Ideo won't move if it's not me or Dea, If some other person gets on the carriage, it will break down"

It's not just me looking on blankly at Shin-sama's words

"I said it, right? I'm not a good person, if someone wants to steal my things, I'll have them receive a fitting punishment"

(What the heck do you intend to do to them?)

Stealing a carriage is a bad thing to do, though


What sort of thing it was (he intended to do), I soon understood

Rona bought various cookware, and soon after returning from buying ingredients, there were three restrained men

"What the heck is going on!?"

"Is this someone's magic!?"

The three restrained men were shouting

"This trash is annoying"

Shin-sama's way of speaking is different from when he is facing us, it's cold

The three looked this way, and for some reason looked to Rona

They probably thought that since he's a spirit the restraints were Rona's magic

In the next moment the three, went flying into the sky

The moment after, the broken down form of the carriage restored itself

Following after Shin-sama who entered that carriage with no hesitation, we all got on


"…….those humans, what happened to them?"

I asked while the carriage was shaking us 

"Who knows, won't they be hitting the ground about now?"

Shin-sama said disinterestedly, and I understood his earlier words were sincerely said

For Shin-sama, aside from those by his side, he doesn't care what happens to others

He probably wouldn't think anything of it even if they were killed

Afterwards we left the town and like that went towards the castle teleporting the carriage

The time we spent riding the carriage was actually pretty short


Rune side end