I Want to Be Your Man

Other name: Wo Xiang Cheng Wei Ni De Nanren 我想成为你的男人

Genre: Yaoi

Date released: Unknown
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Author: Unknown

Status: Ongoing

Translator: Unknown

Homosexuality was something people often gossiped about, and by the time Su Xiaomi realized that he was gay, he had already been crushing on Yan Yan for one whole semester. Su Xiaomi said, “Hu Yiyi wants you to become his man,” to which Yan Yan replied, “And what if I want to be yours?” Yan Yan was just like a lofty prince, sitting high above on throne, and Su Xiaomi had always looked up to him, to the point where his neck was beginning to ache. He has no idea whether he wanted to chase Yan Yan, or was just simply waiting for the other to come to him.
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