I Somehow Got Strong By Raising Skills Related To Farming


I Somehow Got Strong By Raising Skills Related To Farming Chapter 2

To The Capital

About two hours after I returned to the village and got back to working on the farm.

I decided to stop, and checked my card.

I found an entry, 【Tilling 10】.

"…I'm finally level 10!
With this, I'm a top-class farmer!!"

I jumped up in happiness, and quickly checked the effects of the skill on my card.

When a skill level goes up, effects can become stronger and new ones can be learned.

The spear split strike was also something I learned when my fishing level hit 10.

Checking a skill is easy; just pour some magic into the card while thinking about viewing the skill.

"Let's check the effects…"

The ultimate skill that can only be learned by those who have raised all their of their agricultural skills to the max.

The ability to judge the quality of the earth has been strengthened and upgraded to the ability to see through anything.

Further more, the ability to increase the rate at which produce and livestock grow has been upgraded to be much more effective.

Can synthesise all agricultural skills.

"Huh? Synthesis of all agricultural skills?
I guess I'll just try it out."

For now, I'll just try synthesising the skills but…

"…It's taking a while…"

It took some time, but the synthesis seemed to have finished.

〈Agriculture skills have been combined, advanced to【One who loves nature】〉

【One who loves nature】
・All agricultural skills have been enabled
・Received the world's favour
(All statuses have been changed, and learning skills has become easier)

"Favour from the world…?"

Putting that aside, I wondered how much my statuses had changed, so I checked my card.

Lv 24
HP 65535/65535
MP 9999/9999
Attack 73612
Defence 45867
Magic Power 35874
Magic Defence 52143
Agility 62180
Luck 85(Fixed)

One who loves nature

Throwing 10
Geographical understanding 10

Accelerated growth


The statuses have increased by about 1000 fold. What kind of…

"Oh well."

This increase was merely from agricultural skills. In the world, there would definitely people with much better statuses, so it's not a big deal.

"Tomorrow, I think I'll sell the vegetables at the capital."

I returned to the house, and turned the door handle.


The door nob came off.


Was this always so fragile?


The next morning, I loaded up the carriage with vegetables and left for the capital.

From here it was half a day to the capital, and if I left early, I could come back by nightfall.

As I was travelling through a forest, I heard voices and sounds coming from the west.

"I wonder what it is?"

The moment I turned towards the sounds, I saw a large green lizard with wings fly up into the air.

"Oh, it's that dragon."

The first time I met that dragon I was surprised. However, I threw a spear through its eye and pierced its brain, killing it in one shot, so it wasn't much of a worry for me.

Even I could beat it, so it's probably not that strong… It's perhaps the kind of monster beginners hunt.

However, judging from the voices, the dragon seemed to be superior, chasing after the villagers.

Well, the dragon's appearance is scary, and maybe they lost strength after seeing it for the first time.

It can't be helped.

I gripped the spear made out of a tree branch.

"Spear thrust: Above ground version!"

I thought that the spear I threw would hit it in the eye and kill it like last time.

Instead, the moment the spear touched the dragon, the dragon's head exploded.

I was surprised by my overwhelming strength.

"…Come to think of it, my statuses increased about 1000 fold… Fair enough."

However, if I didn't hurry, it would be late coming home, so I continued on my way without even looking back at the dragon falling out of the sky.


Fast forward a few hours from that. Having arrived at the capital, I headed towards the gatekeeper.

"And you are?"

"Farmer, name is Al Wayn.
From Shirusu village. My aim is to transport these vegetables into the capital.
This is my identification."

As there is a wide variety of information that can be stored on the card, it's not uncommon for it to be used as identification by only showing the name and address.

Furthermore, only the magic power from the person can be used so it's very trustworthy, making it one of the reasons the card is so popular throughout the country.

The gate keeper returned my card to me.

"I allow entry into the capital. Welcome to Meigis."

As I had been granted entry to the capital I tried to go in but…


Something was heading my way from within the capital. Upon closer inspection, it was a man covering his face with a robe, carrying someone under his arm.

"Someone please catch that man! It's an abduction!"

A knight who seemed to have been chasing after him shouted.
The gatekeeper tried to block his way, but the robed figure just pushed him aside.

"You're in the way!! Move!"

He looked as if he would give me the same treatment, so I moved out of his way. However, as he passed me, I snatched away the person he was carrying.


"This is useful."

Thanks to the power to see through anything, the man's movements, and how I could rescue the person without him realising, all became clear to me in an instant. I may have surprised the person I rescued a little, but there seemed to be no visible injuries.

The kidnapper, having realised the person he was carrying was no longer there, turned around.

"You!? How did you…!?
No, that doesn't matter… Give them back!"

The man took out a dagger and started coming towards me.
Huh? Isn't this dangerous?
Isn't this a fight to the death?
However, with my skill, I could see his movements easily.

"Watch out――――"

The person I was carrying warned me of the oncoming danger, so I put the person I was carrying down. I evaded the dagger by shifting my body out of its way, and grabbed his extended arm.

"Watch this! Testa style shoulder throw!"

Doing my best impression of Testa, I pulled his body over my head and threw him against the ground.


…Crap, the guy was stuck in the ground.

Well, he seems to have lost consciousness, so I think I'll call this case closed.

"Ah! What's the time?"

This is bad! If I didn't hurry, nobody would buy my vegetables from me!

I hurriedly returned to the carriage and tried to depart.



I turned around towards the voice to find a blonde girl talking to me.
She was probably the person I rescued earlier.
She was a pretty cute girl, but I didn't have time to talk.
Right now, I had to sell these vegetables.

"Thank you… I was saved because of you."

"Oh, ok. No worries.
Well then I things to do so."

"Wait! At least tell me your name…!"

"My name is Al!"


As soon as I told her my name, I left.



Author's notes:

The reason he was able to defeat the dragon with low statuses was because he had hit in in its critical spot. By hitting a monster's critical spot, it's possible to do great damage to the monsters, and sometimes even kill it in one hit.