I Really Don't Notice


I Really Don't Notice Volume 1 epilogue

While it was a real shame, it seems the movie was scrapped. They even went and filmed an explosion scene for it, so what a pity that must have been. Well, the contents of the movie itself were full of issues, so I think it was inevitable.
First off, it's unreal that they suddenly cast a layman like me as an extra. At least give me a script or something. I'm weak at improv.
Also, when it was supposed to be a story about psychics, they suddenly threw in a witch and cyberwarrior at the end, making a right mess of it all. That's what you call destroying the sense of world. You can't just keep throwing stuff at the wall until something sticks.
The finale was the final nail in the coffin.
A headbutt to end it… analyze it however you want, that's way too plain. It's a movie, so it needed some more amazing powers and things that go boom! to top it off.
Rather, why did Kirako-san get the final blow? That person's a side character.
Overall, I could evaluate the production highly based on Orino's performance, but the scenario was a bust. It was fated for the dust bin.
Despite that, Orino didn't look down over it, so all's well with the world. I don't know why, but she looked even happier than before. According to her,

"Because of what happened to his sister, Masaki-san went on a long rampage. The way he was going, both his body and mind would collapse, so I'm glad we could stop him. It was probably a trigger that made him curse the world… he's really a good person, so I'm sure he'll get back on his feet someday—was the last scene, and where the movie was supposed to end."

According to Kurisu-chan,

"I got all the remnants of the 'Red Crow' and successfully turned them in to the temple. My achievements were recognized, so I'll be continuing my training in this world. But the summoning ritual they abused was an automated process, and just because the practitioner is gone, it'll still remain active a while longer. There's still a danger of monsters being born in this town, so I'm carrying on my subjugation mission. Ah, yes. Of course I'm taking about Kuria's Grand Adventure."

According to Kagurai-senpai,

"I have to keep hunting buggles, and chasing after 'Reloader'. I thought I had finally managed to take in an executive the other day, but that was apparently a fake. 'Gyahahaha! How lame, making that big report to the big house and embarrassing yourself' P-pipe down Gakuta! Keep quiet a minute! Well, anyways, I'll have to stay in this era a while longer. 'So we'll be counting on you, brat!' I told you to shut it! Eh? Yeah. That's the dream I saw yesterday, of course."

How should I put it, the three of them were the same as ever.

"Good morning Orino-san. Wait, ah, that's…"

Early morning, three days after the incident (?), I ran into Orino-san at the school gate and was shocked. Orino-san's head was wrapped with the white stomach wrap I gave her.

"Oh this?" she pat her own head. "Turns out it wasn't a stomach wrap, it was a hair band."
"No way!"

I went and did it I was taken by the design at first sight, and never really checked it.

"Uwah… I'm sorry."
"It's fine. I actually prefer it this way. Does it look good on me?"

When I honestly praised her, "Fufu," she happily gave a childish laugh. "Then let's hurry up. I'm sure Kagurai-senpai and Kurisu-chan are waiting."
Quite right, I nodded.
Today, Kagurai-senpai's class would have classics, and Kurisu-chan's class geography, they each had their own quizzes, so in order to study not through the night but the morning, Orino-san and I were called to the school.
The academic prowess of those two wasn't rising in the slightest, so it didn't feel worth it to teach.
Even so. Kagurai Monyumi, Kurisu Crimson Kuria, Orino Shiori.
I got the feeling no matter how I thanked them, it would never be enough. If they were troubled, I wanted to put in as much effort as I could.

"I was proposed to the other day."

A shocker from Orino-san half-way up the stairs.

"Eh!? B-by who?"
"Who knows. I wonder. Fufufu."

She laughed it off as a joke. Could it be she was teasing me?
When it comes to proposal, I also did that once, around ten years ago.

"Hey, about that tale of first love you mentioned last time, would you tell me about it? Remember, that girl you met in that Gentle Breeze Park?"

She seemed to really be looking forward to my answer. I got a malicious sense, as if she was intentionally asking a question she already knew the answer to, but that was just my perception acting up.

"When I was around second, I was playing in the park, when a lady in a strange suit fell into the sandbox. We talked about some things."
"She was a really pretty, kind-looking lady. It was love at first sight."
"Yeah, yeah."
"Though the tall lady who came after her was prettier and had a better body."

A crack ran through Orino-san's bright smiling face.

"H-huh? What's wrong, Orino-san?"


"… In the end, it looks like I'm no match for Kagurai-senpai…"
"Eh? Why is Kagurai-senpai coming up?"
"Shut it! Kagoshima-kun, you idiot!"

She yelled at me with red cheeks, before swiftly ascending the stairs without me. Her steps were light, like a psychic who had undergone combat training.

"I wonder what's wrong with Orino-san…?"

I started climbing alone.
We were still in the middle of the conversation. "The lady who came after her was prettier and had a better body, but I seriously fell in love with the first lady," was what I was supposed to say.
It was already a tale ten years old, I could only faintly recall her face.

"Mn? Face?"

Come to think of it, maybe that lady looked a little like Orino-san.

"… Well, I'm sure it's my imagination."

Who knows?
If I don't hurry up, I'll be late to the study meet. I picked up my pace.
You've got to enjoy life.
In this boring world we live, where heroes of justice don't exist.
Even if, hypothetically, there were a heroes doing their best in the world's backstage, I could only find satisfaction in the peaceful boredom they created.
Because I'm sure.
That's the hero of justice's wish.