I Don't Want to Die in an Otome Game


I Don't Want to Die in an Otome Game Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Is it the Finale? (R-18)


Before I noticed, I was hanging over Calfan’s body.
Because the slimy thing in my body is gone, Calfan must have cleaned up my body completely.
I suddenly remember and hurriedly counted the number of people.
Yosh, Calfan is alone!

While stark naked, I was embraced by him.
That’s right, this is the correct appearance of a Love-H.
I wanted to act spoiled and rubbed my face against Calfan’s chest. His hand brushed my hair gently.


「It’s okay now.」

A short while ago, I had thought I was going to die. I never thought that when I lose my virginity it would become a 3P.
In that situation, that to think I didn’t get a nosebleed, I wanted to praise myself who did her best.

「Though there were unexpected things, it was good that my first time was with Calfan. With this, I can escape my death fate. 」

「It’s a relief to hear that. I do not want you die; and it’s even more unforgivable to become some other man’s.」

I am hugged tightly.

「Audrey, I won’t let you go. Become my lover.」

「Are, are you okay with me? Truly?」

It’s not only a one-night relationship?

「Aa (Yes). You are good. I will not return to the royal family. From now on, I will keep on living as an adventurer. And so if that is okay, stay with me.」


「Don’t cry.」

Tears that have spilled were wiped away with a finger and I was kissed.

「I think that you’re surely my destined partner. That was the first time the shadow double skill was activated on the bed.」


「You accept all of me……don’t you? I love you, Audrey. 」

Our positions are swapped and Calfan looked down at me.
Within the reddish brown eyes, you can see the flames of passion swirling around.
Eyes glistening with light, I then understood the feelings of small animals as they’re locked on as prey.

「E, wait…」

「I haven’t had enough of Audrey. The night has yet to come so I will give you plenty of love.」

「Ya, unnnnn」

The voice of protest, it was covered by Calfan’s lips.

『Calfan’s skill has activated・・・・”Shadow Double”』


Impossible. Impossible. Impossible. It’s already impossible.

「I have to cover the lower lips as well.」

Another Calfan divided and opened my legs.
The embarrassing place was exposed to the air.

「It’s embarrassing, iya, don’t come closer.」

「They’re beautiful petals. Plenty of honey……I am tempted.」

The blond head is buried between my legs, clutching at the secret honey pot. Slurping sounds of water could be heard, the hips moving with embarrassment and pleasure.

The pink points of both breasts already standing firm, Calfan tortured them with his tongue and lips.

「Hya, yaraa, it’s already over」

By no means, have I ever thought that I would end up screaming like this!
I was continued to be tortured by the two Calfan’s until morning; cumming many times over; shaken even when I fainted. I have followed the fearfully doting 3P rape route.


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R-13 Summary:

Audrey wakes up after passing out for a little bit. Calfan’s shadow double has disappeared. Audrey and Calfan talk about Audrey no longer entering the death route for which both of them are glad. Calfan also asks Audrey to be his real lover, and not just be a one-time event. Calfan says he has no plan to return as royalty and will continue being an adventurer. Audrey is happy that she will become real lovers with Calfan.

Calfan tells Audrey, that it is only with her that the skill has been activated. Calfan asks Audrey to accept all of him, even with the whole shadow double thing. Calfan attacks Audrey again saying that it’s still early. The announcement that the shadow double skill has activated appears again. The two Calfan’s pleasure Audrey again.

Audrey says, the two Calfans stayed there until morning. They repeatedly did many times even when she fainted.

Audrey: I have followed the fearfully doting 3P rape route.