I Chose to Fake My Death


I Chose to Fake My Death Chapter 4 part2

Chapter 004.5 - Who the hell knows what I have experienced (Part 2)

Part 2 of chapter 4...Massacre release made me do this and I procrastinated to an extent even I was ashamed of myself


Cutting off whatever she was going to say, and I gave her an order. Seems like the master-servent thing is for real. First the castle in the sky, now this maid, putting my moral dignity aside, she really isn't lacking in the chest department!


As soon as she had let go of my hands, I tried to climb out from her embrace and then this massive bath tub. Yet I had to rely on her just to barely stand up. Now that I have the chance to have a proper look at her body, what I was was a black hair sapphire eyed maiden. Right now her appearance seemed unsightly and embarrassing. With just my naked eyes, I had a clear view of her breast moving up and down, or should I say, milk shake?

[Tn: It should be translated to “breasts shaking” but what's the fun in that? The chinese word for breasts also mean milk in this context]

Uhh my nose… nose bleed nose bleed…...


“Master, I am fully equipped now… I apologise for making you have negative feelings because me… I will go to prepare dinner straight the way…” [maid]

It is only when I raised my head to realize that she is completely stark naked in front of me reporting what she thought of as an important report and within that charming voice of her’s came with an definite sadness. The add-on I installed on her is still slightly visible when she turned around, I really messed up this time… Even though she did “this and that” to me as well, but is this punishment too harsh? She just want to be closer to me… if I were her I must have burst out in tears… and I…


“Let’s throw this disgusting thing aside! I’m sorry for teasing you, I was acting rashly at the time, can you forgive me??”  [Loli]


“All the decisions master makes are correct, so it does not require an apology.” [Maid]


Those words of her’s, yet the words touched my very soul. It was a dream a year ago, when I became a maid and my master had ordered me to do “this and that”, I think I said a similar thing to her… it really is giving me a sense of nostalgia...


“Well, as long as I don’t get blamed for it~” [Loli]


You will remain forever by my side right? … Although such a transgender life has it’s ups and downs, but of this kind of life continues, what can a bit more chaos do?


“Master, your dinner… An extra sized chocolate and strawberry sundae! Please wait, I will carry you over right now~” [Maid]


Girls change their emotions as fast as their expressions huh… how long would it take for me to become like that? Just saying, why can’t I just walk by myself…...


After hopping around the edge of the pool to retrieve my towel and clothes, I dried myself and explored the way to the source of the sound. This castle is really undeniably huge. Although I may not know about anything else, but just walking in the passage made me feel scared. Oil paints, statues, and armor towered along the two side in rows, the carpet beneath my foot gave a soft and fluffy sensation. Just imagining this enormous castle and that top class maid will soon be (already is?) mine, I uncontrollably burst out in a triumphant laughter. With such a big castle built to hold countless rooms, just as I have reached where she was, I discovered she is using bandages to wrap around her oversizeD tits.

[Tn: The raws translates to ‘not small d’ chest size so the d is the chest. I tried to add my own joke here so it won't lose it’s main flow.]


“Dafuq you doing...” [Loli]


“ Wrapping chest…” [Maid]


“Why are you wrapping tits…” [Loli]


“...........” [Maid]


“Why would an ordinary girl want to crossdress as a dude instead of being a girl…” [Loli]


“Master likes dudes…” [Maid]


“......” [Loli]



I was instantly lost for words… if it was a reasonable explanation I would have no counter argument for it… looks like having such a maid to look after me really seems like I won't have to suffer anymore...


“I like girls too… after all I was once a dude before…” [Loli]

[Tn: Imagine a loli really satisfied with her answer and looking smug]


“It is revealed already that Master is a hardcore perverted M, why would you like innocent girls!” [Maid]


“......” [Loli]

[Tn: Maid uses real facts! It’s super effective! Loli has undergone shock!]


Okay, I take back the previous line!


“Um… your uhh… those tits… can you let me touch it for a bit?… it looks amazing…” [Loli]


I… I really want to touch it a little… I am not pervert.. It just seem like it would feel very nice to rub… well, she is my maid anyway, my personal belonging… this is not perverted at all, right...


My small face was flushed red, as if I was drunk on alcohol


How should I put this… she is really pretty, her hair was like a black waterfall which pooled at her waist, and the bandages were elegantly wrapped around her, stunning those who look at her with perfection.


“It is all according to Master’s wish.”


As she said so, she unraveled the bandages and bent down, kneeling in front of me, her tits… um… were in front of my eyes… within the reach of my hands…..


A pair of jade glossed milky white tits, the little cherry on top seemed so savory… everything seemed perfect, everything is in front of me! Closing my eyes, I grabbed out with my hands after all…

[Tn: I have cancer now…]


“ Nhheng……” [Maid]


This sensation… this ….. skin is smooth and tender within my hands… well, it cannot be contained with my hands.. this Loli body…… just like this… sad… although very good indeed… not for myself to enjoy… incomparable to the tenderness in my hands… and I don’t even know who would be the one to take advantage of my body in the futre.


“Ahh… thank you… it felt very nice and I really liked it… let's go get something to eat..” [Loli]


I don't know what she is thinking right now… would she think that I am a pervert?… but if everything was actually true, then her identity as the administrator of the planet wouldn't be a lie, then all my illogical powers might be real as well?


“Hey, do you know how to activate my powers? Like hidden potential activation, after all that has happened I don't want to be just any girl anymore.” [Loli]


“Master...Can you please be gentle… I will cum if you continue like this…” [Maid]


“Ahh! Sorry! Sorry! I will stop right now!”[Loli]


Awkward! Utterly and completely awkward AF!!  I I I… might have gotten addicted to the sensation… but honestly speaking this really is the best feeling… I have to find more chances in the future...


“If master wants to touch me in the future all you need to do is to tell me… it is okay even if master wants to slowly eat me…” [Maid]

[Tn: As you all might already know “eat” means sex.. I’ll leave it at that]


Okay that’s enough… your master is wrong okay? I am satisfied not being raped as a Loli already… so please honorable senior just tell me about my powers first!


“Master I know a very simple method, I can create status interface from one of the online games which can be easily accessed, master’s personal information and abilities and methods to awaken and dokken can all be reviewed there.”

[Tn:DBZdokkan anyone?]


For this maid that I own to say that...


Honestly I am still reluctant to believe it, a castle in the sky and such an obedient maid which gives anyone an unbelievable yet thrilling feeling that appeared out of nowhere. Although my transgender incident is already out of this world, but should things like this happen this often?


“ Ma~… let's just give it a go then… there are no harmful drawbacks for me anyway…”


If I take a wild guess this might be one of the ways to unlock the bundle of my superpowers, but that are all those other unknown factors...


Just when I was contemplating, something begun stimulating my mouth… and that something has entered my   mouth...


This is… a kiss??!


Once I realised my current situation, I tried pushing this “annoying” maid away, after all kisses are way too stimulating for a virgin boy(girl?) like me who has no experience at this kind of thing...


Unfortunately, my struggle was utterly pointless. She held me by one hand, another by my waist, preserving my poor body balance.




Why is my consciousness blurring.. It’s just two girls together, how did it develop like this? What were we doing in the beginning again...beginning...Can’t remember anything… don’t move the tongue like that… you villain… I am supposed to be the guy...why am I the one being molested by a maid...


Suffocating… I cannot properly maintain my breathing… Accompanied by her demand bit by bit, my consciousness is escaping my body thread by thread, almost as if she was feeding on my soul.


Cannot… keep myself together anymore...

Brain unable to contemplate, everything within my vision began to turn monochrome, then to an ink-like darkness.