I Awoke to Find I Was the Girl Swordsman That Protects My Cousin


I Awoke to Find I Was the Girl Swordsman That Protects My Cousin Chapter 5

I Awoke: Chapter the Fifth - Approaching Crisis

After the event ended in the most exciting way, the students left the pool satisfied. Some worked at their club activities as usual and some just went home.
Haruka and Kimino, the stars of the pool cavalry tournament, walked home with Yume like normal.
“Are you okay, Haruka? You didn’t look too good.”
Her body had returned to normal after the waves of orgasm had receded, but her childhood friend was still worried about her.
“Yes, I’m perfectly fine. More importantly, Kimino, is your leg okay?”
“Does it still hurt? The teacher said she’d drive you home, so you shouldn’t force yourself.”
Yume was also as concerned about Kimino as she would be about herself.
“I’m fine, I’m fine. I had it looked at and they said it was nothing much. And I’m kind of afraid to have Tama-chan-sensei drive me.”
She acted tough, but her energetic face grimaced a little with each step she took. When she had tried to hold her ground and not fall from her horse as Haruka’s horse had charged her in the end, she seemed to have twisted her leg weirdly.
Haruka wanted to lend her a shoulder, but with their height difference, Kimino could only cling to her arm for support.
She watched her step as she walked while her short reddish hair touched Haruka’s shoulder and her lively body pressed against Haruka’s arm. The warmth and softness of the girl’s body embarrassed Haruka a little.
“You’ve always pushed yourself too hard, Kimino.”
When they were little, Haruka had similarly helped the girl home after she had jumped from the top of the park’s jungle gym and hurt her leg. This reminded her of that, so she commented on it.
“Hweh? Haruka-chan? What do you mean always?”
“Ryou told me before!”
She tended to start acting like Ichijou Ryou when around these two. And yet these were the two she least wanted to know about her genderbending and the two with the greatest risk of catching on.
“Oh, that makes sense. But you and Ryou-chan must have kept in touch a lot. I guess it couldn’t be helped what with the main family’s rules and all, but I didn’t know about you at all~ I never met you when I visited over there… And Ryou-chan never told me anything about it…”
Their doubt immediately vanished. Yume would occasionally visit the main Ichijou family, so she seemed a little sad they had never told her about who was supposed to be her closest relative there.
“Wh-what else did Ryou say about me!? I-I doubt it was anything good, though… He can be so useless sometimes!!”
Kimino seemed to think Ryou had been badmouthing her to his twin sister because she started questioning Haruka with an oddly flushed and sulky look.
“Oh, um… We didn’t speak all that often… I just heard a quick mention her and there is all…”
Saying too much created a greater risk of making a mistake. The idea that Ichijou Haruka was Ichijou Ryou’s twin sister who had been living with the main family had been thought up overnight with her parents. The more excuses she made, the less sense it would make.
“Oh, okay~ Yeah, I only see the main family’s Akira-chan and Shinobu-kun at New Year’s each year.”
Kimino seemed upset at the lack of a clear answer, but Yume accepted it because she was used to her relatives keeping a lot of secrets. She also mentioned the cousins that Ryou had never met but she had previously said she had made friends with.
“Oh, right. There’s a new kind of sweet that goes on sale today, so let’s buy some and eat it together.”
Yume suddenly spoke up as they passed in front of a convenience store.
That cousin had a weakness for sweets, so she always knew about all the new products. Her happy face softened further and she started jogging, but she came to a rapid stop.
Haruka looked over and saw five or six unruly looking men sitting on the dirty ground by the convenience store entrance. They were chatting in vulgar, slurring voices and they were surrounded by empty bread packaging, cigarette butts, and other trash.
“————!! It’s them…”
Kimino’s face immediately grew harsh.
“Um, the sweets can wait until tomorrow…”
Yume’s face also tensed and she hesitantly turned back.
“Hey! What’re you ignorin’ us for, Yuuumeee-chan!?”
An unpleasantly sticky voice reached her back.
Her plump body trembled and came to a stop. Her normally cute and cheerfully smiling face had gone pale and she looked on the verge of tears.
A man with his head (including eyebrows) shaved wearily stood up while smirking at the girl’s behavior.
His pants hung so low, most of his boxers were visible.
He had the word “Boner” tattooed on his upper arm, so he was a lost cause in more ways than one.
“Hmm~ You’re with a pretty hot friend today. Introduce us already, Kimino-chan.”
The next man had piercings all over his ears and his hair was dyed a speckled purple and yellow after being cut in what could only be a completely random pattern. He spoke up with a raspy voice that was painful to listen to.
The others lazily got up and approached the three girls.
“Are these friends of yours?” asked Haruka when she heard their familiar speech.
“Of course not!!” answered Kimino. “When I went  with Yume the day before yesterday, they hit on us by the station. They heard us using each other’s names and started using them like we were friends. They wouldn’t go away, so I shouted and made a fuss until a police officer showed up and saved us.”
“That happened!? Why didn’t you tell me-…I-I mean, tell your parents?”
Haruka had not known at all that her precious cousin and childhood friend had run into that kind of trouble. Anger welled up inside her.
“Because it was just the once. Nothing actually happened, so we didn’t want to worry anyone. I didn’t think we’d ever see them again. Especially not here of all places…”
“You weren’t very nice back then, y’know?” said one of the men. “We just called out to you because we wanted to have a good time. Do you know how hard it was to lose the cops after that?”
“It wasn’t easy figuring out you’re Modoribashi Academy students either. But it looks like it was worth it. That’s what got us this emotional reunion, after all.”
This was no coincidence. The men had been waiting for Yume and Kimino on their path home from school.
The energetic girl had been glaring fiercely at the men, but worry came over her face now.
“Kimino-chan… H-Haruka-chan…”
Meanwhile, Yume’s legs seemed paralyzed with fear. She had tears in her eyes and her voice was trembling.
“Don’t worry. Let’s go.”
Haruka supported Kimino and placed her other arm around her cousin’s shoulder. That seemed to allow Yume to move again. She clung to Haruka’s uniform with her cute hands and matched Haruka’s pace as they began walking.
Ryou would not have been able to act so resolutely, but after facing inhuman Oni, Haruka had nothing to fear from human delinquents.
She started away as quickly as she could while helping along her childhood friend who was slowed by her injury.
“Oh, c’mon now. Let’s have some fun today at least. We need to have looooots of fun to make up for last time.”
The men easily circled ahead of them.
“After what you did when all we did was talk to you, you don’t get to say no!”
The dangerous-looking men threatened them with callous looks in their eyes.
“Ohh~ The new girl’s pretty cute. What’s your name? You don’t have anything better to do right now, right? So come sing some karaoke with us. Just some karaoke.”
A gaudily-dressed long-haired man who reeked of cheap cologne refused to let them past.
“Or if you don’t like all the noise, we could go to a quieter sort of private room.”
They were completely surrounded. An oddly muscular man in a tank top loudly chewed gum while leering all over their bodies. The other men did the same. Haruka felt the hair on her neck stand on end as their sticky gazes focused in on her breasts, butt, and crotch.
(Kh… Guys are giving me…dirty looks again… It really creeps me out.)
On top of that, those gazes were also directed at the fleshy body of the cousin she had loved since she was little and the healthy body of her precious childhood friend. The men were clearly imagining what those bodies looked like below the uniforms.
Having the boys of her class leer at her had been bad enough, so being made the target of these men’s lust made her hate men all the more.
“Out of the way! We don’t have time for the likes of you!!”
She placed her anger in her voice and the men in front of her backed away from her force of will. She slipped through that slight gap while covering for Yume and Kimino. She sped up her pace while glancing back at the men who had been caught off guard. Her cousin followed as did her childhood friend who clenched her teeth from the pain in her leg.
“Hold it, you bitch!!”
But the delinquents quickly came back to their senses and rushed after them without even trying to hide their anger.
One with a dirty, acne-covered face grabbed at Kimino who was dragging her leg.
“Run away!!”
Just before he could grab her, Haruka pushed her cousin and childhood friend forward.
“Haruka-chan!?” “Haruka!”
The two looked back in surprise and she used her eyes to tell them to get going.
The man who had failed to grab Kimino teetered forward and she slammed a backhand blow into his face with her back still turned.
Her fist broke his nose and warm blood flowed out.
She felt an odd elation at the sensation on the back of her hand.
“Damn you!!”
“You biiiiitch!”
The men raged at the sight of their friend collapsed in pain.
But when Haruka looked back and they got a look at her face, they gasped in fear.
“How dare you frighten Yume and Kimino!!”
Gravity seemed to have vanished around her because she took a light step and her slender body flew high into the sky.
Her skirt fluttered up, revealing her panties below.
The men’s eyes quickly gathered on the pure white fabric containing her plump butt.
She showed no embarrassment over the concentrated fire of gazes.
A long leg wrapped in a black knee sock kicked up at the lead man’s jaw.
She extended the length of her extraordinary jump by using the curled-up man’s shoulder as a foothold.
The others were unable to react to her rapid movements.
They stood motionless with sleazy smiles of joy at harassing girls.
A bald head stared dumbly up at her leap and an accelerated knee slammed right into his face.
More dangerous joy raced up Haruka’s spine when she felt something breaking.
She landed with her arms spread out to the sides like wings and her fingers grasped the hair of the men on either side of her.
“Gwah!” “Gheh!!”
She pulled their heads together with all her might and they collapsed unconscious to the ground.
“D-damn you!!” You…bitch!”
The others finally reacted.
They were shocked that this girl had taken out four of their group so quickly, but they were also seething with anger.
“Don’t you fuck with us! Looks like you need a good raping!!”
She ducked below one man’s fist and stepped forward while crouched down.
After an elbow strike to the solar plexus, he held his gut and passed out.
Haruka ignored how high her skirt fluttered up as she sent a leg up directly behind her.
Her heel sank into the crotch of a man who had approached from behind to grab her.
He writhed around in serious pain, but she gave a mocking laugh.
(Not my problem. I’m a girl.)
They seemed to be moving in slow motion.
She had no martial arts experience and she never been in a real fight.
But her body naturally reacted to the attacking men and she sent out the appropriate attacks.
She beat down the insolent delinquents with the body of Onikiri-hime that she had gained to protect Yume, aka Oninagusamu-hime.
“Goddammit! This girl’s strong!!”
“What was with that punch? That wasn’t a girl’s strength. Is she hiding a weapon or something?”
Even when more than one attacked at once, she made swift movements and led them to hit each other instead. Some were clearly afraid of her overwhelming strength that made a one-on-one fight hopeless.
Spirit filled her beautiful and dignified face that did not even have a drop of her opponents’ blood on it.
“Swear to me you will never mess with Yume and Kimino again! Promise me and I will leave it at this!!”
The men were angered by the intensity of her voice, but none of them dared speak back or attack her after she beat down around ten of them in no time at all.
“Hey! Get away from me!!”
“Kimino-chan!! Kyah!”
She could not believe what she heard behind her.
“————!! Yume! Kimino!”
She looked back in surprise and saw those two being held by two men she had thought had fled.
“Because…we thought something bad was going to happen to you because of us… Ahh, I’m sorry, Haruka-chan…”
“S-sorry… But I couldn’t leave you alone with them…”
Given Yume and Kimino’s personalities, this should not have been a surprise.
The energetic girl could normally have easily defeated one of the delinquents, but the man had her arms pinned behind her thanks to her hurt leg.
Yume was a stranger to all forms of violence, so she was too afraid to move with just her wrist in one of the men’s grasp.
“Keh heh. Now these are some nice tits. What are they feeding schoolgirls these days?”
The man’s other hand did not hesitate to grope those alluringly large breasts.
“Eek! Noooo!!”
She tried to run away, but the man used both arms to hold her from behind.
His fingers dug into the two mounds and roughly squeezed the soft flesh.
He licked along the back of her neck and breathed his disgusting breath on her.
Her youthful face grew pale and tears spilled from her eyes.
“You bastard!! Get away from Yume!”
Haruka’s entire body bristled with anger. The enemy was not an Oni this time, but Onikiri-hime released killer intent since Oninagusamu-hime was in danger. She started to rush toward the insolent man toying with Yume’s body.
“Not so fast. Unless you want to see me slice up this girl’s face.”
But she looked back in surprise when a glib and vulgar voice came from Kimino’s direction.
An entirely hopeless sort of tall blond man pressed the tip of a sharp knife blade against her childhood friend’s throat while another man held her arms behind her.
“Eek!! Ah, ahhhh….”
Fear filled Kimino’s normally brave face and a scratchy cry escaped her throat.
The blond man’s expression twisted disturbingly to express his absolute joy at that reaction.
He appeared to be their leader.
He seemed to be the smartest of the bunch, but that likely meant he would be the hardest to deal with.
He thought nothing of hurting someone, even if it was a young girl.
A cruel smile appeared on his lizard-like face when he heard Haruka’s frantic shout.
“Then how about you calm down? Put up a fight, and Miss Titties over there will be in trouble too.”
A knife was pressed against Yume’s peach-like cheek and she cried as the man continued groping her breasts to his heart’s content.
If it was just one, Haruka might have been able to charge in and save them with a single attack.
But the other one would definitely fall victim to the sharp blade if she did that here.
She clenched her teeth in frustration and anger as she lowered her fists.
“Heh heh~ That’s what you get, you violent bitch.”
“Now calm down or you’ll have to start calling your cute friends Scarface.”
Two men quickly grabbed her on either side.
Their disturbing touch and sleazy smiles brought goose bumps to her skin. They fondled her breasts just like with Yume’s. It was horribly frustrating and unpleasant, yet as their fingers dug into and kneaded the mounds of flesh, a sweet throbbing rose from deep within. She hated her own body for it.
“Now, then. This isn’t the best spot, so how about you come with us?”
The lizard-faced man pointed over with his chin while enjoying the look on Haruka’s face as she bit her lip to bear with the humiliation.
Kimino had curled up from the pain in her leg, so she was dragged to her feet as the men took the three girls into the convenience store.
“Hey, you’re causing a lot of trouble, you know?”
The clerk said that with a smile as the chime rang.
(He’s with them!?)
Even if they were afraid of the delinquents, it had seemed odd that the police had not been called when girls were being attacked in front of the store in broad daylight. Haruka often used this store, but she did not recognize this clerk. There was no one else inside the store either.
“This bitch got a little feisty. She’s got a weird weapon hidden somewhere, so it hurts like hell when she hits you, goddammit!”
That was how they interpreted Onikiri-hime’s superhuman strength.
The men who had seen hell from Haruka’s attacks gave her spiteful looks and cursed.
“We’ll be using the back. We’ll send someone out to take your place soon, so wait a while longer.”
After telling the clerk that, the men took Haruka and the others through an employees only door as if they owned the place. They had likely used that clerk’s shift to abduct girls in front of the store and take them back there.
“Get on in there.”
The girls were shoved into a storeroom where drinks and food were stacked up in cardboard boxes.
Haruka kept her balance after being shoved and the men surrounded her in the center of the room. Their eyes poured down on her and kept her from calming down.
“You didn’t hold back at all, did you?
The blond lizard-faced man, who had the most overpowering presence of the group, placed an unpleasant smile on his cruel face.
“Only because you’re so persistent.”
“Oh? All we did was invite you for some karaoke, but you started beating the shit out of us. Isn’t that a little harsh?”
“You got what you deserved! You messed with Yume and Kimino before too!! And now you dragged us back here!! What are you planning to do with us!?”
They still had knives to the throats of her cousin and childhood friend as they felt up the girls’ bodies with their obscene fingers, so Haruka had a bad feeling about this.
“You’ve gotta take responsibility for hurting us. You gave us an unpleasant time, so how about you make up for it by giving us a good time?”
The men were trying to do exactly what that bad feeling had suggested.
The lizard-faced man’s twisted smile grew even more unpleasant.
“Don’t joke. Who would do anything like that with-…ahh!”
A brave girl tried to argue back, but she groaned in pain when one of the men lightly kicked her injured leg.
“Kimino-chan!! Eek!! Nooo!!”
The plump girl’s worry for her childhood friend was cut off when her checked skirt was pulled up and a hand felt up her crotch over her pink panties. Other hands continued groping her breasts all the while.
Her normally cheerful face tensed in disgust and she twisted her body.
“If you want us to, then you’d better satisfy us yourself. Oh, but first could you hand over that weapon you’re hiding? We can’t have you getting violent again!”
“I don’t have anything like that! Now get away from Yume and Kimino!!”
A single girl could not hope to defeat more than ten experienced streetfighters, so they suspected her power as Onikiri-hime was actually a hidden weapon.
“Ohh? So you’re gonna deny it, are you? Then we’ll just have to do a nice thorough body search to find it!”
The lizard-face gave a muffled laugh at Haruka’s words.
He was the only one that said anything and the others followed his lead by laughing vulgarly and leering at the girls with sticky and unpleasant eyes.
“———!! I told you! I don’t have a weapon!! Look!”
She held her hands up so the suspicious man could see, but he only scoffed.
“You think that proves anything? You could still be hiding something under your clothes!! So strip.”
“I’m saying to take off all your clothes to prove you’re not hiding anything!!”
He made it sound like nothing, but Haruka was speechless.
Sticky smiles faced her from every direction. She shuddered while feeling like something was contaminating her skin even through her uniform.
As a boy, she would have stripped without a second thought. Being seen by Yume and Kimino would have been embarrassing, but they would have shut their eyes. Then the men could have searched for a weapon to their heart’s content.
But she currently had a girl’s body that was so beautiful even she could be charmed by it. How could she expose that nude body in front of these delinquents?
“Would you rather we searched this girl first?”
As she hesitated, the blond lizard-face grabbed roughly at Yume’s uniform.
“Kyah! Ahh, noo…”
He tore off the red ribbon on her chest and the blouse’s front buttons burst off.
Her voluminous breasts spilled out with so much force they nearly popped out of her pink bra. The men whistled and sullied those well-developed milk-white mounds with their vulgar eyes.
A man held her hands behind her, so she could not hide her body. She simply sobbed while shaking her chestnut-brown twintails.
“S-stop that! Don’t do that to Yume!! Y-you can check me first instead!”
Kimino gave a brave shout even as her face paled from pain and fear.
The lizard-face grinned toward the short-haired girl.
“Okay, I’ll strip! I just have to strip and prove I don’t have a weapon, right!? So keep your hands off Yume and Kimino!”
When those precious girls were going through that, it was no time to let her embarrassment get the better of her.
(I’m a boy! I might have a girl’s body, but I’m a boy. So there’s nothing embarrassing about having guys see me naked!!)
Haruka tried to convince herself of that. And before the lizard-face could respond, she removed her uniform’s ribbon and quickly stripped off the navy blue blazer.
Her breasts maintained their beautiful artillery shell shape despite their great size and that shape was perfectly revealed by her white blouse.
“Hya ha! Those tits are huge!”
“Quite stalling and take it all off!!”
A vulgar commotion ran through the men as they watched.
(This is nothing. This doesn’t matter at all.)
After hesitating over what to remove next, she started with the skirt. The short strawberry tartan fabric had given a glimpse of the zettai ryouiki above her black knee socks, but it fell away after she undid the side zipper and unbuttoned it.
“Eh heh heh he heh. I love this!”
“Look how short that skirt is. You were dying to show off your body from the beginning, weren’t you!?”
The commotion grew.
The bright white of her long, tight, and yet nicely plump thighs struck a vivid contrast with the black knee socks.
The bottom of her blouse made a futile attempt to hide her pure white panties. Her butt could not be contained by the small fabric as it swelled out with great intensity.
“You’ve got a pretty nice ass there. Khh, I just want to suck on it!!”
Those behind her could not see the bulges of her breasts, so they had to make their own crude comments. Their comments did not delight her in the slightest. They were simply humiliating.
Her crotch no longer had the bulge of a penis, so it was nice and smooth. A small mound pushed out at the panties between her pubis and her butt.
“Hya ha! Look that that puffy vulva!”
“Are her panties just way too small? Look how much they’re digging in there.”
“I’ve never seen a pussy show off its slit so much.”
The vertical line of her secret slit was perfectly visible in the fabric meant to protect the soft and fleshy vulva and the men’s eyes all focused on it.
(They’re staring there with such dirty looks. Kh… This is because I have a girl’s body now.)
Someone a little more civilized would have had the decency to stay quiet as they looked, but these hopeless men kept shouting “slit” and “pussy”. The fact that Yume and Kimino could hear made Haruka so embarrassed she wanted to die.
“Uuh… I’m a boy… I’m a boy, so this doesn’t matter…”
She used that self-suggestion while using her trembling hands to unbutton and remove her blouse.
Her weighty breasts had ben displaying their great size while keeping themselves mostly hidden, but those lovely spheres were now exposed while about to burst from their pure white bra.
“Damn those tits are huge!”
The men grew so excited she felt she was in danger.
“Y-you can see I don’t have anything now, right? So…”
She was so embarrassed she wrapped an arm around her chest to hide her breasts, but that only squashed them and emphasized the cleavage all the more. The voices only grew more intense.
The lizard-faced man observed her body in just her underwear and knee socks.
“Ahh? You haven’t taken it all off yet! You’ve gotta be hiding something between those gigantic tits or between those ass cheeks! If you don’t have anything, then prove it!!”
This was ridiculous, but the entire thing had been so from the beginning. If she refused, Yume and Kimino would be stripped instead. The men still had their hands on those girl’s skirts and blouses so they could tear them away at a moment’s notice.
(Damn…it… I have to show these guys…my tits?)
When she reached for her back and leaned forward, the whistling and jeers grew louder.
Her mother had trained her until she could put on a bra herself, so she easily undid the hook and the springiness contained inside launched the white fabric away.
The somewhat flushed mounds bounced freely to the left and right.
They were too large to fit in her hands, but they maintained their lovely bell shape despite that weight. The tips insolently pointed a little upwards and the pink beads of the nipples stood out from there.
“Damn, look at those giant tits jiggle!”
“Turn around and let us see!”
“Hey, stand straight up! Give us a good look at those titanic titties!!”
She did not listen to anything or think about anything. If she focused on it, she would freeze up.
While still leaning forward with her giant breasts hanging down, she lowered her panties.
She moaned softly at the rubbing sensation of the fabric pulling free of her pussy lips.
She squeezed her lips shut so the men would not notice and she lowered the small piece of fabric to her ankles.
Her black-haired ponytail swayed as she raised her head.
Her cheeks were red with humiliation, but her angled eyes glared straight at the lizard-face.
“That’s enough, isn’t it!? You can see I don’t have a weapon anywhere!!”
“Show us between that giant ass and those huge tits.”
They were of course well aware she was not hiding anything. They just wanted to torment the girl who had defied them. Complaining would only delight them further.
She used the stoic face she had gained from the genderbending to feign calm as she grabbed her breasts and spread them to either side, showing the cleavage between.
The fresh air felt nice and cool on that stuffy area.
The jeering voices quieted down a little as they turned their serious eyes toward the space between those two mounds.
(Nn… What…?)
Their relentless gazes filled her with an odd feeling.
She tried to think as little as possible and used entirely mechanical movements as she turned around, stuck her butt out toward the lizard-faced man, and spread her butt just like with her breasts.
“Oh? You’ve got a pretty little asshole, don’t you?”
(How should I know? I’ve never seen it.)
She had toyed with the front hole a fair bit since genderbending, but she had never actually looked at it.
“Your pussy’s nice and pink too. It hasn’t been messed with much. You a virgin?”
The man’s focus turned to that front hole. His comment drew everyone else’s eyes there and Haruka simply could not relax.
“Then again, it’s already wet. Are you getting turned on having us look at you?”
“———!! O-of course…not!”
She only felt embarrassed and frustrated. No girl would get turned on by this. She might really be a boy, but that alone she was certain of.
And yet the disturbance deep in her lower stomach only grew.
She reflexively tensed up and they all saw her vagina and anus tighten.
“Hah hah! Bullseye, huh!?”
“Are your pussy and asshole feeling lonely!?”
Was she really wet? Her crotch was throbbing with too much heat to tell. She would have to touch it herself to find out, but that would be a very bad idea right now.
“We’ve gotten nice and hard seeing your lewd body, so could you take responsibility by sucking us off!?”
Haruka was still puzzled by the unfamiliar sensations of her female body, but the lizard-face made an absurd request.
She looked back in shock and found his thick item was already exposed and rock hard.
“I would never do that!! I-I’m…”
She was a boy, so this was no joke. This alone she could never obey.
The very thought of performing oral sex on a man made her want to vomit.
“If you won’t, then we’ll have to get these two to do it.”
Unsurprisingly, when Haruka gave them a look of rejection, the men targeted Yume and Kimino instead.
They had the two girls kneel down and stuck their grotesque thick erections in front of their faces.
They both turned away in disgust and raised trembling shouts.
Other men held their shoulders so they could not escape.
The glistening red copper-colored heads approached the girls’ lips almost to the point of touching them.
“Okay! I’ll…I’ll do it!! So get away from them!”
Haruka could not let them make Yume and Kimino do this.
She forced a stiff smile toward the worried girls and more or less collapsed to her knees. The lizard-face walked right up to her and shoved his solid rod toward her face. The others circled around her and looked at her face as if making sure they did not miss the entertainment.
(These are…nothing like mine…)
They were still penises, but they were far thicker and longer than Ryou’s had been.
They were also a hideous red copper color and they had several veins bulging out, so they almost seemed filled with rage. They bent back at a sharp angle and the line down the underside was clearly visible.
The heads swelled out thickly and they almost looked like venomous snakes raising their heads to strike. Copious amounts of precum flowed endlessly out, so the entire length of the erections glistened obscenely. Their overwhelming form made her feel more fear as a girl than inferiority as a boy.
(Th-they’re too big… Will…will they actually fit…?)
She was worried whether they would fit between her small, feminine lips and the men did not overlook that slight fear. One man sadistically twisted his narrow eyes that looked like they had been sliced in with a knife.
“C’mon, start sucking.”
If she did not obey, the men would turn to the other two girls. She glared up at the man while bringing her face to his erection and a stench like rotten fish assaulted her. He must not have washed the head because it had a layer of whitish filth. There was also dirty smegma just below the head.
(Gh! I have to put something so dirty in my mouth!?)
She thought she was going to go insane and she could not bear this, but the thought of Yume or Kimino having to suck this instead was even worse.
Her voice shook with frustration and disgust as she made up her mind and brought the lizard-faced man’s filthy penis into her mouth.
“————!! Nnh!! Gh, mwehh!!”
A raw saltiness, a numbing acidity, and a bitterness immediately spread through her mouth along with a rotten smell. She desperately suppressed the urge to vomit as the smegma dissolved into the precum and saliva and reached her tongue.
The rod was quite thick and completely filled Haruka’s red lips. Unable to spit out the filth in her mouth and unable to breath, she was forced to swallow it.
Her mind grew hazy and she nearly passed out a few times.
(Ah, ahhh… I have a…man’s penis in my mouth! And I’m a boy!!)
Even if she tried to make herself understand the circumstances, her instincts would not accept it. The hot and throbbing thickness in her mouth was so much harder and yet elastic than her own as Ryou.
It completely filled her mouth. The roof of her mouth and the insides of her cheeks all touched the manhood and felt its manly throbbing.
“Khah! I love it! Her mouth feels so tight around my dick!!”
The small size of her mouth brought pleasure to the lizard-face. He grabbed her ponytail to hold her in place.
He trembled in arousal as he began thrusting into Haruka’s mouth.
“Mfh! Hyah! Don’t…move… Abbbh!”
The flesh umbrella scraped at the inside of her mouth and the shape of the head was visible as it bulged out at her cheeks. He was trying to savor the sensation of her sticky flesh, so he was not moving all that fast. Still, he would sometimes penetrate deep into her throat and she would choke.
(A man…is raping my mouth!! And I’m a boy!)
But in Ryou’s body, this would have been even more unbearable. Despite the situation, a hot throbbing spread from the depths of her lower stomach and softened the disgust.
(Is it because this is girl’s body? N-no… This can’t be turning me on!!)
She did not want to admit that this was making her feel good.
She tightened her lips in confusion, but that only brought more pleasure to the lizard-face and he thrust his hips even more. The dignified beauty’s lips twisted in a look of humiliation as the thick penis thrust in and out of them.
The other men got worked up watching that, so they began stroking their own penises.
She had to end this soon. She really was going to go insane if it continued any longer.
(I need to…make them cum…)
After cumming, a man’s lust rapidly faded. That idea came to her since “she” was originally a boy. And after going so far, this was not much of a step further.
Her drool and the precum mixed together with a vulgar sound as Haruka sent her tongue crawling along the red copper flesh that had only grown even more brazenly swollen.
“Fwoh!? Oh, ohhh! Yes!! A-ah… See? You can do it if you try. That feels great. Oh, there!”
The lizard-face immediately began moaning in pleasure.
She weakly tickled the underside with her tongue tip and sometimes went in stronger as a surprise attack.
When the erection twitched in pleasure, she would teasingly stop and begin licking below the head instead. She only had to think about what would have felt good when she had been a boy and then do that to the penis in her mouth.
“Hwahhh!! Wow, that feels great!”
She further tightened her already small lips and the man gasped as a tremor ran down his back. She could tell he was almost there.
“D-damn… She looks so mean, but she’s started sucking it herself.”
Yume looked shocked by the other men’s comments, but this was not the time to worry about that.
“St-stroke my dick too! C’mon!!”
The other men jealously stuck there erections out too.
“Nfh!! Ah…mh, nn!”
She continued using her tongue to pleasure the one in her mouth and she started stroking one with each hand as asked.
“Nwoh! G-goddamn!!”
“Hwah!! This girl…she knows her way around a dick!”
The men trembled in joy as she stroked the underside with her thumb while moving her hand with pleasant snaps of the wrist. The others all began stroking their own erections while rubbing them against Haruka’s naked body.
(Cum! Just cum already!!)
She stroked a manhood in each hand while using her tongue to tickle the tip of the penis in her mouth.
“Hmnh! Ahh, ngh, amh.”
Indecent sounds left her tightly shut lips as she swallowed the precum and licked the penis from the base to the tip. The lizard-face groaned as his thick rod swelled out.
“Nnaaah, ah, ahh, hahhh!!”
Her cool and lovely face relaxed obscenely when she realized how close he was to cumming.
Her white skin was sticky with precum and the smell was amazing.
(Ahh… So many dicks… It’s so disgusting…)
A great many penis heads rubbed against her naked body and her hips twisted from the hot throbbing filling them.
“She sure complained, but it looks like she was just a horny slut that loves sucking dick!”
“Sucking that hard, you’ve gotta be trying to suck out all my cum! You’re just gulping down the precum too!!”
The men mocked her, but she oddly felt like they were cheering her on.
The wet sound of the precum as she stroked the erections brought never-ending excitement to the feminine instincts that had started to grow in her genderbent body.
When those sounds reached a crescendo, they would erupt with the juices needed to impregnate her womb.
Her lower stomach had been throbbing incessantly and her crotch was filled with heat.
She had not noticed, but a sweet feminine scent wafted from her entire body and her expression had entirely melted.
Anyone who saw her tongue wriggling around to induce ejaculation would only have seen a horny cock-starved slut. She was entirely oblivious to Yume’s worried look.
(Ahhh… Now cum. Release all that cum from your dicks. …Ahhn!!)
She took the entire solid rod into her mouth and even used her throat to squeeze down on it.
“Kh, fhh!! I’m…cumming!”
The lizard-face’s body tensed up. An intense tremor ran through him and his manhood grew even more erect.
“Ahee!! It’s cumming! Your dick juice…is finally…fwehhhh~~~~!!”
An unbelievable amount of semen erupted into her mouth.
“Fwah! Abhh!! Nbh! Gbbbbhahahhhh~~~”
(Eek! Ah, ahh… I’m…!! There’s so much…in my mouth! It’s so dirty…but…it kind of…tastes good…fwah!!)
A fierce shock shook her mind back into focus.
Her obscene female sexuality and her male mind were in conflict.
Her mouth was filled with an unpleasantly sticky, raw, and bitter fluid. It stuck to her tongue and teeth and she doubted washing out her mouth would get rid of the disgusting sensation.
Nevertheless, the unclean flavor caused a tightening deep within her lower stomach and sent a great heat seeping out from her vagina.
“Ohh!! I’m c-cumming too!!” “Ohhh! Me too!”
Great quantities of semen flowed out from her penis-filled lips and her eyes opened wide in a blank look. Intense tremors ran through the other men when they saw her like that.
“Fwahhh!! Ah, ah, ah, ahhhh! Cum, cum, so much cum…ahhhh!! Fwah, ah, ahhh! Nn, ahh, hahhhh~~~!!”
The manhoods in her hands and the penises rubbing against her skin fired their own semen all at once, so Haruka’s naked body was covered with the milky liquid.
It stickily clung to her glossy black hair and dripped down her fine skin.
All the cum covering her face joined the filthy fluid in her mouth to fill her nose with a smell that sapped her of strength.
(This is…amazing! Fwah, I’m covered in so much cum… I’m going to go crazy… I’m going to go insane… Nhahh!)
Her mind was infected by the milky liquid and she could not think properly.
As a boy, she should have felt unimaginable disgust at having men spray her with their filthy fluids, but her current body was made to breed with men.
The satisfyingly thick juices brought joy and her womb throbbed violently.
She filled her lungs with the thickening unclean aroma and started to feel faint.
When she groaned and fell to all fours, some of the milky liquid coating her face dripped to the floor.
Plenty of semen had gathered between her weighty breasts and more dripped down from the tips of her nipples.
(Fwah…these filthy juices… Ahh, I’m a boy…but this is turning me on.)
The throbbing of her body grew until it was going to drive her mad. Her feminine side was reacting to the baptism of impregnation fluid.
But as the dizzying high passed, the part of her brain that remained male gradually came back to its senses. That quickly brought back the disgust and she felt confused by how delighted her body was with the milky liquid.
“You really know how to use your tongue. I was planning to enjoy it for a good long time, but I came in no time. Now make sure to swallow all my cum. Don’t you spit it out. I shot it out just for you after all!”
“Fweh…? Hyah…ah…”
The filthy and thick liquid coated her taste buds with a sweet bitterness.
“If you do spit it out, I’ll have that girl slurp it up from the floor.”
He pointed to Yume with a sleazy smile.
Haruka could of course not allow her beloved cousin to taste this toxic fluid.
(But…if I do it…now…a-ah…)
Her male side was rapidly suppressing her feminine throbbing, but she might still be able to endure it.
The thick liquid was growing more disgusting by the second, so she made up her mind and sent it to the back of her throat before she fully came to her senses.
“Uuh…gh… Mh…g-gulp, gulp, gulp.”
The thick stickiness was hard to swallow because it clung to her throat.
(Ahh, I was right… This is disgusting!)
That sensation made it all the more unpleasant.
It drove her crazy how her every breath was infected by the smell of semen.
The flavor that had seemed sweet a moment before had rapidly grown so disgusting she felt the urge to vomit.
It was weirdly bitter and salty, so it was just awful.
“Gulp! Nn…fwahhh!!”
Still, she looked up toward heaven with tears in her eyes and swallowed all of the milky liquid in her mouth, even if she gagged a few times along the way.
“Ueh…ugh…gfh…ah, ahh…”
Even after swallowing it, the disgust did not go away.
She groaned, belched, and felt a rotten smell pressing into her nose.
Her breath smelled like nothing but cum now.
Tears fell incessantly from her eyes.
“That’s…enough, right? Free us… Let Yume and Kimino go…”
She gasped for breath and pleaded with the men while gathering up her stripped-off uniform and standing on unsteady legs. The lizard-face laughed with his exposed manhood still erect despite ejaculating.
“Why ruin this perfect mood? Let’s have some more fun. I mean, after sucking my dick, drinking my cum, and having your body soaked with even more cum, your pussy’s absolutely dripping.”
She accidentally dropped her uniform onto the semen-splattered floor.
He reached for her crotch and his fingertips touched a warm and sticky liquid.
“Kwah! Get your filthy hand…away from there!!”
A tremor ran down her spine when he touched the sensitive flesh of her vulva. A sweet breath escaped her lips.
“See? I just touched your pussy a little and look how wet you are.”
She looked to his fingertips and saw a thread of sticky love juices stretching back from them. Her face grew warm.
“And your nipples are so hard. You might as well be begging me to stick my dick in your pussy and fuck you hard!”
All the men laughed and pointed their erections her way. They then asked which one she wanted inside her first.
She only felt disgust at being treated like a woman.
And yet her female body was showing clear lust after tasting that penis and having her entire body covered in semen.
“Oh, Ryou. You were a boy not long ago, but you’re already such a slutty girl.”
As the men laughed and mocked her, a dignified girl’s voice sent ice down Haruka’s spine. Plus, the voice knew that Ichijou Haruka was Ryou’s genderbent form.
She slowly looked back to where the other two girls had been threatened with rape until Haruka had protected them with her own body. The boyish girl next to Yume twisted her face evilly.
She crossed her arms in front of her slim chest and calmly walked up to Haruka.
The men who had been so violent to her before now kneeled obediently in a line behind her.
Haruka stared at the scene in disbelief.
A warning of danger rapidly swelled up deep in her chest.