I Already Said I Don't Want to Be Reincarnated, Didn't I!? ~the Suffering of the Goddess of Reincarnation~


I Already Said I Don't Want to Be Reincarnated, Didn't I!? ~the Suffering of the Goddess of Reincarnation~ prologue

Topple the Reincarnation Flag

I, Tanaka, am an ordinary salaryman you could find everywhere.

I worked hard from morning till night, and when I finished my work, I dropped by the convenience store, bought beer and snacks to go with it, and then returned home. I was having a peaceful day.

But, that day was different.

Evening, after work. I was walking on the sidewalk carrying the convenience store bag, when suddenly, stray cats, parents and its child, entered my sight.

As a cat lover, I felt healed by that sight, but all of the sudden, the sound of sudden braking and loud horn echoes in my eardrums.

Turning around, wondering what happened, I could see a large truck that couldn’t completely stop approaching the stray cats that were petrified from the fear.

When I noticed, I was leaping towards the stray cats reflexively.

This was a development where I was being driven to the corner.

But just before getting hit by a truck, I hugged the cats on my bosom and did a splendid cartwheel, barely avoided the truck.

Even if I said it myself, that was definitely a nice save.

「Fucking idiot! Do you want to die!?」

Turning over his head, the truck driver raised his fist from the window and revealed his anger.

Even though I was just helping the cats, how unreasonable.

I went back to the sidewalk while looking at that damned driver leaning out from the window while going away, and then I put down the cats.

The cats immediately fled from me at a quick pace. Umu, it’s good as long as you’re fine.

I was pleased that the cats were uninjured. It was at that time,

Suddenly a flash that was brighter than if a searchlight aimed right at your eyes flashed in front of me. And from there, a figure emerged from the center.

Watching the shadow while squinting and covering my eyes with my palm, the figure became clear soon.

It was a girl clad in angel’s clothing with a pair of wings on her back.

—- What is this? Am I on TV?

While I was flustered by the extraordinary incident, the girl whose blue eyes were completely focused on me, said something in a solemnly echoing voice.

『The one who died in a brave act: to honor your bravery, I will give you the opportunities to reincarnate.』

「—— No, I’m not dead.」

Don’t kill people without permission.

While I retorted reflexively in my mind, the light quickly lost its intensity until the roadside in the night can be seen. There, the girl in front of me opened her eyes wide, showing her astonishment.

「Eh? What? It’s true! Why are you not dead!?」

「How should I know!」

While being shocked by the girl who uttered such a cruel question with innocent eyes, the girl pulled out a thick book from nowhere, open it, and then show it to me.

「I mean, see here, according to this reincarnation catalogue, you’re supposed to be hit by a truck here, you’re supposed to die and become a mess of minced meat.」

「What is that catalog? Is your head fine?」

I mean, the detail leading to death is too detailed, the producer who thought of this project must have a bad taste.

Closing the book that casually had “a person dead by becoming a mincemeat” written without permission, the girl in front of me, with upturned eyes, said,

「Err~, for now, will you die so I can reincarnate you?」

「Who will agree to such thing!」

I was not pessimistic about my life, I definitely didn’t want to reincarnate now.

Or rather, saying something like that to the person she met for the first time, were there maggots infesting her brain?

While I was looking around, trying to find the TV crew or recording equipment to make a complaint, the girl put her hands together just like she was praying and begged,

「But-but, if you don’t die here and reincarnated, I’ll be in trouble.」

Don’t care.

「Also, I already applied for your reincarnation in the reincarnation catalogue! Unless I reincarnate you, my work won't be completed and that means I can't come back to the realm of souls!」

Still, I don’t care.

「Since it’s still not too late now, will you die quickly?」

「Leave the sleep-talking for when you’re sleeping.」

Cutting her off quickly, I turned on my heel and started walking back to my apartment.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the broadcasting car from the TV station. Guess I should give up on complaining.

「Ahh-! Wait! Please wait!」

Sorry, but you’re so troublesome. Ignoring the voice calling me from behind with all my power, I sped up my pace.

I want to get home soon and drink the beer.

t/n: New project, it’s not isekai because, well why not, I don’t know if this title already translated or not, I already looking around but I can’t find it, though it’s possible that the translator using a different name, so please tell me if someone else already translates this

Into the real note:

First of all, MC’s name, it’s Tanaka, however here is the first phrase in the raw “俺ことタナカは” it said kototanaka, now I’m not sure if the Koto is part of his name or not, I will fix it once I know for sure

Second, “realm of soul” it’s “転生界” literally means reincarnating world

Third, there is this phrase in the novel summary “Sometimes it’s also perverted.” the raw for this is “たまに変態チックです”, Note it uses “hentai” instead of “ecchi” and because hentai have other meaning, which might be also suitable for this novel, I’m unsure about the translation, I end up using the standard definition of hentai (which is perverted)

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